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Carpol Tunnel of Love

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getting a quick chapter in before i pass out on my keyboard -- so its probably not very good. sorry.

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"Sorry about the unexpected song -- Patrick wrote it. It's only LOOSELY based on you and Chris..."

Amy smiled and rolled her eyes "Mmm hmmm... just Patrick, huh?"

It was Andy's turn to smile at himself as he gripped the steering wheel "Okay - maybe I helped a little." He turned to smile and Amy and she giggled at him.

"Well - I guess it's a little of a relief. We weren't very good for eachother. Nothing worth crying over, anyway."

"Yeah you guys seemed like you had an awkward relationship. You never actually talked. You just made out and followed his lead like a puppy."

"Errgh Andy... don't you analyze things too. I got it enough from Patrick and Pete. OKAY I ADMIT IT! IT WAS A BAD RELATIONSHIP! And yeah, we didn't talk... but I liked the kissing."

She smiled to herself and Andy shifted uncomfortably in his seat, his thoughts going back to their last date.

They pulled in her driveway and she sighed when she noticed all the lights off.

"Ah fuck! I forgot -- my parents have some posh dinner party tonight. Their friends are so annoying ... they're not even friends, they all judge eachother. It's like high school. Andy - if we still know eachother when we're that old and I get like that, throw me off a cliff."

Andy just laughed at her and parked the car.

She turned to him "Ya wanna come in? We can watch a movie, and uh eat saaaaaaaalad." She laughed, mocking his health habits.

Andy just giggled to himself and pushed up the rim of his glasses.

"Uhhhh... um..." Her smile dropped. She was being rejected.

"No, it's okay... it's getting late anyway. I'm sorry I asked." She opened the door and got out.

"Hey you did a great job by the way -- see you around!" She leaned in and said before shutting the car door and walking into her house.

She plopped on her couch with a sigh. Maybe it's too late. Why did I have to be so stupid?! ARRGGGHH!


A few hours later Amy found herself struggling to sleep. She left the house and headed to Patrick's, deciding to not even change out of her sweat shorts and tank top.

She quietly opened the front door with the hidden key (which was hidden in the ugliest garden gnome anyone had ever seen) and snuck inside, she knew he was still asleep. She quietly made her way into his bedroom and climbed into bed with him, wrapping her arms around him and resting her head on his chest.

He stirred and opened his eyes. "Argh what are you doing here? It's like 4 in the morning!"

She sighed "I woke up early and couldn't sleep. I needed a big teddy bear to cuddle with!!" She giggled and he rolled over to face her.

He rubbed his eyes and spoke in a groggy voice "Hey! What happened last night -- Andy took you home."

She rolled her eyes "Ergh yeah... we had a nice conversation in the car, but I invited him in... and not in a sexual way or anything... just to watch a movie or something. and he rejected me! It was kinda humiliating... I got no shot Patrick."

Patrick furrowed his eyes "Hmmm that is weird. Andy likes you a lot, well I'm pretty sure he does anyway. I don't know what to tell ya kiddo."

"Hmmm yeah, me neither. But hey! You kicked ass last night mister voice!!" She pinched his arm.

"Ow geeez! And thanks ... I just wanted to know what you thought of our 'new' song."

"I thought it was pretty accurate... I liked it. Chris didn't -- obviously."

"Yeah - obviously. Hey - the boys are coming over a little later. I'm gonna go back to sleep before they get here. Feel free to stay..."

"Can I sleep with you?"

Patrick raised his eyebrows "Really? I was always wondering why there wasn't sexual tension between us-- isnt that what best friends of opposite sex eventually do? Eachother?" He wriggled his eyebrows and knudged her with his elbows. "Huh huh huh!"

She slapped him "Thats not what I meant"

"Come on - stop with the hitting and pinching and the slapping. Jesus, I was only kidding. Yes, you can sleep here with me."

She snuggled next to him "Wait... do you not find me attractive? Oh god... maybe thats Andy's problem. He's not attracted to me."

Patrick mumbled out of annoyance with his eyes closed "Amy, you're seriously beautiful. Everyone thinks so."

She was not satisfied "Okay okay - but am I SEXUALLY attractive?"

He now opened his eyes "Sexually attractive? No, not to me... you're like my sister. But yes, I can see how someone else would find you sexually attractive and irristable... Ergh I don't know Amy, this is too weird. Ask Pete about this stuff, not me. If he could have sex with you, but the circumstances meant cutting off his penis afterwards AND shaving his precious hair off and it never growing back -- he totally would in a heartbeat."

She smiled and snuggled her nose into his arm "Aw Patty - you always know how to make me feel better!"


Amy woke up to the sound of Patrick's bedroom door opening... her arms around him. She looked up to see Andy standing in the doorway

"Ohh god... I'm sorry." He quickly shut the door.

Shit... shit. shit. shit. shit. FUCK!

She got up and made her way downstairs quickly. She heard some boys talking in the kitchen. The clock on the wall said 12:34. They were all there by now and Amy and Patrick had slept in.

She walked into the kitchen and Joe and Andy looked uncomfortable. Pete greeted her with a smile.

"Hey guys!"

"Hey Amy -- did you stay the night?" Pete knew Amy and Patrick well enough to know that this wasn't out of the ordinary for them and that they would never actually DO anything. The other two boys though :: they didn't know any better.

She wiggled her toes on the kitchen floor and shifted them uncomfortably "yeah... I couldn't sleep last night, my parents weren't home, so I came over here. You know -- nothing new."

Joe boldly spoke up. She liked Joe, she got his humor and thought he was funny. "So you guys didn't do it or anything?"

She laughed "Me and Patrick? No way... we've been friends forever. That'd be like you having sex with your sister."

Joe made a face "Uhh... or NOT AT ALL."

"Okay, you're right -- bad example -- but still, no."

Andy looked at her "Yeah sorry -- I was just going to wake him up, I didn't realize you were there."

"Andy, its really no big deal at all. We were only just sleeping. It's okay!"


Hours later, the boys were just taking their first break from practicing. They had moved themselves to Andy's house, which had officially become the band room.

Andy got up to get a drink, he was shirtless and sweaty (I know girls, I know...) from drumming. Amy was coming out of the bathroom, which was located across from the kitchen. She heard someone in there and walked through the archway to see who was getting something out of the fridge. It was Andy... sweaty, shirtless Andy...


"Hey Aim."

"Listen -- about this morning, don't think into it... I swear thats just how we are and we've been sleeping in the same bed since we were young. It's very Joey and Dawson. Wait nevermind -- bad example again... they did have a love thing going on. Forget it... just take my word on it."

"No - I believe you. And about last night -- I was just nervous. You make me so nervous."

She stepped a little closer to him and tilted her head. "Why do I make you nervous?"

"I just always want things to be perfect when I'm around you and It can't ever work out that way -- I'm a screw up Amy."

She lowered her voice to a whisper "Andy -- you're not even close to being a screw up. You make me happy and you don't HAVE to be perfect, I already like you. There's no impressing necessary..."

"Well there was one thing that I definitely want to make up for..."

He put his hand below her chin, carressing her cheek with his thumb. He tilted her head upwards...

She smiled "Oh yeah? Well -- its about time..."

Their eyes closed and their lips met. Softly at first, then harder and more passionate. Her hands slid around his neck, into his hair, and down his neck. His hands slid around her waist and up her back, pulling her as close as possible to him.

They broke for a smile "Well -- that would certainly make up for it!" Amy giggled and went in for another kiss, their tongues moving at the same pace.

"OH.MY.GOD. YESSSSSSSS!!!" They pulled away and saw a very amused Patrick standing in the doorway with his fist in the air in a very Judd Nelson sort of way. He smiled at them and all three made their way back to the band room...


getting a quick chapter in before i pass out on my keyboard -- so its probably not very good. sorry.

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