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"Really? You guys have a gig?!!"

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i think this is one of my favorite chapters... i like the ending.

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"No - he is a good guy, really. Patrick, you don't know what you're talking about... you've only had a few run ins with him."

She rolled her eyes, huffed, and continued the long phone conversation her and Patrick were having. It was nothing new, just him trying to convince her that she could do better than Chris.

"No no no I know and thanks for being concerned. Just talk to Pete - he knows him a little better, Pete thinks he's a good guy."

Her door bell rang...

"Hold on -- someone's at the door."

She ran to open the door and saw Pete standing there.

"Oh! Speak of the devil!! I'm on the phone with Patrick, we were just mentioning you... come in."

Pete shuffled his way in and sat down on the couch.

"Patrick why don't you just come over... Pete's here too."

"Alright, see you then... bye."

She turned to Pete. "Patrick's coming over. Whats up?"

Pete leaned back onto the coushins and gave Amy a look of concern.

"Okay -- I just wanted to have a little heart to heart with you."

Amy rolled her eyes "Oh jesus --"

"Okay, Chris is a good soccer player, so of course I OBVIOUSLY assumed he'd be a kick ass boyfriend too"

Amy rolled her eyes. "Get to the point..."

"Well, I don't think he's right for you. And I'm not saying that just because you know I still, and will always have the super hotts for you, and I'm not just saying this cause Jessie and I broke up and I think I have a chance because It's clear that I don't. I just, I don't like the guy."

"What? He's your friend though! You ARE the one who introduced me to him!"

"Yeah but we played soccer together for like 3 months, I barely knew him... and now I'm seeing how he is and I don't like it. Okay Okay - let me ask you this :: do you know anything about Chris, like personally? Does he know anything about you? What you like, what you dislike, favorite color, anything?"

Amy thought for a minute and slumped in her chair.

Pete continued "Yeah, I didn't think so. All you guys do is make out and touch eachother -- you never have actual conversation. Its not a good relationship.

"Pete, please tell me you're not tearing this apart just because of your feelings for me."

"That actually has nothing to do with it... I promise. You know how I feel about you, I don't need to secretly try to ruin things. I'm just talking to you as a friend."

Amy and Pete sat there in silence for a few minutes, both reflecting on their conversation. They both heard the door open and Patrick walked in. He looked strangely excited.

Amy sneered at him "What are you so happy about? You were just bitchin at me on the phone..."

Patrick was giddy and practically jumping up and down "I just got a phone call!!!"

Pete, still with his arms crossed, looked up at him "Ohhhhkay -- from who?"

Patrick smiled wide "Okay ... Joe's dad helps out with the events that go on at the community center downtown, and he asked if our band wants to play there this friday!!"

Amy and Pete snapped out of their annoyed trances and smiled and jumped up. "Really? You guys have a gig?!!" Amy squealed. "Thats so exciting!!"

"Yeah! I called Andy, and he can do it too -- he just has to get someone to work for him, which is taken care of. I'm actually excited!"

Pete put his arm around Amy in excitement and hugged her. "Wait -- we don't even have a name"

Amy interrupted "Who cares?! You have a gig! You'll think of a name!"

Pete thought for a second "We only have about 4 songs, we should think of like at least one more."

Patrick narrowed his eyes at Pete "We have that one song we were halfway working on... we'll just finish it."

"Ohhh right right. Sounds good!!"


Firday night and Amy was hanging out at Patrick's with the rest of the band before they had to set up at the community center. They were all hyped up and excited. Patrick was wearing his finest hat and a tshirt, Pete had his newly red highlights swiped to the side of his face, Andy was wearing a band tshirt (which wouldn't stay on long), and Joe was puffing his fro.

The door bell rang and Patrick ran upstairs to get it.

As soon as she heard the ringing, Amy pressed her lips together, realizing that she had neglected to tell Patrick that she invited Chris to the gig and he was meeting her at Patrick's house. Alas, 30 seconds later, Patrick was walking down the steps with Chris close behind him. Andy and Pete rolled their eyes and grunted a little in no subtle way whats so ever. Amy shot them a look and ran over to Chris.

"Hey baby!"

He kissed her. As he started to shove his tongue down her throat - Amy pulled away and looked at Pete, who gave her a disgusted 'I told you so' kind of look.

"Uhh yeah... so excited about tonight?" She asked Chris.

He shrugged "yeah I guess. It's cool that you guys have a gig. I'm just excited about AFTER the show... my parents are out of town." He said as he gave Amy's neck a nibble. This guy was really making no effort at all to make peace with his girlfriend's best friends. Or at least respect them.

She giggled uncomfortably. Normally, she wouldn't had thought much of it, but after the talk with Pete, she had become more and more aware of the way he acted. He wasn't very nice to her... he was affectionate... just not very nice. He bossed her around a lot and she didn't feel appreciated. She figured she'd give it some more time though ... relationships always had rocky points. She liked having a boyfriend, it made her feel special.

"Yeah so uh do you want to go ... it's almost time to start setting up anyway." Patrick asked his bandmates and they all stood up and started picking up their equipment.

Chris turned to Amy "We're riding up separate, right?"

"Yeah... definitely." She turned to the other guys "We're gonna get going too - we'll see you guys there!"


There was a pretty good turn out for the show, especially with it being so last minute. Everyone that anyone in the band knew was there, along with a bunch of kids in high school still moshing along to the music. Chris stood out like a sore thumb - with his yellow polo shirt and khakis. He stood against the wall looking bored. Amy jumped, danced, and sang along to the songs. She focused on Patrick, who had really come out of his shell in passed year, which made her happier than anything. She cheered when their second song ended and Patrick's eyes focused on her in the crowed.

He introduced the next song...

"This song is inspired by someone who we all love very much."

He started the song. It was one she didn't recognize so she figured it was their new one...

As she listened to the words of the song she cocked her head. Patrick continued to sing in her direction.

"...I've seen your boyfriend and I don't think he treats you right...
But that's none of my business is it?"

She put her head down. Realizing how much Patrick and her friends meant to her, and how right they might be.

She felt someone squeeze the back of her arm.

"Do you happen to know anything about this?" Chris whispered in her ear.

She looked at him and shook her head. "Sorry Chris."

He sighed at her and glared. She lowered her eyes in response. He took the hint "Bye Amy." and with that, he walked out.

She breathed a sigh of relief mixed with confusion and leaned against the wall.

After the show Amy kept her distance from the band, letting everyone else go up to them and congratulate them on what a kick ass job they did. Patrick, Joe, and Pete were standing around talking to several friends and Andy was still packing up his drum kit. He had driven separate due to the several pieces of his kit he had to shove in his car.

Amy knocked on the wall next to where he was bent over picking up the last of things. He looked up.

"Hey -"

He smiled at her "Hi."

She folded her arms and leaned up against the wall "Chris left ... after that wonderful song that you guys played. I think he got the hint."

He bit his lip "So, you need a ride?"
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