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Safe and well back home.

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Scott and Virgil going out for a mission but are captured by the hood, who injects them with a strange thing. The next morning something strange happened.

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Shrinked to five year old.

Me: Phew finely a new chapter of Shrinked to five year old. I know this title is written wrong and stuff, but for some reason the computer doesn't say it's wrong. Strange. Anyway, let's go on with the story, okay ?


Chapter 2 : Safe and well back home.

After a couple of hours, Scott started to wake up again. 'Where am I ?' thought Scott when he opened his eyes. His head was hurting like hell and his eyes where hurting. When Scott was use to the light, he looked around. He saw that he was in a dark room with only light above the cage he was in. Suddenly Scott heard a growl next to him. Scott looked up and saw that the person next to him, was Virgil. "Virge..."said Scott.

"So your finely awake." Said a voice from the darkness.

"You." said Scott when he saw the hood coming out from the darkness.

"Scott..."mumbled Virgil when he was waking up. "You !" said Virgil when he saw the hood in front of the bars of the cage he was in.

"Yes, me." Smiled the hood. "It's nice to see two Tracy brother so packed up to eachother."

"What do you want !" said Scott pissed.

"What have you done with our 'birds !" said Virgil.

"Calm down, calm down. Don't fire that many questions at me at once, I'm a old man you know." Smiled the hood. "To the question of Virgil is that you don't have to worry about that. There in good hands. To Scott's question, you already have to figure it out. I want to know where your base is."

"No way !" said Virgil angry.

"You never going to know where our base is !" said Scott pissed.

The hood just laughed. "Oh we'll see about that." Laughed the hood and used his powers on them to hurt their heads. Both boys started to wince when their heads where like going to explode. The hood still was laughing at them. "Still not telling ?" asked the hood while laughing.

"Never !" said Scott while holding his head.

"Sir." Said a guard to the hood.

"What now ? Don't you see that I'm busy !" said the hood a bit angry to the guard.

"My apologize sir, but it's ready." Said the guard.

"It's ready ?" asked the hood while looking at the guard.

"Yes, sir. It's ready to be used." Said the guard.

"Good. Bring it here." Said the hood while stopping with hurting Scott and Virgil. "I've got already two persons who would love to be tested on."

Scott and Virgil looked at eachother and then at the hood. What does he mean with testing on them ? And what is ready ? All they could do is look and wait what they are going to do with them. Later the guard comes back with two injections. "Aah, there we have it." Smiled the hood while looking at one of the injections. "Let's inject them, shall we ?"

The guard nodded and with a other guard, they inject Scott and Virgil, even when they tried to move away from the guards. The hood smiled at them and started to talk again when the guards went away. "You would enjoy this." Smiled the hood at them.

"What did you done to us !" said Scott angry.

"Now calm down, Scott. It's just that you'll would notice the next morning." Smiled the hood. "It would go on slowly and then before you even know, you changed."

"What the hell are you talking about !" said Virgil angry.

"Oh you'll see." Smiled the hood at him.

Suddenly the alarm went off. "Looks like your brothers have come to save you." Smiled the hood at them, while guards where running around to stop the intruders.


"Okay, I see them." Said Gordon when he saw the hood's guards with guns and shooting at him and his brother.

"Let's kick some ass !" said Alan and dived with his own plane to where the guards where standing. When Alan had shoot and fly over their heads, one of the guards had stood up and shake his fist at Alan. Alan just laughed at the guard and went shooting again at them with Gordon.

"Boys, I'm going to go for a landing." Said Jeff who sat with Brains in his own plane.

"F.A.B, dad." Said Gordon, "We're going to chase these few guards away and then we'll come too."

"F.A.B, son." Said Jeff. He landed the plane in the loose sand and went with Brains inside. As they where inside, Brains and Jeff had pulled their guns out and went down the stairway. To Jeff's amazing, everything was deserted. "Come on." He said to Brains. Jeff and Brains keep walking in the endless tunnels, still being on their guard, when someone or something would pop out of those hidden places that was full of it.

"Scott ! Virgil !" said Jeff when he saw his oldest and middle sons in the cage. "Are you alright ? Did they hurt you ? What did they want from you ?" asked Jeff worried when he and Brains had run over to the cage and where making the cage open.

"We're fine, dad." Said Scott while he let his father loose the chains that he was on.

"The hood wanted to know where our base was." Said Virgil to his dad while thanking Brains for getting him out of the chains.

"The hood ! I knew it !" said Jeff angry. "Are you sure fine ?"

"We're fine, dad." Said Scott again. "But we have to find our 'birds."

"Already found them." Said a smiling voice. Scott and Virgil looked up and smiled when they saw the two youngest Tracy brothers.

"Well, come on then !" said Virgil who had the urge to go to his 'bird. Jeff smiled at his two youngest when he watched his middle and oldest son walking to their 'birds. 'Nothing has changed.' Thought Jeff and followed them.

When they came at their 'birds, Scott and Virgil immediately checked their 'birds if they have done any damage on them. While they where doing that, the others where talking about how would get back home while someone could watch both boys. After a long time of discussions, they all agreed that Jeff would set his plane in Thunderbird 2's pod and taking care of Scott and Virgil while Brains would fly Thunderbird 1. "Alright boys, go inside Thunderbird 2, Brains is flying Thunderbird 1, Scott." Said Jeff to Scott and Virgil. "Virgil, open the pod, as soon you droved her out of this base."

"What why ?" said Scott to Jeff.

"Because we want to make sure your both okay." Said Jeff to his son. Scott sighed when he looked into Jeff's eyes, he knew that he better obey his dad's wishes.

Later, Jeff was flying Thunderbird 2 home, even when Virgil wanted to fly his 'bird back. On the island, Scott and Virgil where hugged and kissed by their grandma. When Brains had done with checking over them both, all of them where sitting at the dinner table eating their dinner. After dinner they talked a bit over what happened today and how they found out where Scott and Virgil where, until everyone went to bed except Scott and Jeff.

"So he didn't do nothing more then just that ?" asked Jeff while walking with his oldest in the hallway.

"Yeah, he asked where our base was, we said no and he gave us a headache with his powers." Said Scott to his father for the thousand time.

"Okay," said Jeff. "Are you sure you alright, son ?"

"Yes, dad. I'm fine." Said Scott while yawing.

"Alright son, go to bed." Said Jeff to Scott. "Goodnight."

"Goodnight, dad." Smiled Scott weakly at his father before going into his room. Scott sighed and closed his eyes when he was in his room, leaning against the door. In his mind the words what the hood had told him where playing in his head. 'It would go on slowly and then before you even know, you changed.' Scott sighed again. 'I can feel that I'm changing, these pains...I should have told dad, but that makes him more worried. I wonder if Virgil can feel it too.' Thought Scott and opened his eyes back. He dressed himself in his pajamas and went to bed.


Me: Ok I know that this wasn't long as I use to do, but I've was working on an other fic. I was done with it and wanted to set it on ma computer, that's when I accidentally deleted it . I hate it when I do that ! oh well, I hope you enjoyed this part and hope that chap 3 will be up soon.
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