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The shocking discovery

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Scott and Virgil going out for a mission but are captured by the hood, who injects them with a strange thing. The next morning something strange happened.

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Shrinked to five year old.

Me: Okay, once again I've had been playing games again and I know there are some people who want to read further with some of my stories, but you know me, when I get on the games, I can't stop. Oh well...


Chapter 3: The shocking discovery

The next morning, Scott was woken up by the sunlight, that came through the window. He stretched himself out and looked around. Scott sighed in relief that everything looked normal and that the feeling just a feeling was. Scott jumped out his bed and walk past his mirror. Scott blinked when he past it and went back standing in front of it. He gasped when he saw what happened to him.

'Oh God ! This can't be ! I can't be like this !' thought Scott. What Scott was seeing was, a five year old version of him in the mirror without clothes. 'Okay Scott, your dreaming. Just pinch yourself and then you know you're dreaming.'

Scott pinched himself and jumped up. 'Okay...This doesn't look good.' thought Scott and grabbed a towel from the chair that he had hang there yesterday, when he had taken a shower.

Scott opened the door and looked if the coast was clear, before going outside and started to run. Scott was looking back and didn't saw Virgil. Virgil was doing the same. They both run into each other and fall down on the ground. They stared at each other for a while, before screaming.


Grandma was in the kitchen making breakfast for the boys when she heard some screams. She walked as quick she could to the hallway where she saw to her amazing, two litte boys that she remember from servile years ago. "Scott ? Virgil ?" she said.

The two small boys looked at their grandma. "Yes ?" they both said to her. Grandma Tracy stared at them. "How...?" she said to them.

"We don't know grandma." said Scott.

"We just woke up like this." said Virgil.

Grandma Tracy sighed. "You two boys are just lucky that I've have some cloths from you two when you where five." Said Grandma and took her grandsons to her room. There the boys had gotten some cloths from their grandma. Scott had a blue T-shirt with a plane on his shirt and a blue jeans. Virgil was totally dressed different. He had a brown pants on with a dark green t-shirt.

"There." Smiled Grandma when she had dressed her two little grandsons. "Are you two hungry ?"

"Yay !" Scott and Virgil both said.

Grandma smiled and took her grandsons to the kitchen. In the kitchen she started to make some pancakes for the boys. She knew when they where that age, they loved to eat pancakes. The two boys sat next to each other sitting at the table, watching their grandma cook.


After a while, Jeff finely have woke up. He yawed and went to kitchen. There he kissed his mother and took a cup of coffee. "Morning boys." Mumbled he while sitting down on his seat where he always sit. Virgil and Scott sniggered a bit. Everyone knew that it take a while before Jeff was awake. He always need to drink the half of his cup of coffee before he would react. Jeff took another slip of his coffee and looked at his son. Then he started to cough. "What the..."he said. "What happened to you two ?!"

"We don't know, dad." said Scott.

"We just had woke up like this." said Virgil.

Jeff sighed. His sons turned into five year olds. What can he do now that his pilots of Thunderbirds 1 and 2 are little kids now ? Gordon and Alan aren't that good with flying them and they didn't train with them for a few months anymore. " We'll let Brains re-check over you two again." said Jeff to his sons.

Both boys sighed. As Jeff knew, Scott and Virgil both hated to be check over when they had a injury or where sick.

After a few hours the rest of the Tracy family started to wake up. Alan and Gordon both stared at Virgil and Scott that where use to be their older brothers. "So what happened to them ?" asked Gordon to his dad while he watched Virgil and Scott eating.

Jeff sighed and shook his head. "I don't know. They said that they've woke up like this." said Jeff to his son.

"So what are we going to do with them now ?" asked Alan.

"Want to bet we go to Brains ?" mumbled Virgil to Scott who smiled and nodded.

"We'll get Brains to check over them and then hope we can help them." Said Jeff.

Virgil grinned and looked at Scott who grinned back at him.

"What are you two grinning at ?" said Jeff when he saw Scott and Virgil grinning at eachother.

"Nothing." They both said. Jeff gave them a look, but then continued to eat.


After a while, the two young boys sat at in the sickbay. Brains had taken some blood from Scott. Virgil was the next one. To everyone's surprise, Virgil was scared of the needle.

Virgil was struggling hard. He didn't want Brains take blood from him. Virgil started to cry when Jeff held him and Brains stoke the needle in his little arm. "A-a-almost done." said Brains.

When it was all over, Jeff took his middle son in his arms and hugged him. Virgil held him tight to him and was sobbing.

Jeff took the boys to the lounge for a while until Brains called him.

"What do you know, Brains ?" asked Jeff when he came in with Virgil still in his arms and holding Scott's hand.

"W-w-w-well, I've found, ah out that Scott and Virgil's age has catches up with their behaviour, like Virgil h-h-h-h-had showed early." said Brains.

Jeff nodded. His sons where acting their normal age at the breakfast table. Now Virgil was acting like a five year old and Scott like a five and a half year old. "Did you find out what happened to them ?" asked Jeff.

"N-n-no, ah, Mr Tracy." said Brains. "It's too early to tell."

Jeff sighed and looked at his two now youngest sons. He hoped they won't have a rescue when Scott and Virgil are still like this....


Me: Yes, I know. It's short. But I'm idealess for this fic now. I've got some idea to let them do, but what must know what if you have some ideas what could happen in the fic, please let me know ! Their always welcome.
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