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The Mall

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Scott and Virgil going out for a mission but are captured by the hood, who injects them with a strange thing. The next morning something strange happened.

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Shrinked to five year old.

Me: Well after struggling hard, I've finely have a new chapter. (Ideas are always welcome)


Chapter 4: The Mall

After a while, Virgil and Scott sat on the sofa watching some TV. Jeff watched them for a while and then sighed. "What can I do ?" he mumbled with a sigh. He knew he had to do some work for his business, but he couldn't leave his now two youngest sons alone. Jeff sighed again and looked at his sons.

"Why don't you let me take them to the mall ? " said Grandma when she gave her son his cup of coffee.

"Would you mind, mother ?" asked Jeff. "You know that they don't listen that good back then."

"Jeff, you don't know the boys that good then." said Grandma with a smile. "They will listen to me."

Jeff looked at her and nodded at her. 'I hope she knows what she's doing.' Thought Jeff.

He remembers how the boys where when they where small. He had to go to the mall with them once.

- Flash back -

Jeff was walking with his sons in the mall. He needed to go shopping with them, because they where out of food and Grandma couldn't go shopping with them. Jeff sighed while he was pushing the car through the shop. His youngest son was sitting in the child seat, while Gordon was sitting in the car with the food. Scott and John where walking in front of him, getting the stuff they needed, while the five year old Virgil was walking next to him.

Virgil had gone really quite and didn't ask much or anything, since his mother had died a couple of months ago.

"Dada, could we have have that ?" came a voice out of the car that Jeff was pushing.

Jeff looked up and looked at what Gordon was pointing at. It was some candy that they boys always get from their Grandma. "No Gordon," Jeff said. "Not now."

"Dada, alie ta." said Jeff's two year old son.

Jeff sighed. "No Alan, some other time."

"Dada, could we..."

Jeff sighed. These questions was going on and on. Jeff was going crazy about it, knew to keep his cools. When they finely had everything, Jeff and the boys came at the checkout. "Well, these boys look they had behave themselves." said the lady behind the checkout. "Do you want some candy ?"

"Yay !" said Gordon and Alan happily.

The woman smiled and gave them a lolly.

"What do we say then ?" asked Jeff to them.

"Thank you." they said.

-End of Flashback-

Jeff sighed. All of the boys where like that when had that age. Jeff smiled to himself at the end, knowing that his mother would have a plan to keep them quite, like she used to do with him.


Scott and Virgil where looking around when they where in the supermarket with Tin-Tin and Grandma. "Now boys," said Grandma. "If you behave and listen to Grandma, you will get a ice cream."

"Yay !" the two boys said and started walking calm with their Grandma and Tin-Tin.

"So this is how you had the boys calm when they where little." Smiled Tin-Tin.

"Of course my dear, " smiled Grandma. "If there's one thing these boys really is ice cream."

Tin-Tin smiled and walked further with Grandma and the boys.


After a while the Lady Bug plane had landed back on the island after a few hours. Scott and Virgil helped their Grandma and Tin-Tin with carrying the bags inside.

"Daddy !" they both beamed when they saw Jeff sitting behind his desk. Jeff looked up and smiled when he saw his two now youngest sons running to him.

"Hey boys," smiled Jeff.

"Daddy, we had ice cream from Grandma !" they both said happy

"Really ?" smiled Jeff. Jeff knew that their Grandma would give them ice cream when they where calm with the shopping.

Jeff listen while the boys where telling happily what they had done all day.

Grandma smiled when she watched Jeff and the boys and went away to let them talk further to their dad.


Me: in the flash back, they boys where old like this: Scott: seven, John: six, Virgil: five, Gordon: three and Alan: two.
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