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When Virgil and Flitcher go on a holliday, Flitcher and Virgil are kipnapped and are getting injected with strange stuff, will the other Tracys help them, when they know what they really are ?

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True Forms.

Me: Well it's an another chapter of True forms. Hope you enjoy this one


Chapter 2: Holliday.

Six years later,

Virgil and Flitcher grinned at each other when they sat in the plane that was going to Hawaii. Virgil was send on a vacation when the project went too much for him.

Virgil didn't sleep much and was easy to get pissed when something didn't work, while working on the project. His dad wanted send him first to Penny, but thanks to Flitcher, Virgil was send to Hawaii with his best friend instead.

"Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Sabena. We are flying from Kansas to Hawaii's island, Oahu, I hope you will enjoy the flight and have a nice trip." said a stewardess.

"There we go." said Virgil when the plane started to move. Flitcher grinned and looked with Virgil outside when they where up in the air.

"Thanks for taken me with you Flitch." said Virgil with a smile after a while.

"Hey, there are friends for," grinned Flitcher. "Besides there ain't no fun without ma best buddy on a island full of chicks."

Virgil laughed and grinned at his buddy.

A few hours later, the plane landed on Hawaii's island Oahu. Virgil smiled when the sun was shining on his face.

"Aloha Oahu." said Flitcher with a grin on his face. Virgil grinned back at his buddy and went with a taxi to their hotel.

They stopped at their hotel and where brought to their rooms. "Wow." said the boys when they came in their rooms. The room was almost like a apartment. They had two bedrooms for each persons, two bathrooms, a kitchen what a normal family would have, some space for to go on the internet and a huge living room with a baby grand piano in it.

The boys grinned at each other and started to look around in the room. "This is soo awesome !" said Flitcher. "If it depended on my dad we would sleep in a carton box outside."

"Yeah well, you know how my dad is." said Virgil. "When he sends us out on vacation, he wants the best for us."

Flitcher smiled and nodded.


After a while, the two boys went on their own way. Virgil went into the city to meet the culture, while Flitcher went surfing and getting some chicks their numbers.

Virgil went to some galleries of Oahu and watched some people dancing on the streets. Virgil smiled and enjoyed the show.

Meanwhile, Flitcher was enjoying his surfing. Most of the girls where watching him and gave him compliments or asked if he could teach them. Flitcher enjoy the attention of the girls.


When the night had fallen down. The two boys where back together and talking what they did.

"So this chick came to me and ask; are you single ? and I'm like; yeah. And she's like; what do you think about me and I'm like; uuumh and she just smiles at me and gives her phone number to me !"

Virgil laughed and shook his head. "Looks like you enjoyed yourself again, mate."

Flitcher grinned at his buddy. They where walking back to their hotel when they came back from a party. The moon was shining bright tonight.

The boy where laughing and fooling around. What they didn't know was that they where being watched from the beginning they landed on the island. "Good, their almost where I want them. Jeff Tracy will see now the true form of his son !" laughed the Hood who was watching Virgil and Flitcher from his building.


Virgil and Flitcher came in a dark small street. The boys just where laughing about something when suddenly they where knocked down on the ground.

The Hood came out of the dark and grinned at the two unconscious boys. "Take them." said Hood. 'Let the party begin.' He thought.


Me: Yes, I know. It's short and a bit boring, but there has to be a boring part in a good story, sorry. I didn't want to spoil my idea what I'm going to do with the poor boys. Note: Sabena is a air company in Belgium that had gone closed. Didn't know any American flights so, I've used them.
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