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Who's the monster here ?

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When Virgil and Flitcher go on a holliday, Flitcher and Virgil are kipnapped and are getting injected with strange stuff, will the other Tracys help them, when they know what they really are ?

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True Forms.

Me: Well here's another chapter of True Forms. There is more action is this chapter then the last one.


Chapter 3: Who's the monster here ?

After a while, Virgil started to wake up. Virgil blinked a bit with his eyes, before sitting right up. While doing that, a huge headache kicked in. "My head..." he mumbled. Virgil looked up and saw that he was in a cage. 'Where am I ?' thought Virgil while he was looking around. Then he saw his buddy, Flitcher. "Flitcher !" yelled Virgil. "Flitcher wake up !"

"God....Who had run that truck over my head ?" asked Flitcher while holding his head when he went sitting right up.

"Flitcher..." said Virgil. "You okay ?"

"Besides feeling like a truck ran over my head, I'm fine as a young wolf running around under the full moon." said Flitcher. "Where are we ?"

"In my base." said suddenly a voice. Virgil and Flitcher looked up. Virgil lightly growled. He recognized the voice of the person. The voice he never would forget. It only could belong to one person. The person who would be in the top arch-enemy in the whole Tracy family list. The Hood.

The Hood came out of the darkness and smiled evil at the two boys. "So...We meat again, Virgil Tracy." said the Hood with a smile that Virgil would like to wipe off his face.

"What do you want Hood ?!" said Virgil angry at the Hood.

"Pay back what your family did to me ! Especially Alan !" said Hood angry. "And you and your friend here are going to help me to destroy them !"

"Never !!" said Virgil angry. "We never will help you destroy my family !

"Oh really ? We'll see about that." said the Hood and click with his fingers. A few guards came in with some guns and shot both Virgil and Flitcher in the arm.

"What...What is happening ?!" asked Flitcher when they started to change. His words were more growled then spoken.

"I've have just injected you two with something that, let's just say, 'wake up' the inner side of your wolves" said the Hood with a smile.

Virgil growled pissed and attacked the cage he was it. "Now, now, Virgil." said the Hood. "Don't use your energy on the cage to escape. You never would escape out of these. Transom develop these especially for those of your race." said the Hood.

Virgil growled angry now that he and his friend, Flitcher are in their werewolves forms. Virgil had black on his head, down his shoulders, arms and his back and tail was covered in back too. The rest of his body was dark brown. Flitcher on the other hand, was just a dark brown werewolf. "Don't be mad at me, Virgil. You just are in your first state. For now." smiled the Hood. "Get them in the truck."

Virgil and Flitcher growled and did everything to not come with them One of the guards just shot them down with a tranquilizer, and loaded them in the truck. truck.

The Hood smiled and walked to a car.


Meanwhile on Tracy Island , Scott was trying to contact his little brother on the wristcom for the twentieth time. But still there wasn't any answer. Scott sighed and gave up. "Maybe he's asleep and didn't hear it." Mumbled Scott to himself, knowing that Virgil is the only one who could sleep thought the noise of Thunderbirds 1 or anything ells.

Scott sighed again and went watching some TV with John who was down for a week.


The Hood smiled when he watched from a hill to a small village. "Ha...So a lovely village...So much terror will be there." smiled the Hood. "Let them out, Mullion."

Mullion nodded and opened the truck. Virgil and Flitcher growled angry when they saw the Hood and Mullion. Luckily for Mullion and the rest of the normal humans, they where chained with chains around their necks, feet, arms and paws.

"Time to let you work for us, Tracy and Flitcher." said Hood with a smile.

'Never !' growled Virgil angry in the Hood's head. The Hood just smiled and waved at the guards. The guards shot them both and looked when they felt down on the ground.

"Make them lose." said Mullion and some guards make them lose. "Should we drive the truck down near the village, sir ?"

"No, they will find their way." said the Hood. "Let's get going to the other side and let them do their jobs."

Mullion nodded and left with the others.


"Help ! International Rescue ! We need your help ! Come in please ! " said a young voice over the radio of Thunderbird 5.

"This is International Rescue," said John.

"Thank god ! We need your help !" said the voice again.

"Calm down, tell me where you are and what's wrong." said John, trying to calm the person a bit down.

"I'm Sarah, I live on Oahu." said Sarah. "We're attack by monstrous creatures !"

John sighed and shook his head. "Listen Sarah, monsters don't exist." said John. "You probably had a nightmare."

"But you have to believe me ! Their werewolves !" said Sarah scared. "Please don't let them come and get them to me !"

"Sarah..." said John. Suddenly there was a scream from a other person and some growls. The scream of the other person said something about that Sarah had to run.

"Sarah !" said John when he heard it. But there didn't came any responds.

John immediately called base, letting his feelings talk for him what he had heard.


Jeff looked up when he heard the alarm from his computer. He set the link open from his to John. "John," said Jeff when he saw his son on his computer screen.

"A emergency, dad. In Oahu." said John. " They say some werewolves are after them."

"John..."said Jeff.

"I know, dad." said John. "I know it sounds nuts, but...Please just go and check it dad."

Jeff looked at his second oldest son and saw that John really mean it. "Alright, John. We'll check it."

John smiled. "Thanks dad." said John before shutting down.

Jeff sighed and called his boys for going to Oahu. He explained what the situation was and left with boys.


After a while, Scott was the first one to land in the danger zone. "Thunderbird 1 to Thunderbird 2, I'm in the danger zone, dad." said Scott.

"F.A.B, son." said Jeff. "Our ETA 10 minutes."

"F.A.B, dad." said Scott. "I'm going to look around."

"F.A.B Scott, be careful."

Scott set the radio off and went looking around. When he came outside, he didn't see any people of the werewolves they where talking about. Scott sighed and went looking in one of the houses.

"Hello ?" he said when he entered the house. Scott sighed and went a bit further to look for a person. He suddenly saw the radio what was used to contact him, but something else too. He saw some marks of claws on the wooden desk that the radio was standing on. Scott looked at it. Suddenly some growls came behind him.


Me: oo I love this chap. Yes I know I'm evil. You also will notice in the story that I LOVE shooting with tranquilizers. Lol.
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