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When Virgil and Flitcher go on a holliday, Flitcher and Virgil are kipnapped and are getting injected with strange stuff, will the other Tracys help them, when they know what they really are ?

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Chapter 4: Help

Scott turned around and saw nothing. He sighed, but was on his guard. He walked back out of the house when suddenly he was attacked by a black - browned werewolf. Scott felt on the ground and tried to hold the werewolf back from eating him.

'Dammit ! They where right !' thought Scott and then kicked the werewolf from him off. Scott jumped up and tried to run away from the werewolf, but was grabbed by the werewolf again and it showed his teeth to him with some angry growling.

Scott thought that it was his end when suddenly some gun shooting came from the air. The werewolf yanked and blew his attack by running away. Scott looked up and smiled when he saw Thunderbird 2 in the air and starting too land.

"Scott !" yelled Jeff when his oldest stood up and walked to them. "Are you alright ?! Did he hurt you ?"

"Don't worry dad, you where right in time before he turned me in kebab." said Scott with a small smile.

Jeff sighed "Good. Did you found anyone alive ?" asked Jeff.

"Well, I've called if some one was here and entered a house," said Scott while pointing at the house he went in. "That's when I found Wolfie."

"You mean, Wolfie found you." joked Gordon with Alan.

"Well, we need to look for any survivors, so grab a gun and spread out, if you find that werewolf again, shoot it." said Jeff while looking at his boys.

The boys nodded and went to Thunderbird 2 to get some gun and start looking for them.

Alan and Gordon when looking in the house further down the village while, Jeff and Scott went looking in the houses in the front of the village.


Alan and Gordon had entered a house. "Men..." said Alan when he looked around. "What a mess."

The house was partly destroyed by the werewolf. Broken glass was laying on the ground, claws where scared in the wood or in the walls.

"Do you think this could be all done, just by one werewolf ?" asked Alan.

"No, I think not." said Gordon. "Come on, let's go."

Suddenly they where attacked by a werewolf. This time it wasn't the one that they saw out from Thunderbird 2, it was a brown werewolf, but with the same aggressive as the black - brown one.

Gordon and Alan didn't think twice to open fire at the brown werewolf and started to shoot at it. The brown werewolf growled and ran away, when it was hit a couple of times.

Alan and Gordon sighed in relive. "So there are two werewolves, ha ?" said Alan.

Gordon nodded. "Let's hope their the only two werewolves we have here."

Alan nodded and continued looking with his brother for some people.


Jeff and Scott where walking around. They didn't find anyone. Only houses that where ready to fall down or trashed in side like there had came a tornado in it, that was laying in his pad.

Jeff looked on the church clock that was the only thing that wasn't broken by the attack of the werewolf. It said that it was almost 5 am and that the sun would come up soon. "Call Gordon and Alan, there isn't anyone here." said Jeff.

Suddenly they heard some growls behind them. Jeff and Scott looked at each other and then behind them. They saw some bushes moving a bit and the growls where coming from there. Jeff and Scott held their guns up and walked slowly to it.

The black - brown werewolf jumped out of the bushes and wanted to attack Jeff and Scott. Father and son didn't wait and started to shoot at the werewolf without waiting for to fall down and been eaten by it.

The werewolf growled and went into a house. "Come on !" said Jeff and ran after the werewolf. Scott and Jeff entered the house holding their guns in front of them. "Cover me." said Scott to his father and walked a bit around in the house, with Jeff holding his back.

Scott sighed and turned to his father. "Nothing." He said. That's when the black - brown werewolf jumped at Scott and wanted to bite him, but Jeff started to shoot at him. The werewolf yanked and felt behind a small closet.

Jeff sighed and looked at his son. "Thanks." said Scott.

"Your welcome." said Jeff calm and then they both heard the clock of the church going off, telling it was 5 am.

Jeff sighed and looked outside a window. He saw that the sun was coming up and shining over the hills.

"Thank god..." said Jeff. "The moon is down."

Scott sighed in relief. "So want to see who our little bugger is ?" asked Scott at his father.

Jeff smiled and nodded. They walked to the small closet that the werewolf had fallen over and gasped when they saw who it was.

"Virgil ?!"
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