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The Truth

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When Virgil and Flitcher go on a holliday, Flitcher and Virgil are kipnapped and are getting injected with strange stuff, will the other Tracys help them, when they know what they really are ?

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Chapter 5: The truth

Jeff and Scott stared at Virgil, who was just laying there on the ground. "How..." mumbled Scott half to himself and to his father.

"Don't know..." mumbled Jeff. "Go and get a blanket. We'll ask him when he wakes up. Scott nodded and went to get one. Jeff sighed and looked at his middle son. "What happened to you ?" he asked Virgil while he had bend down and was stroking Virgil's dirty hair.

When Scott came back with a blanket, Jeff did it around Virgil, to keep him warm and carried Virgil to Thunderbird 2.


Flitcher was laying somewhere near a lake in the bushes. The Hood smiled and found the wounded Flitcher. "Good boy." he said to Flitcher who gave him a disgusting face.

"You'll pay for this !" Flitcher said angry.

"Oh no, I won't at all." smiled Hood. "You're going to pay for it, just like your friend, Virgil."

"What ?!" said Flitcher angry. "What did you do to him ?!!"

"I didn't do anything." smiled Hood. "His father, Jeff and his oldest brother, Scott had killed him in the house, when he tried to attacked them."

"Noooo !!!" yelled Flitcher and wanted to stand up and hit Hood in the face. The Hood just smiled and stopped him by using his powers and threw Flitcher against the tree.

Flitcher had hit the tree hard and lost his consciousness. "Load him in." said Hood and went back to the car that was waiting for him.


After a few hours of sleep, Virgil moved a bit on his side and felt that he couldn't lay fully on it. He opened his eyes and looked around. "Where am I ?" he mumbled sleepy. He moved his hands and heard something ratting. Virgil looked up and saw that his hands where chained against a bed. Virgil looked down and saw that his feet where also chained. Virgil sighed and saw now that he was back on Tracy Island in the sickbay. "Great..." he mumbled. "Just great."

Virgil sighed again and closed his eyes for a while. Suddenly he heard some familiar footsteps coming in the sickbay. Virgil opened his eyes and saw his dad looking at him. "Virgil..." said Jeff.

"Dad..." said Virgil. "What is going on ? Why am I chained up ?"

"That's what I want to know too." said Jeff. "From you."

"What do you mean ?" asked Virgil. Virgil knew what his dad was talking about, but didn't want to tell him what had happened to him a few years ago.

"Don't act like you don't know, Virg." said a other voice from the door. Virgil looked up and saw Scott standing there, looking at him. "When dad had shot you down and the moon went down, we saw that you where the werewolf that was trying to attack us."

Virgil sighed and swallowed. He knew that he had no choice, but to tell them what happened. "We weren't like that." mumbled Virgil, not facing his brother or his dad at all.

"We ?! You mean there is a other werewolf besides you ?!" said Scott. "And what do you mean weren't like that ?! I know from seeing almost all horror werewolf movies, that being that kind of monster, are just a mindless killing machines."

"But we're not !!" yelled Virgil angry. He hated it when Scott called him and Flitcher a mindless killer monster. "We weren't like that and you never would have know I was one, if the Hood didn't give that serum to us !!"

"Wait, you where one, before Hood did something to you ?" asked his father calm.

"Yes !" said Virgil still pissed with what Scott just had called him and his friend.

Jeff sighed and went sitting next to his son on the bed. "How did you become one ?" asked Jeff calm.

Virgil sighed and looked away from his dad. "Virgil ?" said Jeff quiet and laid a hand on his middle child's stomach.

" 6 years ago..." swallowed Virgil

"Take your time." said Jeff while looking at his son.

"6 years ago, me and Flitcher came back from that party, I had to keep asking you to go on." said Virgil. "We went back home. A long part was surrounded with some forest. Fred, the guy who had held the party had told us not to use any short cuts. We didn't take them like he said, but it didn't matter how we would drive. There would be always a part with some forest around us. We heard some growling and pulled over. I made a joke about Flitch's stomach when suddenly the same growl was closer, so we decided to go further. While we where driving further, a werewolf had attacked us and had bitten Flitcher, taking him off his bike. I jumped off my bike and grabbed a stick and started to hit the werewolf with it. I didn't know first it was a werewolf at all."

Jeff and Scott looked at Virgil, wanting to know more what had happened to him. Virgil sighed and continued. "It turned around and when I saw that it was a lot bigger then me, I got a bit scared, but I just couldn't let Flitcher being eaten by that thing. The werewolf had hit me with his claws, giving me that wound you had asked me where I had gotten that from. I was lying on the ground and saw his the werewolf how he had bitten Flitcher in the back and ran into the forest. So I jumped up, went to my bike to get the lighter and the bottle of alcohol and a stick. When I had it, I ran after the werewolf and Flitcher and I tried to get the werewolf away with the fire that I had. The werewolf had backed off for some reason and had ran away...." sighed Virgil. "It wasn't in the next month when we changed into ones. We first didn't know what was happening to us. Luckily, we weren't in school that day, but alone at Flitchers house." said Virgil, not facing either Jeff or Scott.

"Virgil...Why didn't you tell us that you were one?" asked Scott worried.

"Because I was afraid, okay ?!" said Virgil facing Scott with tears in his eyes. "I was afraid you would reject me what I am and just dump me some where or worse..."

Jeff sighed and hugged his son. "I never will reject you. Even when you're a werewolf, Virgil." said Jeff calm and wiped Virgil's tears away.

Scott started to untie Virgil's hands and legs. When Virgil was loose, Jeff pulled his middle son on his lap. "Virgil, you said the Hood had to do something with this." Virgil nodded quietly.

"Then what did he do to you then ?" asked Jeff calm.

"We where walking in a dark street. We where laughing about stuff we saw when we had gone out." said Virgil. "Suddenly we where knocked down by someone. Later on that evening, we both had woken up in a cage and the Hood came to us, letting us change in our werewolf forms with a serum. After that we were once again put to sleep and the next hour we had woken up, we were in a truck. Chained to our feet, necks, arms and paws. He told that it was time we started to wake for him. Of course, we wouldn't allow him and then we where shot again. After that I don't remember anything then waking up here."

Jeff nodded and hugged his son again, who started to sob a bit and tears running again over Virgil's face. "Shh..." said Jeff "It's okay, now. Everything is going to be alright."

"No it isn't, dad." said Virgil "I'm going to change back into a werewolf tonight."

"One question, Virg." Said Scott. "If your going to change tonight, how come that we've seen you more then once in the moonlight in your human form ?"

"We've learned how to control our other form when the moon is up." said Virgil. "But the Hood had injected us with something that we where pushed to transform."

Jeff nodded. "We will take care of it then. I bet Brains will find a antidote to make you normal again." said Jeff. "Scott, go and build a strong cage."

Scott nodded and left. Virgil swallowed. "Dad, do you mean not being a werewolf again or just a antidote that doesn't make us well you know and doesn't push us to transform when we don't want to ?" asked Virgil after Scott had left.

"You like being a werewolf ha ?" said Jeff to his son.

Virgil nodded. "Yeah, but not like we are now." said Virgil

Jeff smiled and nodded. He accepted his son's wishes. "Come on let's get you dressed and something to eat." said Jeff and laid his arm around his middle son who smiled.


The Hood smiled while they where driving to his headcounters in Kansas. "Now, the fun really will begin." said Hood when he had gotten out and watched how the still sleeping Flitcher being moved to his new cage.

"Soon...Soon Jeff will get my message." said Hood. "That he can't mess with me. I will get my revenge ! I will have my revenge on the Tracys !!!" The Hood started to laugh evil.

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