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Terror in Kansas tonight

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When Virgil and Flitcher go on a holliday, Flitcher and Virgil are kipnapped and are getting injected with strange stuff, will the other Tracys help them, when they know what they really are ?

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Chapter 6: Terror in Kansas tonight

Virgil walked with his dad into the kitchen, after he had taken a long shower in his bathroom. Onanah smiled friendly at him and gave him his brunch. Virgil smiled back at her and took his meal to the table. He went sitting where he always would sit when he and his family had dinner. When Virgil looked at his plate, he saw that there was more meat on it then usual. Virgil sighed a bit, when he could have guessed that everyone knew that he was a werewolf.

Virgil was eating when his dad came to him and gave him his coke that he always would drink. Jeff stayed with Virgil and watched quietly his son.

"Dad ?" said Virgil after he had swallowed some bacon down. "Did you tell everyone..."

"Tell everyone what ?" asked Jeff while looking at his son.

"About me..." said Virgil and looked at his dad.

Jeff sighed and nodded. "Gordon and Alan found it strange that you where brought inside Thunderbird 2 half naked. So they've asked how you had gotten there and why you weren't wearing any clothes." said Jeff. "They firstly didn't believe it that you where one and I think they still don't, but they've told us that saw a dark brown werewolf."

Virgil nodded. "The dark brown one was Flitcher then." said Virgil.

Jeff nodded and his wrist-com started to go off. Virgil looked at his dad when it went off. Jeff sighed and stood up. "Scott needs me. I'll be right back." said Jeff placing a hand on his sons shoulder before leaving.

Virgil watched his father go before he started to eat further.


The Hood smiled when he finely came at his headquarters. "Unload him and feed him. Make him ready for tonight." said HHood Hood to a guard.

"Yes sir." said the guard and started to unload Flitcher.

The Hood smiled while looking at the view he had. "Tonight there will be terror in Kansas." said the Hood and he started to laugh evil.


"Dad." said Scott when his dad came downstairs. "The cage is ready, but I'm not sure if it will hold Virgil."

Jeff nodded and walked with his eldest son to the cage. "As you can see there are chains in it. One for his neck, his arms and his legs. The cage will be standing under some volts." explained Scott to his father who nodded again.

"And you think that won't stop me ?" a sudden voice said behind them.

Scott and Jeff turned around and saw Virgil standing there. "It will keep me breaking out. If not always can shoot me..." said Virgil looking down at the ground.

"Virg...." said Scott. "We never would shoot you down, even when your making tonight a living hell for us. We will find something to turn you back to your usual self again."

Virgil nodded and hugged his brother. Scott hugged him back. "By the way, I'm sorry what I've said about you being a murderous monster." said Scott

"It's okay, Scott" mumbled Virgil while hugging him.

Jeff smiled while watching his sons.


After a while the moon was coming up. Virgil was sitting in his room, checking his mails until his dad knocked on the door. "Yeah ?" said Virgil with a sigh, guessing who and why it was.

Jeff came in and looked at his son. "It's time." said Jeff.

Virgil sighed and shut his computer down, before following his dad. He wished all day that this wasn't going to happen. That he just was dreaming that he had to tell his secret to his family and that it never happened. That the Hood didn't give him a serum that would make him and Flitcher mindless killers.

Jeff looked at his son and saw that his son wasn't really happy what was going on. Jeff sighed and hugged him before whispering "It's for your own good."

"I know dad," said Virgil while hugging back.

Jeff sighed and looked at his middle and smallest son. "It's will be alright. Brains is looking for something to get you back to your normal self."

Virgil sighed and nodded, before walking further with his dad. Virgil started to undress himself, before walking in the cage with only wearing his boxers on. Virgil sighed when his dad closed the gate behind him.

"Virgil." said his dad. Virgil turned around to face his dad. Jeff only placed a hand on his sons shoulder and looked in Virgil's eyes. While Virgil was looking back he felt that his dad was telling that everything was going to be okay with him.

Virgil just nodded. Jeff smiled and went away. Virgil sighed and went sitting down, waiting for his change.


Upstairs in Jeff's office, Jeff sighed and watched Virgil change on the monitors he had setten in his office. Jeff sank in his thoughts trying to find out why he didn't know. Suddenly John called.

Jeff woke up from his deep thoughts and set the link between him and his seconded eldest son open. "Go ahead, John." he said calm.

"Terror in Kansas, dad." said John. "The other werewolf has showed up and is hunting people down."

Jeff sighed. He had told his son early what happened and what Virgil had told him in the morning. "Okay son, just tell to them to get most of the people out there and that we're coming."

John nodded and closed the link between his father and Thunderbird 5.

Jeff sighed once again before he called his boys and let them go to Kansas. 'This is going to be the longest night ever' Jeff thought.

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