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The letter

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When Virgil and Flitcher go on a holliday, Flitcher and Virgil are kipnapped and are getting injected with strange stuff, will the other Tracys help them, when they know what they really are ?

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ue Forms

Me: yep a other chapter of true forms. I hope you will enjoy this one.


Chapter 7: The letter

The next morning, Virgil was asleep on the ground in his cage. There wasn’t much trouble with him only that he broke the chains he was on and that he almost bitten Scott. Luckily for Scott, Virgil only had ripped his shirt instead of him.

Jeff sighed while he was watching the video tape that had filmed Virgil the hole night. “We need to find a antidote for him…” Jeff mumbled. “He can’t be like this forever.”

Jeff sighed again before he went out of his office and checked his sons. “Morning dad,” said Scott when Jeff poked is head into his son’s room.

“Morning son, How are you today ?” asked Jeff when he saw that Scott was already awake.

“Still alive as you see.” said Scott with a smile.

Jeff chuckled. “John told you to not go close to Virgil’s cage.”

“Yeah, but who knew that Virgil could be so dangerous ?” said Scott.

“True…” sighed Jeff.

“Come on dad, we’ll find the antidote and Virgil will be the old one again.” said Scott to his father.

“You’re right, Scott.” smiled Jeff to his son. “We’ll find that antidote no matter what. Now, get dressed, I think Onanah’s almost done with making breakfast.”

Scott smiled. “Okay, dad.”

Jeff smiled and walked out of Scott’s room to check on his other sons. Alan and Gordon where already up and downstairs. When Jeff had found them and talked to them for a bit, he went to Virgil’s room to get a towel and went then to Virgil.

When Jeff came down, Virgil was still asleep on the ground. Jeff smiled and went to his son. Jeff did the towel over Virgil and stroked Virgil’s hair. Virgil moved a bit, but that was all. Jeff smiled and picked his son, before caring him upstairs.

Jeff came into the room and laid Virgil down on his bed. Jeff looked at his sleeping son and sighed. He went to the closet where Virgil’s pyjama’s where. Jeff took one out and started to dress his third oldest son. Jeff just had tucked Virgil in when Scott came in. “How is he, dad ?” asked Scott worried.

“He’s fine, he didn’t wake up when he was carried back upstairs.” said Jeff while looking at his oldest.

Scott nodded and sighed. “Brains needs some blood from him.” said Scott. “He would like to take it now while Virgil’s sleeping.”

Jeff looked first at his sleeping son, before he looked at his oldest and nodded. “Send him in, but ask him if he can check Virgil first.” said Jeff “To be sure.”

Scott nodded and left the room.

After a while, Brains came in and check Virgil first before taking blood. “H-h-h, Virgil is still healthy, Mr Tracy.” he said to Jeff, before he started to take blood from the sleeping Virgil. “I’ll exam t-t-t-this and start right on the a-a-a-a cure.”

Jeff nodded and watched Brains leave, before he stroked his son’s hair one more time and left Virgil in his room alone.


After a few hours of sleep, Virgil started to wake up. Still half asleep, Virgil opened his eyes and looked around. He saw that he was back in his room. Virgil yawed a bit before staring at his clock. It was 9am. Virgil sighed and laid back down in his bed. He closed his eyes for a while until, he detected to stand up and take a shower. After the shower and dressing, he went downstairs. “Hey,” he said to Onanah, with still sleepy eyes.

“Morning Virgil,” said Onanah with a smile. “Had a good sleep ?”

“Yeah…” said Virgil. “Did you ? I hope I didn’t held you awake with the noise I probably have made down there.”

“I slept fine.” she said still smiling at him. “Here you go.” She offered Virgil his breakfast who took it with a hungry look.

“Thanks.” he said and took it, before going to the dinner table. There he began to eat his breakfast.

“Oh yeah, there is a letter for you.” said Onanah from the kitchen and brought it to Virgil. Virgil smiled at her as a thanks and opened the letter.

Hello Virgil,

I hope you enjoyed you’re little killing you did the day before yesterday evening. You’re friend, Flitcher as you call him, really did enjoy this. I had a lot of fun to watch it especially when you went after you’re father and you’re brother, Scott. It’s a pity that they shot you down.

Anyway, I can guesses you’ve brought them living hell yesterday evening, since it was the second full moon. Flitcher enjoyed his night, he was in Kansas, hunting people out of there houses. The cops did shoot much on him, but it didn’t help much. I guesses they never have seen werewolf movies for how to kill a werewolf. I laughed with it and I was laughing myself sick when you’re family came. Ask the one who calls Fermat, he sure knows what I mean !

Now, why I’m sending this letter is, that I want to make a deal with you and you’re father. I know you’re father have let the professor start on a antidote for you. But like all things, it would take months before it’s finished. Luckily for me, the person who I’ve stolen from, no wait, let’s just say, borrowed from, was so nice to give me the antidote too.

So here’s my deal. As you know, I want the Thunderbirds and their plans. And I know, you and you’re friend need that antidote. So my suggestion is that you come at the old warehouse of Creepers Mere with you’re ‘birds and we trade. You’ve got till the full moon is back up again. Then I’ll let Flitcher kill the people of Creepers Mere and you…Well let’s just say, if you’re still not in you’re cage, have fun then with revenging on you’re father.

Well, need to go now,



At the end of the letter Virgil was so pissed that he didn’t notice that he was growling and that he had yellow eyes. Fermat heard it and immediately ran away from the dinner room to warn Jeff.

“Virgil.” said Jeff when he had heard from Fermat what was going on. “What’s wrong ?”

“Read it.” said Virgil to his father. Virgil’s voice wasn’t like it normal was. It was more deeper then ever.

Jeff looked at his son before taking the letter and started to read it. Jeff stared at the letter when he was done. “The bastard.” He mumbled.

“What are we going to do ?” asked Virgil with a still deeper voice.

“I don’t know…” sighed Jeff.


Pfew never thought that I would finish this chapter today. Yes the yellow eyes and deeper voice are inspired by the fic A Tracy Secret (It’s one of my fav ! .) Hope you enjoyed the chapter and see you on the new chapter of True forms !
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