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same as b4

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That was 3 months ago and I'm here alone and heartbroken all over again. I swear Brendon urie was basically put on this earth to ruin my life.

"Ryan I can't stand to be in the same room as him" I complained.
"just last a few more weeks ok ? We'll be home then" he said.
Just then Brendon came rushing through the door. "Ryan I am sick of her being here either she goes or I do" he said.
I looked at Ryan and he looked back at me. He opened his mouth many times to speak. I got up and started to grab my things "don't worry I've made the decision for you, have fun alone" I said and speed out of the tour bus and phoned Tarah to pick me up.

I can't believe he managed to break us up all over again. Why does he have this hatred against me all I ever tried to be was nice. I'm sick of being his item of amusement, I'm sick of being heartbroken over and over again.

I'm cutting all ties with them all. I'm changing home, number ...... everything. So I moved to London, brought a house. Got a new phone, told Tarah the new number of course, we still talk actually she tells me how they are all doing. My once brown hair is now black with purple streaks.


"how are you all ?"
"fine I guess, Brendon's he usual self and Ryan, well Ryan is out with his new girlfriend"

I dropped the phone. I can't believe he, he got over me that quickly.
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