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This is thee end

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I think i'll end it lyk this dus ne1 actualli want a squeal ??

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It was my 19th birthday and my room mate was taking me out. We were going to this new bar down town.

So I was basically having harmless fun with many people. The night was great well until I bumped into him.

"what is your problem" I shouted at him.
He looked at me confused for a moment until he realised who I was. "you are my problem"
I dragged him outside this was going to end once and for all.
"what the hell did I ever do to you ?" I shouted.
"you where you" he shouted back.
"oh, brilliant comeback urie" I shouted.
He looked at me for a moment, there was something in his eyes, something until now I never noticed.
"fuck you" I shouted and turned around to leave.
He spun me round and captured me in a kiss. Resistance was futile, I just couldn't stop my lips.
We pulled apart breathless and stared into each others eyes "don't you get I'm in love with you I have been ever since I was 10 and when we kissed I just didn't know what to do, then I saw you with him, I couldn't stand the fact you hated me and never in a slightest chance to be with you" he said calmly.
"are you dumb or something ?? Did you never get the letters I sent you ? I spent hours crying into my pillow because I made you hate me but I didn't know what I did to make you hate me that much, then I met ryan, he understood me so well I finally thought I was happy again but oh no you had to ruin that make me alone AGAIN so no Brendon I don't love you, I lost that a long time ago" I said and left never looking back, I was to afraid to.
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