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ppl are so cruel

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It was the day of the dance and me, Sophie and Vicky were all round mine getting ready. We had two hours to go and all we had to do was get in my dress. The outfits were all set .
me : white dress.
Sophie: black dress and black fairy wings.
Vicky : black and red dress with black ballerina shoes.
We all had to wear masks.
Everything was done and we were just waiting on Tyler as he was our ride for the dance.

I walked into the hall and everything was like a fairytale. For once i was truely accepted as no one except my friends knew who i was.
Someone tapped me on the shoulder.
"may i have this dance !?" he asked.
"erm... yeah ok" i answered.
I got up and danced with this mysterious stranger until i was called out and told to go on the stage as i was the queen.
"ok lets find out who the king and queen really are" said. Ms. Andrews.
The king lifted his mask off first and i gasped at the sight it .... it was pete.
I slowly took off my mask and turned to the stage. When everyone noticed it was me the started to boo and through stuff at me.
I ran out of the hall and sit under the tree at the end of the football field
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