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the end

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ahh a happy endin ??

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I sat under the tree silently sobbing to myself i'm so stupid i can't believe i believed the fact that once just once i could be treated as equal heck even have a convsation with pete !!
"can i sit here" a voice asked.
"do what ya like" i said not bothering to move.
"i just want you to know that i think you deserve that crown more than any of them bitches in there" the voice continued.
i looked up and locked eyes with him the one thing that could make everything ok with just a smile.
"Pete what are you doing here !?" i asked.
"I just wanted to make sure everything was ok " he answered.
I sighed.
"look i know that i left you and well pretended to forget your exsistance but i never could and do you know why !?" he asked and lifted my chin.
"enlighten me" i said.
he breathed in "because Leila i love you and i would do anything to make it right" he said.
"Anything !?" i asked.
he nodded.
"Well then kiss me beneth the moonlight" i said
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