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Rude awakings

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Now this is totally off the top of my head so i know it won't be too good but hopefull if u bear with me it will get better

Category: Fall Out Boy - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Published: 2006-11-12 - Updated: 2006-11-12 - 239 words

"harmony get the fuck up you need to go to work" shouted Jacqueline
I grumbled and rolled out of bed.
"what the hell happened last night" I said while expecting the living room.
"well before or after the tequila ?" she asked.
Just then Kara came in rubbing her head "wow that was one night last night eh?" she said.
"ow pain quit talking so loud" moaned Joanna.
"lightweight" we all said in union.
"but seriously though I can't remember a thing" I complained.
They all looked at me with evil grins "really not a thing ?"said Jacqueline.
I groaned "oh geez what did I do ?"
"oh nothing much, kissed a few random guys oh and made out with a certain Ryan Ross from a certain famous rock band" said Kara.
"oh fuck, did I make a complete fool of myself ?" I asked.
They all burst out laughing. "what ?" I asked.
"you didn't but Jacqueline had a certain fun under the covers with a certain Brendon Urie" smirked Kara.
"oh, please don't remind me, I'm so glad he left early this morning, just imagine the embarrassment" groaned Jacqueline.
"what do you mean I thought we got on well last night" said a voice.
We all stop dead in our tracks and turned round. "oh my geebus" I whispered.
"yeah I did to" said another voice.
Me and Jacqueline went red with embarrassment. "hi" we all said barely above a whisper.
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