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Confused Rock Stars and Flour Fun

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Now this is totally off the top of my head so i know it won't be too good but hopefull if u bear with me it will get better

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"What the fuck was that ?" all of us in the living room shouted.
Two flour covered bodies entered the room.
Me, Kara, Jacqueline and Joanna burst out laughing.
Kara caught her breathe "dammnit !! That wasn't suppose to happen to you"
We all turned to her "what ? Why?" asked Joanna.
"well I wanted to get Harmony back for dying my hair last week" she said.
"oh yeah" I said.
We continued arguing between ourselves until some one coughed.
I turned round "yes?" I asked.
"well I was wondering if you would like to come out a date, I mean you don't have to but well its up to you" Ryan said quickly.
"whoa, no offence Ryan but I don't date guys I've only just met and the last time I did that with a certain Beckett it didn't end well" I said.
"oh ok" he said.
"but if you guys, as you've already made yourself at home would consider going to the movies with us girlies ? Then we can get to know each other ?" said Jacqueline.
I glared at her. "well we would love to but" started Brendon.
"but what ?" asked Kara.
"we have a meet and greet with the bands going on tour with us" he finished.
"what does that mean ?" I asked.
"well, honestly a party" answered Spencer.
Kara, then jumped on Jon's back scaring the life out of him. "What the fuck ?" he asked.
"quit staring its rude" she answered.
"one sec" I said.
Me, Kara, Jacqueline and Joanna walked into my room as it was the closest.
"well?" asked Joanna.
"well I think we should go you know, what could be the harm ?" said Jacqueline.
We all walked out. "well would you ladies care to join us tonight?" asked Brendon.
"of course" said Kara.
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