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Chapter Three: Snowfall

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A collection of drabbles, vignettes and short stories about how Seto Kaiba is not cuddly. Challenge fanfic from the LJ community 10snuggles. SetoxJounouchi

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Seto Kaiba Does Not Cuddle

By LilyChan

Chapter Three


"The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind in the world and wake up in another quite different, and if this not enchantment then where is it to be found?" - J.B. Priestley, Apes and Angels

The brunet sighed as he sipped his homemade hot cocoa. Jou was in the other room, angry at the other, as the television echoed. The blond had earlier accused him of forgetting an important date - Jou's birthday.

But that wasn't the case, at least not for this year. He had worked his ass off right after Christmas in order to earn his two weeks Romantic Getaway©. Jou shrugged and left it at that.

At least that's one thing was certain, Seto was able to get off the hook for that. However, the blond man was mad over something extremely trivial. Seto had commented on how he would never would like to try 'commoner's' hot cocoa and that Jou merely wasted his time. Simply because it's 'common' hot chocolate, it was automatically awful.

So why does it taste good? The brunet bitterly thought. He took another sip of the sweet and spiced chocolate and licked his lips. He glanced out the window to see the wind blow against the dead tree. For some strange and unearthly reason, the winter had been unusually warm. A lot of the people who would normally travel to around where they currently were, but not even them were present.

Though, that did give them the privacy that Seto and Jou couldn't gain at the estate.

Seto sat there and stared at nothing in particular as he tried to set aside his pride to apologize. However that moment never came since the warmth of the hot chocolate lulled him to sleep. He drank the rest of it and placed the dirty cup in the sink and filled it with water so he can easily clean it whenever he needed it.

Even though he didn't want the blond to see him, he had to travel in that direction to get to the stairs. When he did walk past by him, the two avoided eye contact for the rest of the night.


When Seto woke up, he wasn't at all surprised to see no one by his side. He sighed as he got up and made his bed. He did all his morning routines and stepped down to not see Jou in the room. He took another deep breath and then he felt, even through his sweater, a chilled air. He rubbed his arms to warm up and went to turn the thermostat up.

Luckily, the thermostat was near the front of the house with a window facing the outside world. To Seto's surprise, he saw the blond with a heavy jacket, and snow. Lots of snow.

"What the..." Seto started, but he caught himself staring at his boyfriend who was hard at work shoveling the snow out of the driveway. He tore his eyes away and decided to set aside his pride and, well, apologize to him.

/And I'm only going to tell him once! If he doesn't hear me, then he needs to get the hell out, /Seto thought as he grabbed his coat and keys.


The lovely snowfall that they were blessed with had become a blizzard and Seto was damn lucky he got home before it got any worse out on the roads. He sighed as he closed the door and sighed heavily.

He better thank me, he thought as he reached over to turn on the light. But it didn't come on. "What the hell is wrong with this place?" he grumbled. He kept trying to turn off and on the lights, but it didn't come on.

The place was freezing. He then realized that the blizzard had caused a shortage of lights. In the air, he smelt the hot cocoa Jou made.

After he dropped off the groceries in the kitchen, he walked near the den and saw the fire from the fireplace. On the sofa that was obviously moved was Jou, sleeping and covered with a quilt that he probably had brought. Seto sighed as he sat on the ground near him.

Even at the slight noise, Jou cracked open an eye.

"Seto?" he asked dumbly as he rubbed his eyes to adjust his eyes to the light.

"Who else would put with you on my sofa?" he said, hoping the boy would get the tease. Unfortunately, he didn't get it. Instead he sighed, exasperated, as he straightened his posture and allowed the other onto the sofa.

Jou was about to get up, when he felt another pair of lips onto his own. He was extremely baffled, but when Seto pulled him away, he only brought him close to him.

"Now, I'm only going to say this one time," Seto started, "so listen good. I'm not going to repeat myself."

He nodded, not quite sure what he was saying.

"I'm sorry for saying your hot cocoa's bad. It's actually quite tolerable." He said, as he tried to keep his cool front. Jou smiled and nodded. Okay, so it wasn't an outright compliment, but it's something.

Seto sighed and felt relieved as he hugged the blond boy. Eventually, Seto took off his coat and tossed it over the couch as the two adjusted their positions. Soon Seto was lying on the couch - hugging, not cuddling - Jounouchi, whilst the quilt was over both their bodies. The two eventually fell asleep even as the fired roared on and the even when the electricity eventually turned itself back on.
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