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chapter 8

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Ashley's POV

I got into the drivers side and we drove to the motel. Nikki and William slid into the car. "Nikki and William this is my boyfriend Quinn Allman."

"Nice to meet you.", she said reaching her hand to the front seat wear he was sitting.

"Hope you are taking care of her."

"I am don't worry."

"So where are we going?"

"The mall."

"Oh good, I want to buy me a new outfit.", Nikki said.

We got there and Quinn pulled me to the side and whispered, "He hates me."

"He hates everybody I'm with, he's like my big brother.", Nikki and William came over and Nikki grabbed my arm and lead me off.

"I'm worried about Quinn."

"Don't worry I told William to act nice or he is not getting this.", referring to sex we laughed.

"Nikki have you and William had sex?"

"Yea what relationship doesn't? Have you and Quinn done it?"


"Really that's awesome details how is he?"

"New subject."

"I'm glad your with Quinn.", I nodded approving the new subject.

"Yeah me too."

"He's way better than Frankie, while we're on the Frankie subject, does Frankie know, you know, about your feelings for him?"

"Yeah I told him every thing."

"What happened?"

"He ran after Jamia."

"I don't understand."

"We kissed, Jamia seen, he ran after her."

"That bastard. That's why you two aren't talking."


"What about Quinn does he know?"

"Yeah I didn't want him to come into this relationship not knowing what he was getting into, ya know?"

"Yeah. At least he's still with you."

"Yeah he really is an amazing man."

"Hey, what do you think about this?", she said holding up a blood red top with a mini skirt to match and had Paws Off on the ass.

"It's awesome."

"Then you should buy it."

"What it would look cuter on you."

"No way with your body it would look hot."

By the time it was time to go I spent fifth teen hundred dollars on clothes alone in the mall but hey, what do you expect I got the money. I know I sound like a rich bitch but I earned it. I'm not the aways like this but I just feel like it today after all that happened to me.

We all meet up and both William and Quinn had smiles on their faces. "Hey.", I said and he came up and kissed me very passionately. "What was that for?", I asked with a smirk.

"Just saying I love you ,because I don't know what I would do without you."

"What do you want?", I asked and everyone laughed.

"Nothing honestly."

"So you don't want me?", I asked jokingly.

"I never said that.", he said with made me laugh. I am in happy mood today.

"Okay just making sure."

"Okay I want to go now.", he said leading me out of the mall. I got into the car and I droped Nikki and William off. When we got home as soon as the door closed. Our lips collided. I wrapped my legs around his waste and he walked to the bedroom. He put me on the bed and got on top of me.

"What are you doing?", as if I had to ask.

"I'm going to make you scream.", he whispered in my ear which sent shivers down my spine and looked up to me with a smirk.

Miranda's POV

Frankie and Jamia are making me sick. Frankie comes and talks to me a lot. He wants to talk to Ashley, but she wont even look his way. But could you blame her she told him she loved him and he ran after Jamia. Frankie said I'm the only one who knows, he didn't tell anyone else. That's why Quinn made us leave. Around Jamia, Frankie is the happiest guy in the world, but when he is with just me he's a wreck. He cries a lot and nobody has ever seen Frank cry including Gerard and they're best friends how I know is it came up on how Mikey cried way too much when he missed Aneesah. Which was funny to watch because sometimes he would blow his nose on Gerard's shirt which earned a girly shriek or Ewwww from me and he always gave me a dirty look. Which made me laugh which earned me another dirty look.

"Oh my God!!!.", Aneesah said running in and brought me from my thoughts.

"What, what's wrong?!", Mikey came running out in his boxers. I'm use to it I always go on tour with them I've seen everyone in their boxers at least ten times.

"We're being signed!!"

"No way!!"

"Yes way", Mikey ran up and hugged her.

"What's going on?", Frankie said coming in with Jamia not far behind.

"Aneesah and her band are getting signed!!"


"Thanks I've got to go tell Ashley!!", she yelled running out of the bus Mikey , poor Mikey ran out. Not to long after he ran back in, "I think it's better if I get dressed."

"Yeah that would be best.", I said laughing.

"Their going to tell that slut?", Jamia said and something inside me clicked.

"What did you just call Ashley?"

"A slut, because she is, she was all over Frankie.", I punched her in the face without thinking, she fell to ground. Frankie helped her up and I slapped him.

"Don't you ever talk about Ashley like that ever again because you can get a lot worse than what I just gave you. And you.", I said pointing to Frankie, "You can go fuck a cow for all I care and technally that's what your doing anyway.", I said I stormed off to my car.

" MIRANDA!!", Frankie yelled after me. I got in my car when he caught up to me.

"Go back to your cow!"

"Why did you hit me?"

"Because you sit around and you let Jamia talk about Ashley like that, and why does she think that Ashley was all over you when to my memory you was all over each other.", He stared at me shocked and I drove off. I drove to Ashley's her and Aneesah were jumping up and down screaming , but Ashley was in Quinn's shirt and his boxers, this sight made me laugh.

"Where's Quinn?!"

"Well he's asleep."

"Is he by any chance naked?", I asked and Mikey laughed.

"How did you know."

Mikey quit laughing and his eyes went wide. "Oh my God!!", Aneesah said.

"Because your wearing his clothes."

"Ashley, you and Quinn don't... you know?"

"Yeah we do."

"Where's Briana, oh poor girl."

"At a friends house. And I will ignore the little comment."

"Ashley?", Quinn walked in rubbing his eyes butt naked I guess he didn't realize we were here.

"Oh my God.", Mikey said covering Aneesah's eyes.

Quinn jumped and ran over and got the blanket off the coach.

"I used that blanket I liked it too, damn you Quinn everything I like you make sure to make it where I'm afraid to touch it. What next your going to tell me you two did it on the coach where I've slept before."

"No not yet anyways."

"Eww your nasty real nasty."

"I told you not to walk around naked you were going to scare out guest, and you succeeded.", Ashley said putting her hands on her hips.

"You have my clothes on."

"Yeah but you could of covered up."

"I thought we were ALONE!"

"THIS HAS HAPPED BEFORE!!", Mikey said. Big brother mode just kicked in.

"Yeah, He has ran around the house naked before who hasn't.", Ashley said taking up for Quinn.

"I'm going to leave and I will be back later when you all are dressed!"

"Are you going to tell Gerard?", she asked not worried for herself but for Quinn. Because everyone knows that when Gerard finds out that they have been having sex he is going to be furious. I know that the care that's why they are so protective.

"If he don't then I will.", I said laughing so hard I was crying. "We are some messed up people.", I said whipping tears from my eyes.

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