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Now when you thought it was going to be the cliche vamp stry - think agen

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I woke up very uncomfortable . I turned my head and noticed that Ryan was laying next to me. I shook him awake.
"Ryan what happened!?" I asked.
"I'm so sorry Seisha it was the only way" he answered.
"what do you mean the only way !?" I asked.
" I had to turn you so we could end this madness" he answered.
"oh ok" I said.
I got up and out of the bedroom I need to go home and explain this to Olivia I need to tell her that I might never see her again.

I walked into the kitchen to see Olivia making pancakes.
"oooh pancakes nice" I said.
"how said you were getting any !?" she said.
I poked my tongue out at her.
"Olivia I need to tell you something" I said.
She sat down I and I proceeded to tell her about Ryan and my mother and the fact I'm now a vampire.
"so... I might not see you again !?" she asked while wiping tears away.
I nod.
"well as this is your last night here lets have some fun eh !?" she said.
"yeah lets" I said.
"ok here's some money go over to the shops and get some snacks, I'll get the film ready and order a take-away" she said.
"ok" I say and take the money out of her hand.
I walk out of the house and towards the shops. Someone grabs me from behind and knocks me out.

x-x Olivia's p.o.v x-x

I can't believe it I just can't she's actually leaving me alone. I set up the film and put the quilts in the living room while I'm waiting for Seisha and the food.
I glace up at the clock. Its been an hour now it don't take that long. I ring her phone, no answer. So I grab my coat and walk over to the shops. I look down each isle, nothing.
I leave the shop and walk home. As I'm walking I see a phone but not just any old phone its Seisha's ok now I'm officially worried.
I pick up her phone and dial Ryan's number. After 3 rings he picks up.

Me = Ryan I think something's wrong.
Ryan = what do you mean !?
Me = I think someone has taken Seisha.
Ryan = what!? How!?
Me = well I sent her to get some food and she never came back so I went out to look for her and I found her phone, ry I'm scared what if he has her!?
Ryan = but how could he to him she's dead.
Me = well can you go over to Patrick's and ask him please
Ryan = yeah ok bye
Me = bye.

x-x Ryan's p.o.v x-x

I got off the phone to Olivia and went to walk out of my house when I noticed a note.

I'm so sorry my dear but I can never see you again live well and forget me.
Love you always

I knew it he had her and I was the only one that could save her now.
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