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penutimult (sp?)

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Now when you thought it was going to be the cliche vamp stry - think agen

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x-x my p.o.v x-x

I woke up tied to a bed.
"ahh your awake" a voice said.
I kept silent.
"so your Seisha you're William's daughter wow I thought you would be older" the voice continued.
I glared at him.
"I'm brendon by the way and William will be here shortly" said Brendon.
He extend his hand but I just turned my head and looked away.
A tall man walked into the room and looked at me with pure astonishment.
"your alive !?" he said
I still kept silent.
"excellent" he said.
"why is that" I ask.
"because my dear you will be able to return what is rightfully mine" he answered.
"what do you mean" I ask.
"well my dear your mother stole a very valuable necklace and with it I can rule this world and bring it to its knees" he answered.
"but I don't know where it is" I said.
"but my dear you do your mother left it with you" he said.
I thought back and looked down of course the necklace that my "mother" made me wear.
"you cannot stop this" William said.
"stop what !?" I ask.
"your destiny" he answers.
"what to become like you !? I'd rather die" I shout.
"shut up and tell me where it is !?" he shouted.
"never" I said
"your stupid pride will be the end of you" he snarls.
He mutters some words under his breath.
"guards bring me bring me Ryan Ross" he commands.
"nooo!" I shout.
I break free from the ropes and attack him. He looks surprised then he smirks.
"to late my pretty" he said.
They bring in a tired fear stricken Ryan into the room. I run to him and hold him tight in a warm embrace.
"now will you tell me or does he have to die !?" William shouts.
I breath in and remember the only thing that will help us.
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