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Chapter 01: The Fugitoid

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Harry Potter/Ninja Turtles 2003 crossover. Read the first three books first. Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is marked by the return of the Triwizard Tournament. More complete summary in profile.

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Chapter One: The Fugitoid

On the planet D'Hoonib, a robot classified as the Fugitoid slowly backed down the alleyway. He was slowly being pursued by troops from the Federation, a ruthless race of aliens that resembled humans who had conquered nearly two hundred planets, lead by the power hungry and downright sadistic General Blanque. The robot backed down the alley slowly, being pursued by his Federation captors.

"Alpha unit to base," said one of the troops, talking to someone on the other end of the two-way radio. "We have that Fugitoid cornered."

"Bag him and tag him boys," said the man on the other end. "General Blanque wants him alive."

The Federal Troops closed in on the Fugitoid, guns raised as the robot cowered at the end of the alleyway.

"Oh dear," said the Fugitoid fretfully as the troops closed in, his capture inevitable.

Thankfully for the Fugitoid a blast of blue light began to fly from the sky and six figures began to materialize right between the Fugitoid and the Federation troops. The first four were Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello, and Michelangelo, or in other words, the Teenage Turtles. The second of the figures were Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. Needless to say, they looked confused at the new surroundings that greeted them.

"Stand back, that Fugitoid has some kind of new deadly weapon," said one of the troops.

"No, I don't," said the Fugitoid before throwing himself on the ground and cowering underneath a gray tarp that was in the alleyway.

"That was unpleasant," said Ginny, her stomach feeling queasy at the sudden dematerializing and rematerializing before looking around, taking in where she had landed.

"Okay, exactly where are we?" asked Harry looking rather confused. One minute he was on a platform and the next minute he wound up here.

"Yeah, the weird alien robots, Master Splinter in that container," said Mikey looking around frantically. "Where did they go?"

"I think the question is where did we go?" asked Leo looking around before stopping the troops with their laser blasters set on them.

"The natives don't look too friendly," said Don. "I think the only alternative would be..."

"Some serious butt kicking ninja action," said Raph eagerly, leaping up into the air, kicking one of the troops back.

"Open fire, destroy this alien trash," said one of the Federation Troops.

Harry, Ginny, and The Turtles had to dodge a rapid barrage of laser fire. It had been only a few minutes since someone had tried to kill Harry so the Boy-Who-Lived figured the time was ripe for another attempt on his life. Quickly, Harry moved into the attack, efficiently slicing at one of the blasters with his double-edged sword before rolling forward and kicking his attacker back into the wall.

Leo leapt up, slicing two of the blasters, before catching the two Troops with a vicious split kick. Don spun his Bo up, tucking it underneath the legs of one of the Troops before tossing him up into the air into two other Troops. Raph quickly plunged his Sai into one of the blasters before kicking the Federation Troop back.

Harry ran up the wall, flipping over the Federation Troop before grabbing him around the neck and the arm, before flipping him back. Ginny looked and boldly attempted to do the same thing as Harry but she lost her balance on the flip. Harry rolled over and caught Ginny before she fell flat on her face.

"Ginny, I really don't think at this stage of your training you aren't quite ready to try a move that complex," said Harry before slashing his double edged sword into the chest of one of the attackers who was looking about ready to shoot Ginny in the back of the head.

Ginny pulled out her Tonfa, before the young girl propelled herself into the air, before blasting one of the Federation Troops dead on between the eyes. She kind of wished she hadn't left her wand back at the lair as four Troops surrounded her, laser blasters prepared to blast but Harry leaped up, kicking them back.

One of the Troops pointed his laser blaster at Michelangelo.

"You're mine alien freak," said the Troop pointing his laser blaster at Mikey.

"Not today, chumley," said Mikey before twirled his nunchucks around before he bashed them over the head of the Troop.

Leo quickly knocked three of the Troops back as the Fugitoid decided it was time to come out of hiding.

"Hmm, those gentlemen and that lady appear to be making short work of those Federation Troops," said the Fugitoid. "But still, I need a way to get out of her."

The Fugitoid walked over to a section of the alley, which there was boards around the door. He considered the possibilities for a brief minute.

"One of the benefits of this robotic body is this sheer strength," said the Fugitoid before ripping the boards from the doorway and then kicking out what remains before stepping in and seeing the battle was just wrapping up. "Oh, but I can't run out on those mysterious aliens, they have ever been so helpful."

"On my signal, Ginny, jump," said Harry who was back to back with Ginny as two sets of Federation Troops prepared to blast them. "Now!"

Harry and Ginny simultaneously leapt into the air as the Federation Troops blasted each other, before falling to the ground motionless.

"Well, that takes care of that," said Mikey triumphantly.

Leo froze as he heard the sound of more troops approaching.

"Hold that thought Mikey," said Leo before turning to the others as the Troops approached. "So, Fight or Flight?

"I vote fight," said Raph, eagerly twirling his Sais.

"You always vote fight," said Mikey in an exasperated voice.

"Uh excuse me mysterious alien creatures," remarked the Fugitoid as Harry, Ginny, and the Turtles turned around. "Yes, you. This way, please."

Harry, Ginny, and the Turtles decided between taking their chances with more of those crazy troops and following a strange robot they didn't know, the robot seemed to be the more logical choice of the two. They followed the robot up a flight of stairs to the roof of an abandoned warehouse.

"We'd better hurry, those are Federation Troops, they won't give up a chase so easy," said the Fugitoid anxiously as Harry, Ginny, and the Turtles followed him across the roof of the factory.

"Strike team Bravo to base, Fugitoid sighted," said the troops who had made their way to the top of the building.

Harry looked down at a passing garbage truck as the Troops closed in.

"There's our escape," said Harry, before jumping down the building into the garbage truck followed by Ginny, then Don, Raph, and Mikey.

The Fugitoid looked down at the truck. He detested heights.

"I don't feel good about this," said the Fugitoid.

"Well, how do you feel about laser beams?" asked Leo as he leaped down.

The Fugitoid was blasted with the laser beams as he ran down the building, chasing after the Garbage truck.

"I don't like this!" yelled the Fugitoid throwing himself down from the building and barely hitting the edge of the Garbage Truck. Raph and Mikey each grabbed an arm, pulling the Fugitoid into the truck as the truck drove off out of the range of the Federation Troops.

The Federation troop looked down, the Fugitoid, the four terrapin creatures, and the two mysterious humans that joined them had escaped. He had better report this to General Blanque.

"Uh, General, we lost the Fugitoid," said the Federation Troop.

"You what!" thundered General Blanque. Blanque was the stereotypical corrupt army commander, ill tempered and very prone to be angered when his troops botched a mission. "Scramble all the troops, find that Fugitoid, no matter what the cost."

"What about the alien creatures?" asked the Federation Troop.

"If they get in your way again, wipe them all out," said Blanque wickedly. "Nothing must stand in our way of capturing that Fugitoid."

The Turtles, Ginny, Harry, and the Fugitoid climbed off the back of the garbage truck, apparently having eluded their Federation pursuers.

"Something tells me we are a long way from Earth," remarked Ginny.

"Ah, Earth, is that your native planet?" wondered the Fugitoid. "It's not in this galaxy, at least I've never heard of it. Are you the dominant species are your planet?"

"Where are we?" asked Raph angrily, his temper getting the better of him.

"Slow down, son," cautioned the Fugitoid. "You’re on the planet D'Hoonib, Federation territory."

"A whole different planet," said Harry in a low voice.

"Master Splinter is so far away," remarked Leo desperately. "We have to find Master Splinter."

"We'll find a way Leo, but we still don't know how we got zapped here in the first place," said Don.

"That question has been perplexing me, how did you materializing here like that anyway?" asked the Fugitoid.

"We can discuss this later," said Harry looking up the street desperately as more Federation troops came up the street. "Right now, we have company."

"Uh, more of those bozos," said Raph, pulling out his Sais, ready for battle.

"Don't look now but those bozos have brought a tank," cautioned Don, pointing to the weird hybrid tank that was a combination of an earth version of the tank along with an airplane.

"Why do bad guys always get all the great toys?" wondered Mikey as the tank came up the street, surrounded by the Federation troops.

Leo looked over, seeing the sewer grate.

"The sewers, quickly," suggested Leo as everyone slipped into the sewers, which appeared to be some of the cleanest looking sewers they had all ever seen, just in the nick of time as the Federation Troops drove past them.

"That was a little too close for comfort," remarked Mikey before looking over where a very peculiar sight greeted him.

A Turtle Sensei along with four rat students was walking through the sewers. One of the rats said something in D'Hoonibian that could roughly be translated, to Cowabunga.

"Whoa, bizzaro world," remarked Mikey as the Turtle Sensei and the rat students entered a tunnel, walking out of sight.

"So what’s going on anyway?" asked Harry to the Fugitoid. "What are those Troops chasing you for anyway?"

"Yes, I believe I do owe you a full explanation," sighed the Fugitoid. "You see, my name is Professor Honeycutt or at least it used to be. I was known far and wide as the most brilliant scientific mind on all of D'Hoonib, as an expert in devices that enhanced the brain such as telepathy and telekinesis. A few days ago, I had completed my newest invention, the Mentawave helmet, which allowed me to move objects around by sheer mind power. I was testing out this helmet when I was rudely interrupted by General Blanque. Just because he is the head of the Federation military and funds my research, he thinks he can call without warning anytime he wants."

Honeycutt paused for a few seconds before continuing his story.

"He wanted me to build him another one of my inventions, the Teleportal," explained Honeycutt. "It was designed to transport matter across the universe, I had designed the device in hopes of using it to promote peace. Blanque, however, wanted it to transport bombs to wipe out his enemies. Despite his status in funding my work, I would never built it for him for this very reason. Then, after he ceased his contact with me, I got a distress call from my worker robot Sal. It seemed that Sal had been tangled in some cables outside and I rushed outside to free him. An electrical storm was brewing outside and we were both struck by lightning. My body was destroyed but the storm must have triggered by Metawave helmet as my mind was transported into Sal's robotic body, as you can see right here."

The Fugitoid paused for dramatic effect.

"As it turned out General Blanque was spying on me and was well aware of my transference into this robot body," narrated Professor Honeycutt. "You see, robots have no rights on D'Hoonib. The Teleportal I wouldn't give him as a human, he could legally take from me as a robot. He ordered his troops after me, but thanks to some large hermit crab like creatures, I imagined to elude them, that is until I came to the city and as that's we you all came in, you know the rest."

"Wait, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" asked Leo.

"That the Professor can build his Teleportal," started Don.

"So we can find a way home," concluded Raph.

"Home," said Mikey fondly before shaking his head and turning to Honeycutt. "Don't get me wrong, Professor Roboto, but while these sewers are pretty posh, they don't have the same sewer fresh stank ours do."

"Speaking of which, how do they keep these sewers this clean anyway?" asked Harry. "I mean these sewers look even clean enough to eat off of."

"Just a wild guess Harry, perhaps a crazy hunch,” said Ginny as she looked up in horror. "But it probably has something to do with...THAT!"

Everyone looked up, seeing a giant machine with many sharp jagged edges in the hole along with wires with metallic hands, picking at the sewer, in an attempt to find garbage. It grinded sinisterly going after Ginny, Harry, the Turtles, and the Fugitoid, its many arms and teeth looking meancing as it advanced going after them, preparing to rip all of them into little bitty chunks.

"I believe the best course of action would be..." began Leo.

"Run!" yelled Don as everyone ran down the sewers but the machine appeared to be catching up to them, they could hear the grinding of the gears behind them.

"I don't think we can outrun this think," said Harry regrettably.

Leo stopped, pulling his katanas out, preparing for battle.

"Then it's time to rage against the machine," said Leo, running forward but one of the metallic hands grabbed Leo and prepared to drop him in the opening with all the sharp edges grinding and clashing. Raph leaped up, blocking the hand vainly with his Sai as Harry, Ginny, and Mikey picked up large sections of pipe, holding the machine vainly back.

"If you can slow it down, I think I can stop it," said Don as Raph managed to knock Leo free and they joined in the efforts to stop the machine's progress with a couple of sections of pipe.

Donatello leaped up, batting back the tentacle like parts of the machine with his Bo staff before prying open the control plate before looking at the wiring.

"Raph, toss me a Sai!" yelled Don.

Raph pulled a Sai out, tossing it up to Don, who used the Sai to cut the wires in the control panel causing the sewer-cleaning machine to slowly sputter and die.

"Well, that was close," said Leo, wiping his forehead.

At the Federation Military headquarters, General Blanque was pacing back and forth, getting more and more agitated as the time went on. His trusted aid, a woman by the name of Lonae was working diligently at a computer.

"Hundreds our best troops, spread across the city, and we can't find one blasted Fugitoid," said Blanque. "We need the plans for that Teleportal and we need them now!"

"Forgive me for asking, General but what is so important about this Teleportal?" asked Lonae. "It is useful transportation yes but..."

"It's much more than that," said Blanque with a sadistic glint in his eye. "With it, I can bring my enemies to their knees, without spilling any unnecessary Federation blood. I can transport our new nuclear fusion bombs straight into enemy cities, into the center of an enemy planet, or into the heart of an enemy galaxy. We will use this device to make sure the Federation reigns surprise throughout the universe!"

"And what of our enemies?" asked Lonae. "Surely they would stop at nothing to get this technology."

Yes, that is why we must capture the Fugitoid before anyone finds out this technology exists?" asked Blanque.

Lonae looked up before an alarm came up on the computer.

"We found them, sir," said Lonae. "The four terrapins, the two humans, and the Fugitoid. Sector eight, they were sighted in the sewers."

"Good," said Blanque before radioing his troops. "Refocus your course, focusing all your efforts towards Sector Eight, capture the Fugitoid, he must remain unharmed, I repeat the robot must remain unharmed, but as for the others, you may do as you wish with them."

Above ground, the Turtles, Harry, Ginny, and the Fugitoid watched as the troops scrambled around the area.

"They are still searching, this is the third patrol that has been around here in an hour," said Harry.

"We need to get out of here, now," said Leo before turning to Raph. "Raph, we need some transportation to get us off this planet."

"Back in two," said Raph who walked off.

Mikey looked up, he felt rather hungry so he decided to slip off for some food.

"I'm going to keep an eye on Raph," lied Mikey before sneaking off to get something to eat.

Mikey walked over to a food stand, which had all sorts of food. He looked over, spotting a bag of chips. He opened up the bag, preparing to indulge in the salty goodness inside. However, the sound of a couple of laser blasters becoming armed in front of him had stopped him. Mikey looked up, seeing a couple of Federation troops, closing in on him.

Raph snuck around, leaping up onto the side of a tank. He reached in, kicking one of the troops in the back of the head that happened to be inside. He pulled the troop out, tossing him to the ground before entering the tank.

"Now what sector are we supposed to be in?" asked the tank driver before Raph spun him around. "Ah!!"

"Hey, buddy, mind if I borrow your ride," said Raph before punching the tank driver out cold with one shot.

Mikey backed off slowly, as he looked like he was about to be blasted by the lasers.

"Uh hi guys," said Mikey before opening the bag further, causing chips to fly in the troops face. "Bye guys!"

Mikey ran off as the Federation troops regained their bearing, barely avoiding the rapid-fire laser blasts behind him.

"Stupid, stupid, stupid, Ninja Turtle," said Mikey, as he was stopped by another group of Federation Troops. They aimed their guns at Mikey and a moment later they were joined in the attack by a tank.

The tank glided into focus, pointing the blaster at Mikey apparently but it swung to the side, knocking all the Troops out with one swift swing. The top popped off as Raph stuck his head out.

"C'mon Mikey, quit fooling around, we have got get to the others," said Raph as Mikey climbed in before any more Federation troops could go on the attack.

The tank was gliding down the street at high speed, in an attempt to find its way off the planet of D'Hoonib.

"Nothing like riding in style," said Raph from inside the tank as he piloted it.

"Raph, couldn't you have stolen something a bit less conspicuous," said Leo in an agitated voice. "I don't know...maybe something that could have blended in a little better."

"Are you kidding?" asked Raph. "This baby's practically invisible the way it blends in."

A group of Federation soldiers along with four more tanks were on the streets. The driver of the tank that Raph stole recognized his property driving down the street, straight away.

"My tank, that's my tank," said the driver as the other four tanks followed them down the street, firing at the tank recklessly. “They stole my tank.”

"Well, so much for that plan," said Ginny quietly, rolling her eyes in the back of her head before turning to Harry, exchanging agitated looks with her friend.

"Yes, this thing is really invisible Raph," said Harry, rolling his eyes in the back of his head, as Raph grinned sheepishly.

Everyone cringed from inside the tank as they were being shot out.

"Don, return fire!" yelled Leo desperately.

"In a minute," said Don, frantically trying to decipher the writing on the controls. "My D'Hoonibian is just a little bit rusty."

"Don, you better return fire or we're doomed," said Raph, desperately as he barely avoided getting blasted at, awkwardly piloting the tank down the street.

"Excuse me, perhaps I could be of some service," said Honeycutt as his robotic hand turned into a key like device which he placed in a hole underneath the controls. "Yes, I now have weapons control."

They flew around, still being chased by four Federation tanks, which spread out.

"Please tell me you aren't playing, chicken, Raph," said Leo.

Raph moved up close to a building, cutting into the building, causing pieces of it fall off, crushing a tank.

"A turtle is never a chicken, Leo," said Raph before looking on the radar screen with two of the tanks closing in. "Fire at them now, Professor."

A blast from the cannons blew up both of the tanks as they continued to be chased around by one of the tanks.

"Fire two!" yelled Raph as another blast from the cannons had knocked the fourth and final tank out of the out of commission.

"Well, at least that is over," said Ginny sighing in relief before the hearing the Federation troops blasting frantically at the tank.

"Really, tell me about it," said Harry in an irritated voice as Ginny put her head in her hands in frustration.

From outside of the tank, the Federation fired blast after blast at the tank before it blew into pieces.

"Imbeciles!" yelled Blanque. "I thought I gave you instructions that the Fugitoid should be captured unharmed!"

The Troops looked around the remains of the tank but it appeared that it had been evacuated before it exploded.

"Sir, they managed to get out before the tank blew up," said one of the Federation Troops.

"Find them, solider, find them," ordered Blanque in a cold voice.

The Fugitoid watched the Federation Troops spread out and continue the search but he looked around, wondering where his friends had gone.

"Now where did they go?" wondered the Fugitoid before Leo grabbed him on the shoulder. "Ah, how do you pull off all those interesting disappearing tricks?"

"Shhh," said Leo before motioning the Fugitoid to follow him, as Leo joined Raph, Don, Mikey, Ginny, and Harry at the end of the alleyway, hidden by view.

Elsewhere on the planet, the so-called trusted aide for General Blanque, Lonae arrived at an abandoned warehouse. If the price were right, she would have no problem betraying the Federation to one of their most deadly enemies. She entered the warehouse, as a large figure was standing in the shadows.

"Do you have the information?" growled the large figure.

"If you have the payment," said Lonae greedily.

"Look in the box," said the figure shortly.

Lonae opened the box, seeing loads of fancy looking jewels in the box.

"Nadien Pleasure Gems," said Lonae in awe as she picked up one of the jewels to exam it. "Enough for a lifetime...

She was interrupted by the figure stepping out of the shadows. He was Commander Mozar, the lead commander of the Triceraton Army. The Triceratons were a race of vicious alien dinosaurs that looked like humanoid forms of the Triceratops dinosaurs that roamed the earth millions of years ago. Mozar grabbed Lonae off the ground, lifting her up with an amazing show of strength.

"First thing’s first my friend," snarled Commander Mozar. "You are to tell me everything you know about this Fugitoid that General Blanque seems so hell bent on capturing."
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