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Chapter 02: Trouble with Triceratons

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Harry Potter/Ninja Turtles 2003 crossover. Read the first three books first. Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is marked by the return of the Triwizard Tournament. More complete summary in profile.

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Chapter Two: Trouble with Triceratons

The Federation troops kept out their search efforts. The Turtles, Harry, and Ginny had been on the planet of D'Hoonib for a few days now and every waking moment was spent in an attempt to elude the Federation captors along with the Fugitoid. The Federation was relentless in their search, as they kept marching the streets, not even taking one break. As a result, Harry, Ginny, and the Turtles had to constantly keep on the move, to avoid being executed by the Federation army.

Of course, to add to this perfect scenario, wanted posters of the six, along with the Fugitoid as well, had been posted throughout the city, so in addition to the Federation Troops looking for them relentlessly, the citizens of D'Hoonib were keeping a sharp look out for them, as hopes to collect a hefty reward. It was a constant battle for survival and they would need to escape the planet soon, as it became increasingly difficult to elude the Federation military.

"The fourth one in the last twenty minutes," muttered Ginny in a low voice, remarking about another unit of surly looking Federation soldiers marching past, managing to someone miss their hiding spot due to their sticking to the shadows.

"What we need to do is find a way to get off this planet, now," whispered Harry in a low tone of voice.

"I agree with Harry," said Don, nodding his head.

Leo turned to the Fugitoid, to ask for his opinion.

"Professor Honeycutt do you have any suggestions no how we can accomplish this?" asked Leo.

"Hmm, yes I believe I do have one, but we will need to get to the rougher part of town to accomplish this," said Honeycutt.

"So, what are we waiting for?" asked Raph. "Let's do this thing."

With that, everyone crept off, in an attempt to find off world transportation so they could get off of D'Hoonib without being captured by the Federation Troops.

Back at the Federation command center, General Blanque was pacing around, his patience with the Fugitoid mission growing extremely thin.

"General, we have posted images of the six alien invaders all around the planet," said Lonae. "As well as the Fugitoid. We'll find them all, sir."

Blanque slammed his hands down on the table in frustration.

"We had better!" thundered Blanque. "Blow the six off worlders into little pieces, scatter their remains across the city streets but the Fugitoid will be mine. The Teleportal will be built and The Federation will be known across all the galaxies as the most feared force. No one will stand in our way of accomplishing this goal, especially this alien trash that is assisting the Fugitoid."

Blanque stormed off, as Lonae smirked before pushing a button, opening a communication link to Commander Mozar.

"Speak," growled the ill-tempered Triceraton commander.

"Commander Mozar, I believe I will have information for you soon that should lead your troops straight to the Fugitoid," said Lonae in a quiet voice. "However, the Fugitoid appears to be worth a lot more than you are currently paying me for this information."

"Your greed disgusts me," snarled Mozar in disgust. "You will get whatever money you desire once the Fugitoid has been captured by the Triceratons. Contact me when he has been sighted and no sooner. Mozar, out!"

The communication link went dead on that note.

In a very seedy looking part of D'Hoonib, the Turtles, Ginny, Harry, and the Fugitoid arrived.

"There it is," said Honeycutt, pointing to the inn.

"You know this doesn't seem like your kind of place, Professor," said Raph.

"Well, I was partial to the D'Hoonibian Spicy Cheese disk or at least I used to be," said Honeycutt sadly, patting his metal stomach in a significant way.

"Wicked, Intergalic Pizza," said Mikey, his tongue hanging out of his mouth before Raph smacked him across the back of his head, causing Mikey to accidentally bite his tongue.

"Is that all you ever think about, Mikey?" asked Raph in an irritated voice.

"No I think about other things," said Mikey. "Like Video Games and comic books and..."

"Stay focused Michelangelo," said Harry in a warning voice.

"The problem is how to get in there without attracting any attention," said Ginny frowning. "I mean those wanted posters of us are hanging everywhere."

Leo looked over to a clothesline where there were several articles of clothing hanging, out in the open and free for everyone to take.

"I believe it is time to use the old Ninjitsu trick of disguise," said Leo, as he took a red hooded robe off the line.

Raph, Don, Ginny, and Harry followed suit, each taking a red hooded robe off the line, before slipping them on. The Fugitoid took a brown hooded robe off the rack and put it on. Of course that left Mikey, who was left with a horrid looking pink and white dress.

"I can't wear this, I just can't," said Mikey looking over the dress.

"Why not, it will fit just fine," said Harry calmly as Ginny attempted to keep from giggling herself silly right beside Mikey but secretly glad she did not have the misfortune of being stuck with that ugly piece of clothing.

"The colors clash horribly with my headband, it's a fashion nightmare," said Mikey in an exasperated voice.

"Mikey, there's food in there," remarked Don. "Food."

Mikey sighed before slipping on the dress and following the others in the building. The things a Ninja Turtle had to do for a decent meal was insane. They slipped into the inn, dressed incognito and for good reason as their wanted posters were plastered throughout the inn. Leo pulled down his hood over his face in a paranoid move. As the others went, Mikey slipped off, sitting on a stool in front of the bar. A guy with tentacles coming out of his head with eyes on top was eating some kind of pink food. Mikey picked up the menu, eagerly.

"Stomach, you and I are going to party," said Mikey looking at the menu, frowning as it appeared to be in a different language. After frustrating himself from the menu for a few minutes, Mikey turned to the chef, a four-armed yellow skinned alien that appeared to have no mouth and was decked out in a blue apron. "Excuse me, garsaunt?"

The chef turned around, putting two of his hands on his hips and the other on his sides, glaring at Michelangelo.

"I'll have what he's having," said Mikey, pointing to the blue alien sitting on the stool beside him.

The chef put out a plate of the mysterious pink stuff for Mikey. Mikey gave it one look and quickly lost his appetite as there appeared to be eyeballs and worms lurking in the food.

"Ewww," said Mikey in disgust.

"Delicious," said the alien sitting beside Mikey while stuffing a handful in his face, with worms hanging out of his mouth. "Extraordinarily pecan."

Mikey got up and slowly backed away from the bar but he ran into a blue alien with eight eyes and tentacles growing out of his back.

"Hey beautiful," said the alien, hitting on Mikey, while using his tentacles to feel up Mikey. "Are you a library book because I'm checking you out?"

Mikey cursed the pink dress he was wearing; this alien apparently thought he was a woman.

"I'm not a library book," said Mikey in a fake girly voice, attempting to back off but the alien wrapped his tentacles around Mikey's arms.

"You're new here," said the alien. "I like that in a woman. So what's your view screen number?"

"Uh five five five kick in the head," said Mikey backing off before he cracked the alien right in the dome with a kick to the head. "Maybe that will teach you to keep your tentacles to yourself."

Mikey's hood fell off, revealing his green face to the world. The chef spotted Mikey looking from the Turtle to the wanted poster on him. Mikey pulled up the hood up on the dress but the damage had been done. The chef whipped out a cell phone as Mikey slowly scurried off. He pressed a few numbers on it before putting it up to his face.

"Hello," said the chef. "I am calling out the six alien life forms and a Fugitoid."

One of the Federation Troops rushed over to General Blanque, handing him documents.

"The Fugitoid and the six off worlders have been sighted, sir," said the Troop.

"Excellent, send work that all available units are to go straight to this location," said Blanque before placing the information down a desk right in front of his so called most trusted aide.

Lonae looked over the document, finding the location. When the General left, she pressed the button, activating the communication link with the Triceratons.

"Commander Mozar, the Fugitoid has been sighted," said Lonae. "A bar known as the Spaceport Inn."

"Excellent," snarled Mozar. "We'll go there to capture him at once and then we send the rest of your payment. The Triceraton Republic thanks you for your assistance."

Leo, Raph, Don, Ginny, Harry, and the Fugitoid walked through the bar in a smoke filled section of the bar, way in the back. The Fugitoid stopped before glancing at a table way in the back.

"I believe these fine Gentlemen can help us," said the Fugitoid, pointing out two shady looking gentlemen.

"We can do better," said Don and Leo in unison as Mikey ran up frantically to them.

"Everyone the jig is up it's..." began Mikey before the doors of the bar were kicked open, as a squadron of Federation Troops entered the building.

"Everyone freeze in the name of General Blanque," ordered one of the Federation Troops before turning to his fellow troops. "Pan out, search the area, find that Fugitoid now!"

"Man, they'll let anyone in this place," said Raph, reaching for his Sais but Leo and Don held him back before doing anything foolish.

"Back door, quickly," ordered Leo as everyone backed towards the door in an attempt to sneak out.

However, Mikey found a Federation Blaster planted firmly in the small of his back.

"You, back in line," said the Federation Troop.

"You couldn't possibly hit a lady," said Mikey in a girly voice before pulling out his nunchucks before speaking in his regular voice. "But you know a lady can hit you!"

Mikey smashed his nunchucks across the skull of the Federation Trooper, causing him to fall to the ground with a groan and a thud.

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful," concluded Mikey.

"Troopers attack," ordered one of the Federation troops as Ginny, Harry, and the Turtles removed their disguises before leaping into action.

Don leapt into the air, using his Bo staff as a crutch before flipping over and kicking three troops away. He then swung his Bo staff around, before jabbing another Federation troop in the ribs.

Ginny and Harry both sprung over one of the tables to avoid the fire before putting their backs against the wall and kicking it, causing the Federation troops to scatter as a heavy concrete table flew at them. Harry attempted to move in for a further attack but the Federation Troop ducked and Harry flew onto the ground. The troop pointed his Blaster at Harry but Ginny rolled a stool at the Federation Troop causing the Troop to get knocked back. Leo then leaped up; slicing the Federation Troops blaster to pieces with is Katana before kicking him back into two Alien troops who was pursuing the Fugitoid, who happened to be cowering underneath a table.

Mikey swung his nunchucks wildly but he was stopped with in his tracks with a well placed blast to the arm. Three Federation Troops walked into him but Mikey saw the plate of the mysterious pink food he rejected earlier.

"You know, I hear the food here is extraordinarily pecan," said Mikey before flipping the plate into the eyes of the Federation troops, blinding them with the Mysterious pink stuff before dropping them with a series of expertly placed kicks, causing a Federation Blaster to fly right where Don was.

A troop attempted to sneak up behind Don but Don jabbed him in the gut with the Bo staff before picking up the Federation Blaster.

"Fascinating," remarked Don, examining the blaster. "Shouldn't be too hard to find the on switch."

Raph tossed his Sai into one of the Blasters and as the Troop tried to fire, the blaster exploded in his face, causing him to fly backwards.

"Old trick, but it works every time," said Raph before pulling his Sai out of the blaster before twirling it and blowing the smoke off of it.

The Federation Troops backed up into one straight line before aiming their blasters.

"Take out this alien trash but don't harm the Fugitoid," said one of the Troops. "On my orders."

They prepared to fire but the wall behind them was blasted out, causing them to scatter everywhere.

"Now what," said Harry in an agitated voice.

"Just what we need, more uninvited guests," said Mikey sarcastically.

Commander Mozar walked into the scene now, along with a couple dozen Triceraton Troops.

"Find the Fugitoid," growled Mozar. "Destroy the rest. To victory!"

The Triceraton troops stared firing their blasters everywhere at the Federation Troops who fired back. Of course, they could care less if innocent people got hit in the crossfire.

"Take cover!" yelled Harry, grabbing Ginny by the hand as they both leaped over the bar.

"Okay, let me ask you a question Harry, just out of curiosity" said Ginny. "How many hostile alien races are going to try and kill us today?"

"I don't know Ginny, but once I figure it out, I'll give you an answer," said Harry wondering what more could happen.

In another section of the in, Raph, Leo, and the Fugitoid were hiding from the troops from both alien races.

"Man, who invited the dinosaurs?" asked Raph in an irritated voice.

"Triceratons," explained the Fugitoid. "A ruthless and war like race but I can't imagine what they are doing here."

Before anyone could offer any theories. A Triceraton solider reached over the bar, snarling menacingly but Leo leaped up, kicking him in the face.

"General Blanque," yelled one of the Federation Troops. "We are under attack by Triceratons, I repeat, we are under attack by Triceratons."

Needless to say, Blanque was not too pleased with this little turn of events.

"Triceratons, on a Federation planet!" thundered Blanque. "They've gone too far this time. Wipe them all out!"

"Yes, sir," said one of the Federation troops but he was pinned down along with several fellow troops behind a piece of rubble with Triceratons blasting at him frantically. "Uh, we're trying sir."

The battle was still raging on as Harry and Ginny found themselves unable to leave their hiding place.

"This is getting insane," said Harry as fire flew overhead, his patience growing really thin at the battle.

"We need a way out of here," said Ginny frantically as a Triceraton reached over the bar and Harry punched him, causing him to back off.

Don finished fastening a hastily rewired Federation blaster together.

"Finally," said Don. "I'm working on a way out of here right now."

Don pulled himself underneath a table, pounding on the bottom.

"Hmm, structurally sound," said Don. "Yes, it'll have to do."

Don propped the blaster underneath the table before pushing the switch, giving a sixty second window from the time it was armed until the time it blasted off.

"All aboard the Turtle express," yelled Don as he leapt onto the table, followed quickly by Mikey. Ginny and Harry joined them a moment later along with Raph.

Leo and the Fugitoid were running across the room as both the Federation and Triceraton troops were blasting at them. Leo managed to get onto the table but the Fugitoid was not so lucky as he was knocked down by a well-timed hit by one of the Triceratons. The alien dinosaur walked over, lifting the Fugitoid over his head.

"I got him Commander Mozar," snarled the Triceraton troop in triumph before tossing the Fugitoid over to a group of Triceratons that had been stationed by the front entrance.

"Excellent," growled Mozar. "We leave here, at once. We have what we have came for."

Mozar raised his Triceraton blaster before blasting a jet of red light upwards, which caused the ceiling to fall onto nearly half of the Federation troops, crushing them.

At that moment, the Federation Blaster under the table went off causing the table to blast up into the air, crashing through the wall, flying through the sky before skidding to a stop on the street. Harry slid off the table and Ginny followed him, falling right on top of her friend. They exchanged an awkward look before Ginny slowly pulled herself off her friend, to let him up but the Turtles attention was diverted elsewhere.

"Look!" yelled Mikey pointing.

The Fugitoid was struggling being led into a Triceraton air car by three of the troops.

"Get your hands off of me, let me go," said the robot, struggling against their grip before being loaded into the air car and strapped in, right beside Commander Mozar. The Triceraton air car began to rise into the sky. "Help! I'm being robonapped!"

The Federation troops looked up in horror before they decided they better report this to General Blanque.

"Uh General, the Triceratons escaped with the Fugitoid," said the Federation Troops.

This time the General did not look enraged, rather a bit horrified.

"They captured the Fugitoid," said General Blanque. "If those horned monsters get their hands on the Teleportal, it will be the end of everything."

General Blanque switched on another line of communication.

"All troops pursue the Triceratons, do not let them off the planet," said Blanque. "Also, ready my Commander squad, I’m leading this one personally."

The Triceraton air car blasted off, zooming into the distance as the Turtles, Harry, and Ginny watched in horror.

"Well, there goes our ticket home," said Harry, looking helpless as the Triceraton air car flew off into the distance.

"No Fugitoid, means no Teleportal," said Ginny grimly.

"That also means no hope," said Raph, angrily kicking the table they flew out on.

Don looked around, before spotting a very junky looking flying vehicle with three rows of seats and a sidecar on it.

"Maybe not," said Don pointing out the Junker. "Check this out."

"That bucket of bolts?" asked Raph incredulously.

"Oh ye of little faith," said Don before opening up the engine and messing with the contents inside before somehow managing to get the vehicle to start. "All aboard."

"Sidecar, I get sidecar," yelled Mikey before leaping into the sidecar.

Don and Raph climbed into the front row, Harry and Ginny in the middle row, and Leo took the back row, with everyone buckling into the car.

"Hey, Don, want me to drive," said Raph.

"No thank you, it's all taken care off," said Don before causing the junky looking air vehicle to fly up, causing it to spin around, before flying upwards over a couple of buildings, still awkwardly flying from side to side as Don attempted to get a hang of it.

"Don," said Leo incredulously.

"I uh meant to do that," remarked Don sheepishly as they flew in the direction where the Triceraton air car was heading when it took out.

The junky old air vehicle hovered from side to side before they came up behind the Triceraton air car. Of course, the vehicle was spotted by Commander Mozar, who growled before pressing a button on the air car.

"Mozar to base," said the Triceraton Army Commander. "We are being followed. Take them all out."

"Affirmative commander," said one of the three Triceraton soldiers who had rose up out of the forest on advanced looking jet packs with laser blasters hooked to their wrists.

"Great, just what we need, more trouble," said Raph sarcastically.

"All we need to do is out fly these Triceratons," said Leo logically as the junky air car veered up.

"Yeah, all it will take is some extreme flying," said Don, before flying up and then going down, before flying to the side. Don flew right towards one of the trees before jerking up at the last minute. The Triceraton looked horrified before crashing into the tree before falling down to the ground below.

Of course, there were still two more Triceratons after them.

"Figures going with our shoddy luck we would have to pick the one vehicle on all of the planet that did not have any weapons," said Ginny, as she ducked her head to avoid being blasted by the Triceratons.

"Welcome to my world," remarked Harry dryly.

"Master Splinter has always said that anything in the right hands can be used as a weapon," said Leo, before rising from his seat and slicing it from the vehicle with his katanas. "Hey, you boys look tired, have a seat!"

Leo tossed the seat at the Triceratons. One managed to veer to the side but the other one was not so lucky, as it got hit head on with the seat, causing the vicious alien dinosaur to fall to its doom.

Mikey was randomly pushing on the buttons in his sidecar, much to Don's dismay.

"Uh leave the shiny buttons alone, Mikey," admonished Don, reprimanding his brother.

"But it might be something good," said Mikey before the sidecar became unhooked from the rest of the vehicle. "Or not."

Mikey screamed like a little girl before flying into the air, as the sidecar flew around madly. Don sighed before pulling the vehicle up underneath the madly rotating sidecar. Ginny and Harry helped Mikey into the main vehicle as Mikey looked relieved.

"I'm saved, I'm saved," yelled Mikey in relief.

At that moment the final Triceraton solider that had been sent after them started to rip apart the vehicle piece by piece.

"We're doomed, we're doomed!" yelled Mikey as the vehicle started a rapid descent from the ground.

"This is over, this is the end," said Ginny in horror.

"Not just yet," said Harry, looking at a pile of leaves down. "Jump!"

Harry, Ginny, and the other Turtles exited out of the vehicle, landing in the pile of leaves, just as the vehicle crashed into the ground a couple of hundred feet away from them, blowing into thousands of little pieces.

"Everyone all right," said Harry, looking around.

"Fine, nice quick thinking Harry," said Ginny.

"Yeah, it really saved us from getting blown into pieces just like that vehicle," said Raph. "At least we are safe."

"No," said Leo sadly. "We lost Professor Honeycutt, which means we can't go home. We failed, we failed Master Splinter."

"Leo, we'll find a way," said Donatello before the sounds of combat just ahead were heard.

"Come on, quickly, we need to follow the sounds of that laser fire," said Leo as everyone ran off towards the sounds of the battle.

The Triceratons were on one end, slowly backing towards their bunker with Commander Mozar leading the charge as the Federation Commando Squad, lead by General Blanque was slowly closing in on the other end.

"Keep fighting for the glory and honor of the Republic," snarled Mozar as two Triceratons dragged the Fugitoid into a Triceraton bunker that was hidden deep within the forest.

"The horn heads are booking!" yelled Raph as the Turtles, Harry, and Ginny arrived on the scene, avoiding the Triceraton fire.

"Don't let them escape!" yelled General Blanque.

Mozar sneered at Blanque.

"We are leaving," said Mozar to his troops. "We will get the plans from the device from the Fugitoid and destroy the Federation. We will hatch our brood in the ruins of their cities!"

The Triceratons backed into the bunker before Mozar hit a button, which caused the opening to slowly close. Raphael leaped into action, avoiding the Federation fire before picking up a discarded Triceraton blaster that was laying on the ground, before blasting at the Triceraton soldiers, causing them to back off.

"Man these blasters are way cool," said Raph as the troops backed off before he slammed the button that opened the front of the bunker. Ginny, Harry, Leo, Don, and Mikey quickly rushed into the bunker, leaping in as Raph shut the door before they walked deep into the bunker.

They opened a door and they appeared to be in a cargo bay of some sort.

"Question?" asked Mikey rhetorically. "What kind of bunker has a cargo bay?"

Mikey's question was quickly answered as engines started firing up as the bunker, which was in reality a Triceraton space ship was beginning to rise up into the air.

"I believe that would be the bunker that is not really a bunker," said Harry as he could feel them rising into the air.

Blanque was getting rather steamed as the Triceratons were escaping with the Fugitoid.

"Don't let them off the planet!" thundered Blanque. "Power up tractor beams now."

In the Triceraton Space Ship, the navigator saw a blip on the screen before turning to Commander Mozar.

"Sir, they are powering up tractor beams," said the navigator.

"Then activate the ion burn," growled Mozar.

"But, sir that will drain up all of our fuel," said the Navigator.

"It is the only way to get off this planet," snapped Mozar. "Do it!"

The navigator pulled back a switch, which caused the ship to blast past the planetary barriers at super warp speed. The Triceratons were out of the reach of the Federation.

In the cargo bay, gravity seemed to become null and void as Harry, Ginny, and the Turtles began floating fifteen feet above the ground. Mikey managed to move himself over by the window and looked outside, seeing a whole lot of black along with stars.

"We're in space," said Mikey in awe before a hole in the cargo bay ceiling began to rip open, causing many objects to float towards it.

Harry, Ginny, and the Turtles desperately hung onto the wall, to avoid being sucked through into space. Eventually, a big metal contraption flew into the hole, becoming crushed but sealing the opening. It was too late, as a very important element had also been sucked out of the cargo bay, as in all of the oxygen.

"We don't have any air," said Raph, gasping for breath.

"Save your breath," commanded Leo.

"But..." said Mikey.

"Save your breath," said Don urgently.

"But..." said Mikey again.

"Save your breath," said everyone but Mikey as the Triceraton Ship was on its way to the Triceraton Homeworld and our heroes were helpless completely devoid of any oxygen.
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