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Chapter 23: City at War Part One

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Harry Potter/Ninja Turtles 2003 crossover. Read the first three books first. Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is marked by the return of the Triwizard Tournament. More complete summary in profile.

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Chapter Twenty Three: City at War Part One

Harry wiped his forehead; it had been a long week, with the first task of the Triwizard Tournament along with his confusion about how exactly he felt about Ginny and if it was more than being a friend. Basically, Harry's life was rather complicated at the moment. He hadn't even looked at the egg to attempt to figure out what he was up against. No, Harry prepared for a nice quiet weekend with nothing to plaguing his mind.

Harry heard a noise outside of the warehouse above the lair and his curiosity got the better of him. He walked over towards the window, crouching underneath it to conceal himself from view before peering over the bottom of the window.

Outside a group of Foot Ninjas were sneaking around, with the trident wielding Foot Elite member leading the charge. They didn't look to be as organized since the Shredder got knocked out of the picture and from what Harry gathered; the Foot was being led by the Elite now.

Harry slowly backed off before heading towards the elevator that led towards the lair. The Foot may still be in operation but in a weakened form but Harry decided he better not meddle in this right at the moment. Especially since he didn't know what exactly the Foot was up to and Harry wasn't about to ruin his weekend in New York to find out.

Harry arrived at the lair, looking rather tired as he looked to see Don, Mikey, and Master Splinter sitting around in the lair.

"I'm here, just like I said I was going to be," said Harry in a tired voice.

"Harry, it's good to see you but you aren't looking too well," said Don.

"Yeah you looked like you had to fight a dragon," remarked Mikey before realizing. "Oh yeah, right."

"This Triwizard Tournament thing is becoming quite troublesome but I only have two more tasks before it is all over," said Harry weakly. "Of course, that means whoever put my name in the Goblet has two more chances to carry out there plan to well you know..."

"Kill you," said Mikey before Don smacked him across the back of the head. "Don! You're stealing Raph's gimmick."

"Sorry, Raph isn't here to do it, so I might as well," said Don.

"Where are Leo and Raph anyway?" asked Harry, noticing their absence fully just now.

"They are on a training run outside," said Master Splinter. "They shall be returning momentarily."

On the rooftops, Leo and Raph were jumping from roof to roof before Leo landed right in front of a billboard with a bull’s-eye in the middle. He pulled out his katanas, focusing on the billboard before doing a somersault, before sticking the katanas in. Unfortunately for Leo, he missed the target on the bull’s-eye completely due to all of his fancy maneuvering. He hung his head downwards, sighing in disappointment.

"Ya know Leo, I don't know all about these fancy moves," said Raph, tossing one of his Sais roughly at the bull’s-eye, but hitting the target dead on. "I prefer just getting the job done."

Raph tossed his other Sai to prove his point.

"Master Splinter says that accuracy and form must flow together, forming true skill and power," said Leo, while pulling his Katanas out of the billboard and then doing the same with Raph's Sais. Leo tossed the Sais at Raph who caught them in his hands.

"Whoa that's just a little bit too intense bro," said Raph in awe. "Ya need to learn how to relax a little, not take everything too seriously, not overanalyzing everything."

Raph paused looking at Leo who was shaking his head at his brother.

"How about a little game of follow the leader?" asked Raph.

"And since when were you the leader?" challenged Leo.

"Since right now," said Raph before taking off running.

"Not for long," said Leo chasing after Raph as they ran off the rooftops. Raph dislodged a rope with his Sai before swinging across to another rooftop with it. Leo did the same, following Raph.

"Just your friendly neighborhood Turtle man," said Raph as he swung across the city on the rope.

"You look more like Raphzan, lord of the jungle to me," said Leo.

"So what does that make you, Jane?" asked Raph before stopping at a very peculiar sight on the streets below. "Whoa!"

"What is it Raph?" asked Leo anxiously.

Raph held up his hand to silence Leo as the two landed on a rooftop.

"Some kind of deal going down," said Raph quietly.

Indeed there was a deal going down, as a group of mobsters showed up. The lead mobster was a man who was called Weasel. Weasel happened to be a real scumbag, bald headed with a red goatee and sunglasses while wearing a suit with the loudest looking tie in existence. Weasel looked around, seeing the group who were providing the smuggled goods the mob was purchasing leaving.

"Do you have the stuff?" asked Weasel in a pompous tone of voice.

"If you have the payment," said the figure in the shadows coldly, his glowing red eyes the only thing visible in the darkness.

"Right here," said Weasel before tossing down the briefcase in front of the provider of the smuggled goods. The figure in the shadows bent down, before pulling open the briefcase and counting the money inside. "Wait, you actually gonna count it. We ain't got all night."

The figure in the shadows didn't respond for a few seconds before he shut the case roughly.

"This is only half of what we agreed upon," declared the shadowed figure coldly.

"Well, you'll be getting the other half of the payment when we leave with the stuff," said Weasel.

"You aren't going to leave," said the figure stepping out of the shadows revealing that he was the trident wielding member of the Foot Elite. Also stepping out of the shadows were a couple dozen Foot Ninjas. "Foot Ninja attack. Exterminate these insects."

"Exterminate me," said Weasel incredulously. "We'll exterminate you pal. Let them have it boys."

The Mobsters pulled out their high tech laser blasters that they got from their benefactor, before firing straight at the Foot Ninjas, attempting to put them out of commission for good so they can take over the city. The Foot Ninjas dodged the heavy stream of laser fire. One of the Foot Ninja sliced the end of the blaster off with his katana. Another assassin tossed a staff at the blaster, breaking it into pieces. A Kusari-Gama was whipped out and the chain was wrapped around the blaster before it was pulled into the hand of the Foot Ninja. Before the Foot Ninja could work out how to operate the laser blaster, one of the Mobsters shot the laser blaster, blowing it up in the Foot Ninja's hand.

Another Foot Ninja sprung high into the air but the mobster expertly blasted him in the chest, blowing a hole through his chest and killing the Ninja instantly. Leaping into the air, another Foot Ninja pulled out a sword, swiftly decapitating one of the mobsters. The mobster's head rolled to the side with blood spurting out of the neck of the mobster.

On the roof, Leo was watching the battle below quite anxiously. There had been word on the news about the different gangs of New York vying for territory, but this is the first time Leo saw how serious it was up close. A laser blast was fired upwards, hitting the ledge where Leo was standing in front of. Leo pulled out his katanas, ready for action but Raph grabbed his arm, preventing him from leaping down right in the middle of the battle between the mobsters and the Foot.

"Whoa, Leo what are you doing, those are all bad guys down there," said Raph.

"All the deaths, the violence, the innocent people being caught up in's just not right," said Leo in an angry tone of voice.

"Right or wrong, it ain't our fight," said Raph in an logical voice.

"You know, I'm really not too sure about that Raph," said Leo.

On the ground below, the sirens of police cars arrived. The Foot Elite member with the trident looked at his fellow Foot Ninja.

"Foot Ninja, disappear," said the Foot Elite member with the trident. With that, the Foot disappeared, with the mobsters running as the police attempted to maintain order.

"See Leo, there's the good guys, a happy ending," said Raph.

"I'm not quite sure it's that simple, Raph," said Leo as both of the Turtles walked off as the police tried to maintain order on the streets below.

In the Foot Headquarters in Japan, the adopted daughter of Oroku Saki, a black haired woman known as Karai was jabbing and kicking at a dummy hanging from the ceiling, keeping her ninjitsu skills sharp when her cell phone on her table went off. Karai did three flips before landing right beside the cell phone and picked it up. Karai had a shrewd suspicion it was the call she had been waiting for on the status of the Foot's control of New York.

"Speak," said Karai.

"It is as we feared Mistress Karai, the Shredder is no more," said the man on the other end of the phone in a grave tone of voice. "Many various factions of New York are vying for territory and power. The city is at war."

Karai sighed before turning to her two aides who were off to the side of the room, looking at her for instruction.

"Fuel the jet, we must depart for New York immediately," said Karai as her two aides bowed before walking off to do as she asked. "It is time there is order brought to the chaos."

Karai leaped up into the air, decapitating the dummy with a well placed kick.

"My way," said Karai.

Back at the lair, Leo flipped through the channels of the television; his anger raising as each news broadcast brought further news of the rising gang activity. With each show, Leo felt his temper rising before he angrily turned off the television and dropped the remote on the table. He pulled himself to his feet, eying a bull’s-eye in the lair. Leo pulled out his katanas and leaped at the bull’s-eye, attempting to impale his swords into the center. Alas, Leo missed the target again. Angrily, Leo pulled the katanas from the bull’s-eye.

"Troubled, Leonardo?" asked Master Splinter, who had walked up at this moment, leaning on his walking stick.

"You know, Sensei, when we defeated the Shredder, I thought we could change things, you know for the better," said Leo. "Instead, we accomplished nothing but making things worse. The crime on the streets is no better off since the Shredder was killed."

"Are you out of your shell Leo?" asked Raph, who had walked up with Don, Mikey, and Harry at that moment. "We did the city a big favor when we took the Shredder out."

"Did we Raph?" asked Leo in an angry tone of voice. "Did we really do the innocent citizens up on the surface a big favor instigating this gang war? All we accomplished is getting a lot of people killed!"

"You know, I kind of know what he means," said Mikey in a tentative voice.

"No one asked you Mikey, so butt out!" yelled Raph, shoving Mikey back a few steps.

Harry put his head in his hands; he apparently picked a bad weekend to come home, especially with the gang activity escalating to insane proportions. This was not going to be a pleasant experience to deal with but Harry just stood back, observing the argument between Leo and Raph.

"Raph that was way out of line but back at the matter at hand," said Leo. "Innocent people are getting killed because of what we caused."

"Leonardo listen to me, when the wind blows, many leaves shall scatter," said Splinter. "You must stay out of this gang war up above. It is too dangerous."

"But Master Splinter..." argued Leo.

"Yes, I know you feel some kind of responsibility but if one shoulders the weight of the one, then all that will be accomplished by that one person is being crushed by the world's weight," said Splinter. "I do not wish to discuss this matter any further, but you must let this go Leonardo and do nothing."

"Do nothing," said Leo before his voice rose. "Do nothing! I'm sorry Master Splinter but I can't just do nothing."

Leonardo turned around swiftly and storming off out of the lair.

"Leonardo, Leonardo, come back here," said Master Splinter in a commanding voice but Leo ignored Splinter, continuing to walk out of the lair and towards the surface.

"Dude," said Mikey, shaking his head at his brother's antics.

"Man what a bonehead," said Raph, looking rather irritated at Leo's behavior.

"One big happy family," concluded Don.

"Well that went well," said Harry in a sarcastic voice.

Master Splinter just sighed in an irritated manner as Leo wandered off recklessly.

Outside on the streets, Leo stood on top of a water tower, looking around for any signs of suspicious activity. It only took about ten minutes before he found a group of Foot Ninja leaving a warehouse, led by two members of the Foot Elite. One of the members of the Foot Elite locked the warehouse door before leading the Foot Ninja off.

"The Foot Elite," said Leo in a low voice. "I need to see what they were up to in there."

Leo slowly climbed down from the water tower, waiting for the Foot Elite to get out, before he managed to slip himself through the window of the factory. Looking around, Leo saw mobsters lying on the ground, moaning in agony. They appeared to have been beaten a half an inch away from death by the Foot Ninja.

A beeping sound caused Leo to spin around. A timed explosive device was sitting on the ground, counting down from one minute.

"Great," said Leo, looking at the explosive device before rushing over and picking up one of the mobsters. "I'm getting you goons out of here."

Leo rushed over towards a chute leading towards a dumpster outside.

"Just what the hell are you anyway?" asked the mobster groggily but the mobster was tossed down the chute. Leo quickly tossed the other eight mobsters who were assaulted by the Foot down the chute before turning his attention towards the explosive device.

"Okay, Don does this kind of stuff all time, how hard can dismantling a bomb really be?" asked Leo to himself before prying the device open. A bunch of complex wiring greeted Leo from inside the bomb. "Great, just great."

Leo closed his eyes, as the bomb had less than twenty seconds before it was to explode. It was now or never but he sure hoped he picked the right wire. Leo yanked a red wire from the bomb. The bomb fizzled before stomping on ten seconds.

"Old principle proven, it's always the red wire," said Leo looking at the dormant bomb before it began beeping again and the countdown restarted.

Leo pulled himself up and ran towards the window as the bomb's countdown ticked down.

"This day just keeps getting better and better," said Leo sarcastically before jumping through the window just as the bomb exploded. Leo fell in the harbor below as debris from the factory scattered everyone.

The Foot Elite member with the double edged sword looked at his handiwork before turning to the Foot Ninjas.

"Mission accomplished," said the double edged sword wielding Foot Elite member before motioning them to take their leave as sirens indicated the arrival of the fire department and the police.

Leo poked his head out of the water, looking around to see what direction the Foot had gone so he could continue following them. Pulling himself out of the water, Leo continued his ill-advised pursuit to attempt to solve the problem of the current gang activity.

It was rather late in the night yet when most of the world slept, Mikey was bent over an old map of the city with a toy robot, a bobble headed ninja, a rubber ducky, and some dice. Harry had just managed to pull himself out of bed due to attempting to fall asleep but as that appeared to be an unattainable goal, he pulled himself up.

"This town ain't big enough for all of us," said Mikey before throwing the dice at the table and picking up the rubber ducky and moving it across the table. He then picked up the dice again tossing it before lifting up the bobble headed foot ninja and moving that toy several spaces on the map. "I am might foot ninja, you cannot touch me. Mwhuhahahaha."

"Do we need to cut your sugar intake Mikey?" asked Harry, who had walked up behind Mikey, seeing what Mikey was doing.

"Harry, I'm trying to find out what's going on with the gang situation courtesy of table top gaming," said Mikey, before bending the foot ninja's head back causing it to nod up and down. "The nearest I can find out from the news reports, is that the Purple Dragons have made a power play and made a serious swipe for territory. The Foot is losing territory to both the mobsters and the Purple Dragons."

"So your point is..." said Harry, wondering where Mikey was going with this.

"It's chaos, pure anarchy," said Mikey. "The Foot has really fallen down the underworld pecking order recently, that much I can tell for certain."

"That does make a lot of sense, with the Shredder knocked out, the Foot has been reduced to the level of a common street gang with ninjitsu skills," said Harry.

"Of course, the real question is now what are the mobsters going to do to regain power now that they have been bumped to third place?" asked Mikey in a rare thoughtful voice.

Speaking of the mobsters, several of them were having a meeting to debate the very issue that Mikey and Harry were talking about during this time.

"This is an insult," said Weasel angrily. "We's been left behind while the Foot and the Purple Dragons are dividing up the city. We need to take action. NOW!"

"What more can we do?" asked one of the mobsters.

"We have to do somethin', my own mother's giving me disrespect," whined another mobster.

"It's downright criminal I tell you," added the third mobster.

"Enough whining!" said the harsh voice of a head of the New York Mob. This gentleman was a big bulky fellow in a white and purple three piece suit, by the name of Big Louie and he looked to be taking control of things. "The new player, the one that got us all the high tech firepower says if we follow his battle plans, we will kick all of those other crime factions straight off the map. Just so we'll all clear, I hate this pompous, egotistical self important bastard, but under the circumstances, we really don't have a choice."

Big Louie sighed before turning to his fellow mobsters.

"Tonight, New York City will be ours," said Big Louie with greed in his eyes. "I will set out with the new guy immediately and we will begin our takeover of the city."

In the city, Leo leaped over a fence, seeing a group of Foot Ninja enter a run down factory with a large hole in the roof. He managed to scale the wall of the building before looking down in the hole, seeing a lot of Foot Ninja training in front of a tattered, faded Foot banner.

"So this is what happened to the Foot since we got rid of the Shredder," said Leo, looking down and observing the substandard condition of the Foot's new base of operations. "How the once mighty have fallen."

Leo looked down into the hole, pulling out his katanas before bracing himself for what he felt he must do.

"Then I guess it's me against them," said Leo, taking into account the large number of Foot Ninjas training below. There appeared to be at least fifty, maybe as many as sixty down in that warehouse. "Against all of them."

Leo made a move to dive down into the hole before he was grabbed from behind by his arms, pulling him back.

"Hey!" snapped Leo before turning around and seeing Raph, Mikey, Don, and Harry.

"Jeez, it's almost like you aren't happy to see us," said Mikey.

"What are you guys doing here?" asked Leo.

"Well for one, making sure you don't get sliced to ribbons by a bunch of Foot Ninja," said Harry, while rolling his eyes in the back of the head.

"We're like the cavalry, only without the horses," said Mikey.

Raph looked at Leo, before sighing.

"Leo, we shouldn't even be here, this isn't our fight," said Raph before thumping sound is heard from below and the door of the stairway leading to the top of the warehouse flew open before a group of heavily armed Foot Ninja surrounded the Turtles and Harry on the roof, weapons drawn at them.

"Well it looks like our war now," said Mikey as the Foot Ninjas charged at them, ready to move in for the attack.

The Foot Ninjas leapt at them but Harry pulled out his double edged sword, blocking a pair of swords from his opponent before propelling himself up into the air and kicking the two ninja in the back, causing them to fall to the ground. A spear wielding Foot Ninja leaped up but Raph blocked the spear with his Sai before kicking the Foot Ninja in the stomach.

Don blocked a sickle shot with his Bo staff before using the Bo staff to crack the Foot Ninja in the side, causing him to fall to the ground. Harry quickly rolled out of the way, avoiding being impaled by three spear wielding Foot Ninja before swinging his double edged sword, bringing one of the spears in half. Tucking his foot underneath the end of the spear with the sharp point on it, Harry launched it into the grip of his hand before expertly tossing the pointed end of the spear, impaling the Foot Ninja in the chest. The Foot Ninja fell down, the spear sticking straight through him before Harry leaped up, knocking two of the Foot Ninja off the edge of the room, causing them to freefall to the concrete to their doom.

Leo panted as he used his swords to block three sword wielding Foot Ninja. He broke up the hold before rolling underneath, slashing his swords towards the chest of each of the Foot Ninja. They all fell to the ground, being rendered motionlessly by Leo's attack. Elsewhere on the roof, Mikey found himself surrounded by Foot Ninja but gritting his teeth, Mikey leapt up, cracking each of his adversaries in the face with well placed swing with his nunchucks, causing them to fly down.

"Uh oh," said Mikey, seeing three more Foot Ninja leap at him, triple jump kicking him and knocking him down through the hole into the factory below.

"Mikey, no!" said Raph who was fighting with Harry against a group of a dozen Foot Ninja.

"Raph, get ready," said Harry before they backed off, leaping at the Foot Ninja, using them as a crash pad as Raph and Harry freefalled into the hole to assist Mikey.

They landed with a thud as Harry and Raph rolled off the Foot Ninja. Raph looked at Mikey as few more Foot Ninja poured in from the roof.

"I'm okay, I'm okay," said Mikey, shaking a few cobwebs from his head.

"That's good," said Harry as he found his double edged sword being wrapped up from the chains two Kusari-Gama wielding Foot Ninja and slowly being pulled to get sliced into ribbons by their sickles. "I need all the bloody help I can get."

Raph wasted little time in pinning the chains of the Kusari-Gama to the ground before Mikey leaped up, kicking the two Foot Ninja back, causing them to topple another group of a half a dozen Foot Ninja who were preparing to close into the attack.

"All right, Foot Ninja dominoes," said Mikey, cheering.

On the roof, Leo and Don were busy with their own problems with the Foot Ninja.

"Raph, Mikey, and Harry went down in the factory," said Don, jabbing a charging Foot Ninja in the stomach with his Bo staff.

"We need to stick together, come on," said Leo, before rolling forward, followed by Don.

Raph, Mikey, and Harry were being surrounded by a group of Foot Ninja who had their swords out and were ready to impale our heroes but in a flash, Leo and Don dropped from the ceiling, kicking the Foot Ninja away.

"Let's finish the Foot, once and for all," suggested Harry, leaping into the air and blocking a sickle shot with his Double Edged Sword before flipping the Foot Ninja wielding that weapon into the wall.

Mikey spun his weapon around, cracking a Foot Ninja over the head with a vicious nunchuck shot. A sickening crack was heard as the Foot Ninja fell to the ground, dying from the apparently crushed skull. Leo battled back a couple of chains from the Foot Ninja with his sword before Don used his Bo staff to catapult into action and knock them back into the wall.

Raph blocked a sword before leaping into the air of a spear wielding Foot Ninja and causing the Ninja to accidentally impale another Foot Ninja with his spear. The wounded warrior fell to the ground, slowly bleeding to death as Raph punched the Foot Ninja that had the spear back. Another Foot Ninja went after Raph but Harry cut him off with a vicious springing kick.. The Foot Ninja staggered back before getting cracked in the ribs by a nunchuck swinging Mikey.

Without a word, the Foot Ninja slowly backed up before bowing at the Turtles and Harry.

"Okay, this is rather troublesome, why are they backing up?" asked Mikey.

A cloud of smoke materialized as all four members of the Foot Elite teleported in front of the regular Foot Ninja.

"You just had to ask, didn't you," said Harry before the Foot Elite went into the attack. Harry barely blocked a battle axe shot with his double edged sword, as sweat flowed down his face as he struggled to keep back the attack.

The Foot Elite member with the spear took on both Don and Raph at the same time, punching and kicking at them, knocking both of the Turtles back. Mikey engaged into heated battle with the trident wielding Foot Elite ninja and Leo faced off with the double edged sword Foot Elite member.

Raph angrily attempted to grab the Foot Elite member with the spear from behind but the Foot Elite casually flipped Raph to the ground, causing a group of Foot Ninja to leap at Raph, assaulting the Turtle with a rapid fire succession of punches to the stomach. Leo managed to barely fight off his Foot Elite attacker before the trident member lifted up Mikey and tossed him at Leo, causing the two Turtles to collide with each other. Then Don was hoisted up and tossed right into a wall by a group of Foot Ninja.

Harry backed up; ducking the axe from the Foot Elite member he was facing before somersaulting in the air and kicking the Foot Elite member back. Harry took a deep breath but that was not enough for his attackers. All four members of Foot Elite looked at Harry before slowly surrounding him, preparing to move in for the slaughter.

Outside of the factory in an armored van, Big Louie was sitting in the passenger's seat of the van, listening to the sounds of battle inside.

"There is a whole army of Foot Ninjas holed up in that dump, are you sure this is going to work against that many?" asked Big Louie to his benefactor who was standing in the shadows of the back of the van.

"Oh ye of little faith," said the voice of the benefactor before stepping out of the shadows to reveal that he was in fact Baxter Stockman. It seemed Stockman's ego couldn't take have his head in the stomach cavity of the Utrom exosuit so he apparently had the suit modified so his head could be placed on top. "I have intimate knowledge of the Foot. They'll have no way to combat what I have in store for them."

A couple of mobsters opened the back of the truck, revealing Stockman's latest invention. A giant insect looking robot with laser blasters on the side ambled out of the vehicle towards the factory. It was controlled by Stockman via remote control inside the armored van and it was instructed to assault the Foot Headquarters.

Harry bent his knees prior to catapulting himself into the air, blocking a spear shot with his double edged sword, but he knew it was only a matter of time before the Elite obliterated him once again just like that night on the rooftop the summer after his second year of Hogwarts.

Just as the Elite were closing in, the wall behind them blew off, causing the Elite to scatter and giving Harry time to get away. The Turtles and the Foot also took cover as the giant robot entered the place, glowing some kind of infrared sensor around the place to find its prey.

"Cool," said Mikey, being the sci-fi geek he is. Of course the robot began shooting at anything that moved. "Not cool, not cool!"

Harry pulled himself out from behind his hiding place, pulling his wand out. He had vowed to never use magic against Muggles, no matter what the circumstances but a giant homicidal robot with laser blasters definitely did not fall underneath the classification of a Muggle. Harry raised his wand, taking aim right in the sensor feature of the robot.

"Reducto," muttered Harry, using his wand in a way no one could see, blasting the sensor feature to pieces, causing the robot to sputter to a stop, before falling to the ground.

"Way to go, Harry," said Raph looking pleased that the robot was now stopped.

"Yes, good quick thinking," said Leo.

In the van, Stockman looked rather irritated.

"Potter and his blasted hocus pocus," said Stockman angrily before turning to Big Louie. "Time to switch to Plan B. I'm afraid it lacks the sophisticated genius of my robotic creation but under the circumstances we really have no choice. It's a rather messy alternative."

"Messy," said Big Louie in an excited voice. "I like it."

"Watch and observe," said Stockman before pressing a button on a remote which caused several bombs laced with dynamite that Stockman had planted earlier on the support beams of the warehouse to blow.

The Turtles, Harry, and the Foot looked up in horror as the support structure of the warehouse completely blew up, causing the warehouse to slowly crumble, beginning to cave everyone in.

Harry cursed himself for leaving his Portus-Amulet back at the lair before pulling out his wand and attempting to blast pieces of falling debris out of the way. Leo attempted to bat off the falling debris with his Katana but Raph angrily grabbed him by the shoulder.

"I hope you're happy Leo, I hope doing the right thing was really worth it," grumbled Raph in an angry voice as the warehouse continued to crumble to the ground, slowly caving them all in a concrete casket.
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