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Chapter 24: City at War Part Two

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Harry Potter/Ninja Turtles 2003 crossover. Read the first three books first. Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts is marked by the return of the Triwizard Tournament. More complete summary in profile.

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Chapter Twenty Four: City At War Part Two

In the warehouse that Stockman blew up in an attempt to kill the Turtles, Harry, and the Foot, a support beam was barely being held into place by the Turtles and Harry. Their efforts were the only thing from keeping the building from completely caving in.

"Nice thinking Don, grabbing this beam, it really saved us from being enclosed in a concrete coffin," said Leo weakly attempting to hold up the beam.

"Yeah, it almost makes up for big brain Leo nearly leading us straight to our doom," said Raph.

"As fascinating as your argument may be," said Harry in a slightly irritable tone of voice. "We need to get out of here, now before this support beam gives out."

"Right, everyone on three," said Don. "One, Two, Three."

The Turtles and Harry evacuated the building just as the beam gave way, caving the rest of the building out. A small group of Foot Ninjas along with the Elite appeared shaken up from the attack and were regrouping in the alleyway beside the building.

"Okay, what was the deal with that psychotic killer robot?" asked Mikey.

"Looks like someone else may be throwing their name into the hat for the struggle of control for New York," said Harry, shrugging his shoulders.

"Great, just great that's all we need right now," said Raph, before turning Leo. "Look, Leo, if dropping a building on our heads wasn't enough to convince you we should stay out of this senseless war, I don't know what will."

"Since, when do you run from a fight, Raph?" asked Leo in a testy voice.

Harry turned, seeing another attack robot coming down the street, ready to fire. Mikey and Don noticed the same thing but Raph and Leo were too busy engaging in a shouting match to see what was happening.

"Uh guys," said Harry attempting to gain their attentions that another attack robot was coming down the street.

"First, I ain't running, second, it wasn't our fight to begin with," said Raph.

"Well guess what, it's our fight now, hothead!" yelled Leo.

"Who are calling hothead, Leo?" asked Raph in an angry voice.

"Uh, hello, Leo, Raph, you might want to look behind you," said Harry, as the robot prepared to fire its laser blasters towards the two turtles.

"Oh right, you are the level headed one that fights for honor only when it's convenient!" yelled Leo angrily.

"You saying I have no..." said Raph before looking around and seeing the attack robot blasting madly everyone.

"Look out!" yelled one of the Foot Ninjas to his fellow Ninja as they scattered to avoid the laser blasts of the robot.

Harry leapt right towards the robot. A kick struck the robot in the front but it didn't budge. Mikey leaped up, swinging his nunchucks but the robot backed off before blasting madly towards Mikey. One of the Foot Ninja were grabbed in the clutches of one of the robotic hands and Don swung his Bo staff, whacking it in the hand, causing the robot to drop the Foot Ninja, allowing it to get away.

"Donatello are you mad?" yelled Harry, referring to the fact that Don had inadvertently saved that Foot Ninja from certain doom.

The Foot Elite member with the axe brought his preferred weapon down on the robotic head of the attack robot, damaging it a little but not enough to make a difference. The Foot Elite members that wielded the spear and the trident jabbed towards the robot, attempting to short circuit its laser blasters as Leo quickly struck the robot with a kick followed by two Foot Ninja swinging Kusari-Gama chains, attempting to round up the robot but the robot blasted with laser fire, turning the chains into nothing but dust.

"Fighting side by side with the Foot, now you know this has got to be screwed up," commented Raph Raph, throwing his Sai but missing his robotic target.

"Once the robot is defeated, we will destroy you all," said the Foot Elite member with the spear as he engaged into battle with the robot.

"Now, that's the Foot we know and loath," said Don as he sprang up with his Bo staff, catching the attack robot with a well placed kick that backed it off slightly but only caused it to keep blasting at the Turtles, Harry, and the Foot.

As the fight continued on the street, an unfortunate bus of innocent people came down the street. The robot turned its attention to the bus, blasting it, causing it to skid to a stop before crashing next to a wall. The majority of the people managed to get off the bus, but a man found himself pinned down underneath a piece of the ceiling that was blown out of the top of the bus as the impact connected.

"Help, someone help me," said the man in a pained voice as he found himself crushed by the ceiling.

Leo rushed over recklessly towards the bus, all thought of not being seen out the window.

"Leo, Leo, where are going?" asked Raph as he somersaulted to the side to avoid being blasted by a laser blast.

"There are innocent people on that bus, I have to get them out!" yelled Leo, who ran up the bus steps, looking around for the source of the distress. He saw the man who had called for help on the floor, clutching his chest in pain.

Leo bent down, prying the piece of ceiling off the man's chest before helping him to his feet.

"What are you?" asked the man weakly, taking Leo's unusual appearance in.

"Just a figment of your imagination, you smacked your head pretty hard," said Leo. "C'mon let's get you out of here."

Leo helped the injured man off the bus as quickly as possible so he could rejoin the fight against Stockman's attack robot before more innocent people got whacked.

In a leer jet heading straight towards New York, Karai was greeted by one of her aides.

"We have recovered footage from a warehouse that has been prematurely demolished, Mistress Karai," said the aide, handing Karai a laptop computer.

Karai pressed a few keys, playing the footage before zeroing in on a very interesting sight. She zoomed in to reveal an image of an image of the turtle known as Leonardo.

"Interesting," said Karai looking at the image, as she slowly came to the conclusion these mysterious Turtle creatures may be the solution to the current Foot problem in New York and the Foot regaining control of the city. "Very interesting."

The jet continued to fly straight to New York, as time was of the essence and order needed to be restored before the city was completely destroyed.

Meanwhile in a gym that happened to be the hideout for the Purple Dragons, Dragonface entered in the middle of a six sided wrestling ring before addressing the other Purple Dragons.

"All right listen up Dragons, we are going to prove to the Foot, the Mob, and all the other pretenders that the Purple Dragons ain't just a bunch of dumb street punks," said Dragonface.

"Yeah, Dragonface, Dragonface, Dragonface, Dragonface," chanted the Purple Dragons.

"We are going to own this city no matter what and show the rest of the criminal underworld what the Purple Dragons are all about," said Dragonface.

"I couldn't agree more," said a voice from the catwalk.

Dragonface looked up, seeing the massive form of Hun looking down at him with a smirk.

"Hun, we thought, we thought you weren't coming back," said Dragonface before looking up at Hun. "Look things have changed, I'm in charge of the Purple Dragons now, you can't just waltz in here like you own the place."

"Oh but I do own the place, Dragonface," said Hun before he dropped straight down and causing Dragonface to fly back from the impact. Hun lifted Dragonface up so they were face to face. "Every inch of turf you rule, every little kickback you've collected, every little crumb you've been handed in your pathetic lives, you owe it to me. And most importantly, you owe it to the Shredder. So, it is in his memory I lead the Purple Dragons to the top of the food chain. We are going to rule this city!"

Hun threw Dragonface down and Dragonface scooted back, all bravery gone due to the fact that Hun could very well tear him to pieces.

"Anymore objections?" asked Hun before looking around to see that all of the Purple Dragons were watching him in awed silence. "I didn't think so."

On the streets, Harry managed to slightly damage one of the attack robot's legs but it still had its lasers firing at him. It seemed whomever was controlling it seemed to be moving it in such a way that Harry could not get a clear shot to blast the sensory features out like he did the last one, even through there was little chance Harry could get a clear shot. The Foot Elite member with the battle axe leapt up, managing to slightly crack one of the laser blasters with his weapon but all that did was caused a fractured laser beam to shoot wildly, knocking a couple of power cables loose. Sparks dangerously shot everywhere.

Don eyed the power lines and then a puddle of water on the ground. An idea began to form in his head about how he could stop the robot.

"Guys, I think I have an idea," said Don, as Raph and Leo avoided getting blasted with Raph shoving down a Foot Ninja roughly so he could get out of the way of the laser blasts. "I just need to get to those downed power cables."

"No, Don, I know how to stop that tin menace," said Raph before making a dash towards the bus that had been wrecked by the attack monster.

"Raph, wait!" yelled Leo in a cautioning manner.

"No!" yelled Raph in a disobedient voice as he climbed into the bus. "Listening to your crazed logic is what caused this mess in the first place."

Raph buckled himself in, starting up the bus before recklessly driving straight towards the attack robot in an attempt to run it down. The robot turned its attention to Raph, shooting at the bus he was in with a series of rapid fire blasts with the lasers, before hitting the tire and blowing the gas cap off, causing the bus to skid to a stop, leaving a trail of gasoline leading from the bus to where the gas cap was blown off.

"Raph!" yelled Leo before rushing towards the bus, prying the door open with his katana before entering the bus seeing Raph sitting upside down due to the bus being flipped over. "You alright bro."

"Yeah, I think so," said Raph in an indifferent voice.

"Well you don't deserve to be, that hotheaded move nearly got your shell waxed!" snapped Leo. "That was a very grave mistake, Raphael."

"Just like getting involved in this war," said Raph in an irritated voice.

"Getting involved in this war was not a mistake!" yelled Leo in response.

Outside of the bus, the attack robot shot the trail of gasoline, causing it to burst into fire and move slowly towards the bus.

"Oh no, it was a noble heroic act, thank you Leonardo, our streets are so much safer now because you of," said Raph sarcastically.

The fire moved close to the bus, threatening to blow it up with both Leo and Raph inside it.

"Leo, Raph, get off the bus, now, unless you want to be blown sky high!" yelled Don in an anxious voice.

Leo was attempting to wrench the bus seat with Raph in it from the floor which had became the ceiling but it was not moving so Leo opted for a more simple approach. He pulled out his katana, slicing the bottom of the chair, causing Raph to fall down from the ceiling onto his head.

"Ow!" said Raph.

"Come on, let's move it before we get blown to pieces," said Leo, ignoring Raph's complaint.

The two Turtles leapt off the bus, taking cover behind a piece of rubble. Just in time too as the bus blew sky high, leaving nothing but a few charred remains of it left.

"Whatever you do, don't say I owe you one," grumbled Raph to Leo.

Don looked at the robot and then to Mikey, who was attempting to bat it back with his nunchucks.

"Mikey, herd the robot over this way, towards this puddle of water," said Don.

"Herd? You got it hoss, yee-haw," said Mikey leaping up swinging his nunchucks as the Foot Elite members with the trident and the double edged sword joined Mikey in his efforts followed by a couple of sword wielding Foot Ninja. The robot backed up into the puddle of water as Don lifted up the downed power line with his Bo staff before expertly dropping it into the puddle.

"That's it!" yelled Don as the wave of electricity short-circuited the robot, causing the Foot, the Turtles, and Harry all to take cover as it blew into millions of little pieces of scrap metal. When they were sure the danger was over, they pulled themselves out from behind their barricades.

"Nice work, boys," complicated Mikey to the Foot.

"Destroy the Turtles," said the Foot Elite member wielding the battle axe coldly.

"Jeez, some guys can't take a compliment," said Mikey as a group of Foot Ninjas backed him off. "Actually, a whole lot of guys just can't take a compliment."

Mikey ran off being pursued by the Foot Ninja.

"Mikey needs help," said Raph desperately.

"Uh, I'm afraid we don't have time for that," said Leo, pointing to another two attack robots who were coming down the street.

Harry slipped to the side, to make a move to the warehouse which housed the Battle Shell. He had a feeling that the missile launchers on the vehicle would be good enough to take out those kamikaze robots.

Inside the armored van, Big Louie and Stockman were happily watching the Turtles and the Elite along with a handful of Foot Ninja being backed off by the attack robots.

"I've got to admit it pal, when you deliver, you deliver, not only do we take down the Foot, but those weirdoes in the turtle costumes to boot," said Big Louie.

"A happy coincidence," said Stockman absent mindedly. "One which I fortunately came fully prepared for."

Big Louie whipped out a cell phone, while dialing another.

"Hey, Weasel, it's me," said Big Louie. "Tell the boys we're smoking the competition. And when I say smoking, I do mean smoking."

Mikey turned into an alley, in an attempt to avoid his Foot Ninja pursuers. The Foot was relentless in their pursuit so Mikey lifted a trash can lid before throwing it like a Frisbee, catching one of the Foot Ninja in the chest but another three went after Mikey. Mikey pulled out his nunchucks, before leaping up over the Foot Ninjas. A swing outwards, cracked one of the Foot Ninja across the back of the head. Mikey avoided getting decapitated by two of the Ninjas before leaping up, knocking them back with a split kick, causing them to fly into a building on either side.

"Well, all in a day's work," said Mikey before seeing another half dozen Foot Ninjas close in on him, weapons raised and trapping Mikey in the dead end alley. "I really need to stop jumping the gun."

Thankfully for Mikey, the Battle Shell pulled up, with the laser cannons ready to fire. A quick blast blew up the street beneath the handful of Foot Ninjas that had chased Mikey, causing the Foot Ninja to fall into a gaping hole into the sewers.

Harry stuck his head out the window, looking at Mikey who breathed a sigh of relief that he was not soundly thrashed by the Foot Ninja.

"C'mon, Mikey, we need to get the others and regroup," said Harry.

On the streets, a SWAT Team was getting into position in an attempt to gain some measure of control to the chaos.

"Everyone to the roof, and spread out," said the SWAT Team Leader. "Take out those robots, now and anyone who gets in your way blow them sky high. Move it, we need to get this area secured so no innocent. Civilians get harmed."

The SWAT Team got up to the roof, getting in position and taking aim with their guns.

"On my mark," said the SWAT Team Leader but a dozen smoke bombs were tossed on the ground behind them, emitting Purple smoke. "What in the blazes?"

The SWAT Team gagged on the smoke as a series of punches knocked them around, taking them out of commission. When the smoke cleared, it revealed a bazooka wielding Hun along with the Purple Dragons was on the roof, ready to fire. Hun looked down at the Turtles, the robots, and the Foot Ninja in the area with disgust.

"Leo, if we don't live through this, I'm going to hold you personally responsible," said Raph angrily as the Purple Dragons began to take aim with their guns.

"Purple Dragons, take them all out," said Hun to his fellow Dragons. "Show them who we are."

Leo jumped out of the way, avoiding a barrage of gun fire from the Purple Dragons. Hun aimed his bazooka, shooting a rocket into the street, forming a large hole from the impact.

Don sprang over with his Bo Staff, dodging both the fire from the attack robots and the gunfire from the Purple Dragons below.

"We have to get out of here, we are seriously out numbered," said Don, tossing himself on the ground and rolling out of the way to avoid another rocket from Hun's bazooka.

At that moment, the Battle Shell pulled up. Mikey opened the door.

"Did someone call a cab?" asked Mikey.

Without another word, Leo, Raph, and Don climbed into the Battle Shell. The minute the door was closed, Harry slammed on the gas to avoid being blown to pieces by Hun's bazooka.

Hun sneered, attempting to get a clear shut at the vehicle of those meddlesome Turtles.

"Hang on everyone, this could get messy," said Harry as he swerved out of the line of fire.

"With you driving, probably," retorted Mikey.

Hun growled but one of the attack robots shot laser fire at the ledge of the building, blowing Hun and a few of the Purple Dragons back. Hun growled, pointing his Bazooka at the attack robot before launching a rocket towards it, blowing it into pieces.

In the armored van, Stockman and Big Louie were looking on at the battle below anxiously.

"What's going on here?" asked Big Louie. "Your tin cans are getting crushed."

"A minor setback," said Stockman in a calm, reasonable voice before buckling himself in the front seat and starting up the van. "Although perhaps a strategic retreat would be in order."

Big Louie nodded before sitting in the passenger’s seat as Stockman quickly drove the van from the scene of the battle.

"What's this?" asked Hun curiously, looking at the armored van driving off from the scene of the crime before taking aim with the Bazooka. A well placed blast with the weapon caused the van to speed out of control, spinning around madly until they drove directly towards the remaining attack robot that appeared to be about ready to open fire on them.

"Well isn't this ironic," commented Stockman before the attack robot blasted them so hard that the van flipped to the slide, skidding to a stop once it smashed into the side of the building.

In an airport just outside the city, Karai and her two aides were exiting the plane, dressed for combat. The smaller of her two aides appeared to be in communication with someone before putting away his phone and turning towards Karai.

"Mistress Karai, the ones you seek have been sighted," said the aide.

"Into the car quickly," said Karai in a curt voice. "We have little time to implement our plans."

The Turtles and Harry were sitting around in a water tower.

"So, why did we come to here of all places?" asked Harry in a casual voice.

"Well, we couldn't really risk leading anyone back to the lair, so this is a perfect spot to regroup while thinking about our next move," said Leo.

"Next move, next move, you mean like getting out of here and forgetting about all this nonsense," said Raph in an angry voice. "Leo, I've said it before and I'll say it again, getting in the middle of this was a huge mistake."

"We have to do something, Raph," said Leo in a logical voice although it looked as if he was about ready to lose his patience.

"Like what, add more fuel on the fire?" asked Raph. "This ain't our fight."

Harry picked up a newspaper and began to read as Don and Mikey watched Raph and Leo awkwardly watched Raph and Leo go back and forth. This could take a while.

"So whose fight is it anyway, Raph, the innocent people caught in the crossfire?" asked Leo.

Outside of the Water Tower, one of Karai's aides was tracking any strange signs of movement with a radar device. He had hit pay dirt, picking up the sighs of argument from inside the water tower.

"You can't save a whole city bro, but you can make it worse by trying," said Raph.

"Well, if you don't like it, then leave," said Leo.

"Say the word and I'm out of here," said Raph.

Outside of the water tower, Karai's aide planted an explosive device underneath the water tower before setting it to explode in twenty seconds.

"Since when do you need my permission to do anything," said Leo in a testy voice.

"You know what, you're right, good luck on your one Turtle crusade Leo, just try not to get these other guys iced," said Raph before stepping out. Unfortunately at this time, the explosive device went off causing the floor of the water tower to give out.

"Raph!" yelled Leo as Raph landed on his face. Leo leaped to his side followed by Don, Mikey, and Harry.

"What the..." said Raph before Karai leapt up onto the building with her two aides standing in front of her.

"I believe we have a few matters to discuss," said Karai to the Turtles and Harry. "My name is Karai and I lead the Foot in Japan. I am here to restore order to the New York base of the operation."

"I've got your order right here, lady," said Raph, twirling his Sais before preparing to leap into battle.

"Stand down Raph," said Leo anxiously.

"No, I'm sick of being everyone's punching bag and I'm really sick of taking orders from you," said Raph.

"I said stand..." started Leo before Harry rushed forward into action, double edged sword at the ready. Harry was so sick of anything pertaining to the Foot and this woman had picked the wrong night to restore her order.

Karai saw Harry coming, whipping out a chain and wrapping it around Harry's weapon before yanking it roughly out of his hand, causing it to fly out of Harry's hand and Harry to fly back, whacking his head on the ground and causing him to be very groggy.

Raph went after Karai next but she quickly jumped to the side, before she circled around Raph. A kick caught Raph in the back, causing him to fly flat on his face. Karai raised her sword, but Leo leaped into action, blocking the shot with his Katana.

"No!" yelled Leo before clanging the sword back, causing Karai to flip back and order her two subordinates into battle.

"C'mon," said Don as he rushed along with Mikey into battle against Karai's two aides.

Don twirled his Bo staff into the air engaging the taller of the two aides before leaping up and attempting to smash the aide in the face but the aide blocked it before swinging Don around, causing him to land on the ground with a sickening thud. The aide used Don's Bo staff to catapult up, kicking Don in the chest before causing him to fly back before doing a spin around the Bo and bowing.

Mikey swung his nunchucks before leaping up into the air but the shorter aide caught the nunchucks in his hands before kneeing Mikey in the midsection and then flipping Mikey over using the nunchucks. The ninja jumped into the air with expert precision but Mikey moved. Mikey looked around for his foe confused before seeing Karai's short aide flying at him.

"Uh oh," said Mikey before getting smashed flush in the face with both feet. Mikey skidded to a stop, groaning in agony.

Karai and Leo were engaged in a vicious sword fight with Karai expertly matching Leo sword swing for sword swing before flipping backwards, tossing out her chain, wrapping it around one of Leo's swords, pulling it from his hand. Karai stepped back and then leapt high into the air, knocking Leo back with a kick. Leo landed on his feet before somersault over and picking his sword off the ground.

Harry looked up, picking up his double edged sword, before leaping into the air, preparing to impale Karai. Karai expertly whipped out a Kusari-Gama chain but Harry changed his line of focus, slicing the chain from the sickle. Improvising, Karai tossed the sickle towards Harry but Harry expertly deflected it with his double edged sword before Raph rolled into action, leaping at Karai but Karai leaped up, causing Raph to impale his Sais into the wall.

Don and Mikey were pulling themselves up, licking their wounds from their battle.

"Okay, Mikey, I've got an idea," said Don. "Let's try switching opponents this time."

"Couldn't hurt," said Mikey as Don and Mikey rushed into battle against the ninja that they didn't face on the last occasion. A few smacks and cracks later, they were sent skidding towards the ground. "On second thought, maybe it could hurt."

Karai swung her chain wrapping it around one of Raph's Sais and pulling the Sai out of his hand. Another chain swing and Karai latched onto the Sai, preparing to pull Raph into a sword swing but Leo leapt into the air, slicing Karai's chain in half causing Raph to fly down on his back. Karai whipped her chain towards Leo again but Leo leaped up, slicing the half of a chain in half. Angrily, Karai tossed the chain at Leo but Leo ducked his head into his shell avoiding getting smashed in the face with the chain. Karai leaped at Leo but Leo sprang up into the air, kicking Karai directly in the face.

Karai laid on the ground motionless as Leo looked down at her before approaching her slowly. Unfortunately for Leo, she sprang up, kicking Leo directly in the chest before pulling a tanto out and holding it directly at his throat while standing on his chest, pinning the turtle down on the ground.

"As I have said, I am here to discuss a matter with you," said Karai pointing the blade about five or six inches away from Leo's throat as the others looked on in horror. "And discuss it we shall. With or without your leader. It is your choice."
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