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Chapter Six

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Have you heard the new FOB song yet? It is AMAZING!

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"So did you figure out the code?" I asked as I finished my blend for that night. Mark and TJ were out again. They were almost never home.
Kales smiled excitedly, "Yeah, come on!" She grabbed my arm and started down the hallway. I was startled at her excitement, but went along with it anyways./ Adrenaline rush: I'd say so./
We both sat down in chair in front of the computer screen. Kales began talking quickly, "You see these letters? All the time, I thought that they were scrambled words. But they're not! They have no purpose what so ever. They're just there to confuse us. The answer lies in the numbers."
I looked at her and blinked, "Numbers?"
She quickly nodded her head and explained, "The numbers are 2, 122, and 13, in that order. And there it is!"
"I don't get it," I mumbled stupidly.
Kales smiled, "Think on it. Numbers can mean a lot of things, but in this case, it's something rather ordinary. Something we see around us everyday."
I was still sitting there stupidly. She understands this so well, she probably thinks I'm an idiot.
"Give up?" I nodded my head, "Well don't! Think about what I said earlier about numbers," Kales urged.
I thought back. She said they could be directions, when the building was built, where it's at...wait! "They're an address!"
Kales smile grew wider, "Exactly! It's not an address like a street address, it's more of a directional address. A location. Think of the last two numbers. And remember, it's something we see around us everyday.
I furrowed my eyebrows in thought. The last two numbers are 122 and 13. It's something we see everyday, but it has to do with a location. "Street signs!"
"Yes, they're street signs, or rather the names on them. 122nd Street and 13th Street. Those two particular streets meet at an intersection. Now think of that location, the buildings around it, and the first number," Kales clued me in.
I sighed. Umm...well...she said she was looking to see if Patrick was dead or injured. So if he was either, they might have a record of it at a hospital. And if you go down 13th Street and turn right onto 122nd street and go two miles, there's a hospital! "It's the Greater Community Hospital!" I was so excited, now I understood what Kales meant by an adrenaline rush.
Kales grinned at me, "Yes!" She typed Greater Community Hospital on the screen and a whole bunch of files came up. After a night of searching through files, we didn't find a trace of Patrick anywhere.
I was a little disappointed, but relieved that he wasn't dead or hurt.
"Tomorrow night we can hack into the databases of other smaller hospitals and check for Patrick," Kales said.
"That'll take forever!" I exclaimed exasperatedly.
Kales just laughed, "It's a big job, but I love doing it."
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