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Out Of Body Experiences

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oh boy i'm liking what i have planned for this story.

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I'm having an out of body experience.



Just to prove to you I'm not a selfish bitch that focuses too much on my priorities of such.

Well, not that I didn't eventually find out about the following events, it's just that...well, you guys kind of deserve it for putting up with all this...drama-ramma.*

/It's a crewel, crewel summer.../**


Izzy yawned deeply and smiled afterwards, tilting her head to look up at Patrick who sat next to her on the couch with his arm up above her on the couch.

"What?" he asked. Izzy bit her lip and cleared her throat.

"Tomorrow, well, in about ten minutes anyways, it's my birthday," Patrick blinked a couple of times before widening his eyes.

"Birthday?" he yelped and moved his arm to shake her slightly.

"How come you didn't tell me earlier?" Izzy shrugged, leaning her head back on his shoulder.

"I never thought of it...I didn't want to make it a big deal, you know?" Patrick bit his lip.

"Isn't it your 19th?" he asked. Izzy nodded. Patrick sighed. "What would you like for your birthday, Iz?"

Izzy bit her lip and tilted her head up again. After the moments of silence, Patrick raised his eyebrows and glanced down.

"What?" he asked. Izzy blinked a couple of times before licking her lips slightly.

"Kiss me," she whispered.

Patrick felt his heart beat increase with each passing millisecond that he glanced down at Izzy's face, her blonde hair carefully spread out around her face and shoulders, some on his as they cuddled on that couch that night.

Patrick pursed his lips together before letting the smallest of smiles come to his lips, raising his hand to rest it on her cheek before bringing her head closer.

Watching as her eyes fluttered closed Patrick copied and pressed his lips loosely to her's at first with each passing second applying the slightest more of pressure until they broke away for air.

Izzy flashed the brightest of smiles while Patrick rested his hand on her neck, his other one on her waist, smiling just as brightly.

"I don't want anything for my birthday," she whispered before biting her lip.

Patrick glanced over his shoulder at the clock before looking back at Izzy and picking her up slightly and moving her so she sat in his lap, straddling his thighs and facing him.

"Happy birthday, Izzy," he whispered.

Izzy smiled and leaned foreword, kissing him tenderly before moving her head to rest against his shoulder, wrapping her arms around his torso.

"Sing to me," she mumbled into his shoulder. Patrick rested his arms around her waist, raising one to rub her back.

"Anything?" he asked. Izzy nodded.

"/Anything/," Patrick snuggled his nose into her hair so that he could kiss below her ear. He pulled away and closed his own eyes, snuggling into the couch.

"I/," he paused. "/Know a girl... she puts the color, inside of my world..."


"You ever wonder what's going on inside girls' minds?" Andy looked up from the sparkling jewelry to look at Joe.

"What?" he asked back. Joe blinked and leaned over the case to copy him.

"I mean, look at Izzy and Evie with all their problems," Andy rolled his eyes.

"I don't think Izzy has that much problems," Joe smirked.

"Tru Dat, but...her and Patrick need to get in bed" he paused and poked Andy's shoulder. "Does this mean you think Evie has too many problems?" Andy shrugged.

"Not that, I'm just saying that...she's been through a lot," Joe nodded, crossing his arm and leaning against the glass again.

"And now she's back with you," Andy nodded and turned his head slightly to look down the row.

"What about you Joe?" Andy looked at him and Joe shrugged.

"What do you mean?" he asked back. Andy smirked.

"The ladies, I've heard you haven't been so lucky," Joe rolled his eyes and shook his head.

"Nobody can handle the fro," Andy laughed lightly before sighing again. Joe looked at his profile. "Why are we even here?" he asked, waving a hand over the jewelry. Andy cleared his throat.

"Promise ring, you know...we are going back on tour for a while," Joe nodded slowly and shook his head.

"I hope the girls can survive without their favorite rock stars," Andy smiled and nodded before pointing to one ring.

"You think she'll like that one?" he asked. Joe shook his head.

"She doesn't like gold, Andy...she's more of a white gold and simple diamond person," Andy nodded and began to look again.

"You think Patrick's made a move yet?" he asked. Joe shrugged.

"It is Izzy's birthday, but damn," he paused. "We've only got until the end of the week," Andy closed his eyes tight.

"Don't remind me," Joe smirked and sighed, looking down at his watch.

"I wonder..."


Patrick fluttered his eyes open, finding a yawn stretching his mouth and waking him up.

After blinking the tiredness from his eyes he let them trail down to where Izzy was asleep on her stomach, her arms curled under the pillow and her hair cascading over her shoulders and pillow.

Patrick smiled to himself and moved his hand to brush the hair away from her shoulders, exposing the bare skin there. He leaned down to place a kiss there before lowering his hand to hold the sheet that was placed strategically below her shoulder blades.

A tired moan formed in the back of her throat and she turned her arms moving to hug the sheet closer to her as she opened her eyes.

"Morning," she whispered and bit her lip.

Patrick moved his arm under the blanket to wrap around her waist and slightly jumped at not feeling the cloth that should have belonged there.

"Izzy..." he paused, weary and bit his lip. "Why can't I remember?" he asked. Izzy frowned, bringing the sheet higher and swallowed her nerves before dropping her head.

"I thought you would..."

Patrick creased his eyebrows together before shuffling closer to hold Izzy but she protested and rolled over before sitting up and slipping on her underwear and bra, all the while Patrick closing his eyes tight and trying to remember any thoughts that led up to this morning.

"I'm sorry Patrick," he heard her whisper before the door clicked closed.

Patrick groaned and rolled over, gripping her pillow and hugging it close. The house was going to be awkward until Friday when he left.


I stood in the doorway watching him pack belongings into his suitcase for several minutes before he slowed down and stood up straight, turning slowly to face me.

He bit his lip and sat down on the edge of his bed, lightly patting the space next to him. I pushed myself off the door and walked over before smiling at him.

"Hi," I spoke. He blinked.

"I don't know why you're here...I mean..." I shook my head and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"I just know you're not going to say goodbye to I came here instead," Pete frowned.

"Now your going to torment me, aren't you?" I bit my lip and pouted.

"No," I said firmly and dropped my hand to my lap. "I'm trying to keep our friendship that we've always had," Pete shook his head, turning slightly to face me.

"I don't want to be friends with you, Ev," My heard shifted downwards slightly. Pete bit his lip for a second. "I want to /be with you/,"

I closed my eyes and stayed stiff as his lips covered mine.

He pulled away.

"Pete," I started.

He cut me off as I opened my eyes.

"But you don't,"** he whispered.

I frowned.

"I wish," I softly said, catching his eyes as they sparkled with guilty tears and watched as the slight glimmer of hope flashed through them. "But you've just lost so many chances, Pete,"

My voice faltered as I spoke his name, finding tears blanketing my vision as everything got a glossy look to it. I closed my eyes tight and took a shaky breath. Pete cupped my hand in his and raised it to his lips where he kissed my fingertips.

"Don't cry...please," he whispered and I let my bottom lip tremble before I broke my hand from his and let it hover for a moment before we locked eyes again.

"I don't know why I even came here," I whispered.

Pete looked extremely hurt but I shook my head and cupped his face in my hand, bringing his face closer to kiss him. I closed my eyes tight and felt his trembling hands at my sides, pushing my back down onto the bed and pushing the folded clothes off and bags of belongings.

He scooted me higher without breaking the kiss and I hummed lightly before moving my hands down from his shoulders and down his chest before stopping at his waist and bringing his t-shirt up and over his head.

When we broke, Pete pulled away for a moment and I watched his eyes as they danced across my face and neck and hair. He closed his eyes tightly.

I bit my lip.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

Pete shook his head and kissed me lightly before leaning back to sit on his knees. I sat up and rested my hands on his shoulders. Pete placed his hands over mine and tilted his head slightly.

"I love you Ev...but we can't do this," I let my head drop. His fingers curled around my chin and brought it up. "Not now,"

I knew what he was going to say.

"Not ever, right?" I asked.

Pete shook his head and silenced my ranting with a kiss.

"Later," he replied.



* Crystal, I listened to what you had to say about 'drama-rama'

** And yes, it did remind me of Bananaramma.

* Daughters- John Mayer

** Yes I do.
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