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Chapter 1

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Dumbledore thinks that something drastically must happen in order to win the fight against Voldemort ... and he finds an ancient disease, which turns the three victims into walking bombs ... he inf...

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A/N: Beta reader cocoidie18 (Kerry)

A/N: I use ONE-SHOT's to try out some scenes or situations. I wrote and published the Triangle Disease as a ONE-SHOT, but it got out of hand. The ONE-SHOT became too large, and now I am trying to cut it in ten chapters. Here is the original story.

A/N: Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, and Romilda Vane are getting serious ill ... they all share the same illness

The Triangle Complex - Chapter 1

Ginny Weasley and Romilda Vane came down from Ginny's room and went into the crowded kitchen of the Burrow. Ginny took a chair on Harry's right, while Romilda took the chair on his left. Harry was eating kidney pies ... he still had three on his plate and would have to eat them before he could leave the table. He was not hungry. Ginny speared one of his pies and Romilda another. Harry's eyebrow went up, but he said nothing. He felt a small hand touch his left hip and it lingered over his thigh... there it stayed. On his right, he felt another touch on his other hip, and the new hand traveled down to his other thigh. Now the other eyebrow went up.

"Psssssst ... Harry," a whispercamefrom his right. He turned his head and looked at Ginny. "When you are finished here, please come to my room ... we want to show you something."

Harry instantly became red. What was going on? Now he was confused, this wasn't like Ginny.

"What do ... ehm ... what ... I mean ... what you mean?" he stammered perplexed.

Ginny's grip on his thigh became stronger ... and very slowly, her hand moved up! Harry's eyes bulged, everything forgotten, food, the Weasley's, Voldemort, school. He felt his face burning and heat radiated from his face. Ginny and Romilda removed their hands and smirked, focusing their attention on the food.

When they were finished, they each took one of Harry's hands and they dragged him upstairs to Ginny's room. Harry thought he was dreaming. What was happening? Would they ... Harry was a teenaged boy, and like all boys his age, he had certain dreams about girls. Arriving in Ginny's room, Romilda started to slowly unbutton her blouse, while Ginny was unzipping her jeans; both of them were intently looking atHarry. Harry got serious problems here. He felt very hot and was starting to sweat ... he could not believe this was happening to him. Romilda wore a very nice small bra, it could not cover her firm breasts completely... there was a lot of skin visible... and he saw clearly the upper part of her nipples above the bra ... Ginny made a small noise, and he turned quickly to look at her. She had already removed her jeans and he saw she was wearing ... not much! Her very small white-laced knickers did not cover much, and he could see the shadow of ...


Harry sat straight up in his little bed at 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging. He cursed under his breath. His uncle was screaming at him from the kitchen!

"That was the most realistic dream I have ever had in my life ... but what is Romilda doing in my dreams ... though she iiiiiiiiiiis good looking!" he told his closed bedroom door.

Harry jumped out of his bed, and started to look for his clothes. He dressed quickly and hurried downstairs. Arriving in the kitchen was his uncle ... he was already angry, Harry could tell because his face was purple and he looked like he could explode at any moment.

"Your AUNT and I, are going away for the day, and we will be late back home this evening. Here is a list of things that you must do. And when we are back, you better have them finished, BOY!" With those words, he left the house via the backdoor.

Harry had the whole day to himself and his chores. Another bloody day here in this bloody hellhole.


"Professor Dumbledore... Professor Dumbledore... hello... is anyone there? ... PROFESSOR DUMBLEDORE!"

Hermione Granger was trying to reach the professor using the floo network. She had discovered something terrible, and she needed to reach the professor.

"Miss Granger, I am here! What can I do for you? Is something wrong?" The professor came into his office and saw the face of Hermione Granger sticking out of his fireplace.

"Yes, professor, there is something terribly wrong. May I come to your office, please?"

"Of cause you may, Miss Granger."

Hermione took more floo powder and flooed to Dumbledore's office. She had a lot of news! After she had sat down on the chair Dumbledore directed her to, she started to tell.

"An hour ago I received an owl with this letter." She held it up in her hand. "It says that Harry is suffering from a strange disease with the name Triangle Complex. I looked up the name and it does exist... it is a rare disease."

Professor Dumbledore nodded. "Do you know who sent you this?"

"I don't know, sir."

"Let me see this letter then, Miss Granger."

Hermione handed the letter over to the professor and waited until Dumbledore was finished reading.

When Dumbledore had finished with the letter, he looked up at Hermione ... there was no twinkle in his eyes anymore. "This is serious ... it might be a hoax, but it might not. "

"Professor, the Triangle Complex is an infection, which needs to be transferred on purpose; like administering a poison ... and that means that the way the infection works, somebody would have to administer it to Harry and two others. What is worrying me is that it is possible that someone with evil intent could have administered this."

"I will see to young Mr. Potter immediately, and if he is indeed infected as the letter suggests, then... then... then I will see what we can do. Thank you, Miss Granger, go home and I will keep you updated. "

With that Hermione took a handful of floo powder and flooed back to her home. Professor Dumbledore left his office in haste and apparated to 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging.


"I love you, Harry," Ginny said.

"Harry come here, I want to kiss you," Romilda said with a very low voice.

Ginny took his hand and pulled him to her. He moved his hand to her face and touched her cheek. He felt his hand burning, hot and hurting! He opened his eyes and immediately pulled his hand back.

"Oh Merlin." He was touching the light bulb from the closet he was supposed to clean. "AGAIN A DAMN BLOODY DREAM!" he screamed to the light bulb, while blowing his hand.

Suddenly Harry heard soft footsteps coming from the living room. He was pulling out his wand and cautiously making his way towards the footsteps.

"Harry, it is me, Professor Dumbledore."

Harry looked at the tall figure in maroon robes and his long silver beard ... it was indeed Professor Dumbledore. "Professor, what is going on?"

"I think it is better that we sit in the kitchen, Harry. I need to investigate something first, and then I will tell you what is going on."

Harry moved with the professor to the kitchen and sat down on one of the chairs. The professor took the opposite chair and looked at him. "I want you to be relaxed, Harry, because I want to see for myself if you are alright." He gazed at Harry ... and his eyes became very intent, penetrating. After staring at Harry for five minutes, the professor relaxed a little and sighted deeply. "Oh my."

"Professor ..."

"Harry, I will tell you what happened, but first we need to collect Miss Ginny Weasley and Miss Romilda Vane."

Harry started to become angry. "Did you look into my mind, professor?"

Before Harry could react more strongly, Dumbledore held out his hand. "I am truly sorry, Harry. Miss Granger had some disturbing news and I needed to check it out, and for that I needed to use legilimency, to check if she might be right. Moreover, I am sorry to tell you, she is. I will explain everything after we have collected everyone. We are going now to the Burrow."


Harry was sitting at the kitchen table in the Burrow. He did not know if it was possible to be redder than he was now, but he felt that somehow he could manage it very well. Opposite him sat Ginny, and her face was as red as his. Both of them were looking intently to the kitchen table and were avoiding each other's eyes. Mrs. Weasley was looking with amusement at the two children. It seemed that Ginny still had her crush on Harry, and Harry seemed to have caught a crush of his own.

They were all waiting for Professor Dumbledore to return. The professor said that he needed to pick up the other person, who he would bring to the burrow. That was thirty minutes ago.

Ron sat next to Harry. He looked suspiciously from Ginny to Harry. "Is there something I need to know ... Harry?"

"No, Ronald... uhm... I mean Ron, everything is fine."

Ron was frowning. "Listen Harry, do you have something with my baby sister? I warn you, nobody can touch her."

Harry looked at Ginny, who was scowling at her brother. "Ron, if there is something going on, and even if I do have feelings for Ginny, you will not interfere, it is between Ginny and I."

Ron stood up from his chair. "YOU DON'T TOUCH HER!" he screamed.

Harry stood up as well, and brought his face very close to Ron's. Harry radiated a lot of raw magical energy now and his eyes flickered dangerously. "I do what I think is right (poke), and you don't interfere (poke) and you don't hurt Ginny (poke) and you shut your mouth (poke) (poke)," he said threateningly, his finger still lingering over Ron's chest. Ron's mouth fell open, his eyes went wide in surprise, and he sat down heavily on his chair.

Ginny now had a wide and bright smile on her face. "Thank you Harry, I like what you said and I fully agree. " She pointed her own finger at Ron and her eyes were flashing as well. "And if you (poke) try again to interfere with my (poke) private (poke) life (poke), I will (poke) (poke) hex you into next year, DO YOU HEAR THAT, RONALD WEASLEY (poke) (poke)?"

Ron was nodding very quickly now. "Yes Gin, don't get your knickers in a twist... and... whatever." Ron stood up again and bolted from the kitchen to his room.

Both Harry and Ginny looked at each other with wide bright smiles. "So, now that the git is gone," Ginny began. "Harry, why are you here?"

Harry looked at Ginny ... she was even more beautiful, now he saw her in reality rather than in his dream ... and instantly he became bright red again, rivaling the Weasley's shade. "Well ... Professor Dumbledore visited me an hour ago and he brought me here. He seems to be worried about something, and that is all I know."

Ginny nodded and looked thoughtfully at Harry. "He asked me about my dreams," she confessed and immediately turned scarlet as well.

"Dreams ... you mean ... are you still dreaming about the Chamber of Secrets?"

"No... I mean I have many... uhm... very intense dreams ... more than ever ... but not about Tom." She again began examining the table.

"I also have dreams, absolutely abnormal... the dreams interfere with everything; even in broad daylight I have them."

Ginny looked up suddenly and stared into his eyes intently. "What kind of dreams do you have, Harry?"

Harry felt like he was melting on his chair ... and immediately looked down at the kitchen table again. "I dream about you and ... Romilda ... Romilda Vane."

Ginny was shocked. "Me too!"

This was unexpected. Harry looked up and saw Ginny watching him with an unreadable expression on her face.

"And what do you dream about, Harry?"

Before Harry could control himself, he said, "making love."

Ginny's eyes went wide and Harry prepared himself to bolt. Ginny whispered, "Me too."

Harry forgot where he was. "You too?" his eyes went wide open. "But the bloody dreams never complete, somebody always interferes!"

Ginny looked dreamily out of the window. "I always dream until the end."

Harry learned towards her. "And how do they end, Gin?"

Ginny leaned back slightly and looked at Harry. "And why do you want to know that?"

Harry looked frustrated. "Because it is not fair ... my dreams start amazingly ... but there is always somebody who interferes, and my dreams never reach the good part..." Suddenly he realized what he had said and he blushed again, looking down at the table.

"Do you like your dreams Harry?"

"Yes I do," he answered quickly.

"Tell me about your last dream," Ginny whispered.

"Romilda asked me to kiss her, and you pulled me towards yourself... I touched your cheek... and that was the end of it."

"I had that dream this morning..."

"The other dream I had was that you and Romilda dragged me into your room here at the Burrow, and you took off your jeans and Romilda took of her blouse... I could see your underwear and then my uncle woke me up."

Ginny looked flustered... "I had that dream as well."

"And did you have the dream complete?"

Ginny nodded to Harry. "Yes."

Harry grabbed her hands on the table and squeezed them a little.

"Ginny... may I ask you something... eh... private?"

Ginny nodded with a small smile. "Yes, Harry, you may."

"Do... I mean... do you wear knickers... I mean, those small, white knickers with lace?"

Ginny looked surprised... she would never have expected such question coming from Harry. "No, I don't have such knickers."

Harry was intrigued... obsessed suddenly to see Ginny in her underwear.

"Harry, is something wrong?"

"Eh... wrong... I... uhm... I wondered... no, eh... nothing is wrong," he said quickly.

However, he knew there was something truly wrong. How is it possible that he was lusting after Ginny... all his mind wondering about her, her breasts, her hips, her legs and her...

Harry suddenly felt very uncomfortable on his chair and he was glad that his jeans were very shabby and much too big... he had a huge erection and Ginny was not helping now. She was looking at him with a knowing smile... as if she knew what his problem was... how she could know!

He felt something touching his leg... Ginny was looking at him innocently. Harry was groaning now. "Ginny, for Merlin's sake, stop it! You are killing me."

She smiled wickedly. Her foot continued to move slowly higher and higher... pausing briefly on his knee... and moved further... to his thigh... until her foot reached his crotch.

"Do you think that Romilda has the same dreams?"

Harry was looking very flustered. "What?"

Now was Ginny grinning... she loved that she had such power over Harry. "What I mean is that we have both the same dreams, and in all of those dreams we see Romilda as well ... that means that she must have the dreams as well."

Harry tried to move, but her foot was pressing heavily on his crotch ... he could not move!

"It might be that Professor Dumbledore is collecting her ... if she shows up with him, then we know."

Ginny was pleased. She'd had a crush on Harry for many years now, and the crush had never gone away ... over the last few years her crush had deepened and she had grown much deeper feelings for Harry. She had these dreams... if only he knew? However, yesterday the dreams were so intense, so real, and she did not understand what Romilda was doing in her dreams... no... not her dreams... but their dreams.

It looked like Harry had feelings for her; as well... or at least, he was interested in her. She would already be satisfied for now if he was just interested in her body... that was much better then ignoring her, which he had done for all these years. What was Romilda doing in their dreams? She remembered Romilda, she was in Ginny's year at Hogwarts, and the girl had a heavy crush on Harry as well. She remembered that Romilda was planning to give Harry chocolates infused with a love potion to make him go out with her. Ginny could understand Romilda very well... she had also once considered administering love portions to Harry. She remembered one time in her third year that she had considered coming to his bed in his dorm, and it was only Hermione who had stopped her ... what would happened when she would not be stopped?

"Ginny," whispered Harry. Ginny looked up. "I am sure that Dumbledore will send me back to the Dursley's. I will try to get something to be able to talk to you, because I really want to be with you... I mean to talk... but no one will give us any privacy here."

"You mean a telephone?" Ginny whispered back.

"No, no telephone. I want to watch you, Ginny... I mean to be able to see you." He became red again, and she put a little more pressure on his crotch with her foot.

"That's alright, Harry. But what do you have in mind?"

"A two way mirror... Sirius gave one to me, but I destroyed it by accident. " He thought a moment. "When I am back at Privet Drive, I'll contact Dobby and ask him to buy me a set. Then we can talk and see each other at the same time and nobody will know."

He placed his hand on her foot that was still resting against his crotch. "Ginny, I have very strong feelings for you... but I am so confused... I feel like I... I don't know if I am in love with you, or what it is what I feel... I feel very... attracted to you."

At that very moment, the backdoor of the kitchen opened and Professor Dumbledore entered the Burrow, together with Romilda and an older woman. The woman looked like an older version of Romilda, the same long, dark hair and dark eyes. Romilda entered the kitchen next to her mother, but stopped suddenly when she saw Harry and Ginny sitting at the kitchen table holding each other hands. Both of them looked at her, and everyone was frozen for a moment.

Slowly Romilda walked towards Harry and Ginny ... and looked hesitantly at the chair next to Ginny. "Can I ..."

Ginny moved a little and nodded to her. "Professor Dumbledore explained a little of what is going on. It seems that the three of us have a problem," she said as she sat.

Harry looked at the professor. "It seems that as usual, he forget to tell me what is going on, and as usual... I am the last one to know.

"Is that not so, sir? Would you please tell me what is going on, or is it better to wait until I figure it out on my own ... for the 'greater' good?"

Ginny was squeezing his hands more tightly as if supporting him. Professor Dumbledore managed to look somewhat sheepish. "I am so sorry Harry, I did not mean to tell anyone anything before we were all together, but Mrs. Vane here insisted to know what was going on, and we need Romilda here, so I was forced to tell them a part of it. Now let us sit together and I will explain what is going on."

"Do you have those dreams between the three of us?" Ginny whispered to Romilda.

"Yeah... amazing dreams... and suddenly Professor Dumbledore tells me that you two have the same dreams and... Harry Potter... I've had a crush on him since I was thirteen!" she whispered back.

"Hello ladies, I am still here!" Harry whispered to the girls.

Both girls were giggling.

Professor Dumbledore looked with amusement at the trio. "Let's begin. Molly, where is Arthur?"

"He is on his way, Albus. He will be here any moment now." Everyone took a seat as they waited for Mr. Weasley. The girls moved to Harry's side of the table, Ginny on his right side and Romilda on his left.

"This looks very familiar," murmured Harry to the girls. The girls smiled widely.

"Maybe we can drag you to Ginny's room and this time it will not be a dream," Romilda replied with a very low and husky voice.

Harry felt his skin burning and started to look at the table, but he felt Ginny's hand under his chin.

"Not anymore, we have a thing... the three of us, and when you feel embarrassed, don't be between the three of us... didn't you like our dreams together?"

"I loved them, and I would do a lot to experience a full dream, beginning... to the end," wished Harry with a wide smile of his own. "It is every boy's dream to be together with two of the most beautiful girls ever!" The last sentence sounded louder then he intended and all adults were looking at him in various states of shock. Harry had a goofy smile on his face, while the girls were blushing.

"Well ..." Professor Dumbledore said. "That is the youth and the age ... how wonderful it would be to be young again."

Mr. Weasley arrived from the fireplace, and that seemed to break the ice. Mr. Weasley had heard Harry's last remark, and looked warily at his only daughter, who was giggling along with Romilda Vane. Mrs. Vane could also not see the humor, but Molly seemed to swoon... she had always had a soft spot for Harry, and dreamt that Harry and Ginny would get together and it seemed now they would have much more than that.

"Well," began Professor Dumbledore. "This morning Miss Granger contacted me and told me she had received a letter, stating that Harry was sick with a disease with the name Triangle Complex."

Everyone looked astonished.

"We don't know who this letter is from, but I decided to investigate. I visited Harry this morning at his house and got my confirmation ... it looks like he is indeed infected.

The Triangle Complex or the Triangulusum Colosoris was originated long time ago, by a person with the name Meleager. When Meleager became sixteen years old, the three Greek Fates announced to his mother that Meleager would live only so long as he found two virgins, impregnate them within one month and that they must live together within a radius of 25 meters. If one of the rules was broken, he and the virgins would explode (magically), and everyone within about 100 meters dies with them. This is the exact description of the disease. The victims need to be infected by the sweat of an Opinicus Statant, a type of griffin with the body and legs of a lion, the head, neck, and wings of an eagle, and the short tail of a camel. There is no cure for the disease."

Mrs. Vane watched Harry from the other side of the kitchen table. Harry was looking intently at the table, without moving... as if he was in trance.

"What I understand is that Harry is infected... but what does that have to do with my daughter?"

"Your daughter is also infected... as is Ginny Weasley."


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