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Chapter 2

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Dumbledore thinks that something drastically must happen in order to win the fight against Voldemort ... and he finds an ancient disease, which turns the three victims into walking bombs ... he inf...

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Everyone started to scream at the same time.

Dumbledore stood up. "SILENCE!" he boomed.

The room went quiet.

"There is more," he said somberly. "They were infected yesterday, in the early afternoon. The infection takes about 12 hours to become active. Nobody knows who infected Harry, Ginny and Romilda. They have exactly one month to come together and copulate. After that, they are not to be separated from each other, if one of them leaves the side of the others... then all of them will explode in a magical explosion and kill themselves and anyone nearby."

It was utterly silent in the kitchen of the Burrow. Nobody said anything, they all watched Dumbledore, who was looking tired.

"Copulate?" Mrs. Weasley asked with a shrill voice.

"What is copulate, Ginny?" Harry whispered.

"Making love," Romilda answered softly.

"One month ... only one month." And his goofy expression came back. "One month!" Ginny and Romilda giggled softly.

"I won't let my daughter loose her innocence so early; she is only fifteen years old, for Merlin sake. If this is some kind of scheme... I won't let you."

Dumbledore looked at Mrs. Weasley with a sad expression. "You don't have any choice, unless you want to kill your daughter."

Mrs. Weasley looked fiercely at the professor. "I have choices Albus, and I am going to take them now. Ginny, go upstairs to your room... NOW!"

Ginny stood up and whispered to Harry, "Don't forget me, Harry. Get those mirrors!" and she left the kitchen. Harry was amazed that Ginny had not fought back!

Mrs. Vane watched Mrs. Weasley in shock. "Mrs. Weasley, how could you. If you are so stubborn, it kills not only your daughter, but mine as well, how could you!"

"Very easily, Mrs. Vane. I don't believe one word of this stupid story, and I don't care what Dumbledore says, but this is my house and my daughter... so all of you leave!"

"If that is what you want, Molly, I hope you are prepared for what will happen. Come with me, Harry," Dumbledore said and left the house without another word.

Harry mouthed, "I'll talk to you later," to Romilda and followed the professor outside.

Dumbledore gave him an old sock. "This is your portkey back to your room at Privet Drive, Harry. I will keep in contact over the weeks to come."

Harry touched the sock and disappeared from the Burrow.

Dumbledore smiled slightly. "They are all so predictable," he said to himself and he disappeared as well.



With a small pop Dobby, the house elf, appeared in front of him. "Master Harry Potter Sir, what can I do for the greatest wizard in the world?" Dobby was overexcited as usual and jumped on Harry's bed with a lot of enthusiasm.

"Dobby, please calm down, I want you to do something for me, it is very important."

"Yes, Dobby is doing everything for the kind master Harry Potter Sir," Dobby replied and jumped from the bed to stand in front of him.

"Dobby, how would you like to work for me?"

Dobby's ears went straight up. "Do you mean that, Harry Potter Sir?" He became excited again. "Dobby wants, Dobby wants!" he sang excitedly.

Harry could not help but smile. "If you want to work for me, Dobby, can you do something very important for me?"

"Yes, Harry Potter Sir, tell me what you want."

"Can you buy something in my name and use my vault in Gringotts?"

"Yes of course, Harry Potter Sir, I am your house elf and we can use your vault to pay for bills."

"Great! Do you know where they sell magical mirrors?"

"Yes Harry Potter Sir, I know where they sell magical artifacts."

"Can you buy me two pairs of magical mirrors and bring me a thousand Galleons, Dobby?"

"Of course, Harry Potter Sir." Dobby bowed with a flourish and disappeared with a pop.

Harry wrote two letters, one to Ginny and one to Romilda. He told them about the mirrors and, hoping they were the same as the mirrors he and Sirius had used, the instructions on how to use them.

Half an hour later, Dobby popped into the bedroom of 4 Privet Drive with the mirrors and the thousand Galleons. "Here they are, Harry Potter Sir, two sets of magical mirrors."

"Thank you so much, Dobby. You are truly the best house elf I have ever met." Dobby beamed because of all the praise he was getting from his master. "Is there anything else for the great wizard, Harry Potter Sir?"

"Yes Dobby, there is something that you can do for me. Can you apparate to the room of Ms. Ginny Weasley and Romilda Vane and give them each a mirror of a set and a letter?"

"Of course, Harry Potter Sir ... I deliver them immediately." Dobby picked up the items and popped away.

Harry went downstairs to finish his chores for the day.

That evening he was staring at the mirrors, wondering if the girls were able to receive his call. He watched the old alarm clock... it was almost eleven o'clock in the evening so it might be safe to try.

He picked up the twin mirror to Ginny's.

"Ginny Weasley," he spoke into the mirror. He turned to the other mirror. "Romilda Vane", and he waited.

Suddenly one of the mirrors changed ... the image of Ginny appeared. "Hello Harry, you kept your word."

"Hi Gin, of course I kept my word. How are you and what is your mum doing?"

"Can you imagine what she did? She locked me in my room and took my wand. I'm a prisoner... the whole family is taking turns to guard me. They won't even let me use Pig or Errol... no owl post this summer. Harry, they're considering taking me out of Hogwarts and sending me to Beauxbatons! "

"It is strange that Romilda hasn't answered. I know Dobby is trustworthy and it is strange that she has not contacted me."

"Maybe someone discovered the mirror and took it away, Harry."

They talked through the night and went to sleep at one in the morning.

Later in the morning, Harry awoke in shock. "That was the most amazing dream I have ever had," he pronounced to the darkness. He looked at his alarm clock and saw it was three o'clock in the morning. This time he had managed to stay in the dream from the beginning until the end. He knew that both girls had dreamed the same dream and wondered what they would say. He tried to call Romilda again, but still got no response, then he heard Ginny's voice softly calling for him.

He turned to her mirror and said softly, "Ginny Weasley", and Ginny's flustered face appeared in the mirror.

"Harry," she whispered. "Did you have your dream?"

Harry nodded. "I had my first full dream, it was amazing ... I wish that I was with you and Romilda. By the way, she still isn't replying."

"Oh Harry, I wish you were here with me, it is so hard to stay here, the feeling of being a prisoner... it is terrible and very lonely. Now I know how you felt when you were locked up. "

"Yeah, I understand what you are feeling, Gin."

"Harry, do you want me to show you something that you like, like in our dream?"

Harry's eyes went wide and he looked intently at Ginny in the mirror. "What do you want to show me?"

"Look for yourself," she replied huskily, her face disappeared from the mirror and Harry's eyes bulged.


Romilda Vane, the 5th year Gryffindor, was lying in her bed. She had woken up from another dream with Harry and Ginny. She wondered what they were doing now, both of them in their own prisons. When that house elf had appeared in her room, and brought her the mirror, she had been so happy. Harry Potter wanted to speak with her. With her, the stupid and plain Romilda Vane! Then her mother had come into the room, caught her with the mirror, and confiscated it. According her mother it was dark magic, so she had missed the chance to talk to her Harry.

Romilda slowly became more and more annoyed. Her parents had always been good to her, she had everything she could ever want, but this was the first time her parents had been so upset. She understood why they were upset, but it was not her fault. Now they had locked her up in her bedroom as if they were punishing her, for something she had not done. Not yet, anyway.

Then there was Harry Potter, she was longing for him... so much that it almost hurt. She must see him, speak to him, he was the center point in her universe. How could she reach him? She was not allowed to use owl post anymore, she could not floo him... the mirror had been taken away from her... how could she contact him, to speak, to laugh, and to touch him?

"I know! The Knight Bus."

She took her wand, some clothes and necessities and went to the window. She quietly opened it and climbed out. They lived in a one-story building in the center of London, so it was very easy for her to escape. Walking some streets away from her parents' house, she held out her wand arm and the Knight Bus appeared with a big boom. Stan opened the door and she entered the bus.

"Where do you need to go, missy?" Stan asked.

"Number 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging," she replied and the bus took off. "Harry, here I come!"


Harry had enough. "I am coming to you, Gin."

"But Harry, you can't come to me, because you'll get caught! I am sure that Dumbledore has the Order watching you!" Ginny said in despair, while putting on her blouse in front of the mirror.

"I can handle the Order, Gin. I have my father's invisibility cloak. They won't see me leaving, and I can reach the Burrow on my broom." His eyes were fixed on her fingers, while she slowly buttoned her blouse.

Ginny blushed and nodded slowly. "I would love you to come to me but ... Ron is standing in front of my door. Your broom... Harry, you can fly in through my window on your firebolt."

Harry smiled at her. "Thanks Gin, a genius as always." Ginny blew him a kiss.

Harry took the mirror, his invisibility cloak and his broom and slipped out of the house. Dumbledore, who was standing behind one of the trees at Number 8 Privet Drive started to laugh softly. "It has begun, it's truly begun. What a wonder it is to be young... and this will be so much fun." He apparated away to a lane near the Burrow.

Harry touched down close to the Burrow. From previous long-distance flying he had learnt a few things and had, as well as dressing warmly, worn gloves so he was not frozen though he did shiver a little. He pulled his invisibility cloak closer around himself and started to walk towards the house.

Everything seemed quiet; he saw the lights on in the kitchen, and looked up at Ginny's window. He saw a light burning in her room. He took the mirror and whispered, "Ginny Weasley."

There was immediately a soft reply from Ginny. "Harry Potter", the mirror whispered. Harry looked at Ginny with a wide smile. "I am here."


Romilda Vane approached Privet Drive and counted down the numbers. Here is the house with the number 4, she thought and approached the door. She rang the bell and knocked on the door forcefully. An annoyed and very fat man opened the door and looked at her. "Yes, what can I do for you?"

"I'm here for Harry Potter, is he in?"

"That freak! Are you one of those freaks?" He made to slam the door but Romilda put her foot in the doorway, blocking him.

"Am I a freak? "She answered with fire in her eyes. She pulled her wand and pointed it at Vernon. "Let me in to see him, otherwise I'll blast you away." She stepped inside as Vernon backed away from her. "Where is he?"

Vernon was not a fool and he pointed upstairs. She immediately went up and saw several doors. One of the doors had many locks on it, and she remembered the stories at school about his relatives. She opened the door and entered a small room with a small bed, a closet and Hogwarts textbooks spread everywhere. This is definitely his room. So where is Harry?

She ran downstairs to search for that awful fat man and she reached the kitchen. There she saw a horse-like woman, the fat man and behind them a fat boy of her age.

"Where is he?" She pointed her wand at them threateningly. The fat man was shaking with fear.

"The last time I saw him, he was in his room and he did not come out."

"He is not in his room!" she screamed. She saw a wet spot appearing on Vernon's pants. "Ahr! ... This is so disgusting. Where is he? Tell me or I swear I will blast you away!"

"If he is not here, then he went to those people with red hair," the woman with the horse face said with a broken voice.

That means the Weasley's, Romilda thought. She immediately turned and left the house.


Harry maneuvered his firebolt through the window of Ginny's room. Ginny helped him dismount and he kissed her straight on her mouth.

"At last," Ginny murmured in the kiss. She grabbed him tightly around his waist and dragged him into her bed. They deepened their kiss, tasting each other, Ginny tore off her blouse, and Harry tried to open his jeans. The magic went wild around the couple.

"Ronald," his mother called from downstairs. "Is everything alright upstairs?"

"Yes mum," Ron answered. "Everything is quiet here. That Potter will not get past me. I will blow him straight into next year if he tries." He sat on his chair, which he had positioned straight in front of Ginny's bedroom door.

He was reading a small book of Charlie's and he wanted to finish it. If his mother found out... Behind his back, the magic went wild!


Romilda arrived at the Burrow on the Knight Bus. She walked to the door of the kitchen and knocked.

Mrs. Weasley opened the door and Romilda exclaimed, "Stupefy!"

Mrs. Weasley went down immediately. Before she could realize what had happened. Romilda entered the kitchen and moved immediately upstairs towards Ginny's room. Ron was still absorbed in his little book and had not heard the "Stupefy".

He went down like a block of wood. Romilda opened the bedroom door and stopped in the threshold. In Ginny's bed, she saw Harry and Ginny making love. Romilda entered the room, closed the door, pointed her wand at it and mumbled, "Colloportus". She removed her clothes and climbed into the bed ... where Harry and Ginny welcomed her.


The birds were singing joyfully outside as the people within the Burrow slowly awoke, except for the trio... they were sleeping happily in each other arms. Mr. Weasley went down the stairs to make his morning tea. He knew that his wife was guarding the Burrow downstairs, all to keep the innocence of their only daughter. He thought that she was taking very extreme precautions, but there was no way that he could change her mind. He arrived in the kitchen and discovered his wife on the floor. He immediately grabbed his wand and revived her. Molly slowly came to her senses and looked at her husband.

"What happened?"

"I don't know, my dear. This is the way I found you!"

"Oh my, somebody attacked me last night! " She immediately bolted upstairs and found the unconscious Ron lying in front of Ginny's bedroom door.

"Ginnyyyyyyyyy!" she screamed and tried to open the door. The door was locked! She grabbed her wand and tried to open the door magically. "Alohomora!" That did not work either. She turned to her husband, who followed her. "Arthur, you need to call Dumbledore immediately, something has happened to our girl, I can feel it!" "Ginnyyyy! Please open up!"

Arthur bolted down to the fireplace to floo Dumbledore.

Before he reached the fireplace, the kitchen door opened and Dumbledore entered.

"Albus, thank Merlin you are here. We have a problem; someone is in Ginny's room."

Both men hurried upstairs to Ginny's room, where a very scared Molly Weasley was trying to open the door, screaming at the top of her lungs.

"Molly, let me handle this," Dumbledore said with a powerful voice. Molly backed away from the door, stepping on the still unconscious Ron.

The professor tried several spells and at last, the door opened quietly with a soft click. Everything was quiet. Slowly, he pushed the door open, pointing his wand into the room. On the bed were the three youngsters... all of them naked and with blissful expressions on their faces.

The professor lowered his wand and smiled. "It has begun."

Molly and Arthur entered the room... Molly pressed her hands against her mouth and her eyes went wide. She slowly became very red. Arthur suppressed a grin and behind them came Charlie and Bill, who had been woken by all the noise their mother was making.

"What the hell is going on?" Charlie said furiously. "This is an outrage, I will kill that Potter".

Bill was not in a better mood. "Where is that damned Ron, I thought that he was guarding her door. First I am going to kill Potter, and then we take Ron."

Both of them approached the bed to grab Harry by his hair, but Harry and the girls did not move. They were still asleep and were not aware of what was going on around them. When Bill reached for Harry's hair, a golden shield surrounded the trio. He could not touch any of them. "What the hell is that!" he exclaimed.

Charlie was ogling the breasts of Romilda, while his mother started to scream. "GINERVA MOLLY WEASLEY! WAKE UP AT ONCE AND GET OUT OF BED!" she yelled at the top of her lungs.

The trio woke up indeed, but what happened next was what nobody expected to happen. They woke up and saw all the Weasley's (except Ron and Percy) in their room, while they had no clothing on! Harry moved his arms and hands over the private parts of the girls and tried to cover as much as he could.

Dumbledore started to laugh and tried to calm down Molly and her enraged sons. Together with Arthur, he managed to move the three excited Weasley's out of Ginny's bedroom and sent them to the kitchen. Professor Dumbledore turned towards the trio.

"Please dress yourselves and come down to the kitchen. I think we need to talk."

With those words, he closed the bedroom door and with a big smile, he went downstairs to the kitchen.


Everyone was quietly waiting for the trio to come downstairs from Ginny's bedroom. While they were waiting, Mrs. Vane arrived at the Burrow in search of her daughter, and this time she had brought her husband. Nobody spoke. Mrs. Weasley was keeping herself busy, preparing breakfast and making more tea and coffee. Bill and Charlie were sitting on the kitchen table, each of them involved in their own thoughts. Dumbledore looked around at all the people gathered in the kitchen and he smiled again. This is extremely amusing... it had been too many years since he'd had so much fun.

The bedroom door opened and Harry saw Ron still lying on the ground unconscious.

"That was one hell of a spell, Romilda. He is still out of this world!"

Romilda blushed. Ginny looked at the book, which she had found next to Ron. "I see that my dear older brother is reading dirty books... I wonder what mum will say when she finds out!"

Harry looked uncomfortable. "I think that we are in worse position Gin. She saw us naked together!"

They slowly descended the stairs to the kitchen, where everyone was waiting for them.

Dumbledore saw the trio coming down the stairs. Harry was in the middle and both girls were walking slightly behind him... as if they were guarding him. He could see that the trio had changed; they did not look like guilty teenagers who were caught in a very compromising position some twenty minutes ago. There was clearly defiance on their faces.

The trio reached the kitchen table and halted. They looked at all the people present. Mr. Weasley spoke up first.

"What do you have to say for yourselves?" he asked.

The trio looked at him defiantly, but Ginny spoke up first. "If you had not locked me up, to keep Harry and Romilda away from me, this would never have happened... so fast."

"Can you tell me what happened?" Professor Dumbledore asked.

"I sent Ginny and Romilda a magical mirror, so I could talk to them. However, Romilda's mum took the mirror away and I could only talk to Ginny. She was devastated by what her mum had done to her, and was very lonely. All of us had dreams again and I had enough. I took my invisibility cloak and traveled on my broom to the Burrow. Then I used it to enter Ginny's room via her window and soon after that Romilda joined us."

Now Romilda spoke. "I escaped our house, and went to Privet Drive with the Knight Bus, but Harry was not there. Therefore, I traveled again with the Knight Bus and arrived here at the Burrow. I blasted my way to Ginny's bedroom, where I found Harry and Ginny in bed... I joined them."

Now Ginny spoke. "There is not much to tell, I asked Harry to come to me via the mirror, and he came. I helped him to come through the window with his broom and later Romilda joined us."

Ginny saw her mother go white with fury; her father looked at her very disapprovingly.

Mrs. Vane stood up. "You, young lady, have two owls from the ministry because of underage magic. What shall we do with that? And what did you do in bed with those two?"

"I am very sorry, mother. I do not know what happened to me, I felt... no, I feel driven to be with Harry and Ginny, and that is what I did. I did not want to be stopped... I went to find Harry, Ginny, and nothing and nobody could stop me."

Harry looked to the floor. "I am truly sorry, Mrs. and Mr. Weasley and Vane. I slept with your daughters and took their vir..."

"You stop!" Ginny shouted at him. She turned to her parents with defiance. "Dad, mum we, Romilda and I, are not virgins anymore. We made love with Harry last night and we are not sorry."

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