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Chapter 3

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Dumbledore thinks that something drastically must happen in order to win the fight against Voldemort ... and he finds an ancient disease, which turns the three victims into walking bombs ... he inf...

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After several minutes of screaming, Mrs. Weasley calmed down. Exhausted, she slumped on her chair. This news was too much for her. She looked at her husband, who still did not say anything. He had no idea what to say or do.

Dumbledore cleared his throat, "Ahem."

"Yesterday, we talked about a disease that the three of them have. Because of the disease, they cannot be held responsible for their actions. What happened last night, happened because we disregarded the symptoms. You, Molly Weasley, ignored my warnings, and reacted very foolishly and irresponsibly.

You cannot put your head in the sand and ignore the reality. You endanger the life of your daughter and the two others here as well. Because of your behaviour, you forced the situation and now we have... certain complications!"

Molly looked defiantly at Dumbledore. "Complications... complications? That may well be, but we are talking about my daughter, and ..."

Dumbledore held up his hand, and Molly fell quiet.

"She can be a thousand times your daughter, but she is still sick. Since when do you ignore the doctor and endanger her life?"

"You are not a doctor, and she is far too young for this nonsense," Molly hissed.

Dumbledore looked furious. He continued with a dangerously low voice, "I am indeed, not your doctor. Let us say that I stand up and leave the Burrow and you can try to lock up your daughter. Mr. Potter here will leave the Burrow as well, and return to the Privet Drive. When he walks out of here, further than twenty-five meters, your daughter, Romilda and Mr. Potter will die, and everyone near them as well. Is that what you want?" Dumbledore stood up and looked at Molly.

Arthur stood up as well. "That is more then enough, Molly." He looked at the trio and turned to the professor. "Albus, tell us what is going on."

The professor sighed and sat back on his chair. "I explained yesterday, the trio is suffering from the Triangle Complex. The disease is an ancient infection, which forces the trio to come together, have sexual intercourse and then they must stay together, within a range of twenty-five meters. I had hoped that we could wait with the first part until we were much better prepared and could control the situation better, but because of what happened last night, everything is more complicated and considerably more dangerous."

"What do you mean, dangerous?" Arthur asked.

"When we could have controlled the first phase, we could have avoided the risk of pregnancy for both girls."

That got the attention of all the people present. "By trying to force Ginny to be separated, the two others were forced to act and came together without supervision, and when they did, they initiated the first phase. Not being prepared, we could never stop them to be together in this way, and now we possibly have serious complications." The professor looked at Molly.

"They cannot help their behaviour; the trio are... driven. They personally cannot fight the urge - we as responsible adults were supposed to support them."

For the first time Mr. Vane spoke up. "You mean that our daughter is pregnant?"

"I think it is wise to ask Poppy to check them out. If my suspicions are correct, you all better prepare yourselves for that."

"Our Romilda is pregnant?" whispered Mrs. Vane. Now she turned sharply to Molly. "That is all your fault, if you had just acted responsibly and did not panic, this would never have happened!"

Molly paled considerably.

"What shall we do now?" Arthur asked.

"We need to discuss what we are going to do with the trio. They need to have a place to stay, and they need to stay together." He looked at Molly. "And no hysterical mothers trying to save something that cannot be saved... anymore. We must invite Poppy to check them over and to find out if they are indeed pregnant."

"I will floo Poppy. Molly, why don't you make us a nice cup of tea, dear?" Arthur left the kitchen to go to the fireplace and Molly stood up shakily from the table to prepare the tea.

Harry and the girls walked towards the table and sat down on the three remaining seats. The trio became aware of the dark looks from everyone around the table. Nobody said a word, but the guilt was clearly visible on their faces.

"Professor Dumbledore, Ginny, and Romilda can't be pregnant, because we used a potion yesterday," Harry said confused. "How can you assume that the girls are pregnant? You should have asked me."

Dumbledore looked Harry straight in the eye. "May I ask what potion you used? "

"It is a potion, which Bill was using," Ginny said immediately.

"And how did you get that potion, young lady?" asked her mother from the kitchen, confused.

"The potion is still in his room, mum," smirked Ginny.

She turned to Professor Dumbledore. "You see professor, we were being careful, and we are not pregnant, because we used that potion. We might be stupid, we might be driven and we cannot fight that, but even we understood the danger of doing... what we did last night, without protection."

Dumbledore solemnly nodded his wise head. "I am afraid that your effort was not enough, Miss Weasley," he said.

Before Ginny or anyone else could react, he held up his hand. "I am not finished. Because of the Triangle Complex, no birth control potion will help you to protect against pregnancy."

The trio paled considerately. Nobody said anything anymore.

Within minutes, Molly came in with tea and Arthur and Poppy arrived. Madame Poppy Pomfrey looked around, found Harry and frowned with disproval.

"Mr. Potter", she said acidly. Then she saw both girls. "Is there a place here were we can have privacy?" It was obvious that she did not approve of the situation at all.

Ginny nodded, took the hand of Romilda and lead Madame Pomfrey to her room.

After sixty very long minutes, they came downstairs. The two girls took their seats next to Harry, and started to whisper. "We both are pregnant," Romilda whispered in his ear. Both girls were crying and Harry paled even more.

Madame Pomfrey watched the trio, looking upset and disappointed.

"You all better sit", she snapped.

Molly sat down and looked fearfully at Madame Pomfrey.

Madame Pomfrey cleared her throat. "I am afraid that both girls are pregnant!"

Harry put his arms around both crying girls and hugged them. Mrs. Weasley started to cry softly and Mrs. Vane looked shocked. Professor Dumbledore though looked somewhat worried; until he felt the heat of Harry's gaze, then his face became neutral.

"Mr. Potter, what I understand from the girls is that you are the father?" Madame Pomfrey said in a neutral tone.

"Yes, Madame Pomfrey."

She huffed. "This is a scandal, that such an irresponsible boy like you should do this to the two girls here. I expect at least, that you take responsibility!"

Meanwhile, Mr. Vane was glaring at Harry.

Harry hung his head in despair. He could not understand how this could happen to him. And the two girls... how must they feel! How could he have gone to Ginny's room and made love to her? How was it possible that he could speak to her in a way he would even never dream? He remembered that yesterday Romilda had arrived when he was kissing Ginny. How was it possible that he took advantage of the two girls? What happened to him? Why was he not able to control his urges? A deep feeling of guilt washed through him. How could that happen? It wasn't like him. How was it possible that yesterday only the thought of Ginny could turn him Weasley red? He looked again at Dumbledore. The man's face was unreadable. Harry was sure he was hiding something, but what! Dumbledore was talking about a disease that he and both girls apparently had... what was the name again? The um... yeah, triangle complex.

"Why is it that I did what I did, Professor Dumbledore? Harry asked the old man.

Dumbledore sighed. "What do you mean, Harry?"

"I mean... it... I feel changed somehow. I would never take advantage... I mean I had never even thought to touch a girl... um I mean..." Harry became very red and felt extremely embarrassed.

"The Triangle Complex is changing your feelings towards the two others, who share the infection, Harry."

"But Sir, how is that possible? What if there were more people infected and why us?"

"Then the outcome would be disastrous, Harry. However, the infection is shared between the three of you because all you three were poisoned by the same portion."

"You mean someone did infect us on purpose?" Harry asked.

"Yes Harry, that is what I think."

"And who would do something like that?"

"I think that you can think of several persons who might have those evil intentions Harry, don't you think so?"

Harry pondered his words. Disease or not, he had some serious issues here. The girls were pregnant because of him, he was sick, infected with that triangle complex thing, and there was nothing to do about... he was involved with two girls... and there was nothing to do about it.

"Do you know when my birthday is, Sir?"

"That is the thirty first of July, Harry," Dumbledore answered quietly.

"That's right! My girls and I are infected with an ancient disease that we do not have control over. Now my girls are pregnant as well." He paused, looked at the girls and smiled at them. He turned back to the professor. "Is it possible to marry two women?"

Dumbledore smiled sadly. "Yes, it is possible to marry more than one woman, Harry. This depends on how much money you have. For every ten million Galleons, you can take one wife. I can say that when you are seventeen in less then a month, you have more then enough money to marry both girls. I think you could easily marry ten more woman if you wished to do so."

"In that case I want to take responsibility, and I want to propose to my girls. "

Mr. Weasley looked a little relieved. Mrs. Weasley only stared at him.

"Ahum", Madame Pomfrey cleared her throat. "I am afraid that is not all the news I have, Mr. Potter."

Everyone turned to Madame Pomfrey.

"Both girls are having triplets."

Triplets. Three babies. Each... THUMP! Harry fainted.

Voices! He heard voices?

"Is he alright?"

"What happened?"

"He fainted."

"What would you do when you heard such news?"

Very slowly Harry opened his eyes. The first thing he noticed was that he was lying on the ground. Then he saw a pretty face haloed by red, flaming hair, next to that pretty face was another pretty face surrounded by straight black hair. Both of them were looking at him in concern.

"Harry?" He heard the hesitant question from the girl with the amazing red hair.

Madame Pomfrey cleared her throat. "Mr. Potter, are you feeling alright?"

"Yes, Madame Pomfrey, I am feeling alright... thank you. Maybe a little dizzy, but that is alright."

Slowly he stood up and moved to the table, claiming his chair.

Madame Pomfrey started to speak again. "Do you remember what I said, Mr. Potter?" she huffed.

"Yes, Madame Pomfrey," Harry answered. "You said that Ginny and Romilda are pregnant."

"Yes, Mr. Potter. They both are expecting triplets. Do you know what that means, Mr. Potter?"

"Yes, Madame Pomfrey, that means three babies."

"No, Mr. Potter. You will be father of SIX babies. You can expect the children in the month of May, next year. I also checked the sexes of the six, they are all girls."


Harry fainted again, and this time Mrs. Weasley as well.


Albus Dumbledore was watching the slowly waking boy lying in bed. "What... where am I?"

"You are in the Ron's bedroom, Harry. You are at the Burrow."

Harry looked around at the bright orange Cannon posters on the walls, the shabby table next to his cot, Ron's bed was on the other side, and Dumbledore sitting on a chair next to him. He immediately thought about Ginny and Romilda. "Where are the girls?"

"They are safe, and at this moment, in Ginny's room."

"What happened?" Harry asked as he touched his head. "It hurts!"

"You fainted the second time and hit your head on the table, Harry. We thought it was better to give you some rest... I sent everyone away so we could talk."

Slowly Harry sat up on his cot, and took his glasses from the table and put them on. "Professor, what is going to happen now?"

"I think it is important to find a safe place for the three of you to stay, and we need to talk about your status and the status of the girls. You need to understand that you impregnated two girls from respectable families."

Harry did not like what the professor said. It looked like Dumbledore was trying to blame him. It was true that the girls were pregnant, and that he was the father, but he was not to blame, it was the disease. That was what he understood when Dumbledore was explaining the disease before. Why was he blaming him?

He became annoyed and said, "It is important to notice that we are infected, and that we are not responsible for our actions last night, because it was dictated by the disease, professor."

Dumbledore nodded. "That might be so, but you cannot avoid the fact that they are pregnant."

Harry paused a little. Let us see if he eats this! "That is true, but this might not be the only thing that is going to happen, professor."

"What do you mean, Harry?"

"Well, because we were driven to do things, which led to the pregnancies, we might be driven to do other things, professor."

"Are you threatening me, Harry?"

"Do you feel threatened professor?"

"Please explain yourself, Harry. I would not like to misunderstand you."

"Of course, professor. You think of Grimmauld Place as the safe place for the girls and I. I do not like that place, it is not a place to bring the girls. I am thinking about something else."


"You told me that there is an inheritance. I assume that you know who the person is who maintains the Potter's vaults and properties."

Dumbledore looked at Harry with twinkling eyes. "Yes?"

"Can you tell me who that person is, professor?"

"I am the person who is responsible for maintaining your inheritance. "

"Are there any properties in the inheritance, professor?"

"Yes Harry, there are properties in the inheritance."

"Well, I will be seventeen years old in less then a month, and I will receive everything, is that correct?"

"Yes Harry, you will receive everything on the 31st of July.

"Good. Those properties can be accessed by you, professor?"

"Yes Harry, they can be accessed by me. "

"Are those properties safe against intrusion and other threats?"

"Yes, they are."

"So why don't you give us access to one of those properties?"

"I need to think it over, Harry. I am not sure if that is such good idea. "

"Well professor, I am sure that you have time enough to think about it... I give you one hour and I want to have that answer. "

Harry stood up from the cot. "Professor, if you will excuse me for a moment, I like to visit my girls," Harry said and he left the room.

"Harry, wait!"

Harry turned. "Yes professor?"

"One hour is not enough!"

"One hour is like eternity." Harry turned, knocked on Ginny's bedroom door, entered and closed the door behind him.

Professor Dumbledore sighed. What a frustration, Harry is being such a brat, dictating to him what to do!


Dumbledore went to the kitchen where Molly and Arthur Weasley were talking. Dumbledore took a chair and sat down. "Molly, do you agree that the three youngsters must stay with each other?"

"I do not agree that they stay together, but there is nothing we can do about it, right? I understand though that they need to stay together."

"Where do you want them to stay, Molly?"

"I want them in the Burrow, Albus. Where I can keep an eye on them."

"But Molly, you don't have the space to keep them here."

"Yes, we have space. Harry stays in Ron's room and the girls can stay in Ginny's."

"And what are you going to do about Ron's aversion to Harry?"

"I tell them to behave and that must be enough."

"I am afraid that you'll find Harry not much agreeable to that."

"He is so young, what does he know about what is best for him?"

"Well, I invite you to try."

"Is there a problem, Albus?" Arthur asked.

"Well... yes, there is a problem. I spoke with young Harry in Ron's room, and he indicated that he wants to have a place on his own, and he does not want to stay at Grimmauld Place."

"No Albus, I want to have my daughter with me, so I can watch her," Molly immediately replied.

"I think that is unwise, Molly. First it is not safe enough here, and second, the place you have here is too small for two extra persons, what will happen when the babies arrive?"

"But Albus, they are too young to live on their own. How will it be safer? And who is going to supervise them?"

"I think it is too late for supervising them, isn't it, Molly? Not only that, they will never accept any supervision from us anymore, because they think that we will smother them, and they might be right."


Harry punched his hand up into the air. "Yessssssssssssssss! I got him"

He turned and looked at the two girls, who were sitting on Ginny's bed. "What do you mean, Harry?"

"Well, Dumbledore spoke to me some moments ago, and he wanted to put us in that dreadful Grimmauld Place, and that is the last place I want to be."

"And what did you do?" Romilda asked.

"I was playing secret agent 007, and tried to bluff myself to a better place. I understand from Dumbledore that the Potter's inheritance contains one or more properties, and I want to see if Dumbledore would let us use one of those places now. Much better than sitting here with your family."

He looked hesitatingly at Ginny. "Sorry Gin, but it is the truth."

"Yes Harry, I know what you mean."

Harry told the girls about his conversation with Dumbledore.

"It is already a miracle that we can sit in your room without your mother storming in," Harry said.

Ginny and Romilda were red eyed and looking scared. They looked at him uncertainly, and Harry noticed. "What is wrong?"

Romilda started to cry. "We are scared, Harry. We are both pregnant, alone, we are sick, we might die, we feel strange things happen with us, our magic is flaring up and down, we have no future, we are terribly afraid to have the babies, how will we cope with two sets of triplets? What do you think is wrong!?" yelled Ginny.

Harry fell on his knees. "Oh Ginny... Romilda... you are not alone," he cried. "I am here for you! I will do anything I can to make you feel better. Please let me help you? Please Ginny and Romilda, please let me help you." Now Harry started to cry.

"Harry?" Ginny said with a small voice.

Harry looked up to her. "Gin?"

"Were you serious when you said that you would marry us?"

Harry nodded vigorously. "Yes I did. I am as serious as I ever was," he said with a shiver. "I have a lot of money at Gringotts. We do not have to worry about that. I will hire the best medical help we can get, so that I might help you have the babies."

He looked at them in despair.

"Please accept me, Ginny and Romilda. Please?" he cried.

"Do you want to accept six baby girls, Harry?" Romilda asked.

"Yes, I do," Harry replied with a straight face.

"How can you accept six babies, Harry? You are only a young boy?" Romilda sneered.

"I was orphaned when I was one year old. My relatives did not want me. I was always shunned, mistreated, kicked, ignored and harassed. I swore that if I ever have children, they would be welcomed and loved. Now I get six children, and if it is the last thing I ever do, I shall love them, protect them, and care for them, because they are mine. Young? Look at yourself, you are even younger than me!"

The trio hugged each other.

After an hour of crying, laughing, talking and kissing, Romilda stood up and started to pace. "I think I have an idea. Listen to me very carefully, because if we play this right, we will have what we want."


The trio walked downstairs towards the kitchen. At the kitchen table sat Professor Dumbledore, Mr. Weasley, Charlie, Bill, and Ron, they were all looking at the trio with dark expressions on their faces. Mrs. Weasley was making dinner.

"Hi boys," Ginny greeted her brothers, but nobody moved. Nobody said anything.

"We have an announcement to make," Ginny said.

Still nobody moved. The twinkle in Professor Dumbledore's eyes dimmed somewhat.

"Romilda and I are pregnant, and Harry is the father." With a smirk, she looked at the professor. "And guess who is responsible for that?" Professor Dumbledore raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Yes, professor that is right. Voldemort is responsible."

Dumbledore's eyebrows went up even more and disappeared, his eyes widened. "Excuse me?"

Mrs. Weasley and the others around the table gasped.

Ginny continued. "He is the one who got us the potion and infected us, and I am glad this happened. Before, I was unhappy, lonely, and had nightmares every night. For years I could not sleep well, always having the threat of Tom Riddle over my head, and I had a crush on Harry, which developed in so much more." She paused and winked at Romilda. "Romilda was for many years unhappy, because she had a crush on Harry as well, and she never expected that Harry would pay any attention to her. She was also lonely and felt so sad, because her love for Harry would never be reciprocated. What do we have now? We are with Harry and Harry is with us. We are going to have our own family, we are going to have our own place without people interfering, we are going to live our lives as we see fit. With no manipulative headmaster, or smothering mothers, no barking fathers, and no irritating stupid brothers."

She paused to let her words sink in, her gaze lingering on Ron.

Romilda was beaming... she took over the monologue from Ginny.

"Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, headmaster, brothers of Ginny... we are going to move out of the Burrow immediately. We are all moving to the house of Harry's relatives and we don't care what you or his relatives think. We will simply move in."

Now Harry smirked.

"Professor Dumbledore," he said, "I ask very politely that you help us to move in and to make some adjustments to the room where I stay. Dobby can supply us with food and other things. If you do not help us, then we will take Ginny's stuff and go by the Knight Bus. We will travel to the Dursley's ourselves and see what we can do with the things we have now. We will use magic to enforce our lives in that house until I am seventeen and I do not care about the consequences.

When we talked in Ron's room, I gave you an hour to give me your answer, to say if you can help us with one of the properties of my inheritance. I knew the answer already professor; you would never volunteer to give me my own property, whatever the reason is."

Now Ginny was smirking more then ever.

"We are going to leave the Burrow after our talk," she said. "If one of you attempts to stop us, he or she will meet my improved bat bogey hex. Nobody is going to stop us, unless the professor here has a better idea?"

Everyone around the table were shocked, their mouth's hanging open, a dump expression on their faces and their eyes dim. The trio started to laugh; they all looked so funny.

"We are going to perform magic, Professor Dumbledore," Harry said determinedly. "When the ministry wants to expel us from school, or comes to break our wands, or to arrest us, we do not care. They can try to get us apart, and pay for the consequences. "

Still there was no reaction from the adults, except from Dumbledore, whose eyes narrowed a bit.

"Flies could find places enough to live in, and they have choice enough now," Ginny said to Romilda loudly.

"No, I don't think so, but little birds would do well," Romilda replied with a smirk.

"Did you ever smell the breath of my brothers in the morning? I am afraid that the birds would be gassed," Ginny answered and started to laugh again. "In that case flies would do well."

At once, the mouths of all people present closed immediately.

"What the..." Bill began.

"You are quiet, we are speaking to the adults," Ginny snapped.

"But we are adults," Bill replied surprised.

"No, you are not adults, you are only a bunch of irritating little brothers who want to have their way, bullying their baby sister, so you shut your mouth. We speak with our parents and you stay out of it."

"Well, I'll teach you..."

Ginny pulled her wand from under her cloak and pointed it straight at Bill. "One move or word, and I'll hex you."

A fearful expression came over his face and he sat down immediately.

Ginny looked around the table expectantly. "Well?"

Dumbledore frowned and looked thoughtful for a moment. "I will give you Grimmauld Place with two house elves who will clean and renovate the house inside, you can do whatever you want and nobody will interfere with you, not the Order, nor your parents and you can live there, on your own, until Harry reaches his seventeen's birthday," he offered.

Before anyone could say anything else, Ginny, Romilda, and Harry said, "We accept."

Harry started to move to the stairs to get the Ginny's trunk, Ginny turned to the professor.

"Professor, we would like to leave immediately."

The professor nodded. "No problem, take your trunk and you can leave by portkey. I will arrange for the house elves after we have reached Grimmauld Place and I'll collect your things from Privet Drive, Harry, myself."

Mrs. Weasley could not believe her ears. She sat on her chair and she felt paralysed. Her little girl was leaving. She was so dumbfounded; she could hardly hear what was being said. Before she came to her senses, she saw Ginny, Romilda, and Harry standing in her kitchen with Ginny's trunk, touching an old shoe and disappearing with a loud pop.

"What! ... Where are they? ... Ginny Molly Weasley, get right here this moment, girl ..."


A/N: Beta reader cocoidie18 (Kerry). Thank you for this excellent job.
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