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Chapter 4

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Dumbledore thinks that something drastically must happen in order to win the fight against Voldemort ... and he finds an ancient disease, which turns the three victims into walking bombs ... he inf...

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A/N: Some things become clear, robbing a bank and shopping

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A/N: Some words about the Triangle Disease. The disease has two phases: The infection phase, where the threesome is having 'urges' to come together and make babies. After that phase they grow together and their magic are flaring up ... they become more powerful. To end the curse, they need to be bonded.

Like its sister story (The Triangle Disease), the girls are pregnant with three babies each (oh that 'drama'). The differences between the three stories are the reactions from all people involved (sardonic laughing from Wim (and his beta-reader?)).

Writing some stories over the last months, I learn to appreciate my reviewers, and I discovered that many of them are right. The strong!power!Harry becomes boring after a while. But please bare with me, we have other stories about the adventures of Harry Potter, which does not portrait such strong!power!Harry figure.

Nevertheless, this story is describing such strong!power!Harry (and strong!power!Ginny and strong!power!Romilda).


(A/N: this paragraph is an segment from the from previous chapter)


Mrs. Weasley did not believe her ears what she was hearing ... she sat on her chair and she felt like paralyzed. Her little girl was leaving. She was so astonished; she could hardly hear what was being said and where her daughter went. Before she came to her senses, she saw Ginny, Romilda, and Harry standing in her kitchen with Ginny's trunk, touching an old shoe and disappearing with a loud plop.

What! ... Where are they? ... Ginny Molly Weasley, Get right ..."


Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was sitting in his office at his desk. He was in a good mood, because all his plans were working for the change. The trio was safely locked away in Grimmauld Place and separated from their families. They were all there, and they depended only on him.

Hermione Granger was easier fooled then he thought. He really expected that Ms. Granger would ask him some critical questions when she received his owl with the news of the infection ... but those questions never came. That was indeed very strange.

The only potential problem in his scheme was the number of children involved. He truly counted on two babies, and not six! But things could be adapted, and he could get rid of the four extra babies during the birth. Nobody will find out.

Now he needed to have the second part of the plan invoked.


Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, and Romilda Vane were sitting in the lounge. They were all drinking and thinking about the things what happened in their lives in such a short time.

Ginny Weasley was so in love with Harry. She was in love with him already for a very long time. In honest, she was always in love with him. Now he was sitting next to her on the sofa ... a dream came true.

Ginny had always problems with her studies in Hogwarts, except last year. She became friends with Harry, and that made her very happy. It was true, she did not have him as her boyfriend, but the minimum she got was Harry as a friend. Maybe even as best friend, because Hermione and her git of a brother were mostly bickering with each other, and did not spend much time with Harry as before.

Many hours they spend together on the sofa, flying on the Quidditch field, or slipping out of the common room to the kitchen in the middle of the night, or laughing and joking together. She realized that Harry and she had spent many moments together having a lot of fun, and it filled her with warmth and satisfaction.

Her studies got an enormous boost because of her improved emotional state, and her mother was in heaven. Professor McGonagall was also happy with her accomplishments at school, and she was chosen to start a new study project for the coming school year. She would attempt to write a book about ancient curses and their defense, which was her specialty now. She spent so many hours in the library to research such magics. The magic, which was used by the Inca's and Egyptians were legendary. Her brother Bill and Hermione had helped a lot.

She thought about her biggest brother Bill. Bill was always her most favorite brother ever, and he helped her so many times go through bad times. Like the time after her first year, he was always there for her. All those nights of nightmares and crying, he always was there for her. She wrote him many letters, and he always answered them as good as possible. She loved him, he did so many things for her, and he was the best brother she could imagine.

The only thing she did not like on Bill was his over protectiveness that was unbearable. Now that she was serious about a boy, no, man, he was changed into the same git as the rest of her brothers.

Romilda Vane was in heaven. She had the boy-who-lived in her grasp, and he was sitting right next to her. They were locked in this awful house, but with the boy of her dreams.

She and her mother had always a good relationship with each other. They used to talk a lot and they always shared many secrets between each other. Her grandmother died of cancer when Romilda was ten years old, several months before she went to Hogwarts. The death of her grandmother was awful for her mother, and they spent many nights together crying to sleep.

Romilda thought about her father, who was an accountant at a muggle firm on London, who was specialized in large corporations. She and her father shared a hobby, collecting post stamps. That was their lives when her father was not working. Especially at Sundays, they used to browse through all post stamp markets, where they had fun exchanging post stamps with others.

What she liked the most on collecting post stamps was when they came home after such exchange of post stamps. Then they started to catalogue their newest post stamps. Sometimes they managed to find a hidden treasure.

She remembered a few years back that she exchanged two post stamps with a colleague of her father. When she came home, she discovered that the post stamp had a different watermark then the catalogue was telling ... she found her first rare post stamp ... her father was so proud of her. That evening her, and her parents were celebrating her discovery with a dinner at 'Le Chef', the most expensive restaurant in town.

She wondered how her father was doing now. Was he sad, or angry? She missed him in a way, and she missed the reassuring touch of her mother. Knowing her mother, she would be cleaning the house again, only not to confront the truth that her daughter grew up to be a woman ... eh ... a pregnant woman ... oops.

Harry Potter was not in heaven, he was upset. He impregnated two girls and he would be father. But he would not be father of two babies, but six of them ... and they were all girls! What made him so upset was that he did not have any idea how he would handle one baby, and then not talking about six of them.

What was also upsetting him was that he had the feeling that he was not in control. Two girls were pregnant thanks to him, and he had no idea what they would do in the direct future. Where would they live? Why did Dumbledore not show him his vaults? Why was Dumbledore not opening up one of his properties, so they could live there? Why waiting?

Harry was aware that the girls were sitting very close to him. What he did not understand was why his girls were not upset like he was. If he would be pregnant, he would cry his eyes out.

He remembered that Dumbledore was telling him about the Triangle Complex ... he felt nothing ... as if he was living in a haze. Then those unbearable dreams were there. Well, that was not exactly true; because those dreams were very bearable after all, but those dreams stirred many emotions in him ... he would never have the courage to admit to anyone that he had such feelings.

What was the first thing he did? He went off to Ginny to be with her. He had not the intention to have sex, only the need to be close. When he came into Ginny's room, and she embraced and kissed him, he lost it all. He could remember that he had no control anymore and that frightened him the most.

He remembered lying in Ginny's bed, the touch of her soft skin, her breasts were something made in heaven. Her long, red, and silky hair was everywhere. He remembered fondly that he was playing with her hair ... he used her hair to make a blanket, covering her body with it. Suddenly there was Romilda, and the most amazing thing of everything was, that he pulled Romilda with Ginny and him in bed. Why he did that, he had no idea. It seemed that he knew what to do, but how he knew, Harry had no idea ... it simply felt the right thing to do.

Suddenly it hit him. He did not have any dreams since he slept with his girls! He did not feel driven anymore, no visions, and no terrible powerful urges anymore!

He stood up from the sofa and turned to the girls.

"Do any of you have those dreams lately?" he asked the girls.

Both girls looked pensive.

"No, since this morning I had no such dream anymore," Ginny said.

"Neither me," Romilda said. "And it is strange, because yesterday I had these dreams even when I was awake. And now I feel almost normal again, except ..."

She frowned.

"There is something different with my magic ... I think."

Ginny's face cleared immediately. "That is right ... something with my magic is different. It is stronger then before ..."

"Maybe it is different because we are pregnant?" Romilda asked.

Harry looked up pensively. "I don't think so, because my magic feels different as well."

"Maybe it is because of the disease?" Ginny asked hesitantly.

"Let's test it. Lumos"

A white ball of light appeared in Harry's hand.



The threesome was thunderstruck.

"Lumos!" exclaimed Ginny loudly.

A white ball of light appeared in Ginny's hand.

"Lumos" yelled Romilda.

A white ball of light appeared in Romilda's hand.

"We are all able to do wandless magic!" exclaimed Ginny.

Harry was concentrating. Suddenly Harry disappeared and the girls screamed.

"Where is Harry?" Romilda cried out.

"I don't know! He disappeared in front of us!" Ginny said fearfully.

"I'm here, girls. Never be afraid that I go, because you two are stuck with me."

Harry's voice came from behind the girls, and the girls whirled around their frames to face him.

"Harry!" both girls yelled annoyed.

"You do the same ... I apparated directly without wand and other indication. Concentrate your self on a location and simply will your magic towards it. But concentrate your self only in this room," Harry said with a smirk on his face. "This is so coooooool".

The girls concentrated as well, and very soon the girls were disappearing and appearing thought the room. Harry did the same, but suddenly he was gone and did appear immediately behind the girls.

"Where he is now?" Ginny asked exhaustedly.

"I am here," Harry said with a big smile. "We can apparate to Diagon Alley and back ... and everything works fine, no problem."

"Let us try that as well, "Ginny proposed. Everyone nodded and the threesome disappeared form Grimmauld Place.


The threesome arrived in the middle of the Diagon Alley and they were ecstatic.

"Wow, we can go everywhere now!" Ginny said in awe.

But Harry had other plans. "Girls, please come with me, I want to go to Gringotts to get money for shopping, and I want to try to get into my vaults."

"Shopping?!" Romilda said very interested.

"Shopping!" Ginny said horror stricken. "I don't have any money!"

Harry immediately turned to his girls and grabbed them in a big embrace. "You listen to me very carefully, girls. We know what the situation is, and both of you are carrying my children, I am going to marry you, because I don't want to have my children out of wedlock. And when we are married, I am going to know both of you as much as possible; I am going to love you both.

In the mean time we are going to use the resources of the Potter's and Back's vaults as much as needed. And clothing is the thing what is needed right now. I don't want to hear any complaining from both of you; do I make my self clear?"

Both girls nodded numbly.

"Alright, let's go first to Gringotts and raid our vaults," Harry smiled, and dragged both girls with him.

The threesomes entered Gringotts ... and were stopped at the entrance by a big and mean looking Goblin.

"This is a new security measure, please hand your wands with me," the Goblin said. "You can collect your wands again when you leave."

The threesome raised their eyebrows, but handed their wands to the Goblin. The Goblin took a small tape, and sealed the wands. "Your number is 887, remember that when you pick up your wands," the Goblin growled.

The threesome walked further in Gringotts towards the first bank clerk. Harry looked intently to the clerk. "I want to see the bank manager," he said with an even toned voice.

The clerk stood up immediately and walked towards an office near the entrance towards the vaults, and opened the door. The threesome followed him and they entered the office.

In the office sat a large and old Goblin behind his desk, who looked up with a surprised expression in his face. Harry focused his eyes on the old Goblin and approached him.

I want to talk to you," he said with the same even voice. The Goblin nodded.

Harry turned to the clerk and looked again intently to the Goblin. "Go back to your place and continue working. You don't remember us."

The bank clerk closed the door.

Harry turned to the bank manager and looked again intensely to the eyes. "Give me full access to the Potter's and Black's vaults."

The Goblin nodded, pushed a button on his desk and a Goblin came in. The manager said something in their language and the new Goblin nodded and disappeared.

"What are you doing," hissed Ginny behind his back.

"I tried to 'will' the Goblins to do what I want ... and as you see, it is working," Harry smirked.

"That is against the law Harry," Romilda said bewildered.

"It is, but I don't trust Dumbledore. My birthday is coming up, and I get all the things I want then, but somehow I think that Dumbledore is going to do something about that, and then we are in problems, because we don't have the resources to make a move in case something bad happens."

Both girls paled.

The door opened and a Goblin entered, carrying some papers. The manager gave Harry the papers. "Sign those papers," he growled.

Harry took the papers and read them over. He showed the papers to the girls, but they did not find anything wrong, so Harry signed the papers.

"Do you have a wizard credit card?" Harry asked with his flat tone to the manager.


"Give me three of them. "

The manager pushed the button again, and the same Goblin walked in. Again there were instructions in their language and very soon Harry saw three credit cards on the table.

"What are they?" Harry asked in a flat tone.

"Credit cards for any currency, Galleons included."

"And how do we pay for things in Diagon Alley?" Harry asked mystified.

"Hold your hand on the card and think about the amount and valuta. The money appears on the card. So if you put the card in your pocket, and think about hundred Galleons, the hundred Galleons appear in your pocket."

"How can I and my girls use them immediately?"


"Do the Potter's or Black's inheritances contain properties?" Harry asked the director in an even voice.


"Does the Potter's inheritance contain a much secured manor?"


"Can we access that manor?"


"Give me the access to the Potter's manor. Do we have house elves?"

The manager looked into the file and took a flat piece of leather from the papers. "This is your Portkey, you need to tap three times on this leather, and you will be portkeyed to the manor. The manor has house elves."

Harry nodded and looked intently to the manager. "You don't know us, you don't remember us."

He grabbed the girls and they left the office. As fast as possible the threesome walked to the doorkeeper and asked for their wands. When they had their wands again, Harry commanded the Goblin to forget that they had visited Gringotts.

When they were outside, Romilda was dancing from pleasure. Ginny was not so enthusiastic, because she had the feeling that they robed the wizarding bank.

"Ginny and Romilda, I am very sorry, but I have the feeling that we broke into the bank. We robed the Gringotts for the first time in history of wizard kind, more then thousand years of history, wow!" Harry grinned.

Both girls burst out into laughing. "We truly robed the bank, this is amazing. Wait until the twins will hear this! But Harry ... that is truly scary what you did with those poor Goblins ... it is like using the Imperius Curse and it is very illegal what we did!"

"Well, it was not the Imperius Curse, and you girls can do the same. So I did nothing illegal, as long as we don't tell anyone."

The threesome walked in the middle of the Diagon Alley until they found Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions. They entered the shop and looked around. Immediately Madam Malkin approached them.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"Well, we are looking for a total new wardrobe for each of us, is that possible?" Harry asked hastily before one of the girls could say anything.

"Three wardrobes," Madam Malkin asked shrilly.


"Of cause that is possible," Madam Malkin said. She waved to a girl behind the shop counter. "Bertha, please help both girls with a fully new wardrobe each." She took Harry's arm and led him to the man section of the shop.

"Let's begin with taking your measurements, Mr. ..."

"Potter, Harry James Potter," Harry smirked. "Like in James Bond," he whispered softly.

"Of cause, Mr. Potter ... right away."

Four hours later the threesome left the shop of Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions. Madam Malkin had shrunken the many bags, and Harry put them all in his pockets.

The threesome concentrated and appeared in the lounge of Grimmauld Place.


Harry held up his hand. "You girls need to choose a bedroom, and then we arrange closets, beds, linens, blankets, sheets, and all that stuff. What do you think?"

The girls looked undecided to each other and shook their shoulders. "We will see what is upstairs and then we decide," Romilda said. Both girls disappeared upstairs to choose bedrooms.

Harry went too the kitchen to see if there was something to eat, but could not finds anything. "Damn, no groceries here," he said to the kitchen closets.

Suddenly he got an idea.


Nothing happened.

Harry concentrated on Dobby, the amazing house elf.


Still nothing happened.


After some minutes, still nothing happened.

He looked in the closets to find something to eat. The only thing he could find was some bread, meat, and butter for sandwiches.

Harry felt his magic flaring when he arrived in the kitchen, but could not see anything wrong. Strange was that.

He started to make three sandwiches for his girls and himself.

When he was finished, he sat waiting on the large kitchen table for the girls to come down. After ten minutes waiting, the girls came into the kitchen, both of them were giggling.

"Why do you two have so much fun?" Harry asked.

"We have chosen our bedrooms," Romilda smirked. "Or better our bedroom, Harry."

"Bedroom," asked Harry puzzled.

"Yes, why should we have separate bedrooms? We slept with each other already and you made us pregnant, why should we choose separate bedrooms?" Ginny laughed seeing the face of Harry.

"Bugger," he said with his eyebrows raised. "What will Dumbledore and your parents say?"

"Screw them", Romilda said and sat on his lap.


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A/N: Again so sorry about the shopping scene. What ever I try, I can't get it right. Who knows someone who gives a course in 'Writing Shopping Scenes in a Fan Fiction Story'?

A/N: Next chapter: Underwear party for Harry, and we have the Potter's manor and Dumbledore who is hunting the threesome.
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