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Chapter 5

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Dumbledore thinks that something drastically must happen in order to win the fight against Voldemort ... and he finds an ancient disease, which turns the three victims into walking bombs ... he inf...

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A/N: This chapter: Underwear party for Harry, and we have the Potter's manor and Dumbledore who lost threesome and is hunting for them.


(A/N: this paragraph is an segment from the from previous chapter)


"Yes, why should we have separate bedrooms? We slept with each other already and you made us pregnant, why should we choose separate bedrooms?" Ginny laughed seeing the face of Harry.

"Bugger," he said with his eyebrows raised. "What will Dumbledore and your parents say?"

"Screw them", Romilda said and sat on his lap.


"Let us eat first, and then we ... um ... well ..." Harry stammered.

Romilda was laughing loudly, Harry was embarrassed, and Ginny was looking thoughtfully.

"You know guys, this all is so cool. Yesterday I was desperately unhappy, and now we three are sitting here, nobody can reach or touch us, we are going to eat together, and after that we can do something for Harry."

"That is right," Romilda said happily. "We can show him our lingerie purchases. What do you think, Ginny?"

Ginny smirked evilly.

"Lingerie? As in underwear?" Harry asked, already flushing.

"That is right, Harry James Potter, soon to be our husband. Lingerie ... and very sexy ones too!" Romilda said with a husky voice.

The girls started to eat Harry's sandwiches. "Are you not hungry, Harry?" Ginny asked.

"No, I'm not hungry," answered Harry uncomfortable.

"Harry, cheer up, it is only us, you know. We bought you underwear as well, and you need to try it on. I want to see how it looks," Romilda smirked.

Harry gulped.

Then it happened again ... his magic started to flare up again.

"What was that?" he said.

"What?" Romilda asked surprised.

"That was our magic, because I felt my magic flaring up," Ginny said mystified.


Molly Weasley sat on her kitchen table looking very unhappy. Arthur, her husband for many years knew what was on her mind, and he agreed with her. He was also worrying about their only daughter. Bill, on the other hand, was ranting about his little sister, who was kidnapped by the great Albus Dumbledore and was now locked up together with Harry bloody Potter, who had his ways with his sister.

Bill was so excited, that he did not realize that his mother took her wand and pointed it to him.


Bill continued to rand, except no sound could be heard from his mouth. After several seconds, he realized that he was silenced, and looked daggers to his mother.

"Are you quiet now?" his mother snapped.

He nodded furiously.

Molly waved her wand towards Bill and he was released from the spell.

"I know you are upset because of the situation, but did you realized that Dumbledore is right, and if we would take Ginny back to the Burrow, we might kill her?"

Bill was thinking for a moment and sighted. "In that case, I prefer that they are here at the burrow. We can guard them here much better. Now they are very alone at Grimmauld Place without anyone to oversee them. Merlin knows what they are doing there, and I do not trust that Potter. He is a boy, and like all boys from his age, there is only one thing on his mind."

Arthur shook his head. "Harry is a special boy, his is a person, who appreciate honor. He would never take advantage of our daughter."

"I don't agree with you, dad. Ginny is already pregnant, and your honor boy is the father. Tell me then, where is that honor of him?" Bill said hotly.

"That was a situation beyond his control," Arthur replied calmly.

"I think this is enough," Bill said. "I am going to Grimmauld Place and see what is going on." He stood up from the table and walked to the fireplace. He threw some floo powder on the fire and exclaimed "Grimmauld Place". But nothing happened!

"Is the Grimmauld Place off the floo?" Bill asked.

"I think that Dumbledore took Grimmauld Place from the floo," Molly answered.

"Then I go straight," said Bill. He left the Burrow and apparated to London.


Mr. Vane was still standing. "Don't I get an answer from you? Why is our daughter so much in love with that Bloody Potter boy? Why did you never tell me this? Why it that I always hear things after the damage is is already done. Why is it that you, neither Romilda tell me anything what is really going on? Why is it, that you two girls always have secrets, and that I don't know them?"

"Maybe because you never really talk to us?" Mrs. Vane answered snappishly.

"I am going to my daughter and see how she is doing," Mr. Vane said. He went to the fireplace, threw floo powder, and exclaimed "Grimmauld Place". Nothing happened. "They are from the floo system," Mr. Vane said worried.

"Maybe Dumbledore disconnected the Grimmauld Place from the floo," Mrs. Vane answered worried.

"Let us see them now," Mr. Vane said. They left the house to apparate near Grimmauld Place.


Dumbledore was standing in front of his fireplace in his office at Hogwarts. He did not understand why the floo was not working to Grimmauld Place. Who removed the Grimmauld Place from the floo system? He definitely did not such thing. He left his office in a hurry, because he planned to apparate to London and visit the Grimmauld Place him self to see what was going on.

Something strange is happening, and he had no idea what. He hated when he was not in control.


Harry was sitting on his bed, looking to the two girls, who were undressing them selves in front of him. He thought about a book he ready many years ago about the Sultan with his harem. He fantasized about that book in that time, wondering how it would feel to have a harem. Now he had one, and his harem subjects were busy to undress.

Romilda disappeared in the bathroom with something white and lacy. Ginny was searching in the bags with clothes they had bought, until she held up a tiny piece of clothing.

"Aha, this is yours," she said happily. "You try it on when Romilda is ready."

"What is it?" he asked astonished.

"It is your underwear," Ginny smirked. "And you are going to wear it Harry, because we are gong to wear ours." She took some small, red, silky, and lacy material and held it up for him to see.

"You see, this is mine, and I will wear it tonight for you to model it, and tomorrow I plan to wear it." She threw Harry his piece of clothing, and automatically caught it.

"What the hell is this?" Harry asked disgusted.

"It is called a tanga slip," Ginny said happily.

"Tango slip?" replied Harry stupidly, staring at the piece of black clothing. "This is much too small for me!" he said horrified.

"Tanga slip. That is the idea," Ginny smirked.

Romilda stepped out of the bathroom ... wearing nothing ... well ... almost nothing. Harry's jaw dropped open and stared at the angel in front of them.

Romilda was a tall girl for her age; she was about one meter seventy-four, had long, tainted, slender legs, a nice round and tight behind, narrow hips, flat stomach and big, pointed breasts. Her straight and black hair was reaching her tights. The bra was only covering her nipples and some, and her public hair was covered with only a small piece of lace. He could see her public hair through the half transparent piece of lace. He swallowed. And then those nipples ...

Harry's eyes were bulging out of his sockets, and could not say anything, not move anything. He felt him self becoming very excited ... his shifted his legs. He felt that he was paralyzed; there was much too much skin for him to comprehend. He heard Ginny laughing next to him, and Romilda had a very satisfied smirk on her face.

"You like it?" she asked huskily.

Harry only stared ... with big eyes ... his mouth open ... and nodded stupidly.

Ginny giggled. "He will start drooling very soon, Romilda. Now it is my turn," she said.

"Boom ... Boom ... Boom"

Mrs. Black's painting started to scream and to curse downstairs.

"Someone is at the door," Ginny whispered.

"Oh Bugger," said a very flushed Harry. He stood hesitating up. "Strange, this is not Dumbledore, because he will come by floo, who is it then?"

"Boom ... Boom! ... Boom - Boom"

"Wow, they are trying to get in!" Ginny exclaimed.

"We leave," Harry said. Girls, put something on and we pack. We are leaving when you girls are ready." He was searching his pockets for the Portkey, which he got from the Goblins.

Romilda was looking for her clothing, and started to dress. Ginny was already dressed, started to pack.

"Boom ... Boom! ... Crack"

Harry opened his trunk and the trunks of the girls. He pointed his hand towards the bed, and all their stuff flew in his trunk. Ginny did the same with all the things spread on the ground, and Romilda came out of the bathroom, half dressed.

"Boom ... Crack!"

"They are in!" Harry exclaimed. He shrank the trunks and put them in his pockets. He could hear voices downstairs, and he hurriedly grabbed the girls by their sleeves and tapped the piece of leather three times with his wand ... and they were gone.

The door from their bedroom opened with a crash and two figures came barging in, their wands drawn. "They are gone! How is that possible?" Bill said distressed. Mr. Vane only grunted. He was looking in the bathroom and opened one of the closets.

Dumbledore entered the room carefully, and looked around. "No traces of the threesome, did you have seen anything, Bill?"

"Yes, I found something very disturbing," Bill said. He held with only with two fingers a piece of black clothing up, looking disgusted.

"What is it?" Mr. Vane asked.

"It is what the muggles call a Tanga slip. It is a piece of underwear for men," he explained. The two older men looked unbelievingly to the Tanga slip. "Is this supposed to cover something?" Mr. Vane said.

Dumbledore was not as amused as Mr. Vane seems to be. He pulled his wand and started to incarnate many spells under his breath, pointing and waving his wand.

"They are not in the house anymore. They disappeared," he said puzzled. Dumbledore continued with mumbling spells, until he suddenly stopped. "I found something! ... I found traces of a Portkey here in this very room, but very strange traces. It was a Portkey, which can only been used by Goblins, and that is totally different magic. I am not even sure if such Portkey is able to transport humans."

"Well obviously, otherwise they would still be here," Mr. Vane said.

"But where are they gone to?"


The threesome arrived in a spacious room, which seemed to be the Front hall. Harry could see a magnificent fireplace, while the girls were admiring the chairs and iron-bound chests.

Near the roof, they saw a sea of little candles; all the candles were burning a yellowish light, which gave a warm atmosphere to the hall. Harry and the girls could see several doors, near each door were two torches burning, increasing the feeling of the warm atmosphere. Surprisingly it was not cold; the temperature was quit pleasant.

"Where are we?" Romilda asked surprised.

"Welcome to Potters Manor, master and visitors," a small, red robed elf said. On the chest of the robe was the Potter's family crest visible ... the elf bowed deeply.

Harry looked to the small elf. He bowed back, and noticed that the elf peeked at him as well.

Harry addressed the elf. "My name is Harry Potter, this is Ginny Weasley, and this is Romilda Vane. They are my fiancées very soon. And what is your name?"

"My name is Tinky, master ... welcome to Potter's Manor. Your house is ready for inspection, master."

Harry nodded.

"We are in the Potter's manor, not?" Harry asked.

"Yes Master, you are in the front hall of Potter's manor," Tinky answered with a shrieking voice.

"Are you the only elf in this manor, Tinky?"

"No, master ... I am not the only elf in the Potter's manor. We have the cook, Dinky, we have two maids, Hinky and Linky, we have the elf for the gardens, and herbs, Sinky, and we have an older elf, Finky."

"Are you all family from each other, Tinky?"

"Yes master, we are all coming from the same family," Tinky said, bowing again.

"Can you give us an overview of the manor, Tinky?"

"Of cause I can master." Tinky bowed and waved her small hands around her.

"This is the front hall with the William Kent fireplace from 1745, 18th-century chairs and iron-bound chests said to have been brought ashore in 1588 from the wreck of a Spanish Armada galleon, The Girona. On the walls are the paintings of your family, master."

Ginny held her hand up. "What or who is William Kent?"

"He was an English furniture designer and an architect for landscapes in the early 18th century," Romilda answered.

Ginny, Harry and Tinky were looking unbelievably at Romilda.

"Well, you know those things when you collect post stamps," said Romilda.

Tinky continued.

"When we go here, you see the elegant drawing room with empire furniture. Above you, you see the coved ceiling, which has crafted scenes from La Fontaine's fables.

The dining room has a seating for twenty, and can feast in grand style beneath the frescoed ceiling in the dining room.

The next room is the library, which contains more then fifteen thousand books and several first editions. At the coved ceiling here you see painted scenes from several sailing ships, which were painted in 1854."

They came back to the front hall and Tinky continued.

"The other door leads to the Sitting room and Cloakroom. The door to the right leads to one of the two salons.

The smaller salon is equipped with a color satellite TV and a CD player. The view from the main salon and its terrace is breathtaking - across the park and lawn, with their magnificent 200-year-old Lebanese cedar trees, and on to the village of Dunningham.

The large South facing dining room seats twelve people in comfort and shares similar breathtaking views to the main salon.

Modern and well-equipped kitchens with microwave and dishwasher lead off from the dining room.

In the Cellar games room we have a full size table tennis table, and there is also a utility room with a large washing machine and tumble dryer.

In front we have a large swimming pool, which faces south and has sunshine throughout the day, with extensive views overlooking the front lawn and the village of Dunningham. A small timber chalet provides room for changing and it is equipped with a solar powered shower. Poolside furniture includes sun loungers for relaxation, and a gas barbecue caters for al fresco dining.

A splendid oak staircase leads up to the bedrooms on the first floor. The five double and twin-bedded bedrooms have modern en-suites. Each bedroom is supplied with a king-size bed and some with a four-poster.

Two of the bedrooms have single rooms adjoining, making a total of seven. Each bedroom has an individual style in keeping with the house - spacious and comfortable.

All bedrooms have bathrooms and shower, while the master suite at the first floor has an additional whirlpool.

There are four towers in the manor, the east, south, west, and north tower, but those towers are not in use anymore."

Tinky was looking expectantly to Harry, who was still very much impressed. Is this the manor, he owned?

"Is this my manor, Tinky?"

"Yes master, this manor was always from the Potter family since it was created.

In 1347, the King, Edward VI, gifted the house to Sir Edward Potter, who changed it to the Potter Manor. It also contains twenty acres of woodland, parks, and lawns.

The manor also contains the Gate house. The barbican, which has a drawbridge, reaches out into the dry ditch."

"What is a barbican?" Romilda asked.

"That is a strong defensive tower at the entrance to the manor," Tinky answered.

"Tinky, you mentioned Sir Edward Potter. Does that mean that Harry is also a Sir?" Ginny asked.

"Yes mistress, the master is the 12th Duke of Herchmond, Marques of Tailstocks, Earl of Herchmond, Earl of Hog Slight, Earl of Dunningham, Baron Prussell, Baron Hogsmeade, Baron Prussell of Thornhaugh, Northlandsbale, and Baron Howland of Streathingham, Surrey."

Everyone was quiet for some moments. The girls were looking at Harry with their mouths half open, while Harry was looking perplexed at the elf.

"Tinky," asked Romilda. "Is it safe here against visitors and attacks of strangers?"

"Yes mistress, it is very safe here. Nobody is able to enter the manor or the grounds surrounding it, because of the ancient Potter's wards and other defense mechanisms, the floo is not working, and we don't accept any Portkey then the one at Gringotts, which you have now."

"Are you sure, Tinky? Not even professor Dumbledore?" Ginny asked.

"Yes mistress," Tinky said, "not even professor Dumbledore."

Harry felt tired, and his underwear party with his girls was disturbed.

"Tinky, can you show us to the master bedroom and is that ready for use?"

Tinky bowed. Yes master, the master bedroom is ready for use. Please follow me." She led the threesome to the master bedroom. The girls were in awe.

"Amazing," Romilda said.

"Did you see the bathroom?" Ginny said in amazement.

"I want to go to bed," Harry mumbled. He fell down on the king-sized bed, and felt him self already falling asleep. Someone was shaking his shoulders. "Wake up Harry, let's undress and sleep."

Harry woke up and took his clothes off, except his boxer. "Tomorrow is a new day, sleep well everyone."

"Sleep well," both girls said and snuggled against him, each girl a different side of him.

An owl flew through the open window of their bedroom. Ginny was still awake, took the note of the owl, which flew away. She opened the owl and start reading it.

"Lord Black,

My name is Narcissa Black, and asks for a meeting with you in your earliest convenience.

My current situation becomes increasingly difficult to survive, after you have declared my marriage null and illegal. At this moment I am on the run from all parties possible involved, and that includes the headmaster Dumbledore and the Dark Lord.

I hope you can help me.

Go to Gringotts and ask for me. They will give that information only to you, my Lord.

Best regards,

Narcissa Black"


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A/N: Next chapter we have Dumbledore, who is searching for his lost threesome, and Narcissa is in the need to be rescued.
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