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Chapter 6

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Dumbledore thinks that something drastically must happen in order to win the fight against Voldemort ... and he finds an ancient disease, which turns the three victims into walking bombs ... he inf...

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An owl flew through the open window of their bedroom. Ginny was still awake, took the note of the owl, which flew away. She opened the owl and start reading it.

"Lord Black,

My name is Narcissa Black, and asks for a meeting with you in your earliest convenience.

My current situation becomes increasingly difficult to survive, after you have declared my marriage null and illegal. At this moment I am on the run from all parties possible involved, and that includes the headmaster Dumbledore and the Dark Lord.

I hope you can help me.

Go to Gringotts and ask for me. They will give that information only to you, my Lord.

Best regards,

Narcissa Black"


The morning light was streaming through the high Victorian windows. The classic yellowish flower curtains were only covering half of the windows, so the sunlight had free reign. A mild wind was moving the curtains lightly. In front of the bed, Harry saw two wall closets, with half open doors. Some clothes from the girls were still lying on the ground ... and he saw a shirt from one of the girls hanging on the doorsill. All walls were covered by the classic flower wallpaper, and the coved ceiling was high and beautiful, with delicately crafted scenes from La Fontaine's fables.

The bed was huge; there was space for at least ten other people here. Harry looked to his right; here was Ginny, who was laying half on top of him. Her arm held his waist tightly, her lustrous red and orange hair covered Ginny and him like a blanket, soft, and silky. She was wearing something in black ... and he could see her white knickers through the half-transparent material. He tried to remember what Ginny had called that small piece of clothing ... yeah ... baby doll.

He looked to his left, and here laid Romilda. She was also wearing that baby doll, but her color was red. He looked for her knickers, and he could see they were black. Romilda's hair was silky black, and longer then Ginny's, and better behaving. Suddenly he was aware that Romilda did not wear any bra or t-shirt under the baby doll, because he saw her nipples pointing to him from under the half-transparent material of the baby doll. He swallowed.

"Do you like what you see, Harry?" whispered a husky voice from his right.

He turned to Ginny and smiled happily. "Yes, I definitely could get used to this, Gin. You two girls are the most amazing and beautiful girls I have ever seen. I read once in one of the books from the twins, that the truly measure of woman's beauty is in the morning when she wakes up. If that is the case, then you both are truly beautiful."

"Well thank you, our soon-to-be-husband," came from his left.

"Romilda, good that you are awake as well, because I want to discuss something seriously with your girls," Harry replied.

The girls nodded expectantly.

"It is about your soon-to-be-husband business. "

He smiled softly and looked at Ginny, then Romilda.

"In order to stop that Triangle Complex, we need to make one last step, and that is bonding us to each other. After the bonding, the disease is gone, according dear professor Dumbledore. What is even more important for me is, that you both expecting my children. I want that we are going to marry."

Both girls nodded happily.

"In order to marry, we need the permission of both your parents. To get their permission, I need to ask your parents for your hands in marriage. I want to do this today.

When I am still alive, after I have their permission, I need to buy the rings. Then I want to propose officially to you both.

When we are going to marry is up to you both. For me it makes absolute no difference, and it is up to you. You are the girls, and I have no idea about weddings and things like that. I want you to know that what ever you two decide, I agree. What do you think?"

Both girls hugged him.

"I'm not finished yet," he yelped.

"Yes, my lover? What is more on your mind?" Ginny asked with a low sensual voice, fluttering her eyelashes. Romilda placed her hand on his chest, and slowly began to run his nipples. Harry became immediately excited.

"No, wait. I want to talk about that," he said uncomfortable.

Both girls stopped what they were doing and looked attentively at him.

"You see, I want to honor your girls as much as I can. We slept already with each other and we were very intimate. But for your parents it is very important to present some kind of decorum. I want to propose that we wait with having actually sex with each other until we are married. I do not mind that we sleep in one bed, but let us wait for the rest until we are married. What do you both think?"

Ginny had tears in her eyes. "Don't you want us anymore, Harry?"

Romilda pulled sudden her arm from his chest.

"I would like to make love with you both right now. As you maybe can see, I am ... uhm ... rather excited now ..."

Both girls looked and laughed.

"You see, that is not the problem. But for me it does not feel right. I only ask you to wait until we are married, and then we can do what ever we want, unlimited and without problems.

It is not only that. What we are doing is not legal, because we are all underaged. Potentially we might have problems when someone wants to hurt us."

Both girls nodded.

"But we can do other things together, then only to have sex, not?" Romilda asked, looking pointedly to Ginny. Ginny smiled naughty.

"That is right, Harry. Tonight we will explore, but now I am hungry," Ginny said with a wide smile on her face. Suddenly she remembered the letter from yesterday.

"Oh Harry, I forgot. You had a letter from Narcissa Black yesterday, but you were already asleep and I did not want to wake you. "

She took the letter and gave it to Harry.

Harry and Romilda were reading the letter.

"Oh, you need to help her Harry," Romilda cried. "It is terrible what is happening with the woman, because she lost everything, and now she is totally alone."

"But that is an evil woman Romilda," Ginny said, seriously. "She did so many bad things to us ... and for sure to others as well. She was married to Lucius Malfoy, that evil man. Not to forget, her son was the greatest git of Hogwarts, Draco Malfoy. "

"But still we need to help her, she is totally alone. She is a woman, and it is very hard to survive alone, especially with Dumbledore and you-know-who hunting her," Romilda said sadly. "And what about Draco Malfoy?"

"I don't think we need to worry about that git anymore," Ginny said thoughtfully. "If I remember the Goblin, he is not being called Malfoy anymore. He is without name. I bet he is running to Voldemort."

Harry nodded. "You are right. There is the other thing to consider. I am the head of the house Black. I canceled the marriage of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy, and she falls automatically back to the name Black, as she already indicated in the letter. That means that my duty is to save that woman and to offer her safety."

Romilda smiled. "This is our Harry, always noble. I think that you are right, Harry. We need to get that woman and place her somewhere."

Ginny hesitatingly nodded. "I think that you are right, and it is a good thing to do, Harry. Why don't we have some breakfast, and then we go to Gringotts and see what we can do for her."

The threesome heard someone knocking on the bedroom door.

"Enter," said Ginny.

The door opened and Tinky came in.

"Do the master and the mistresses want to have breakfast?"

"Yes please Tinky," Harry said.

"The breakfast is ready in the dining hall," Tinky said with a bow. She left the room and closed the door behind her.

"Well, let's first have quick showers, then have breakfast, and then to Gringotts," Ginny said and jumped out of bed.

"Harry, do you want to join us in the shower?" Ginny asked innocently.

Harry looked a bit uncomfortable. "Well, I want, but ..."

"Oh well," said Ginny a bit disappointed. "In that case you go last." She disappeared in the bathroom.


Harry, Romilda, and Ginny appeared in the entrance hall from Gringotts. They went immediately to the surprised Goblin to hand over their wands, and walked towards on of the bank tellers.

"My name is Harry Potter," Harry said to the Goblin clerk. "I received notice from a Narcissa Black that you have information, where she is."

The Goblin looked at him silently for a moment, stood up and disappeared behind a door. After some minutes, he came back and handed Harry over a note. Then he looked behind Harry.

"Next!," he bellowed.

The threesome walked towards the entrance hall, while reading the note from Narcissa Black.

"Lord Black,

I am renting a room at 'The Leaky Cauldron', room fifteen.

Narcissa Black."

"Shall we walk to the Leaky Cauldron or shall we apparate?" Ginny asked.

"Let us apparate, that is safer, before the Order sees us," Romilda said. She grabbed the hands of Harry and Ginny, and they apparated in the Leaky Cauldron.

Harry walked to Tom. "Mr. Potter, what a pleasure to see you," Tom said with a smile on his face.

Harry nodded. "Thank you, Tom. We are visiting a guest of yours in room number fifteen. Is that alright?"

"Of cause it is alright, Mr. Potter. Be my guest," he said.

The threesome walked up the stairs and searched for the room fifteen. When they entered the corridor, they saw three dark cloaked figures already standing in front of a room.

"I don't trust those people over there," Harry whispered. "Be ready to use wandless magic."

The threesome saw that the three men were pulling their wands from their robes and were firing spells to a door. A woman screamed ... clearly a woman who was in the room, those three men tried to open.

"Reducto," one of the men yelled.

A red beam of light burst from the wand of the man and collapsed with the door. The door blew open with a loud bang.

Harry immediately reacted with a stunner. The stunner flew in high speed to the man, and the man collapsed on the ground. The two other men reacted fast, and they fired their curses to the threesome. A shield appeared in front of the threesome, and the curses bounced harmlessly from the shield.

Ginny fired also a stunner, and Harry repeated his stunner. The remaining two men collapsed to the ground as well. The screaming from the room had stopped and there was silence.

Harry and the girls walked to the destroyed door and looked in the room. They saw a woman with blond hair and a classic dark robes standing in the corner with her wand pointed to them.

"Ms Black? It is I, Harry Potter."

"Ah, Lord Black, I am so happy that you are here. You saved me from a faith worse then death," Narcissa said. She lowered her wand and put it away somewhere in her robes.

Harry looked around in the room. He took thirty Galleons from his pocket and dropped it on the bed. "Ms. Black, let us go to a place of safety," he said. He grabbed the sleeve from her robe, Narcissa took her bag, and with Harry's free hand he reached for the girls. The all grabbed his hand and the foursome disapparated.


"Welcome to Potter's manor Ms. Black," Harry said when they appeared in the spacious Front hall.

Narcissa was looking astonished at her surrounding, surprise was clearly written on her face. "This looks beautiful, Lord Black. I would have never guessed such beauty with the Potters. "

She looked to the fireplace ... her eyebrows went up. "I believe this is a William Kent fireplace, isn't it?

They are rare. If I remember well, William Kent built only two of them. One he built at the Hampton Court Palace in 1732, the other one at Devonshire House. I did not know that he built one here at the Potter's manor. How surprising this is," Narcissa said.

"How do you know that this fireplace is built by William Kent," Romilda asked.

Narcissa turned to Romilda. "And you would be?" she asked with a slightly frosty voice.

Harry winced. "My excuses, Ms. Black ... let me introduce you to my girlfriends. This here is Ginny Weasley and here with the black hair is Romilda Vane."

Narcissa's eyebrow went up. "Girlfriends, Lord Black?"

"Yes, Ms. Black. These are my girlfriends," Harry stated a bit harshly.

"It is not my business Lord Black, but having more then one girlfriend is a bit ... let's saying unconventional, don't you agree?" Narcissa said puzzled.

Harry smirked.

"Unconventional it is, but also very pleasant. Let us retreat to the dining hall for some lunch, what do you say, Ms. Black?"

Narcissa nodded.

"Please follow me ladies," Harry said with a laugh and walked to the dining room.


"Yes master," Tinky said. She appeared in front of Harry.

"We have a guest, who will stay with us for a while. Her name is Narcissa Black. And we want to have lunch, if you please."

"Yes master," Tinky said, looked briefly to Narcissa, and popped away.

The grandiose lunch was served with a lot of style. Narcissa was impressed. She was impressed with the new Lord Black; his table manners were many times better then the manners of her son. She was also pleased with how the young lord was treating his girlfriends. The only thing what was puzzling her was the fact that he had two girlfriends, and those girlfriends did not seem to mind.

"Why is it that you have two girlfriends, Lord Black?" Narcissa asked Harry.

"Ms. Black, please call me Harry, because that Lord business becomes old and tiresome, don't you think?"

Narcissa nodded agreeable.

"Please call me Narcissa then, Lord ... I mean Harry."

Harry smiled uneasily and looked briefly to Ginny. However, she was not scowling, as he was expecting. Ginny was only looking intently to Narcissa, and no further reaction from her was noticeable.

"The story is complicated," Harry said.

"Summarizing several days of emotions, we ... that is Romilda, Ginny, and I, are infected by the Triangle Complex. We need to make a child, and marry in order to be cured; otherwise, we will die within a month. Both my girlfriends are already pregnant ... and today I am going to ask their parents officially for their hand in marriage. The wedding will follow, of cause, and it is up to the girls to say when."

Harry looked curious to Narcissa for her reaction.

Narcissa stopped eating and froze when she heard Harry mentioning the Triangle Complex ... she continued to listen, but she did not react further.

"You said the Triangle Complex? Lord ... I mean Harry?"


"I understand. Do you know who infected you, L ... Harry?"

"No, we don't know that," Harry answered.

"Well ... I know where the potion is coming from, and I think I know who gave the order or who actually poisoned you ... and your girlfriends," Narcissa said hesitantly.

"How do you know that?" Ginny asked harshly.

The threesome was looking tensely to Narcissa.

"One week ago in Malfoy manor, I heard Peter Pettigrew telling my sister Bellatrix that he collected the sweat of an opinicus statant, enough to infect three people. He asked her to put it in a cauldron, so they could give it to Snape."

"Snape," Harry roared. "Snape did poison us!" hissed Harry.

"Well, I have my suspicions that Snape was working under orders, and those orders were not from the Dark Lord, but someone else."

"Why do you think so, Narcissa?" Harry asked.

"Everyone knows that Snape is spying for the Dark Lord. He is telling Dumbledore that he is spying for him, while in secret it is opposite."

"Yes, a nice double spy he is," Romilda sneered.

"Do you think that Dumbledore was the one who poisoned us, Harry?"

Harry looked thoughtfully, but nodded slowly. "It looks like it. I knew that I could not trust that old man."

Narcissa started to laugh. "I am sorry, Harry. To me it is funny, that the leader of the light is manipulating his people worse then the Dark Lord is doing. I wonder if Dumbledore is still what we call a white wizard."

The threesome was looking thoughtfully to each other.

"Thank you Narcissa, we appreciated what you have told us. I wonder what Dumbledore's reasons for his actions are. Does he want us to be married?" Ginny said thoughtfully.

"I think that he wants something with the children," said Romilda.

Everyone looked scared. "Children? What does he wants to do with our children?" Ginny asked scared.

"Dumbledore will not come close to your girls, and neither the children," growled Harry. His magic flared up, the room and anything in it started to vibrate. Romilda laid her hand on his shoulder. "Calm now, Harry. Nothing will happen, because we keep Dumbledore out of our business, and we don't let him be close to us."

"Yes, because I prefer to invite Voldemort and ask for his protection then to let Dumbledore come close," Ginny sneered.

"Well ... that is too harsh, "Harry smiled a little. "At this moment, I am in the mood to kill that old man when I see him." His green eyes were flashing. "I mean it, girls. Do not try to stop me, because I am now able to send the killing curse straight to his head when I see him.

Nobody is going to hurt my girls, and when they do ...."

Now was the manor vibrating from the power, which came from Harry. Ginny's magic was flaring up as well, and the manor shocked up and down, like an earthquake was doing its damaging work. Only Romilda stayed cool. She stood up quickly and went to Harry and Ginny, she grabbed them into a hug ..., and everything cooled down.

Narcissa was scared, when she looked to the impressive display of magic and power. She never had seen and experienced such display of power, not even from the Dark Lord. When the girl Romilda managed to calm down her Lord and his girlfriend, she sighted from relief. That was close!


Albus Dumbledore was thinking things through, because events lately caused all his plans to fail ... because he lost control. He seemed to have underestimated Harry Potter, or there was someone working behind the scenes.

First, he had a brilliant plan to create two heirs, which he could use destroy the Dark Lord. He came upon information about the Triangle Complex disease, which seemed in that time perfect for his plans. He would bind Harry Potter and two full-blood girls to his plans. They would get pregnant and produce two Potters heirs.

Those plans went well, better then he hoped for, but what happened? They got indeed pregnant, as he had hoped and planned for, but not two, but six of heirs. That was a complication; he could find a solution when the time came of birth; he would simply kill the four other heirs and that would solve that problem.

He also managed to isolate Harry Potter and his brats of girls. They were out of supervision of their parents, and they were locked up in Black's house. Potter was protesting a bit, because he wanted to have his heritage. It was essential that Potter did not receive his heritage, even when he was of age. Dumbledore had a document, which states that Harry transferred the management of the heritage to Dumbledore. He could use the document only when Harry was of age.

What happened? For some unknown reason the floo to Grimmauld Place was blocked! When he came to Grimmauld Place, the threesome disappeared! When he was analyzing the magic in Grimmauld Place, he found traces of a Goblin portkey. The last piece of knowledge would change everything. That means that the Goblins were somehow involved.

That he would double check with the Goblins in one hour, because he wanted to double check the Potter's properties. He also wanted to check the ownership of Grimmauld Place. It could not be Harry Potter, because he was still not of age.

He sighted. This will be a very busy day, and his first task was the business with the Potter- and Black properties, then the Goblins and then he hoped he had some information where the brat and his pregnant cows were.


Harry was looking at Narcissa Black with a thoughtful expression on his face.

"My Lord," Narcissa asked.

"Can you make portkeys?" Harry looked hopeful.

"Yes I can, my Lord ... Harry," she said.

"Can you make three Portkeys, which, when activated, bring us back to the manor?"

"Yes I can," answered Narcissa. She took three teaspoons, concentrated briefly and waved her wand over the spoons, and whispered the incarnation. The spoons flashed briefly blue and she was done.

With a smirk, she handed the threesome the spoons. "You can activate them by saying 'Hell to Dumbledore'," she smirked. The girls were laughing, but Harry looked grim. "I would use the other expression, which is more insulting, but this might do the trick as well. Thank you, Narcissa.

Ask Tinky for a room, and make your self-comfortable. You are a Black now, and I will take care for you as long as you need it. Welcome to the family."

Narcissa was not sure how to react. She bowed her proud head slightly. "Thank you, my Lord."


Three youngsters appeared in front of the Burrow. The watched the strange building warily. A building with several stories high with five chimneys, and held up by magic. Harry saw several chickens running around in the front yard. They entered the yard, and walked towards the entrance. The entrance was surrounded by a jumble of Wellington boots, and Harry was studying them rather intently.

"Harry, this is your show, and normally you have the honor to talk to our father alone, but with our situation here, we must accompany you. I am so curious what you are going to talk about," Ginny said with a big smile on her face.

They opened the door and entered the kitchen. The kitchen was small and cramped, and contained a scrubbed wooden table and chairs, a fireplace with cooking books stacked on the mantelpiece, and a magical clock. Harry looked to the clock and saw that Ginny's pointer pointed at Home. On the wooden table sat the father and mother of Ginny ... they were not aware that they had visitors.

"Hi Dad and Mum," said Ginny cheerfully. "We are home."

Molly and Arthur turned around and looked shocked to the youngsters. Molly Weasley squealed and stormed to her only daughter and squeezed her in a huge hug. She grabbed Harry and included him in her hug. "Oh my children, I am so happy that you are alright", she squealed. After a moment of hesitating, she included Romilda in the hug as well.

Arthur Weasley joined the groups hug. His looked very happy; all his sorrow had disappeared from his worn face. He seemed to have lost some hair over the last days, and his approaching boldness was more evident.

"Oh my children, come sit on the table. Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something? Are you thirstily? Wait ... I have something left to eat and all of you take pumpkin juice. Where were you all? Everyone was looking for you. You three stay nicely here, and nothing will happen with you. And if Dumbledore will show up here, they there is something waiting for him."

The threesome sat down on the table. Harry looked to his girls, then to Arthur Weasley. Arthur Weasley looked at Harry, and noticed that Harry seem to be nervous.

"What is the matter, Harry?" Arthur asked.

"Well, Mr. Weasley, I have business to discuss with you ... and your wife as well," he said hesitatingly.

"Harry, please call me Arthur or Dad or what ever you want."

"Well, Mr. Weasley. It would be an honor, but for this conversation it is better to address you formally."

Arthur frowned. "Formally, Harry?"

"Yes, Mr. Weasley. Formally ... you too, Mrs. Weasley"

Molly Weasley sat down and looked to the black haired boy, who she always considered a son of hers.


Both girls were looking at Harry encouraging.

"Well ... ahm ... you all know what happened last time with Dumbledore, not?"

Everyone nodded.

"Well ... I um ... I am ... the fatherofyourgrandchildren," he said quickly, and sighted relieved.

"Ha-arry" a voice sassed next to him, and an elbow went into hide side from the other side.

"Uh ... sorry about that ... well ... you see ... oh dammed ... I made your daughter pregnant ... sorry about that ... and I want to marry her."

He looked to his left, where Ginny was glaring at him. He turned to the stunned elderly couple, and tried again.

"Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, I would like to ask your permission to marry your daughter in marriage."

There, it was out in the open. They are going to kill me, or they are going to kick me out of their house, or they will start to laugh, or they will do some really bad things with me, or they will curse me ...

"You may marry my daughter, son. You have my permission."

It is also possible they will castrate me with that naughty castration curse I have read in a book from Hermione, they will call Dumbledore and put me in jail, or they will send their sons ...

Again, he felt an elbow hitting his side.

"Aw, that hurts," he yelled, looking hurt to his right, where Romilda was glaring at him.


"Mr. Weasley said something to you, dork," she said.

"Who said something? Mr. Weasley? Did you say something?"

Arthur started to laugh. "I said that you may marry my daughter, and you have my permission." Arthur looked to his wife and his eyebrows went up.

Molly Weasley was still struggling with all the things what happened lately. She knew that it was much too early, and marriage is only after many years of seeing each other. In addition, normal people do not marry two girls. She understood the point of Arthur, because it was very clear that they had no other choice, except her grandchildren born out of wedlock.

"You have my permission and my blessing as well Harry," she said with a half smile.

Harry did not seem to understand what was said. He turned to Ginny. "What did they say, Gin? Do they give us our permission?"

The pointing finger from Ginny moved over to his chest. "Harry (poke), they gave (poke) you the permission (poke) (poke) to marry me (poke) (poke). Do you (poke) understand (poke) what I (poke) (poke) (poke) have said (poke)?"

"Aw. Aw. Yes, Gin - Aw - I did understand." He looked painfully to smiling Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. "Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley. You will make three people the happiest persons in the world."

"Harry, we are not ready here," Arthur Weasley said businesslike. "It may that I have agreed to give the hand of my daughter to you, but we still need to agree on the price."

"The price?" asked Harry, his eyebrows up.

"Price?" screeched Molly.

"Price?" screeched Ginny.

"Yes, of cause. Every father needs to talk about the price. You ask me the hand of my daughter ... and be aware ... my only daughter, and you pay a large price for that. How much are you willingly to pay for her?"

The sudden silence was deafening.

"Everything I own," Harry said simple.

Ginny's expression on her face was before outrageous, but now she could not help to look at Harry after that statement. Everything he owns ... for me? She could not help to feel pleased because of that. Her father may be acting like a jerk, but her soon-to-be-husband proofed that he was serious about the marriage with her.

"No, I don't want that, I want to have the market price," said Arthur.

Market price ... a market price for their daughter ... since when is there a market price for ... for ... ahch! Molly Weasley was already outraged, but if Arthur would continue like that, she would be beyond outraged and he would suffer greatly.

"What is the market price for Ginny?," Harry asked mystified.

Arthur looked nervously at his wife, whose face expression already indicated that she was not amused.

"I think it is about ten horses," Arthur said with a straight face.

Harry looked at Arthur ... he was thinking that the twins got their sense of humor or from Molly or from Arthur. He decided that they got their sense of humor from Arthur.

"You get five horses, and two cows."

"I want ten horses, no cows."

"In that case I go up to seven horses, and three cows, not one horse more, but you can have some cows extra if you want," Harry said with his straight face.

"In that case I want to have eight horses, and ten cows," Arthur said hotly.

"Ten cows and ten horses, not one less," Harry said.

He heard Ginny harrumphing from his side.

"Sorry, I mean to give fifteen horses and twenty cows for Ginny."

"Why so less?" Arthur complained. "You are talking about my daughter here, Harry. I want something extra."

"Well, thirty horses, twenty cows, five goats and a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. What about that?"

"What is a Rolls Royce?"

"Muggle car"

"Is it nice?"

"It is the best."

"What about ten Rolls Royces, ten horses and keep your cows, and give me ten goats," Arthur offered.

"We have a deal," Harry smirked.

Harry was already planning to give Arthur the ten Rolls Royces, ten horses and ten goats. Maybe he needed to talk to the Goblins again. He would give a lot to look at the face of his future father in law when he would discover that the goods were delivered. If Arthur knew the price of a Rolls Royce, he would think twice.

Ginny and Molly huffed. "Sold as a piece of junk," said Ginny annoyed.

"Do you have any idea how much a Rolls Royces cost, Ginny?" Harry whispered. "I think it is a fair price."

"You do sleep on the couch tonight, Harry. You men are so primitive. Let's go and buy Romilda from her father for some sheep."

"Arthur and Molly, we need to go to the parents of Romilda. Thank you for your hospitality, and I think we see each other tomorrow."

"But Harry, you can't go, you three need to stay here at the Burrow. Who is supervising you three?" Molly said worriedly.

Harry held his hand up. "Stop, Molly. It is too dangerous for all of us to stay at the Burrow, Molly. We discovered today who infected us with the Triangle Complex, and we think that was Dumbledore. We heard from a source, that Peter Pettigrew collected the sweat of an opinicus statant. He gave it to Snape. We also know that Voldemort did not know of this. Because Snape works for two people, the other one is Dumbledore.

Looking back on the ones who might have the motive, the only people who might have the motive are Voldemort and Dumbledore. When I think back on his actions, I cannot help to become suspicious of the actions of Dumbledore. I am afraid for the lives of my wives soon to be and for our children.

Knowing Dumbledore, when he will find out that we stay here, he will waltz into the Burrow and take us with force if necessary. He will probably jail us somewhere, not to be found by anyone. You, Molly and Arthur will not be able to stop him, and he will say that it is for the greater good and the big picture.

In the case Dumbledore is not involved, but Voldemort, he will stage an all out attack on the Burrow only to collect us. The Burrow might be warded, but the collective power of Voldemort with all his Death Eaters and dark creatures would render the wards useless within minutes.

I am truly sorry about this, Molly and Arthur, but I cannot allow increasing the risk for you two, the Burrow, and my future wives. We need to go to a location, which is unknown to anyone and is the safest in the world."

Arthur nodded and looked at Molly. Molly had tears in her eyes, but she nodded as well. "Children, please be and stay safe. Can we see you tomorrow?"

The girls nodded tearfully as well. "Yes mum, tomorrow we see each other again."

Harry grabbed the hands from his girls and prepared to apparate to the parents of Romilda, when he heard the pop of someone apparating in. And there was Albus Dumbledore with Snape and Moody.

Dumbledore saw the threesome holding hands together in front of him, in the kitchen of the Burrow.

"Harry, I want you to sit right here," he yelled. He pulled his wand from his sleeve and wanted to point it to the threesome.

Romilda held up her middle finger, and they disappeared from the kitchen with a loud crack.

How was it possible that they could apparate?

Harry, Romilda, and Ginny appeared in front of Romilda's house in London.

"Girls, this is too dangerous, let's talk with your parents tomorrow, because I think that Dumbledore would figure what is going on very soon, and then he will be here. Let's go."

The girls said nothing, but only nodded. They took their Portkeys and disappeared, right before Dumbledore, Snape and Moody appeared.


A/N: Beta reader for this chapter is shoppermania

A/N: This was a long chapter, sorry about that.

A/N: Next chapter: We will see kidnappings, rescues and a confrontation with Dumbledore. Harry still did not ask all his parents-in-law for the hand of Romilda, he will in the chapter to come.
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