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Chapter 7

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Dumbledore thinks that something drastically must happen in order to win the fight against Voldemort ... and he finds an ancient disease, which turns the three victims into walking bombs ... he inf...

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Dumbledore saw the threesome holding hands together in front of him, in the kitchen of the Burrow.

"Harry, I want you to sit right here," he yelled. He pulled his wand from his sleeve and wanted to point it to the threesome.

Romilda held up her middle finger, and they disappeared from the kitchen with a loud crack.

How was it possible that they could apparate?

Harry, Romilda, and Ginny appeared in front of Romilda's house in London.

"Girls, this is too dangerous, let's talk with your parents tomorrow, because I think that Dumbledore would figure what is going on very soon, and then he will be here. Let's go."

The girls said nothing, but only nodded. They took their Portkeys and disappeared, right before Dumbledore, Snape and Moody appeared.


Night-time in London never means quietness. There are always people walking in the streets, cars driving to their destination, dogs barking and cats meowing. This night at this ungodly hour was no difference. Snape was waiting already for fifteen minutes before Dumbledore would at last show up.

A man was walking slowly on the street with a large dog. Snape was watching the man warily. Who could some muggles have dogs like pets and walk with them in the middle of the night? Dogs reminded him too much about Sirius Black, the Black Mongol. When he thought about that flee bitten Mongol, he thought about the other Mongol. That cursed brat of a Potter with his private harem, who could get away with everything.

He was standing to brood in a back garden near the Vane's house. He thought that one thing the Dark Lord was right about; those muggles are despicable and disgusting. At last, he heard the familiar pop of a person apparating in. That was clearly Dumbledore. The tall wizard with his white beard was standing in front of him ... he had his wand already in his hand and he seemed to listen. He became crazier by the day.

"What are you doing, Albus?" Snape asked.

"Listening, I am listening for the sounds of the night, old friend. If something would be wrong, we would not hear anything. It sounds like everything is alright and we continue with our action." Snape rolled his eyes; the old man did become crazier by the day.

The two men were approaching the house and reached the front door. Dumbledore pointed his wand and muttered something under his breath. The door clicked open, and the two men entered the house very quietly.

They walked upstairs and reached the bedroom of Mr. and Mrs. Vane. They entered the bedroom and stupefied the parents of Romilda. Dumbledore was magically binding the Vanes and Snape was creating the Portkey.

"I portkey them nicely to my dungeon at Hogwarts, headmaster, and I foresee no problems from here on."

Dumbledore nodded and slowly he smiled. "I hope that Harry will understand that he can't marry the girl without their blessing, so he needs to come to me for advice, as he always had done since he came to Hogwarts.

And as usual, I advise him the things of life," he said angelically, his eyes reaching the skies.

Snape rolled his eyes, disgustedly activated the portkey and he with the parents of Romilda portkeyed away.


The night was young. Harry could feel a cool breeze against his skin. He needed to think about pajamas, because it became fresh. He never slept with pajamas since his third year. They became too small for him, and he never had the time to buy a new set.

He thought about all the things what happened the last days. First, he was alone, and suddenly he was almost engaged with two young women, who were pregnant because of him and lying in bed in his own manor.

He could not say if he was in love with any of his soon-to-be-his-wives, but he was very attracted to them, physically. They were so beautiful, so amazingly sexy. They are carrying his children, his girls, six of them! He could not imagine how he would be able to live with eight girls; he also could not imagine what he must do as a father.

He heard a ticking against the window. He stepped out of bed, carefully not to disturb his girls and walked to the window. There was an owl! Warily, he opened the window and accepted the note from the owl. If he was not mistaken, this owl was a school owl.

Harry looked carefully to the note, and opened it.

"Dear Harry,

For all the years that we know each other, you always came to me for advice. Lately you did not do that anymore. We both know the reasons for that, and I can't tell you how sorry I am for that.

I am the person who researched the Triangle Complex, you are currently suffering from, and I was the one who came up with the possible cure. You suppose to live in the old house from Sirius and stay there, because you are safe and protected against evil and ignorant people like the parents of Ms. Weasley.

But who could describe my feelings of hurt when I discovered that you have escaped the house to avoid me? Why are you avoiding me? Don't you trust me?

Then you are going to the parents of Ms. Weasley to ask her hand in marriage, without letting me know. I would love to see you asking for the hand of your love to your future parents in law, because I consider you almost like a grandson I never had.

I am terribly hurt by your foolish actions, which is threatening the lives of your future wives, your self, and the prophecy.

In order to force you to comply with me, I have taken the parents of Romilda into protected custody. They are now safe and protected against attacks of possible Death Eaters. If you want to speak with Mr. and Mrs. Vane, I advise you to come to see me at Hogwarts.


"Oh that bastard!," Harry roared.

"What is wrong?" Ginny asked in fright. She had woken up because of Harry's roaring.

"He kidnapped Romilda's parents and keeps them somewhere."

"Who kidnapped my parents?" Romilda said scared.

"Dumbledore did."

"How do you know?" Ginny asked horrified.

"Read this letter and you know," said Harry disgusted. He threw the letter on the bed and he started to stride in front of the bed.

Romilda started to cry, and Ginny grabbed her in an embrace, soon followed by Harry.

"I will not allow that old crack of a white beard to get away with it, Harry said coldly. " If he touches one of you, I will kill him," he growled.

The two girls gasped. "When one of you or other children are taken or hurt, he insulted the Potters and Blacks families, and there is only one answer for, he will be killed. It is now three o'clock in the morning, and I have an idea, but we need to be fast."

He was concentrating on the problem at hand.

"Dumbledore kidnapped your parents, Romilda. I think that he let Snape do the dirty work, and he is only watching, like the man he is. Knowing Snape, he will put your parents into a dungeon somewhere near his quarters or the old prison cells in Hogwarts, where both of them thing that they are safe.

We will apparate to Hogsmeade, and enter the castle in one of the secret passages, then we looking for your parents and get them out of there. When we have them safe, I want to ask Tinky here for a manor in a different country and they are going to live until the danger is over, when ever that, knows Dumbledore."

"Why placing them in a foreign country, Harry?" Ginny asked.

"Then they can't interfere with our threesome business, what else?" Harry grinned slightly, and looked to Romilda.

Romilda smiled slightly. "Let's go then."

"Before we go, I still have the Portkeys, which Narcissa made for us. Please take the Portkeys and in case that there are problems, we Portkey back to the Manor," Harry said.

"I think it is wiser that you carry the Portkeys, Harry. Because when we get separated, then we will get killed, you remember?" Ginny said tensely.

Harry and Romilda nodded somberly.

The threesome dressed, Harry grabbed his invisibility cloak and his Marauders map, and they prepare to apparate. Harry grabbed both his girls and apparated to cold and wet Hogsmeade. The rain was not heavy, but enough to make them wet and cold. Harry reached the entrance at Shrieking Shack, entered it, and walked until they reached the Whomping Willow.

When they entered the castle, Harry used his invisibility cloak and whispered to the girls not to be seen by the paintings. Otherwise Dumbledore would find out that they were in the castle. Harry activated his Marauders map, and soon they saw all the rooms from Hogwarts on the map. Romilda gasped. They were searching for the names of Romilda parents for almost an hour, but still did not find them.

The threesome could see Dumbledore in his office and Snape in his dungeons. Their names on the map did not move, and they seemed to be the only persons in the castle. Harry became desperate; Romilda parents were not in the castle, but where would they be then?

"Harry," Ginny said, "do you see that the deeper parts of the dungeons are not part of the map." Harry looked closer to the map. "You are right!"

"We need to find them without the help of the map," Ginny whispered.

The walked slowly and carefully. Harry did not want to make any noise. The castle was cold and wet. Harry was afraid that they would meet Peeves or other ghosts, because they would give them away immediately and alarm Dumbledore or Snape.

After twenty minutes of walking, they reached the dungeons near the classroom, where they normally had lessons in potions. Harry knew that Snape's office was behind his classroom, but he wondered where his private quarters were. He was shortly tempted to charm the classroom; a little payback for all the years of abuse.

The threesome was walking softly around the classroom. They entered the corridor where he knew lead the dungeons, which were once being used as prison cells hundreds of years ago. That was a logical choice to lock Romilda's parents away.

The dungeons were windy, cold, and wet; sometimes they could see some torches burning, giving the dungeons a strange, freighting atmosphere. The sound of the wind, blowing through the dungeons, did not help them feeling better. Sometimes they heard rats crawling. After thirty minutes of walking, they heard loud footsteps approaching. Harry pulled the girls into a small and narrow alcove ... he hoped that they would not be noticed.

A large figure passed them ... Harry noticed that the figure wore a heavy cloak, judging on the sound. He figure was muttering something ... he could recognize the voice as Snape's. Snape walked towards a group of rooms at the end of their corridor, and disappeared in one of them.

Harry and the girls were walking slowly to the door where Snape had disappeared. Harry took care that they were still covered in the invisibility cloak. They heard voices. When they came closer, they could recognize Snape's sneering voice.

"That Potter boy is a pain in the ass, and I personally will take care of that brat. That hooker of yours will never see the daylight when I get her. Before I kill her, I have a lot of fun with her. She is a hooker after all, not?"

Harry did not understand what Romilda's parents were answering Snape, but Snape him self seemed to amuse him self.

Snape was laughing demonically. The man was crazy!

"What can I expect from blood traitors like you? You live in the middle of the muggles, and your daughter is swooning over that Potter brat. All girls like her are hookers. They are even worse, because hookers are asking money for their services, and what does your daughter do? She is sleeping with him for free." They could hear the indignant voice of Romilda's father screaming something, but they were still too far away to understand him.

Harry decided to wait until Snape would leave the dungeon here and see if they could release Romilda's parents. He grabbed his girls and made a calming gesture.

Very soon, they could hear the heavy footsteps from Snape approaching. He passed them ... and stopped. Harry could hear the disgusting man sniffing the air, and looking around. He turned towards Romilda's parents, and seemed to hesitate. For several seconds, Snape seem to consider going back ... but obviously, he decided against it.

He turned again and walked slowly towards his dungeons. After some time his steps died away. The threesome were relieved and walked slowly and softly into the direction, where Romilda's parents were locked up, hoping that they could discover the cells.

"Mum, Dad?" Romilda said softly.

"Romilda?" a weak female voice came from a small corridor.

"There they are," Ginny whispered, pulling on Harry's sleeve, pointing in the direction of the voice. Harry could not see the direction Ginny was pointing to, but he heard the voice of Mrs. Vane as well.

"Mum, easy on, please. We are coming to rescue you. Hold on," Romilda whispered as loud as she dared.

The threesome entered the corridor and followed it until the end, where they saw a closed door. The door was locked with heavy bolds on the outside and it contained a small window. Romilda looked through the window, but saw only blackness.

"Harry," she whispered. "Light, please."

Harry put his wand into the small spy window in the door and whispered "Lumos" Harry and Romilda could see Romilda's parents chained on the farthest wall. Ginny opened the bolds on the door, and Harry pushed it open.

The threesome opened the door and went to the adults. Romilda was hugging them, and Harry and Ginny were studying the chains. Harry pointed his wand to the furthest chain he could find, which was connected to the wall, and whispered "Reducto" The chain broke into pieces on the ground. Harry could see that the chain connected Romilda's parents to the wall. He started to pull the chains, and her parents were soon released.

Romilda's mother fell on the ground, and Romilda kneeled near her. "Mum, are you alright?"

Romilda's mum groaned. "Yes ... I think ... I think ... I am ... alright."

Harry was searching his pockets for the teaspoons and found them.

"Please hurry, before they come back here. I have the Portkey, which will bring us to our manor. All of you hold on to me." Everyone grabbed Harry. After he was satisfied that everyone had a hold on him, he activated the Portkey. "Hell to Dumbledore" said Harry with a smirk and everyone was whisked away by the Portkey to Potter's Manor.


Hinky, Linky, and Tinky were busy to give Mrs. Vane medical attention. Mrs. Vane was exhausted, had a spanked ankle, and bruised ribs, while Mr. Vane had a large gash in his right cheek, but other than that was healthy. Harry was waiting for his elves to finish their work. He was worried that Romilda's parents were serious wounded, because he had no idea how to get medical help without alarming Dumbledore.

When the elves were ready with their work, he asked Tinky to give Romilda parents Dreamless Sleep potion. After the parents had taken their potion, they went to sleep in one of the twin-bedded bedrooms on the first floor. Harry and the elves left the room and met Ginny and Romilda on the corridor.

"How are my parents, Tinky?" Romilda asked anxiously.

"They are fine, mistress," Tinky answered. "When they wake up, they need strengthening potion, and that is all. They will be healthy within a day," the little house elf said.

Romilda nodded gratefully. "Thank you so much, Tinky." She kneeled down and kissed the little elf on her head. Tinky blushed and smiled. "You are very welcome, mistress," she said smiling and popped away.

"Let us go back to bed, my loves. I think we can use the sleep," Harry said, without realizing what he caused to the girls to feel. Both girls smiled huge smiles and grabbed Harry's arms. The all walked to their bedroom.

Harry locked the door of their bedroom and used his wand to add an additional locking spell. "You never know if your parents start to wander through the manor when we are still sleeping. I do not want to see the face of your parents, when they find us sleeping in one bed, Romilda."

Romilda smiled. "You know, Lord Baron Potter, we never finished our underwear party. Do you want to continue?"

Harry looked horrified. "Do you still have that energy, Romilda?"

Romilda nodded. "For sure I have, and now I feel very excited. What about you, Ginny?"

Ginny smiled sweetly. "I am always in the mood, but Mr. Lord Baron here is different. What do you think, Harry?"

Harry pointed to the window. "It is becoming already light, and we have not slept. Don't you want to get some sleep?"

"No," said both girls.

Harry resigned and undressed, the girls disappeared in the bathroom. Harry felt exhausted and sleepy. He climbed in bed and was thinking about Snape and Dumbledore; how they must feel when they discovered that Romilda's parents were gone. He smiled.

The bathroom door opened and his girls came out. Suddenly Harry did not feel exhausted and sleepy anymore.

Romilda was wearing the same white nothingness she wore at Grimmauld Place, barely covering her nipples and her public hair. She looked amazing, and he felt his excitement grow immediately.

Ginny was wearing something similar, only in red. She was a bit smaller then Romilda, beautiful ... somewhat pale but silky looking legs, narrow hips, an almost flat stomach, and big, round breasts with large nipples ... her bra was half open and displayed her erected nipples. Her red public hair was clearly visible through the almost transparent piece of red lace.

His eyes went wide, mouth dropped and all blood in his head moved immediately to his other head. He got instantly a huge erection, and could not hide that through the blankets ... it went up as if they were hiding a flagpole. Harry started to sweat and felt very warm ... hot!

Both girls were looking intently to Harry ... his reaction seemed to please them.
The jumped on the bed, each of them next to Harry, and Romilda grabbed the blanket and pulled it away. The girls saw his erection through his boxer. Ginny's hand went immediately in his boxer and grabbed his penis tightly.

"You know that joke about the brain and the penis sharing one single blood supply," Ginny said huskily.

"That is true," laughed Romilda, "and when the blood goes to the little head..."

"...The big head can't think straight." Ginny finished.

Ginny moved her hand away from his penis ... took off his boxer and lay down on Harry. Harry moaned. They both loved the feel from each other. Romilda started to kiss Harry and for several minutes they were locked in a passionate kiss, Ginny was rubbing herself against Harry. Her movements increased and she started to moan.
Harry gently cupped Ginny's breasts. She closed her eyes and moaned quietly, he gently rubbed the palm of his hand over her breasts, feeling her hard nipples fold over, and pop back up when the pressure had passed.

Ginny felt his member hard against her stomach, and then he lifted his hip a little and was able to slide closer to her, his member sliding over her hip. He slid his right hand across her stomach and up to cup her left breast again. Squeezing gently he started kissing Romilda's cheek; Romilda turned her head to meet his mouth they kissed deeply. They lay there for a while Romilda started stroking his member with her left hand, squeezing her hand between Ginny's and Harry's bodies and he continued to caress Ginny's breasts, alternating between them every few moments.
They kissed on and on as he slowly worked his right hand down Ginny's body pausing frequently to squeeze her gently. Finally, she met his hand and placed it between her legs. She spread her legs apart to make it easier for him to feel her.

He found Ginny very wet and slippery; she moved his hand up and down, pressing his hand into the folds of her skin. She moaned into their kiss, intense pleasure spreading out from her loins. She shuddered and her breath caught. She continued to encourage him to move his fingers between her legs. She spread her legs out, making sure he felt with his fingers the hole he needed to enter. When she was sure he knew his destination she pushed him up on top of her, she held his manhood again and guided it down.

Romilda stopped kissing him, and watched the two.
Ginny tore her slip from her hips and raised it as she pulled him down towards her. When the tip of his member pressed into her, it seemed right and she released him. She spoke into his mouth, "now," and digging her nails into his back she pulled him down into her.

He thrust into her hard. She whimpered into his mouth and continued pulling him towards her. She squirmed a bit trying to make it more comfortable. "Kiss me, Lord Baron." He kissed her fiercely. She held him motionless inside her for a minute then gently pushed him up a little. He understood, and started slowly moving in and out of her. Making love was perfection, completion of which he had never imagined possible.

An eternity later he exploded within her, when she experienced his release she quickly reached hers. They lay there shuddering ... bodies intertwined; he thrust a few more times but then stopped and collapsed onto her. They were both panting heavily.

Ginny opened her eyes and looked into his, "Wow that was amazing!"
Romilda was feeling horny as never before. She took off her bra and sexy knickers and grabbed Ginny's arm and pulled her from Harry. "Now it is my turn," she said aggressively.

He is beautiful, Romilda thought. Perfect. Her eyes traveled down his chest to the dark hair leading down to his member. She looked up at him and met his eyes. She pushed him on his back on the bed. Harry was shocked and tried to sit up before she lightly pushed him back down.

"Please, Harry. I want to taste you." She knelled between his legs, running her fingers lightly over his thighs, reveling in the shudders and goosebumps she was eliciting on him. She found herself staring at the gorgeous specimen of manhood standing again in front of her.

She heard a gasp from him as she ran her tongue over the tip, tasting the little droplet there. Merlin, that tastes wonderful. That one little taste put her into frenzy. She wanted to devour him, make him scream her name. She wanted to taste him fully. She took as much as she could in her mouth and he moaned loudly. She could feel his fingers wrapping themselves in her hair. She smiled.

Harry is calling her name as she brought him closer to the edge. Her mouth and hands worked up and down his erection smoothly. She gently cupped his balls and massaged lightly; his body jerked from the sensation, which almost made her lose the contact her mouth had with him. She gently trailed a finger over his member and he tensed, calling her name again. Two more long strokes and she was busily swallowing his seed ... salty and sweet.

Her thoughts are interrupted when Harry took an erect nipple into his warm mouth. The sensations he was causing her, were amazing. She unconsciously spread her legs, and he is now settled between her thighs, kissing down her breasts and stomach. In an instant, his lips were on her center, kissing her most intimate place. When his tongue darted out to tease her clit, she moaned his name and gripped the sheets tightly. Her legs were trembling in arousal, and her voice is rasping from screaming Harry's name into the morning. She briefly wondered where he learned how to do this, but before her thoughts are finished, she was enveloped in heat, warmth, light, and energy. She got the most intense orgasm she had ever had. He slowly and softly continues kissed her throbbing core as she came down from a most delicious high.
Romilda let her hand move to his penis and after stroking him lightly she guided him into her. He leaned down and kisses her as he pushed himself slowly into her, burying himself to the end. Her gasp broke the kiss. He is huge. She felt full and complete.

The tempo is slow and sure with long intoxicating strokes. She was in heaven. They rocked together for what seemed like hours. Harry was showered her with kisses. He started whispering in her ear and she lost all control. "Come for me." Oh, Merlin. If she thought the last one was big, it has nothing on this climax. She pulled him closer to her, wrapped her legs around his waist. She could feel her muscles contracting around him and before she knew it, he joined her in her oblivion. She could feel him throbbing inside her, releasing the product of an intense orgasm of his own.


Jack and Jacqueline Vane woke up in the king-sized bed in a Victorian styled bedroom. Where were they? How did they come here? And whose bedroom is this? Such an old fashioned, Victorian bedroom he only saw on television. Suddenly all came back to him, and he remembered the kidnapping yesterday ... and his daughter with her girlfriend and ... the boy came to their rescue.

He looked to his left ... there was Jacqueline, his wife and companion for more then eighteen years. She still looked good, but she never changed from the nagging wife she was from their second year marriage up to now. He thought about yesterday evening, when they had woken up. He saw Snape looming over Jacqueline. He became so angry, such a foul creature with his black draping, touching his Jacqueline. He remembered him self screaming and cursing the Snape with every curse word he could find. He even tried to kick the man, except he was still bound by invisible magical bounds, which held his feet tightly together.

After Snape saw what noise he was making, Jack was silenced with a spell. But Jack did not give up, and continue to turn and move, trying to harm that despicable excuse of a human. Probably Jacqueline seemed to find courage in his spectacle, and started to move and kick as well.

That foul man then started to tell horrible things about their daughter. Their daughter! Snape seemed to get bored with all, and left them, thank Merlin for that. And suddenly they were there ... his only daughter, with her friend ... and Harry Potter.

Harry James Potter, the young man who was clearly and firmly in charge of the rescue. That young man, that Harry Potter, was in charge of the rescue attempt. He was also the young man, who risked the live of his daughter. He was also the man who made his daughter pregnant!

Thinking it over, he realized, that he was also the man who had lead a successful rescue attempt, because they were free! He was the man, in whose bed they were sleeping now. He was the man, whose elves had cured them. He was the man, who was infected with the Triangle Complex, together with his daughter and the other girl.

He looked to his left again. Yes, Jacqueline was awake, and looking at him. "I think that we need to wake up, and look for our daughter and Harry," Jack said.

Jacqueline looked surprised. "Is everything alright, Jack?"

"Yes, everything is fine. There are things I have realized only now. I want to speak with Harry Potter about our daughter and to think him for our rescue last night. Do you know how late it is, Jacqueline?"

Jacqueline looked at her watch. "Nine fifteen in the evening, Jack."

"Let's go then," Jack said and stepped out of bed.


A/N: Next chapter: The aftermath and Harry asks the parents-in-law for the hand of Romilda, Harry (still needs to) ask the parents-in-law for the hand of Romilda. We will see more of Narcissa Black. The threesome will have some major problems with their magic.

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