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Chapter 8

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Dumbledore thinks that something drastically must happen in order to win the fight against Voldemort ... and he finds an ancient disease, which turns the three victims into walking bombs ... he inf...

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A/N: This chapter: The aftermath and Harry asks the parents-in-law for the hand of Romilda, Harry (still needs to) ask the parents-in-law for the hand of Romilda. We will see more of Narcissa Black.

Beta reader for this chapter: grookill (Tom)


(A/N: this paragraph is a segment from the previous chapter)

He looked to his left again. Yes, Jacqueline was awake and looking at him. "I think that we need to wake up and look for our daughter and Harry," Jack said.

Jacqueline looked surprised. "Is everything alright, Jack?"

"Yes, everything is fine. There are things I have realized only now. I want to speak with Harry Potter about our daughter and to think him for our rescue last night. Do you know how late it is, Jacqueline?"

Jacqueline looked at her watch. "Nine fifteen in the evening, Jack."

"Let's go then," Jack said and stepped out of bed.


All the elves from Hogwarts were looking through the castle for the two missing people. Mr. and Mrs. Vane were disappeared from their guest rooms without a trace.

A much shaken Snape arrived at the office of Albus Dumbledore.

"They are gone!" roared Snape.

Albus Dumbledore was shocked. He never experienced a so upset Snape in his life.

"Who is gone?" answered Dumbledore surprised.

"The Vanes are gone! I went to their cell in the night to check on them, everything was under control and looked normal. I even chained them on the wall in case and then I left. This morning I brought them their breakfast, and they were not there! I checked the cell, and somebody broke my chains! Those were my best chains as well!

Dumbledore stood up immediately. "What do you mean, they are gone. That can't be, there is nobody in the castle than us and the elves!" roared Dumbledore, his eyes flashing and his magic wild.

Snape fell on the chair in front of Dumbledore's desk. "I can't believe it, but they are really gone," he said despairingly.

Dumbledore had been never as angry as he was now. He called for the elves and commanded them to search each corner of the castle. He spoke to the paintings, but they did not see anything. He summoned the ghosts, but they did not see anything as well.

Then he hauled Snape violently to the Dungeons and started to test the cells and corridors for magic, and suddenly he found what he was looking for. He found a trace of a Portkey! Dumbledore was the greatest wizard of time, and he was busy to analyze where the Portkey went to, and then he found it. The trace of the Portkey lead to ... "Oh damn," he said. "They went to an unplotteble location.

Dumbledore left the cell immediately and walked with long and angry strides towards his office. In his office, he flooed the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge.

"Yes, Dumbledore, what can I do for you?" asked Cornelius Fudge.

"I want to report a crime to you, Cornelius."

"A crime, Dumbledore?" The eyebrows of Cornelius Fudge went up. "What crime?"

"It is about the Vanes. I believe that they become dark and they are now with Voldemort. "

"And what is the crime, Dumbledore?" asked Cornelius, surprised.

"Crime? They are with Voldemort, which is crime enough," roared Dumbledore.

Cornelius Fudge was taken back. He never heard Dumbledore screaming.

"I will send Shacklebolt over, Dumbledore. He will handle it from there. Have a good day." He pulled out of the fireplace to break the contact. Cornelius Fudge sat back into his chair at his desk and thought it over. What ever happened in that castle, it must be very upsetting for our dear esteemed headmaster. Slowly a smile appeared on his face. This day had a perfect start ... he happily called for Percy.

Dumbledore was fuming. His ace card had been taken away, right in front of his nose. He suspected that Harry had a hand in this. That boy was becoming a major problem. He needed to find out where he was staying.

Albus Dumbledore slowly calmed down.

The Vanes are gone, nothing to do about it anymore. The only thing what was interesting to know was how they could disappear from the castle without him and Snape knowing it.

However, he had a newer card to play, the other ace was the Weasleys. After he kidnapped the parents of his other wife, he would hide the Weasley parents somewhere more safe, forcing Harry to contact him. When Harry did that, he would capture Harry and his pregnant girls, and imprison them. He would bind their magics, until the time came for Voldemort.


Harry woke up between two very beautiful girls.

"Tinky," he whispered.

"Yes master?" Tinky appeared in front of the bed.

"Hello, Tinky. Do you know what the time is?"

"Yes master, it is nine fifteen in the evening," the little elf answered with a smile.

"Are the Vanes already awake?"

"They are talking in their bedroom, master."

"Can you make us something to eat, please? Nobody had eaten today."

"Yes master, dinner it will be at ten. Is that what you wish, master?"

"Yes, Tinky that would be perfect. Thank you."

Tinky popped away.

Two arms hugged him from both sides. "Come here lover boy," came a husky voice from the right. "You are ours," a husky voice came from the left.

Harry smirked. "And you both are mine."


Harry, Romilda, and Ginny were approaching the dining room in their best clothes. Harry was dressed smartly in black wizarding clothes; Ginny wore a long cocktail dress in a pastel blue and Romilda the same dress but in deep red. Both girls were holding tightly an arm of Harry.

Mr. and Mrs. Vane were already sitting on the dining table, deeply involved talking with each other. Jack Vane looked absorbed to his wife, who was animatingly telling him about Romilda's third years birthday, when she did accidental magic by transfiguring all the balloons into clothes.

When they heard the footsteps approaching the dining hall, they looked up. They saw the threesome entering. Harry Potter was in the middle, the Weasley girl on his left and their own daughter on the right, both holding an arm from the young man.

The striking thing about the threesome was that they seemed to be in love. Jacqueline Vane recognized the looks the girls had in their eyes. Those looks they only got after a woman made love with her lover. Her eyebrows went up. Her daughter was underaged! Her daughter making love with a young man was not in her book of priorities.

She looked more carefully to the said young man. He looked very handsome in those wizarding clothes of him. He looked very determined and possessive over her daughter and the Weasley girl. There was something about the boy, something untouchable. Then she looked closely to her daughter, and she saw something she did not see for years. Her daughter was truly happy! Her happiness was radiating from her, her eyes alight.

Jacqueline's heart melted. Her husband for too many years was too dumb to recognize the looks of her daughter's face, and decided not to make a point of it, for the time being.

The threesome greeted the Vane seniors, and Harry held out chairs for his girls. When everyone was seated, he took the chair at the head of the table and sat down.

"I am very leased that you can have dinner with us, Mr. and Mrs. Vane," he said. "And I am more then happy that you are well and healthy after that unfortunate adventure in the dungeons of Hogwarts under the care of Professor Snape and Headmaster Dumbledore."

He put a letter on the table.

"This is the note we received last night from the headmaster. Please read it and tell us what you think," said Harry in a morose voice.

Jack Vane looked to the note, and opened it and held it for his wife to read it as well.

"Dear Harry,

For all the years that we know each other, you always came to me for advice. Lately you did not do that anymore. We both know the reasons for that, and I can't tell you how sorry I am for that.

I am the person who researched the Triangle Complex, you are currently suffering from, and I was the one who came up with the possible cure. You suppose to live in the old house from Sirius and stay there, because you are safe and protected against evil and ignorant people like the parents of Ms. Weasley.

But who could describe my feelings of hurt when I discovered that you have escaped the house to avoid me? Why are you avoiding me? Don't you trust me?

Then you are going to the parents of Ms. Weasley to ask her hand in marriage, without letting me know. I would love to see you asking for the hand of your love to your future parents in law, because I consider you almost like a grandson I never had.

I am terribly hurt by your foolish actions, which is threatening the lives of your future wives, your self, and the prophecy.

In order to force you to comply with me, I have taken the parents of Romilda into protected custody. They are now safe and protected against attacks of possible Death Eaters. If you want to speak with Mr. and Mrs. Vane, I advise you to come to see me at Hogwarts.


Jack and Jacqueline Vane looked shocked to Harry.

"When we woke up, we saw only Snape and we were in a dungeon. Because of that, we knew that Snape had us kidnapped."

Jack paused to collect his thoughts.

"I thought that Snape was a Death Eater and that he had us imprisoned in the dungeons of a house or manor. I had no idea ..." Jack Vane was without words, speechless.

"Yes, Mr. Vane," Harry said, "You were kidnapped by Dumbledore and Snape. Snape locked you up in the dungeons of Hogwarts and Dumbledore knew of it. It becomes even better; he locked you up because Dumbledore said so. He wanted to use you to force us to contact him. We, on the other hand, are hiding from him and the Order."

Jacqueline Vane looked to the Weasley girl.

"Is your name is Ginerva Weasley?" asked Jacqueline, looking at the red haired beauty.

"Yes, Mrs. Vane, my name is Ginny Weasley."

"You are Arthur's daughter from the ministry," said Jack.

Ginny nodded and smiled.

"If Dumbledore kidnapped us, and it failed, how do you know that he would not try something with your parents, Ginny?"

Ginny looked stunned to Mrs. Vane. That would never occur to her that the headmaster would do something like that. Her parents are in the Order, and why should he kidnap Order members.

"Mrs. Vane has a point, Ginny. I would feel much better when you parents would be out of his reach. Let's collect them and bring them here, what do you think, Gin?" said a worried Harry.

Let us apparate to the Burrow, collect your parents and Portkey them here. Or at least talk to them, and give them one of our Portkeys, Ginny," said Romilda, looking at Ginny.

Ginny looked thoughtfully. "I don't know, Harry. I think that Dumbledore would never do that to an Order member."

"I personally think that Dumbledore would do something like that, because the risk of exposure by the Order is not as big as the advantage he gets when he will catch you. And he always can remove memories from your parents and you," a voice sounded at the door of the dining room.

The all looked up to the new arrival.

"Good evening, may I introduce myself," Narcissa said.

"Harry stood immediately up and turned to the Vanes. "This is Narcissa Black, who lives at the Potter's manor; she is family on the Black side."

"Narcissa, this is Mr. and Mrs. Vane, Romilda's parents."

The adults were nodding politely to each other.

Harry held out a chair and Narcissa sat down. Tinky came in with dinner and started to serve everybody.

When they were finished eating the desert, Narcissa addressed Ginny. "Ginny, I think that it is much safer that you bring your parents to the manor, because they will be kidnapped by Dumbledore in my opinion."

Ginny was hesitating. "My parents will not believe me," she said sadly. "And when they are here, my mother is going to interfere with everything what is happening in the manor."

Narcissa smiled. "I understand, Ginny. But you are going to be engaged for marriage very soon," she smiled, a brief look to Harry and an eyebrow rose. "That means that this manor will be your and Romilda's territory. That also means that this is your house, and your mother will nothing to say about how things are being managed here. She also has nothing to say what you are doing. Not only that, I understand that the Black family heirdom owns several manors, and I am sure that the Potter's heirdom owns several properties as well."

Ginny looked at Harry. "Maybe she is right. Shall we go to visit my parents, Harry? It should not take too much time."

Harry nodded, and looked at Romilda, who nodded in confirmation.

"Excuse us for a moment, please. We will be collecting Ginny's parents now," he announced.

The threesome stood up, held their hands and apparated away to the Burrow.


Molly Weasley looked flabbergasted, Arthur sat in shock in his chair, and Bill and Charlie were looking in unbelief.

"If you don't believe us, then come with us where we are staying and see for your self. Mr. and Mrs. Vane are with us," said Harry.

"And where are you staying then," Bill asked with his eyes narrowed.

"We are staying at the Potter's Manor," answered Harry calmly.

Bill and Charlie were looking unbelievingly at Harry. "And how can you get to Potter's Manor?"

Ginny decided to interfere. "Bill and Charlie, back it off. We are staying there at the moment, and that is enough for the two of you," she said in threatening way. "Harry asked our parents permission to marry, and that is more then enough for you. So please, back off!"

Bill and Charlie were looking surprised to their father. "Dad, is she right? Did he ask for your permission?"

Arthur nodded.

"Why?" asked Molly. "Why should he kidnap Romilda parents?"

"As we already said, Mum. He wants to force us to talk to him," answered Ginny. He is dangerous for us, because I think he wants to lock us up somewhere. "

"But is that bad, Ginny. At least you are safe?" her mother answered.

"We are perfectly safe, Mum. We will be married soon, and I do not want to spend my married life imprisoned somewhere. Do you wish upon me that?"

Molly slowly shook her head. "No, I don't want that."

"I have a proposition to make," said Harry. "I have a portkey here, and why don't we go to the Manor and see how we live. You can also talk to the Vanes."

Molly and Arthur looked at each other. "Alright, let us go to your manor, Harry."

Harry hesitated for a moment and remembered something.

"Well, there is an other person who is at the manor as well," he said hesitating.

Molly looked questionable to Harry. "Who else is staying at the manor, then?"

"Narcissa Black."

"Who?" Molly asked confused.

"The ex-wife of Lucius Malfoy," answered Ginny.

"What!" Bill screamed angrily.

Harry frowned.

"That bitch is staying with you? How could you let her stay! You need to kick her out on the street immediately. She is an evil person that will kill you when you turn your back. You are more stupid then I already thought, Potter!" screamed Bill.

"You shut up!" yelled Ginny. "You have nothing to say about who is staying at the manor, you prat! When Dumbledore comes to get you, you would like to have a place to hide and to be safe as well, right? If you continue acting like a prat, then YOU can stay on the street!

"Harry is responsible for her because Harry declared the marriage of Malfoy illegal, so she was kicked out of the Malfoy manor, along with the bastard son Draco. And because she is a Black, she falls automatically under Harry's responsibility. That is the reason why she is at the manor.

"We have talked to her; she is a much nicer person than you are being, you great prat. So shut up, because you are acting like Ron, immature and childish."

Everyone was shocked into silence, except Arthur.

"Harry, son, you truly did that?"

"Yes, Arthur. Malfoy has no heir anymore and sits alone in his cell," smirked Harry. "But Narcissa is my responsibility, and we will not accept any insult to her by anybody." He looked pointedly to all the people around the table.

Arthur stood up from the table. "Let us go to the manor and see what we find there, shall we?" he said.

Harry took the portkey out of his pocket. "Please everyone, hold on me and we go."

Everyone held onto Harry and they all were portkeyed to the Potter's manor.

At that very moment, Dumbledore and Snape apparated near the Burrow. They took their wands out and approached the back door. Dumbledore and Snape entered the Burrow only to see Molly, Arthur, Bill, Charlie, and the threesome disappearing.


"That was Dumbledore!" exclaimed Ginny.

"Why did he have his wand out?" Molly asked, before looking around, deeply impressed.


A/N: Next chapter: The threesome will have some major problems with their magic, asking permission to marry (at last) and the proposal.

Beta reader for this chapter: grookill (/Tom/)
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