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Chapter 9

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Dumbledore thinks that something drastically must happen in order to win the fight against Voldemort ... and he finds an ancient disease, which turns the three victims into walking bombs ... he inf...

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A/N: This chapter: The threesome will have some major problems with their magic, asking permission to marry (at last) and the proposal.

Beta reader for this chapter: grookill (Tom)


(A/N: this paragraph is a segment from the previous chapter)

"Yes, Arthur. Malfoy has no heir anymore and sits alone in his cell," smirked Harry. "But Narcissa is my responsibility, and we will not accept any insult to her by anybody." He looked pointedly to all the people around the table.

Arthur stood up from the table. "Let us go to the manor and see what we find there, shall we?" he said.

Harry took the portkey out of his pocket. "Please everyone, hold on me and we go."

Everyone held onto Harry and they all were portkeyed to the Potter's manor.

At that very moment, Dumbledore and Snape apparated near the Burrow. They took their wands out and approached the back door. Dumbledore and Snape entered the Burrow only to see Molly, Arthur, Bill, Charlie, and the threesome disappearing.


"Is that a William Kent fireplace, Harry?" asked Arthur Weasley.

"Yes Sir, it is a William Kent fireplace."

Arthur Weasley looked impressed to the huge fireplace. Molly was admiring the beautiful sealing with its beautiful scenes from La Fontaine's fables. Bill and Charlie were staring wide eyed to the 18th-century chairs and ironbound chests.

"Is that all yours?" asked Bill flabbergasted.

Harry and the girls smiled proudly. "Yes, all of this is ours," Harry said satisfied. He looked to his girls. "And the girls are mine, too."

Romilda and Ginny looked satisfied and pleased at Harry. "And you are ours too," said Romilda.

The group walked into the dining room, where Narcissa Black and Jack and Jacqueline Vane were still sitting, drinking tea. The Weasley's were looking uneasy to Narcissa, but she did not make any remark.

Bill was looking sideways to Ginny. He truly did not want to be hurt by his sister, and it was unwise for him to make a scene here. It was obvious who was the boss here, and it was neither he or his parents.

"Are you hungry?" Ginny asked her parents.

"Of cause we are hungry," smirked Charlie. "We are always hungry."

Everyone laughed and they all sat down on the table.

"Tinky," Ginny said with a loud voice.

Tinky appeared in front of Ginny with a loud pop. "Is there any dinner left over for all of us?"


Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape were looking to the disappearing Weasley's, and Dumbledore exploded from anger. "Again that Potter boy is responsible for the mayhem he is causing me. All my plans are disrupted, how do I get Voldemort in a position, so that we can destroy him?

He looked at Snape. "Do you have any idea?"

Snape said nothing, and waited for the headmaster to cool down.

Dumbledore took a kitchen chair and sat down heavily.

"Why are Potter and his whores so important?" Snape asked.

Dumbledore looked wearily to Snape.

"There is a prophecy made, as you know, about your Dark Lord, and ... Harry. In that prophecy, it is stated that Harry has the power the Dark Lord knows not. It also states that one will beat the other.

"I have been doing a lot of research the last months, and I concluded that Harry Potter does have some unknown sources of power, but they are not being initialized properly. He does not know what those powers are, and neither do I. I also concluded that a child from Potter would be able to inherit those hidden powers. For that reason, I infected him and two women with the infection. Why did I infect two women? In case he cannot get one pregnant, he has a better change with two of them. The main reason for two women is that the disease requires it."

"Why are those powers of the Potter brat not being initialized," asked a surprised Snape.

"Either those powers are coming to the surface at his birthday, or I need to make some modifications in his mind. I prefer to make those modifications, but the boy continues to evade me. Those modifications in his mind are dangerous, and in case something goes wrong with the boy I need to have a reserve plan ready. That reserve plan would be two children from him.

"Now Potter is going to get six of them, and that is far too many. For the greater good and for all of us, I will be forced to kill four of his children in order to make the problem more manageable."

"And what are we going to do now?" Snape said.

"We are going back to Hogwarts and wait until he makes a mistake. When that happens, we act immediately."

Snape nodded thoughtfully. 'Wait until the Dark Lord hears from this,' he thought.


Molly Weasley had a good time. She was in Harry's manor and sitting at the dining table with Narcissa Black and the Vanes. They were discussing their families' histories, and Molly learned that Narcissa was forced to marry Lucius Malfoy in a cruel manner.

Alphard Black, an uncle, had forced Narcissa to comply with the demands of the Black family. He did that in a terrible way, by placing Narcissa Black in a full body bind, threw her over his broad shoulders, and brought her in this way to the Malfoy manor. When they arrived at the Malfoy manor, Alphard Black went to Lucius Malfoy, and dropped her on the ground before the feet of Lucius.

They were married immediately against her will, and he raped her from that moment on, until she was pregnant with Draco Malfoy. That was the last time Lucius Malfoy touched Narcissa.

Then the subject of the table went to Charlie and Bill, her two sons. She was so proud! Charlie managed to get a big promotion and he was now a master dragon trainer. He was working for the Ministry now. Dumbledore discussed things with the ministry and was able to get three dragons to guard Hogwarts, and Charlie was in charge of the whole operation.

Bill received promotion as well. He was a curse breaker for Gringotts, and one of the best around, and thus was very busy. His work in Egypt was finally over and her son was now close to home, working in the vaults and corridors of Gringotts, somewhere deep under the ground. Bill's girlfriend Fleur from France was coming over in the next weekend, and she looked forward for that visit.

She understood from Bill that he had an announcement to make. Molly Weasley expected that Bill was about to propose to his girlfriend and she was very happy to prepare the wedding. It is about time that Bill became more responsible; he wasn't getting any younger and he was a perfect age to marry.

Then her thoughts lingered over Ginny. Ginny was not the perfect age to marry. She is supposed to worry about boyfriends and school, not preparing a household and sleeping with a husband and giving birth. There was not much she could do against the marriage because of the Triangle Complex infection, but she vowed to carry on the best she could.

Molly's all-but-adopted son Harry seemed to be much happier then ever before, and she was happy for him. It was probably due to Ginny and that other girl Romilda, but that was acceptable and understandable. She looked closer to the threesome at the other side of the table and she noticed something, a glow that was shared between the three of them. She suddenly realized what that glow meant - they slept together! Before she could react, she remembered that they have already slept together - the girls would not be pregnant otherwise, and she calmed down.

Suddenly Molly was aware that all conversations on the dining table had stopped and everyone was looking at Harry. Harry was blushing for whatever reason, and she paid attention on what he was saying.

"Mr. and Mrs. Vane, I have a question to ask you. I have avoided asking this question much too long," Harry said shyly.

"I like to have your permission to marry your daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Vane."


For almost a full minute, the parents of Romilda were looking at Harry. Molly could see all house elves appearing in the dining room and were watching as well.

Mr. Vane stood up from his chair, and looked briefly to his wife, who nodded with a smile.

"You have our permission, son. Welcome to the family."

Harry looked bewildered to Romilda and Ginny, who smiled reassuringly, before a big smile appeared on his face. Molly saw that Harry was sweating heavenly, and started to laugh. Harry looked at her briefly, before turning to Mr. and Mrs. Vane.

"Thank you so much, Sir and Madam."

Harry's face was distorted for a second, and all present felt a magical wave traveling though the dining room. The two girls had the same feeling, magical waves were radiating from them. Everything became normal again after some seconds.

"That was the first time it was so powerful," Romilda said thoughtfully.

The nervous Harry grabbed something from his pocket and moved to the girls. He went down on one knee and held up his hands. In his hands were two small open boxes. Molly could not see exactly what was in those boxes, but she had a good idea what it was.

"Romilda and Ginny," Harry started, trying to look in their eyes.

"Romilda and Ginny, do you want to marry me?"

Both girls gasped at Harry.

"Marry?" Ginny said, looking astonished at the rings.

"These rings are a bond between the three of us. They symbolize the joining of our hearts and the coming together of our souls and the rings are a promise of marriage. These are engagement rings."

Harry looked to his girls expectantly. Romilda and Ginny were staring at the box containing the rings.

"Yes!" both said in unison.

Harry and the two girls were not aware that they were radiating strong waves of magical energy again, but the rest of the people present were. The house elves were almost in ecstasy.

Harry took the first ring out of the box, and took Romilda's right hand and placed the ring on Romilda's finger. He did the same with Ginny's right hand, and placed the ring on her finger. Both girls looked astonished to see the rings on their hands. Harry took the last ring, and placed it on his finger of his right hand.

"And now we are officially engaged. May I kiss my fiancées?" Both girls nodded, and Harry pulled them from their chairs and in a hug. He kissed both girls on their lips and whispered something in their ears.

A wind seemed to ravel through the dining room, a wind of magical energy, only this time it was even stronger the last time.

Both girls were glowing of pleasure and happiness, and Molly stood up from her chair and ran to the happy threesome, and pulled them into a groups hug. Everyone was laughing now after the shock wore off. Bill and Charlie were looking a bit uneasy, but that resolved fast when the bottles of wine and butterbeer came.

"How did you get those rings, Harry James Potter," enquired Ginny.

"Pinky and Tinky got it for me from my family vault. Those rings are the combination of the engagement rings from my parents and grandparents. I wear my father's ring, and you girls were the rings from one of my grandmothers. When you compare both rings, you see that they are identical."

The girls looked and nodded.

"In case when one of us dies, the rings will be magically transported back to the vault. That is the way how they are created. A Potter's ring is not bought in a shop, but it is specially crafted to be worn by Potter's and their bride or brides. I learned from Pinky that there were two harems in the history of the Potter's. The last harem was in 1245 by a certain Edwin Potter, who married into harem with fix other wives. They asked a special magical ring crafter to create more rings."

"How did you know how to propose, son?" Arthur asked curious.

"Tinky told me," Harry whispered to his future father in law.

"Tinky? You mean the house elf?"

"Yes, he told me about the proposals of my father, and my grandfather, and he came up with the information how I must propose to Ginny and Romilda. Tinky also told me about the family history, it was very entertaining. She is already in the family for three Potter's generations."

Arthur looked surprised to Harry. "So, you asked the house elves for advice, how to make a proposal?"


Everyone was laughing, and Harry became Weasley red.


A/N: Next chapter has some major events. Sorry that this chapter was so short. I promise to make it up with the next one.

Beta reader for this chapter: grookill (Tom)
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