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Chapter 10

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Dumbledore thinks that something drastically must happen in order to win the fight against Voldemort ... and he finds an ancient disease, which turns the three victims into walking bombs ... he inf...

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A/N: This chapter has some major events.

Beta reader for this chapter: grookill (Tom)


(A/N: this paragraph is a segment from the previous chapter)

"Yes, he told me about the proposals of my father, and my grandfather, and he came up with the information how I must propose to Ginny and Romilda. Tinky also told me about the family history it was very entertaining. She is already in the family for three Potter's generations."

Arthur looked surprised to Harry. "So, you asked the house elves for advice, how to make a proposal?"


Everyone was laughing, and Harry became Weasley red.


The grandfather clock, standing in their bedroom next to the door, showed three o'clock in the morning. The clock was a present of the muggle Queen Victoria to the Potter's family more then hundred years ago. The clock was an original Lancaster clock and was signed by John Hoff, a well-known clockmaker from 1810. According Tinky, Harry's grandfather loved the clock.

Ginny and Romilda were making fun of him by asking if the clock could stand in their bedroom, and were teasing him to become ancient. The only thing what was lacking was the gray beard and pipe. Harry was defending himself by claiming that the clock was a connection with his past and family, but in truth, he simply liked the clock.

Harry could not sleep. The girls were sleeping on the left and right from him. The leg from Romilda lay over his stomach, and Ginny lay closely pressed against him. He felt her soft breasts pressing against his upper arm. He realized that everything he had in his life lay in his bed here. His fiancées and his children were all here, all eight of them. He guessed that the family he always had dreamed about was to become a large family.

First, he was alone, and suddenly he had a family with nine members, including him. He was curious if the girls wanted to have more children. He personally would not mind. That meant also Quidditch for his family, one team was already complete. He smirked.

Harry felt something stirring in himself. He felt restless, on the edge. He looked around his bedroom. All clothes were thrown on the ground, his eyes focused on the silky and sexy underwear of the girls, and he realized that the girls were only wearing - what were they wearing? Harry lifted the blankets to look at Ginny and his eyes went wide. Then he lifted the blanks to look at Romilda, also naked.

The girls were so beautiful, and when they slept, the looked so innocent. Their breasts looked so perfect and beautiful and soft, made to be touched, to be sucked on. Then his sight wandered over Romilda's body to her belly. He knew that there were three children growing, his children. Harry wanted to touch her, feel her warmth, her softness.

The feeling of restlessness was back again. The feeling came in waves, like the tide of the sea. This time the restlessness became stronger then ever before. A soft reddish glow appeared above his chest, straight through the blankets. Harry was not afraid, only surprised. He looked more careful to the glow, like a transparent cloud of red mist, floating 5 centimeters above his chest. What the hell was that?

He looked to his girls, they were stirring. They might wake up soon, was that because he felt restless and they felt it as well? Harry did not make any noise, neither any sudden movement. The mist above his chest became somewhat solid, less transparent. Harry felt his magic whirling again, but this time he felt his magic being connected to the reddish glow above his chest.

The mist changed form, it became an orb, still floating above his chest. Suddenly two orbs appeared next to his orb, both orbs had the same color as his, also red. The orbs moved to each other, and, they merged!

Harry felt his magic, a magical boom exploded out of Harry and the girls, traveling outward. The girls were instantly awake and scared.

"What happened?" asked Romilda with a high voice. Ginny was looking around her, then to Harry. "What was that?"

"I don't know, felt like a magical explosion," answered Harry. He pulled both girls closer to him, and told them about the orbs before the magical explosion.

"Is that the Magical Complex disease?" asked Romilda. "Are we going to die?"

Harry shook his head. "I don't think so, because I feel very much alive, more then ever. I feel even an excess of magic in me. What about you two?"

"That is true," answered Ginny amazed. "I feel like I am overcharged with magic." Little tendrils of blue and green energy crackled from her fingertips. The threesome looked amazed to Ginny's fingers.

"Wow," exclaimed Romilda. "That is so cool."

She brought her hand from under the blankets and looked at her fingers. Her fingers had little tendrils of blue and green energy as well, which crackled with energy. She pointed his hand towards the closet and shook her hand, trying to release the energy. A blue flaming spark flew from her hand towards the closet. The spark exploded against the closet.

At that moment, the door from their bedroom opened and a scared Mr. and Mrs. Vane appeared on the doorstep.

"What happened?" managed Mrs. Vane to say before she and her husband were blasted out of the door against the wall of the corridor. Romilda had her hand stretched out towards her parents, an astonished expression on her face. What did she do? What had she done?

Harry took charge immediately. He accio-ed his clothes, jumped out of bed, and try to dress him self quickly, while calling for Tinky.

Tinky popped into the bedroom.

"Tinky, please check if the parents of Romilda are alright, they are in the corridor," asked Harry, busy to pull on his trousers. Harry was cracking of magical energy; the elf looked amazingly to Harry.

Harry felt the eyes of the elf on him, and looked up. "What?"

"Nothing master," the elf replied astonished. "I look for Mr. and Mrs. Vane," she shrieked and popped away. The girls were looking wide-eyed to Harry. "Harry, you are glowing!"

Harry looked to the girls. "So do you two as well!" said a dumbfounded Harry.

Mr. and Mrs. Vane stumbled into the bedroom. "What was that?" Mr. Vane asked. Tinky was following them closely.

"Mr. and Mrs. Vane, you are about to the bedroom from the master and the mistresses, you are not allowed," the little elf shrieked angrily. Mr. and Mrs. Vane did not pay the little elf heed, and the elf pointed her little finger to Romilda parents. The threesome felt the power of the elf building up. Before the elf could release her elven magic on Romilda's parents, Ginny interfered.

"Tinky, no" shrieked Ginny.

The little elf froze for a moment, looked briefly to the girls on bed, nodded sharply, and retreated; she guarded the door and looked wearily to Romilda parents.

Mr. Vane looked to the little elf. "Would she attack us?" he said incredulously.

"Yes, dad, she would remove you from our bedroom," Romilda said annoyed.

"But honey puns, we were alarmed because of that magical wave we noticed some moments ago. We thought that something terrible happened with you," her father replied.

They were all disturbed by noises coming from the outside of the bedroom. Mrs. and Mr. Weasley stood in front of an enraged house elf, Bill and Charlie stood behind their parents.

"Let them come in as well, Tinky," Ginny said tiredly. "Half of the house holding is here already."

The Weasley's stormed into the bedroom, looking anxious and worried. Bill and Charlie noticed the state of undress of Ginny and Romilda, ogling Romilda and raised their eyebrows questioning Ginny, but said nothing.

"What happened?" asked Mrs. Weasley. Suddenly she stopped when she saw that the Harry and the girls were surrounded by a mysterious reddish glow. Harry stood next to the bed, only dressed in his trousers, while the two girls were lying in bed, hardly covered under a blanket, obviously naked.

She became instantly red. "What is going on here, and why are you in this bedroom with two naked girls, Harry James Potter?"

"That I like to know as well," Mr. Vane added.

"The girls are already pregnant with his children, and he is the master of this house, and he is engaged with the girls and all of you are breaking into his private bedroom with his brides to be. And you are only here as his guests, I would say that you are or very foolish, or you have a death wish," a voice said from the door.

Everyone turned around and looked at the regal looking woman, Narcissa Black, standing in front of the bedroom door.

All present in the room turned questionable to the threesome, who was glaring to the uninvited guests.

"Well, it seems that we are not welcome here," said Mrs. Weasley undignified.

"Mum and Dad, go to the dining hall and wait there. We will come shortly," Ginny said, very obviously annoyed. She radiated strong magic, noticeable by all. "And thank you Narcissa," she added in a more relaxed tone of voice.

Narcissa Black nodded and left the room.

Mr. and Mrs. Weasley looked unsure to the threesome. "Well, let's go to the dining hall and wait for an explanation," Mrs. Weasley said. She turned, grabbed the arm of her husband, and left the room without looking back. Bill and Charlie left as well.

"Honey puns," began Mr. Vane.

"No, dad, you go to the dining hall as well, like Mr. and Mrs. Weasley," Romilda said irritated.

"But Honey puns, I am your father," whined Mr. Vane.

"Out" barked Romilda, broadcasting an additional magical wave.

Mr. and Mrs. Vane hastened them selves to leave the room towards the dining room.

"Tinky," Harry called.

Tinky appeared in front of Harry. "Yes, Master?"

"I want you to tell us what properties we have in Europe," Harry said.


All guests from Potter's Manor were collected in the dining hall, discussing the latest happenings of the threesome. Mrs. Weasley and Mr. Vane were very upset because of the outrageous behavior of their daughters with Harry, while Mrs. Vane and Mr. Weasley were looking at the spectacle in front of them.

"If I am not mistaken, we are going to see a nice show with a lot of fireworks in a few minutes, I believe," whispered Bill to Charlie. Charlie grinned, but could not say anything further, because the door to the dining hall opened and the threesome marched into the dining hall. "Well, the show has begun," he said in anticipation.

The threesome walked towards the table, where everyone was sitting. Mrs. Weasley opened her mouth to tell what she had on her heart. She was stopped by a hand gesture of Harry, who held up his hand.

"Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, we have found a nice little castle near the place where Fleur and her family live, with the name "Le Drapeau", which means 'The Flag' in French. This castle is perfect for you and the rest of your family, it is hidden, guarded, and secured, and it is beautiful. You leave within one hour, the Portkeys are being made as we speak, and the house elves in 'Le Drapeau' are busy to prepare the castle for you."

He turned to Mr. and Mrs. Vane.

"For you both, we have a nice castle as well, also in France with the name 'La Rivière', which means 'the river'. This castle is located in the south of Paris, twenty kilometers from your uncle, Mr. Vane. The portkey is also ready within an hour. You both leave as well."

Everyone was flabbergasted. Bill and Charlie were laughing.

"Elves are being dispatched to your homes to collect your personal belongings, which you will find in your rooms at the castles, and to seal your homes.

Mr. Weasley and Mr. Vane, both of your salaries are continued to be paid, do not worry about that. We want you out of England for the time being, as we have enemies in the form of a crazy Dark Lord and a dangerous Gray Lord with the name of Dumbledore, who are not only hunting us, but you as well.

For the piece of mind for your daughters and my self, I want you out of here and safe. What we are doing in our manor here is only our business. Guarding the innocence of your daughter is absurd, and much too late. I am an honorable man, and I am more then willingly to take my responsibilities very serious by marrying your daughters.

Have a nice trip, all of you."

The threesome turned and left the dining hall. In their wake were three elves waiting for them.


"I want that we marry in 'Le Palais'", said Ginny dreamily. "That white palace there somewhere near Nice where Pinky talked about."

Romilda agreed. "Harry, please," she said.

Harry smiled to his fiancées. "What ever my girls want, we do. However, I have absolute no idea what the 'Le Palais' is and how it looked like.

"That doesn't matter," said Ginny satisfied, "we will manage," and smiled sweetly to Harry. I think that you deserved a big reward. Romilda, what do you think?"

"A reward, yes, I like that very much."

At that moment, Pinky popped in the room.

"Master, Mistresses," she said. "Your parents and family are all portkeyed to their respective locations, including Mr. Ron Weasley and his girlfriend Luna Lovegood and her father, as you have instructed me to do."

"Thank you, Pinky. The manor is again from us again," sighted Harry.


"Welcome Severus, what news you have to bring?" sneered Voldemort.

"Potter disappeared and can not be found by the headmaster, Master. He and his two hookers are hiding them selves somewhere. His two hookers are pregnant; both of them with triplets and all of babies are girls. Dumbledore wants to kill four babies, and keep two of them.

He mentioned the prophecy, which tells that or Potter or you, my master must fight and only one of you will survive. Also according Dumbledore, the prophecy states that Potter has the power, you do not know, except that such power did not appear in Potter. He hopes to find that power when the babies are born.

I know that Potter and his hookers are suffering from the Triangle Complex disorder. Dumbledore had infected them in secret with it."

Voldemort looked at the potion master.

"That is interesting news, Severus," Voldemort said thoughtfully.

"You know, Severus. I think it is about time that the role of our dear headmaster will be published. I want that you spread the information to all parties interested about the role our esteemed headmaster is playing with our savior of the Wizarding World, like the Daily Prophet, what do you think?"

"Yes Master," Snape said.

"Well, don't stand there, do it!"



Beta reader for this chapter: grookill (Tom)
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