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Darkana returns to her ship empty handed, but Jex has left her a surprise.

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-Darkana walked through the empty hallways of the ancient tomb. She had hidden herself until she had sensed Jex leave the planet before she had tried to leave. She wasn't a coward, but she wasn't a fool either. She saw no point in taking on a fight she didn't think she could win. Jex had stolen the relic, but it was only I minor set back. Soon the Jedi would be destroyed, the device would be completed and the Sith would rule the galaxy; But first she had to get out of the temple.

-She walked down the lonely hallways with her light saber acting as her guide. Its dark red light cast the walls in an eerie glow that made Darkana feel more at home. When she had run from Jex, she had taken an erratic path in order to elude him. unfortunately she had gotten herself lost in the process.

-She made her way to the entrance of the temple only to find it caved in, no doubt Jex's handy work. She felt more amused that annoyed at the hindrance. She had done the same to him back on Toba'an; it had been a gesture more than anything. Normally she would have killed a defeated enemy, but Darkana just couldn't bring herself to kill someone that she knew she hadn't truly beaten. It wasn't so much an act of mercy as it was staying true to her principles.

-She held her palm out towards the rubble and it exploded outward, clearing her path. Darkana stepped back out into the cold. Despite her lack of thermal gear, Darkana's rage and anger always kept her warm. She made her way back to her ship and noticed Jex's foot prints in the snow.

-Darkana closed her eyes and let out an exasperated sigh; she had come to Tronask immediately after leaving Toba'an and had brought the artifact with her. She hadn't expected anyone to find her on Tronask. Now Jex had both artifacts and she would have to explain herself to her master. She might have escaped Jex in the temple, but it seemed that he had still found a way to kill her.

-She entered the small ship and was surprised to find the artifact from Toba'an still in its place. Darkana stared at it for a long while, trying to understand why Jex hadn't taken it. it must have occurred to him to check her ship, and the object was in plain sight. She was almost ready to believe that Jex had simply made a mistake. That was until she saw the holocron resting next to the artifact. Darkana warily activated the device and a ghost like image of a miniature Jex appeared.

-"Hello there Darkana," the hologram said, "nice ship you got here. I must admit I was tempted to take your piece of the puzzle, but I only need one; you're lucky I'm not greedy. Besides, I'm sure that if you had gone back to your master empty handed he'd have killed you and that would have been a rotten thing for me to do. I guess we're even now so let's keep it that way. I don't want to kill you if I don't have to."

-The image disappeared and Darkana was left feeling a mixture of anger, relief and even a little amusement. She had no doubt that her master would still be upset about loosing the artifact, but at least she wouldn't be returning empty handed. Jex had spared her life for the second time that day. She knew that to show mercy was weakness, but if it hadn't been for Jex's mercy, she would have been dead.

-Darkana went into the cockpit and checked her sensors for signs of Jex's ship. Her instruments indicated the skies were clear, so she left the planet and set course back to her master. The ship jumped into hyperspace, and Darkana moved into her private chamber. It was a very small room, not much bigger than a closet. Darkana often used it for meditation and to speak with her master.

-Darkana got down on her knees and activated the communication hologram. A full sized figure draped in robes appeared before Darkana in the semicircular indent in the wall. Darkana lowered her head before the figure as it looked down at her. The figure's eyes were hidden by the shadow of the hood he wore, but his grim frown left no doubt in Darkana's mind as to who it was.

-"Report," the man said, his rough voice hinting at the rage that boiled within him. Darkana raised her gaze; her expression was void of the relief and amusement that she had felt moments before, replaced by the cold stare of a Sith.

-"There has been a complication," Darkana said, "someone interfered and took the artifact."

-"A Jedi?" the man asked, sounding even angrier than before.

-"Not exactly," Darkana answered, unsure how to explain.

-"What do you mean, not exactly?"

-"The Jedi have hired a highly skilled rogue named Jex."

-"...Jex?" he master said with faint familiarity.

-"Yes," Darkana confirmed, "he took the item on Tronask but I still have the one from Toba'an. I shall leave it with you before I search for the rest."

-"Very well," her master said, "retrieving the artifact from the Jedi should not pose a problem, but do not lose another, Darkana. There is no place for the weak in the new order we are creating."

-"Yes Master," Darkana said, lowering her head as the ghostly image shimmered and disappeared. Darkana relaxed slightly and closed her eyes to meditate. Her master was right; losing to Jex had made her realize her own weakness. She wanted to chalk her failure up to having the wrong weapon, but she knew that Jex had defeated her on Toba'an as well. The only reason he hadn't taken that item as well was because the Jedi's arrival had distracted him.

-Darkana had spent most of her life training in the dark arts for one simple reason, to become stronger than the Jedi so she could destroy them. She had killed many Jedi knights and even a master on her quest; yet Jex had defeated her twice in a row. She felt anger rising inside of her, not towards Jex, but herself. The failure was hers; her weakness was her own, Jex had simply made her realize her limitations.

-Darkana steeled herself against self doubt and set her mind on getting stronger. She would train even harder, and when she met Jex again, she would soundly beat him. Darkana didn't know how her master planned to get the stolen artifact back, but she didn't care. Her only concern was to defeat Jex, to dominate him and prove her superiority.

-She cleared her mind and felt the cold embrace of the dark side. She let it surround her, permeate her and consume her with its power. The chaotic energy swirled erratically all around her. Darkana wrestled with the insane forces of destruction and harnessed them in her mind. The dark side promised her power, promised to destroy anyone who dared try to harm her. It would protect her and keep her safe, so long as she never disrespected its strength. If she did, if she ever let her guard down, it would enslaver her to its will.

-Darkana respected that power; she bowed to it and in exchange for her obedience, it landed her its strength. Darkana would use that strength to destroy the Jedi and bring order to the universe. With the Jedi out of the way, the Sith could destroy the corrupt and hand down true justice throughout the galaxy. The rich would not be allowed to horde the wealth while their world became weak. The strong would not be softened by babysitting cowards who were too afraid to fight. And the people would not be forced to endure an incompetent senate that would rather argue over trivialities than deal with a threat like the Mandalorians.

-Most people thought that the Sith were evil, but Darkana knew that wasn't true. Only weak minded Sith that were driven mad by the dark side relied on cruelty. The dark side made people strong, the way they should be. Survival of the fittest was the most basic law of nature; the Sith simply embraced the concept. They tapped into their emotions to motivate them and give them strength.

-The Jedi would rather remove themselves of all emotion. They would deny themselves the most basic of human needs and turn themselves into little more than droids. Their smug arrogance infuriated Darkana to no end. Their hypocrisy made her blood boil; they claimed to respect life, and yet they hunted and attacked the Sith even when unprovoked. They preached balancing the force when in reality they actively sought to tip the balance in their favor.

-Darkana didn't mind the acts themselves so much as she despised the lies that went with them. The Sith where always open with their methods. They had no delusions when it came to how they wanted the world to perceive them. They used fear to gain respect, and it worked. They didn't need to gain the trust of the people; that took too much time and effort.

-Darkana let the dark side wash away all of her worries and uncertainties. There was no fear, no apprehension. There was nothing but her desire, her goal. The dark side destroyed all doubt until there was only anger left. the smoldering rage burned like a coal in Darkana's belly; it would keep her warm where she was going. She sat in small ship cruising through hyperspace towards her destination totally unaware of the tracking device snugly placed on the ship's hull.
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