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Chapter 1

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Omg, i'm depressing myself with this subject and i hate choosing the Genre. can't it just be "life" or something? And what should I name you? Out of these 4: Snapdragon, Luna, Arctic, or Felicity?...

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Pete's POV

Patrick nudged me and nodded at the girl we had all been watching for the entire song. The whole joint was dead quiet, and it was because she was good. Real good. In addition she had a pink Clandestine "Working Stiff" tie loosely knotted around her neck and had on a messenger boy cap that I knew Pat would love to have. In fact I think that he was drooling a little bit. Then I noticed a brown and pink dog collar wrapped around her neck. That was cool.

"That girl is amazing," he hissed. "Decaydance?" I nodded. Yes, she was amazing, we need her for the label. We only have a few bands under it, and I want more talented artists.

"Yeah, I'll talk to her after." I nodded in time to the tune, a reminiscent of Jingle Bells. Joe came up and mentioned the same thing that Patrick did, she had to be signed under Decaydance. Andy found us and sipped on his soy latte, shooting me looks that plainly explained that he thought the same thing.

Before he could open his mouth once he stopped drinking, I said, "Yes, Andy, I'm going to ask her. Shut up."

"But I haven't even asked yet," he whined. A couple feet ahead of us, two men were talking.

"That girl is an absolute genius, Brent. You said that you know her?" A man asked of his companion. The redhead nodded.

"Yeah, her and I have worked on several compositions, but this has to be the best. I'm only disappointed that I had nothing to do with it," this Brent said. "I think that I'm going to talk to her after this. She's been having...rough times."
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