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Ana meets Ryan's new girlfriend...

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Ana was nervous as she walked through passport control and into the arrivals lounge at the airport. It hadn't seemed a very long flight from New York but it had been a long few months since she had last seen Pete and she couldn't even consider Pete without thinking of Ryan. Ana knew Ryan wasn't single anymore, she had heard about his new girlfriend but somehow that made the idea of seeing him less awkward. Some of Ana's belongings were packed and stored at a friend's apartment in New York while the rest of her things were packed in two fairly small cases, travelling with her to Las Vegas. Her heart warmed and the nerves eased as her eyes found Pete in the crowds. He beamed a huge smile at her when he spotted her and he hoped to God he could find a way to get her back with Ryan because he couldn't stand Ryan's new girlfriend Helen.

Brendon watched Ryan pacing the room in front of him, a frown on his fore heard and the tip of his finger in his mouth as he chewed his nails nervously. Brendon looked back down to the sheets of photos in front of him but he couldn't concentrate with Ryan's obsessive worrying and finally he turned to his friend.
"Dude you really need to stop doing that." He advised him. Ryan stopped dead still in the middle of the room, his finger still in his mouth.
"What do I say to her?" he asked.
"Hello?" Brendon suggested.
"Well yeah obviously hello." Ryan gave up and sat down on the sofa. "But why did Pete arrange it so she's staying here?" he then asked.
"I don't know. I guess it would be a bit weird to ask her to stay somewhere else when we're all here."
"Helen's going to make this difficult." Ryan then said. Brendon let out a sarcastic laugh. "What?"
"Are you shitting me? Ryan Helen makes everything difficult." Brendon looked back down to the photos. "Listen we have to choose photos for the press release." Ryan ignored the fact.
"She wanted me to book in at a different hotel."
"Yeah the most expensive one knowing her." Brendon mumbled.
"She isn't that bad."
"Dude she's a fucking princess I have no idea why you're with a girl like that."
"She's good to me." Ryan replied.
"Only when you're paying." Brendon circled one of the photos on the sheet with a red marker pen. "To be honest I think it will be good to have Ana around again, she doesn't take anyone's crap, maybe it'll rub off on you." Ryan ignored his friend's digs at his relationship and continued to pace the room anxiously.

Ana's eyes immediately found the tall, shiny blonde stood at the back of the room as she smiled and nodded some hellos. She was fairly sure that would have been the new girlfriend even though Ryan was no where to be been seen. Ana hugged Spencer warmly pleased to see him again with his kind face and his thoughtful conversation. Spencer introduced the new member of the band to her and as Ana shook hands with the relaxed and seemingly happy Jon she caught sight of Ryan.
"Oh right you're her!" Jon smiled a lazy smile as he watched her drag her eyes from Ryan.
"Her?" she asked him.
"You don't seem that tough to me." Jon grinned at her and she smiled. "Don't know what all the fuss was about." He added. "Feel free to prove me wrong though 'cause that kind of shit works for me."
"Where's my favourite girl?" Ana turned to see Brendon pulling a ridiculously insincere face at her and she laughed, surprised at how pleased she felt to see him.
"And where's my favourite waste of space?" she replied as he opened his arms and hugged her tightly. "Wow you look good." She told him. "Did you get a stylist at last?"
"You're a fucking bitch Ana!" Brendon grinned.
"You're a fucking idiot Urie." Ana replied.

Ana turned when she felt a gentle tap on her arm and she met with Ryan's sad eyes making her tummy flip over.
"Hello." He smiled awkwardly. Ana looked him up and down before repeating his welcome and turning around again. Brendon raised his eyebrows at her indicating his disapproval of her behaviour.
"Play nicely Ana." He told her as they left them to talk. Ana turned back to face Ryan without looking at him and they stood in silence for a few seconds.
"Wow anyone would think I ditched you over the phone the way you're reacting." Ryan said.
"Is that supposed to be funny?" Ana asked him.
"Kind of."
"How are you?" Ana looked up at him and although her expression said otherwise she actually wanted to know the answer to that question.
"Good. How are you?"
"Good." It was silent again for a moment. "Is that your Barbie over there?" she then asked him looking in Helen's direction.
"If you mean Helen, then yes."
"Wow." Ana's voice was oozing sarcasm. "She's so..." she pouted. "Um... shiny looking." She finally said.
"Yeah well at least she's sober." Ryan replied and even though it hurt Ana had to give him credit for his wit and she smiled at him.

Ana saw Helen watching her and she reached out to touch Ryan's arm with a smile on her lips.
"It's good to see you." She said as she ran her hand down his arm affectionately. Ryan frowned slightly. "I should congratulate you really." She added. "You guys are like fucking famous and shit now."
"Yeah I guess." Ryan nodded seeming surprised when Ana opened her arms to hug him.
"Well done." She said warmly as she felt his arms slide around her. Ana's eyes met Helen's across the room and she saw her wince slightly. "I'm proud of you." She whispered.
"Thanks." They separated from their hug and stared at one another. "You look good by the way, well I mean."
"I should introduce you to Helen." He then said.
"No." Ana wrinkled her nose in disgust. "That's a fucking stupid idea." She added and walked away. Ryan watched her wander off into the room next door and when his eyes drew back to the room he was stood in they met Helen's.
"Fuck." He said under his breath knowing he was in for a hard time over this whole Ana situation.

Helen sipped at her glass of water her eyes trained firmly on Ana. Ryan felt like a dog on a leash not being able to move a muscle without her permission first, she was so paranoid. Helen watched Ana as she worked her magic with people; she envied the ease that she saw in Ana as she charmed everyone around her.
"I thought you said she was hard." Helen practically spat the words.
"She's just..." Ryan let out a sigh, he was tired with this drama already.
"Look at her." She then said. "I mean God even Brendon's laughing at her jokes!" she shook her head disapprovingly. "I should have known he'd like her." Ryan tried to switch his brain off so he didn't have to hear all this crap. He hated every minute of it; he just wanted everyone to be happy. "If she comes near me I'll tell her what I think if her." Helen then stated.
"That's not a good idea." Ryan smiled and Helen's eyes nearly popped out of her head.
"Are you saying I can't handle myself?" she gasped at him.
"No I mean." He wished he had have stayed at home. "It's just Ana's good at that."
"Good at what?" Helen insisted.
"Nothing forget it." Ryan rolled his eyes.
"I can't believe you're sticking up for her!"
"It's not a fucking competition!" Ryan replied sharply. "God can we just drop it?"
"I don't even know what you saw in her Ryan." Helen slicked her perfectly straight and shining hair over her shoulder. "She's just some little whore." She added.
"She is not a whore!" Ryan was angry now and fed up with Helen's persistent moaning.
"I saw the photos Ryan." Helen pursed her lips at him. "Everyone did." She sipped at her drink again. "Where are you going?" she said anxiously as Ryan gave up and walked away.

Ana opened the toilet cubicle ready to wash her hands and reapply some make up when she came face to face with Ryan's girlfriend. She smiled at her knowing this would be fun, knowing she could rip her to shreds if she wanted. Helen had a strange expression on her face as she stood in front of Ana, her arms folded across her chest.
"Excuse me." Ana pushed past her to wash her hands in the sink. She looked up in the mirror to see Helen still standing, waiting but saying nothing. "So..." Ana grinned. "He got himself a Barbie doll?"
"What are you doing here?" Helen then asked her. Ana turned around to face her.
"I came to see some friends." Ana replied honestly. "And of course I'm here to fuck your boyfriend." She smiled.
"You're so crass." Helen told her.
"Ryan used to say sexy."
"Well now he says that to me." Helen replied.
"Yeah but does he?" Ana smiled again and attempted to leave the bathroom. She wasn't interested in playing with Helen anymore but Helen's arm reached out to stop her.

Ana had to admit she was surprised at her confidence. The two of them stood and stared for a few moments.
"Leave us alone." Helen suddenly sounded quite emotional and Ana realised it wasn't fair to torture her with the whole ex-girlfriend scenario.
"Listen Helen." Ana began. "I don't have any intention of trying to steal him off you."
"Why are you here then?"
"Really I'm here because I don't have anywhere else to be." Ana surprised herself with her own honesty and she saw Helen's face soften slightly. "These guys are my friends, well Pete is anyway." She smiled.
"You've left New York then?" Helen asked and their tense encounter started to seem more like a conversation. Ana nodded.
"I fucked up with Ryan." Ana admitted. "My loss." She added. "I'm not here to try and get him back."
"You wouldn't be able to anyway." Helen insisted. "We're in love." Ana nodded but she knew that wasn't true. There was nothing in Ryan's face that led her to believe he loved this girl in fact Ana was pretty sure he still wanted to be with her and that was probably why she felt sorry enough for Helen not to rip her to shreds.
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