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Explanation of the characters/ Background of Lyoko

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Yeah okay so this is a fanfiction with none of the same characters

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yeah most likely we will update it over the weekend, depends on when he finishes the chapters and when we can see each other....

my cousin will most likely write all the chapters, im just here to supervise, and create it, and do the character backgrounds :D

I will give my comments as Cheif Editor (CE/N),
My cousin will give comments as Author (A/N)[just thought you guys should know that]

Okay so here it goes:

Now the super computer was shut down by the original gang.
Then came another person who remade LYOKO, Xanadu was the other LYOKO. That was shut down quickly by relatives of the new gang. Then it was made agin, and other people, one of who will be frineds with the gang shuts it down again. Then, the grandfather of the new Princess of LYOKO, created LYOKO once AGAIN, Xavier is the computer virus now, and there is a place in here called LYOKO City. Now there are a lot of different people in this one who have major minor parts. What i said before about everything being tranfered to America, well we changed it back and now well, its still in France.

Now time for the character explanations:

Roy Spancer Benjamin-
Roy is the Ulrich of the group. He is 14. He is quite, short tempered, and always keeps his emotions to himself. He has black hair that he styles just like Ulrich's. He almost always wears a hoodie, doesn't matter what color or design, we'll be wearing one. He has a total crush on the Yumi character. His parents are going through a divorice right now so he is even more emotional than before. His dad lives in London, while his mother and her boyfrined, Robert, live in the house Roy does, so he doesn't spend much time there. Roy stays at the dorm with his roomate Alex. He doesn't like to talk alot and has many fears. He has a fear of spiders, sharks, snakes, heights, bats(vampires), and there are more but i can't think of them right now. On Lyoko, Roy is Samurai, with two katanas. He started out with one katana. He also has things like Odd's laser arrows but they are called chaos arrows, but he normally never uses them. His hair is like Shadow the Hegdehog's hair, including the red stripes!(CE/N: Roy is the best according to me...and you must obey me....or not, your choice :D)

Star (Hoshi) Sakura Ishiyama-
Star is the Yumi character in here. She is 14. Her real first name is Hoshi, but that means Star in Japanese, so she is called Star. No relation to Yumi what so ever, they just happen to have the same last name. She is half Chinese, half Japanese, and has naturally blonde hair. Her and Roy have the same relationship that Ulrich and Yumi, except they get into a lot more fights. Also they have kissed before, but they still aren't going out. Her hair is like Yumi's sometimes, other wise its like Starfire's from TeenTitans. I never really have figured out what her outfit is but oh well, i think it's kinda like Yumi's. On Lyoko Star is a female Japanese warrior with two fans. She orginally started out with one boomerang. She got asecond one later on but they both got replaced. Oh and I forgot to mention, her dad is the richest man in the world (No not Bill Gates). She is a boarding student at Kadic, evryone is, even though they all live fairly close, in the same town, to the school. Her furture roomate is the Princess of Lyoko, I think?

Alex Corbin Robia-
He is 14. What can i say about Alex.....well i guess you could say he's no the brightest crayon in the box, or is it sharpest, either way it works. Of course if your talking about his hair, which has the same style as Odd's, the only difference is that on Alex where Odd's was blond he has purple and where Odd had purple, Alex has blond. He is just like Alex in almost everyway, yes he has practically dated everyone in their grade. Unlike Odd, he is now trying to settle down with someone. His outfit is like Odd's. On Lyoko Alex looks like a cameleon. He has shrukians that he uses like laser arrows. He is a boarding student at the school and roomates with Roy.

Drake Matthew Largose-
Drake is the Jeremy of the group, he is 14 as well. he has brown hair and no glasses, he lets his hair hang down, but not widly. He is the smartest person in the group. He like Jeremy likes the princess of Lyoko. He wears an otfit similar to Jeremy, but it's not a turtleneck, not blue, and not girl pants! He never goes to Lyoko, but knows everything about it. He is also a boarding student on Lyoko, and for now has no roomates, for now....

Aiden ??? Benjamin-
He is Roy's older brother and yeah.....he's also a samurai on Lyoko. This character will build up over time. He is like Roy, only happier, and is dating Star's cousin (CE/N: go figure huh...). He is like 20 i think...but i don't remember. He is in the first chapter which is more like a porlouge and he is like 14 in that...or 16...something like that...



Character's Not at the beginning:

Yeah you'll find out pretty close to the beginning!

Raven Demonica Necromanez-
Raven is just like the Raven from TeenTitans, except she is in Code LYOKO graphics. She is fourteen years old. She was adopted by the world's most happy family, totally opposite of her. She has a crush on this goth named Seth but everytime Alex flirts with some another girl she gets angry at him. She doesn't really get along with anyone, but she is okay with the Lyoko gang. She is always trying to get Roy and Star together, but hey who isn't? On LYOKO, she looks the same. She uses a huge battle axe, that she also likes to chase Alex with. She has other weapons too, all deadly in their own ways.

Crystal Elziabeth Karfin-
Crystal is a new student at Kadic Academy. She has blond hair, like alot of the people in this one. More information will be added when she is introduced into the story.

Marco Rosco Polosco-
Marco is 16 years old which makes him the oldest. He boards at Kadic, with his roomate, the Australian, Rosco.

Seth ????? Gregory-
Seth is 14 and boards at Kadic.

Mina ????? ?????-
A 14 year old girl who boards at Kadic Academy.

Leo ????? ?????-
Leo is fourteen and boards Kadic. His roomate is Seth.

Shion ????? ?????-
Shion has red hair, is fourteen and boards at Kadic Academy.

Mimi ????? ?????-
Mimi is also 16, has pink hair, and well yeah you know....oh you haven't gotten the jist yet? Everyone here is a boarding student at Kadic even though they all live in the town Kadic is in.

You'll understand later!

You'll also understand later!

Same as the two above!

sry, that i don't have the next chapter, my cousin didn't have the chapter even started, even though he did explains what happens, and well yeah, im hoping for next weekend for it to be updated.....and yet again he forgot....i think he's working on a different fanfiction for Code Lyoko so now he's really bothering me.......

more when im not in class
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