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Chapter 1

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The continuation of Lord Baron Potter, where Harry needs to fight against demons and two old enemies Voldemort and Dumbledore.

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the HP characters

A/N: This is the sequel from Lord Baron Potter, where we finally will finish the story.


Lady Weasley-Potter-Gryffindor-Black in waiting was the youngest of seven children and the only girl. Before this summer, her brothers hovered around her, protecting her as if she was some precious object, the crown jewel of the family. Now everything has changed, except that Harry hovered around her, protecting her because she was his precious crown jewel.

She could not really blame Harry, because she was doing the same. She was protecting him as if he was the precious crown jewel to the Wizarding world, her family and most importantly, to her. In her own mind, she found this particular aspect of her family annoying. Of all her brothers, Ginny was most like the twins, Fred and George. She also had a Slytherin streak in her. Her love of her life was currently sitting in an old and easy chair near the fireplace reading an old book.

Ginny moved her chair next to his and looked into the fire. He tilted her head up and brushed his lips across hers, kissing her gently. "What is the matter, love?" Ginny looked pensive for a moment. "Nothing Harry. There is nothing wrong. Um, do you know what date it is tomorrow?"

Harry's eyebrows arched up. "Tomorrow it is the 11th of August, my love. Why do you ask that?"

"Oh nothing, no reason" she said with raised eyebrows.

Harry laughed. "Alright ... alright. Tomorrow is your birthday and you wanted to know what present you are going to get."

"Me? No, I don't want to pry. What are you considering though?" Ginny said with a higher voice then normal. Harry knew what she was trying to do to him. "Well, maybe we can buy you a coat, what do you think?"

"What will I do with a coat, Harry? I have already so many clothes from the castle!"

Now Harry was laughing. "I won't say what I got you for your birthday, you'll just have to be patient and wait for tomorrow."

She turned to Harry and sat on his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck. "Are you sure you don't want to tell me ... I can be very persuasive, you know." She kissed him and let herself relax into his arms. Their kissing became more intense and passionate and they felt the world around them dissolve. That is until they heard the clearing of a voice behind them.

"Hem, hem ... excuse me you love birds, but I need a moment of your time ... the both of you!" Mrs. Weasley said with a smile. Both Harry and Ginny were blushing fiercely and staring at the ground. "Of ... of course, Mrs. Weasley, what can we do for you," said Harry while untangling his arms from Ginny. But Ginny decided to stay sitting on his lap and grinned at him while she wiggled a bit. He looked at her and arched an eyebrow but she just grinned wickedly. Her fingers began to trace lazy circles on his back. Harry's last coherent thought was that he really enjoyed this and he got a goofy grin on his face, Mrs. Weasley was totally forgotten. "Excuse me", Mrs. Weasley said. "Can I have at least five minutes of your attention?"

Both Harry and Ginny were blushing again and they embarrassedly looked at the matriarch of the Weasley family. "Of course", and this time both of them stood from the easy chair and followed Mrs. Weasley to the kitchen.

"Ginny, I want to talk to you about your birthday tomorrow. " And thus began the many hours of Ginny's birthday plans and preparations with Mrs. Weasley, Harry and Ginny.

"And I want those twins locked up for the day, mum! They can not be trusted not to pull some kind of a prank and they will only cause problems", Ginny replied. "You can't do that Gin, they might be some trouble but locking them up is a bit extreme, don't you think?" Harry tried to defuse the situation. "It might be better to stupefy them; that we will be sure they will not cause us any trouble." "Well", Mrs. Weasley said. "If we are ready then dears, let's start the dinner, shall we?"

"But mum, they will explode my birthday cake!" whined Ginny. "They will not do such thing, Ginny." Mrs. Weasley gave Ginny a reassuring smile hoping to convince her that the twins would be on their best behavior, but she wasn't too convinced herself. Shaking herself out of her thoughts, she turned back to the young couple. "You had better help me with dinner. Harry dear, please stay sit in your chair and relax."


"What in Merlin's name was that?" Mrs. Weasley exclaimed. "Mum, did you see any rocket flying around", Fred or George asked from upstairs. "Fred and George, you immediately quit doing that, and you better clean you're self up for dinner ... and what is a rocket?"

"You see mum, my birthday is never safe with them around!" Mrs. Weasley just signed. "Yes dear, if the worst happen, we can always stupefy them."

"Maybe it is better that we stupefy them before any of them can do any harm ... we can hide them in their own room and lock the door during my party," Ginny replied while looking fierce.


"Someone is looking particularly spiffy today," Fred said, as he entered Percy's old room with his twin.

Harry turned around, annoyed. "Wait until your sister gets her hands on you."

"Forge, for the life of me, I can't figure out why," Fred said, brightly.

"Gred! Wait, wait, wait... Hold on!" George gestured wildly with his arms. "I remember something that Mum said..."

"Yes, I remember too oh brother of mine!"

Harry looked at Fred, a frown on his face. For all purposes, Fred looked like he was thinking hard.

"Something about stupefying! She said it something like that a minute ago!" Fred interjected. Harry still couldn't get used to how they could finish each other's sentences.

"That is of course a sick joke, isn't it, Harry?" George asked innocent.

"Exploding cakes and firing a rocket is not my idea of a practical joke", Harry continued. "Especially during the birthday party of your only sister, who, by the way, can change you into ground meat with a flick of her hand?"

"Ow, you are hurting me", Fred replied with his hand over his heart.

"That's right", George said. "How can you think that we would do something horrible like that?"

"And we thought that you thought better about us", whined Fred. "We are really disappointed in you, Harry."

"We wanted to talk with you about something else, Harry. However, when you support our dear sister in stupefying us, how is it possible that we can offer you a deal?" George waggled his eyebrows.

Harry looked at the twins with caution. "What deal?"

"We want to set up Hermione"...

"With Percy"...

"They are both walking libraries"...

Both of them look like a walking book case"...

And we get revenge!" said Fred. Or was it George. Harry lost count.

Harry looked at the twins as if they grew a third and fourth head, "Percy and Hermione?" Now he was thinking and the corner of his mouth went up, "and what about Ron?"

"We put Ron with Loony", Fred replied immediately.

"You can't say Loony", George said to Fred annoyed. "She is Luna, and if we can match them up, then she will become a Weasley too?"

"You are right, my dear George. A Loony in the family is not a good thing. Luna is much better ... although we might find other names for her ... more applicable then ... Luna ... Loona ... Boona"

"Guys STOP" Harry said laughing with both hands up.

"Maybe Boony?" George continued.

"Nah, Twinkle is better", Fred helped.

Harry had enough. He walked fast to the door and escaped, while the twin was still busy being creative with finding matching names for their wistful sister in law. Luna and Ron ... Percy and ... Hermione?

Harry left the Burrow and slowly walked towards the small pond behind the Burrow lost in his thoughts. He remembered Ginny saying a time ago that all the Weasley children were swimming in the pond during the summer vacations. One tale he remembered her telling him was that Ron almost drowned because the twins set him up to think that there was a treasure in the pond.

Harry held out his hand towards the pond and tried to push the water in a way that it would form a wall. He was deeply involved with his little therapeutic game, when suddenly a hand startled him on his shoulder. The wall of water collapsed and his magic went astray.


The water in the pond exploded ... traveling high up into the air ... and came down as a heavy rain. Fish, plants, pieces of wood came down as well, and Harry ran to a nearby tree to seek shelter ... when he reached the shelter of the tree, he saw who disturbed him ... Hermione!

After a half hour, everyone calmed down and Harry and Hermione were alone again under the tree. "Sorry Hermione, I didn't know you where behind me."

"Yes Harry, I was almost afraid of you. You have so much power and all of that without your wand. By the way, where is your wand? Moreover, how did you learn to do wandless magic, and how is your occlumency? How did you learn occlumency by the way? How is it possible that you are so powerful? And why ..."

"Hermione, STOP! You need to breathe. I will answer your questions, but one after the other, is that all right?"

"Uhm ... yes, Harry ... of course ... sorry about that"

"Hermione, why are you so nervous?"

"... Because it seems that, the golden trio is not the golden trio anymore. We don't speak to each other as we did before and I feel left out", stammered Hermione.

"Eleven days ago I was still the Harry you knew. Then, I took the Potter Head of Family initiation and I was a different person, older, more experienced but I had many other problems too. The person who was there for me was Ginny, and not the two of you."

"Let me tell you about occlumency and wandless magic, because they are interrelated with each other. Without occlumency, I would not be able to do wandless magic."

"Occlumency comes from the Latin word occlude, which means to close or close off. This is a defense of the mind against an external attack from someone using legilimency. Legilimency comes from the Latin word lego, which means to gather, collect, pass through or read. Legilimens actually explores another's mind and sees the memories stored there. A skilled legilimens can target the memories that are most hurtful, causing the most pain or fear and use that knowledge to manipulate the person whose mind they have entered."

"Wandless magic is interrelated with occlumency, because it demands an organized mind. However, not an organized mind like what you have Hermione, but an organized mind as is being implemented in occlumency. I will explain this later."

"There are several forms of occlumency. One form is to build a shield around your mind and that shield will or is suppose to stop any attack from a legilimens. Another form of occlumency is to supply a legilimens with false information. A more rare form of occlumency is to build traps in the mind, so when a legilimens enters the mind, he will hopefully trigger a trap, which will cause many problems for the legilimens ... it is even possible that the trap could be lethal."

"What do you mean lethal?" Hermione whispered.

"It could be lethal because it will trap the attacking mind into a virtual space, and keep it there"

"You mean that the legilimens will be trapped in the mind? Does that not mean that the occlumens is trapped as well, because he needs to keep the legilimens trapped?"

"That is not the case. The basic of occlumency is to organize your mind. You create with occlumency virtual rooms with closets and drawers, in those rooms and drawers you place memories. You take one of those virtual rooms and place a trap. When a Legilimens tries to penetrate your mind, you lead the legilimens to that room."

"How do you lead the legilimens to that room?" Hermione asked.

"As I said, all the memories you have must be organize in the virtual rooms with closets and drawers. Any memories that you do not organize are fully accessible by the legilimens. Those memories can be experiences, thoughts, or fantasies. All memories are intertwined with each other, and you simply link one of those memories to one of those rooms. The legilimens will follow the link and he is locked up."

Hermione looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Before you ask, those virtual rooms with closets and drawers are built by the occlumens. An occlumens is a magical person, not a muggle. The muggle is not able to build such virtual rooms. The full building with the virtual rooms is set up one time, and the building keeps its shape and architecture by the magic of the occlumens."

"The magic of a wizard or witch is formed by the magical core. The magical core is the essence of the wizard or witch, and with the core, he or she can perform magic. However, there is much more about the magical core. The core can maintain structures like the occlumens can build, and in the same way, the occlumens can build walls to keep the legilimens away. That is the other technique, but it has its own drawbacks. When the legilimens sees that there are walls, the legilimens can try to break those walls. In that case, the strength of the walls is defined by the strength of the occlumens. When two or more legilimens will try to breach the walls, the walls will collapse and the legilimens will have access to the memories of the occlumens."

"And what does wandless magic to do with occlumency?"

"There are two types of wandless magic users. One type is the natural one, who can perform wandless magic without any problem and preparation. That type can use limited wandless magic, like simple spells. This was the case with Dumbledore and if I am not mistaken Voldemort could perform this wandless magic as well."

"The other type of wandless magic users is those who will make a small change in their minds. When you build the virtual rooms, you need to build those virtual rooms around your magical code. Then a person who is an occlumentrist can access your mind, and make certain changes. The occlumentrist will take a strand of your core and lead it to one of your hands. After the occlumentrist is ready, you can access the magic of your core directly from your hand. This is not an easy operation, and it will take many hours before the occlumentrist is ready. It is also very dangerous, because when the occlumentrist is not able to make such strand fitting; your core might be damaged. In addition, this is only possible when you have a stable building in your mind, otherwise it is not possible to get the stand of magical core and lead it to a hand or foot."

"There is an additional danger using this type of wandless magic. When a wizard or witch is using magic with the wand, it is impossible to get an overload. When a wandless magic user is using magic, it is possible that you get an overload, because the magical output is not being restricted."

"A wandless magic user is also able to perform magic without using spells; it is the question of intent and willpower. The willpower to perform that kind of magic must be much more intense then when you use magic with a wand."

"Harry, did you learn occlumency with Snape?"

"No Hermione. Snape only said 'clear your mind' and started to attack. He did not explain anything."

"But who did teach you occlumency?"

"A person from the Department of Mysteries"

Hermione looked suspiciously at Harry, "when"?

"The time that I was initiated in the Potter vault, I was forced to dream. In that dream, I learned to be an occlumentrist and legitimist, above that I learned wandless magic and many other things as well. "

"Can you teach me, Harry?"


"Why not", Hermione asked hurt.

"Because it took me three years to learn only the basics and I don't have that time."

Hermione was a bit disappointed and simply stated "Oh".

Harry began to smirk at Hermione. "How is Percy, Hermione?"

Hermione looked shocked at Harry. "Percy?"

"Yes, you know, the redhead, third son of Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, the studious one, the one with the love of books, rules, discipline, the one who knows what he is going to do, the names of his future children, the one who knows what he is going to eat tomorrow, the next week and the next year?"

Hermione looked thoughtful to Harry. "You are the third one who has asked me about Percy. What is going on?"

"I don't know, but I think you and him are perfect together. The only thing that is missing is that you two have not met each other in private yet, and it is about time that you do."

"You are not going to be the match maker between him and me, Harry. I have someone else in mind."

"You mean Ron?" Harry smirked.

Hermione blushed.

"Harry, what about you?"

"Me? I have Ginny and that is enough."

"When are you going you proposing to her?"

"Christmas", Harry replied immediately.

"And do you have already a date?"

"Not me, but I expect that it will be somewhere the next summer."

"Next summer "Hermione whispered wistfully.

"Let's get back to the Burrow before they begin to think that there is something going on between us."

"Oh Harry, how could you think so", laughed Hermione.

Slowly they were approaching the burrow.

"Maybe we can call her better Moon, because everything we come up with sounds too strange. What do you say, Fred?"

"But I like Snickel, George", Fred whined.

"Snickel means also something else, Fred. When Harry will hear that name, he is going to do something bad to us!"

"Yeah, he will," exclaimed George. "So we call her Moon then?"

"Let's call her simply Luna, George. So we won't have any problems."

"Yeah, I think that is about right. We need to have more discussions like this, Fred. They are very constructive, don't you think?"

"I quite agree with you George. We got her name right, and now we need to get those two together. How shall we do that oh brother of mine?"

"Harry", whispered Hermione. "What are they talking about?"

Harry shrugged, "Oh not much, Hermione. They are trying to get Luna and Ron together, that is all. "

Hermione looked at Harry with shock. "What do you mean, getting Luna and Ron together. "

"Exactly as it sounds", smirked Harry.

Both of them arrived at the backdoor of the Burrow and entered the house. Harry walked straight to the living room, while Hermione went straight to the kitchen, where Ron was eating as usual.



Harry turned and ran to the kitchen, opened the door and saw the twins and Ron sitting at the kitchen table looking innocent. "What is going on here? Where is Hermione?"

"Oh nothing Harry", Ron replied easily. "We locked Percy and Hermione in the closet upstairs with one book and we're waiting to see what happens next."

"Harry, what happened with the pond?" Fred asked looking out the kitchen window.

"Pond? Which pond?"

"We have only one pond. What did you do with it?"

"Oh, that pond? Well, it is empty now."

"Empty ... our pond is empty ... you mean no more water?" Ron asked.

"Yep, no water anymore" Harry smirked.

"How is it possible that there is no more water in the pond? Who did that?"

Trying to hold back his laugh and look serious he turned to the twins and simply stated "Hermione".

The twins looked from Harry to the closet, where soft sounds could be heard. "Well, in that case let's go to do some shopping, Forge."

"Why that's an absolutely smashing idea Gred, let's do some shopping. We will be back tonight ... maybe." With one last mischievous grin at the closet door, the twins disaparated away.

Harry stared at the spot where the twins stood moments ago and then at Ron. "Who has the key to that closet, Ron?"

"Fred does. Or was it George? I'm not really sure."

Harry rolled his eyes, "Great. Let's go see what Ginny is doing. By the way, how is Luna?"

"I am going to see Luna in five minutes, why?"

"No reason Ron, have fun."

"You too!"


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