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Chapter 2

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The continuation of Lord Baron Potter, where Harry needs to fight against demons and two old enemies Voldemort and Dumbledore.

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Disclaimer: I do not own any of the HP characters

N/A: This is first part of the birthday party. The scene with the twins in the beginning of this chapter is from a fan fic I read a while ago, but I don't remember who wrote it, because it is many years ago. If you recognize the scene, please contact us.


Harry was looking in the mirror and felt terrible.

"No offense, mate," Fred said, easily, "but you look about ready to die."

"Death before dying," suggested George.

Harry stopped them, and pointed to his hair in the mirror. "My hair," he said.

"Ohhh..." Both twins tried looking sympathetic, but failed rather miserably.

"Ever tried cutting it?" Fred looked at Harry's hair with a business like expression on his face. He turned Harry's head around and eyed his hair from many different angles.

"No," Harry said, glumly. "It just grows back. My aunt did it to me once, and it grew back out again."

George Accio-ed a towel from Harry's bed, and wrapped it around Harry's head.

"What do you think?" He asked.

One of Fred's eyebrows rose. "Turban-style?" He positioned the towel over one of Harry's eyes. "How's this?"

Harry looked at himself in the mirror. "Ginny will kill me," he said, throwing the white towel off to the side.

"Actually, Ginny will think it's great." Fred fetched the towel again, and then wrapped it around Harry's head again. "She'll love it."

Harry looked at himself in the mirror, drew himself up, and surveyed himself in the mirror. "Fine. You explain it to Mrs. Weasley then."

Both the Weasley twins hurried to get the towel away from his head.

"What next?" George asked, eagerly.

"The hair problem is not solved," Harry said, throwing them a glare.

Fred got out the scissors from a drawer. "I could try cutting it for you," he said, smiling widely.

The-Boy-Who-Lived looked as if he was contemplating running and hiding in his closet. "That's all right," he said, gulping.

"Don't worry," Fred said, easily. "Just a few snips here and there."

Harry looked at himself in the mirror. "Well..."

"Oh, come on, Harry. I'll just make it look presentable."


George took a sheet from the bed and wrapped it around Harry's neck. He turned him around in the chair. "Ready?"

"No," Harry said, but Fred ignored him.

The only sound coming from the room for the next five minutes was wild snipping.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked, feeling a bit worried.

The sound of more snipping answered him.

When the snipping did not relent, Harry pulled out of his grasp. "What are you doing?" Harry ran towards the mirror and tried to turn around to see his hair, but could not manage to do it.

A noise sounded suspiciously like a snicker from the mirror. Fred handed him another mirror.

Harry positioned the mirrors so he could see the back of his head.

He collapsed to the ground.

"Harry!" George rushed to help him. George pulled him up to the chair.

Fred looked at all the black hair on the ground, and, glancing around, banished it under the rug in the middle of the room. Fred turned around, whistling.

Harry looked completely miserable. "Ginny will really kill me. What on earth possessed you to cut my hair like that?"

"I think it looks brilliant," Fred said, defensively.

His head looked like something to be used for target practice. There were four concentric circles, the middle, and the third circle having absolutely no hair.

"At least you have a nice scalp," Fred threw in.

"Where's the towel?" Harry asked, desperately. "Do you think they'll notice if I make the towel black?"

"I don't know. We have Moody coming. He might be able to see through your towel."

Harry put his head in his hands and moaned. "Ginny will take one look at me, and she'll throw me over." He was breathing heavily, and Fred and George shared worried glances.

"It's not that bad, you know," George said, helpfully.

Harry lifted his face to glare at him. "You aren't the one with the 'Oh, shoot me!' sign on your hair."

"True," the conceded.

"Besides," said Fred, "Ginny's been putting up with you for half her life already. She's probably used to it."

Harry weakly sat back in his chair.

"But if you'd rather not go out there sporting that new haircut, we do have something to let your hair grow back to normal."

Harry shot up from his chair. "Really? What is it! Let me see!"

Fred put a hand dramatically to his forehead. "He doesn't like my fantastic skills as a barber! What will I do?" He grinned at Harry and offered him a small blue candy.

Harry looked at it warily, and then sighed. He unwrapped it, put it in his mouth, chewed it, and swallowed.

The remaining hair he had shot out two feet in the air then flopped over his eyes. The bald spots, however, remained.

"What happened?" Harry yelled, from underneath all the hair.

"Your hair grew," George said.

The mirror started guffawing.

Harry sounded like he was going to be sick.

"There's nothing that makes girls fall in love with men as..." George fished about for the correct way of putting it.

"Excessive amounts of hair?" Harry asked, dejectedly. He blew the tangled hair out of his eyes, but it returned to its former position.


Fred chuckled. "Harry, we do have some Hair Regrowing potion in the bathroom. I'll fetch it for you."

Harry stood up, looking formidable even with the new addition over his eyes. "You mean there's been potion in the bathroom all this time?"

Fred looked a bit uncertain. "Err... Yes?"

"Get it. Now."

Fred rushed out of the room.

Harry dropped in his chair.

George remained in the room. "So," he said, cheerfully, "how do you feel?"

"You mean after someone just cut off all my hair, grew some of it back again, and then told me that there was potion for it in the bathroom?" He asked, a bit nastily.

"Past all that."

Harry paused for a moment.

Both Fred and George suddenly burst out singing, opera-style, "TAKE A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE!"

"Fred! George!" He heard a familiar voice calling down the hall. "Where are you?"

He heard footsteps, and his door opening. A gasp.

"What are you two doing to Harry?"

"He had a few hair problems," Fred said.

"Well, he looks positively bright green!"

"Not really. Just a pale green."

"Harry? You OK?"

Harry lifted his head and saw Ginny's face in the mirror.

He opened his mouth to speak, but could not get anything past his vocal cords. She looked beautiful.

"Did I wish you already happy birthday?" Harry smiled at her.

"Yes you did Harry. Already five times this morning."

"Did you find Hermione and Percy already?"

"Well ... they have a small problem right now."

"What problem?" Harry asked surprised.

"Well ... Percy and Hermione are stuck together."

"Together? They know each other only from the closet one evening and night. How is that possible?"

"Well, someone used the Stick Me potion on them, and their arms are stick to each other, and it is not possible to unstick them. We tied everything we know ... we even tried to use the poisons from Fred and George, nothing helps."

"What are they doing now?"

"They are in the bathroom, because Hermione ..."

Harry jumped from his chair and ran to the bathroom, pulling Ginny with him. "I want to hear what is going on", holding his ear close to the bathroom door.

"Harry, better use this", holding a set of extendable ears in her hand. "You are a genius ... my genius" and kissed her on the lips. He took the extendable ears and shove it under the bathroom door, preparing him self for the show.

"Percy Ignatius Weasley, you keep your eyes shut", Hermione hissed. "But Hermione, I kept it shut, but there is something in my eye", whined Percy.

"If you open one of your eyes only one millimeter, I will kick both eyes permanently shut, you prat!" hissed Hermione nastily.


"Keep your arm quiet, Percy. You pull me from the toilet seat". "I am quiet Hermione. You are pulling me ... if you don't look out, you pull me on you!"

"I do nothing like that Percy. You are winding me up. I did not know that you are a spanker."

"WHAT! I AM NOT A SPANKER! HOW CAN YOU THINK SO", Percy screamed, waving his arms in his excitement.


Hermione fell from the toilet seat on Percy, who immediately fell on his back with Hermione on top of him, with her trouser on her ankles.


All air was pushed from his longs.


Hermione looked suddenly up from her position on Percy to where that sound came from ... the door ... and she saw a set of extendable ears sticking out under the door.

Harry and Ginny were rolling in front of the bathroom door in laughter, and that was the position that Mrs. Weasley found them. "What in Merlin's sake is happening here?" Ginny was still laughing and she pointed to the extendable ears. Mrs. Weasley looked to them, and held it to her ear.

In the mean time, Hermione moved quietly to the door, dragging Percy with her, who still had his eyes firmly closed. She brought her face as close as possible to the extendable ear and screamed with all her power.



Hermione opened the door ... and fainted on the spot.

In front of the door, Harry and Ginny were looking shocked from the fainted Mrs. Weasley to Hermione with her trousers on her ankles. Harry slammed his hands before his eyes, and Ginny roared with laughter.


"What is the time, Harry?"

"10 o'clock"

"Where is everybody? They suppose to be here already. Maybe something happened?"

"I don't know, Ginny. I flood them already three times and nobody takes the floo call. They are on their way!"

"Charlie and Bill are never so late, I am sure something happened with them."

Mrs. Weasley came slowly down from the stairs. She had a large towel on her head, and she did not look amused. "Are those two already in the kitchen?"

"No mum, Hermione and Percy are still in the bathroom to clean up."

"If I know who was responsible for that sticking potion, I don't know what I would do with him or them, but nothing good. This goes far beyond a prank."

Mrs. Weasley walked to the kitchen closet and took some headache potion, feeling soon much better. "That was awful what happened upstairs, I truly never want to see that again ... in Merlin's sake, why is Hermione screaming like a madman in those extendable ears?"

Percy and Hermione came slowly down the stairs, trying to navigate them selves in a way not to hinder each other. They sat both down at the kitchen table, while Mrs. Weasley started to make breakfast.

"How is it going, Percy?" Harry asked.

Percy huffed, became red, but said nothing.

Hermione looked not happy as well. "Do you know who is responsible for the sticking potion, Harry?"

"No Hermione, I have no idea. I don't think it was the twins, because they were as surprised as we were."

Harry was suddenly aware of movements in the corner of his eye. He looked carefully to the door and there was the movement through the window of the door again. He stood slowly up and moved to the door. He laid his hand on the doorknob and slowly opened the door with his left hand, his right hand he held ready.

"Oh Merlin" he said. Ginny jumped from her chair, totally taken by surprise. "Harry what is it?"

"Look for your self" and stepped aside, trying to hide his grin.

Ginny, Hermione, and Ginny ran to the door and looked.

Mrs. Weasley heard the commotion and came with a towel in her hands walking from the kitchen. "What is going on?" she asked and looked to Ginny. What she saw behind Ginny made her stop in her tracks.

In front of the door, she saw the twins, Remus Lupin, Hagrid, professor McGonagall, Moody, Tonks, Bill, and Charlie hanging upside down, franticly moving in silence, the ground littered with packages. Professor McGonagall was trying to keep her robes lined, so she would not reveal too much leg, while Tonks had not such problems or did not care. Remus had problems with keeping an eye on her legs or looking elsewhere. The face of Moody was as thunder weather ... very dark and his expression did not promise much good.

Ginny started to laugh, followed by Harry, while Hermione's lips became a straight line, while Percy frowned deeply. Mrs. Weasley looked amazed to the upside down people, with a corner of her mouth slightly turning up. She grabbed her wand and made some swirling movements with her wand ... everyone suddenly started to scream and to swear and came down falling, landing not so graceful on the ground.

Mad-eye Moody pulled his wand and pointed it to the group, while growling deeply. "Who did this? I have never been so surprised in my hole life ... this suppose to be a birthday party and I got attacked. Who is here responsible?" her rumbled.

The twins were astonished. "We have been had, brother of mine", Fred said to George. "Yes my brother dear, that is true. But who did it?"

Remus did not say anything; he was extremely amused by the prank and was still eying Tonks. "Nice legs", he murmured to Tonks. Tonks hair color changed from pink to red and back to pink. "Thank you, Mr. Lupin" she replied gracefully, changing the colors of her hair again. I came here an hour ago and the trap immediately sprang, and nobody in the house noticed? How is that possible?"

Moody entered the house with his wand in his hand at ready. He murmured under his breath and his magical eye was whirling in his socket, while his good eye was looking warily through the kitchen. "Where is Arthur, Molly?" His good eye was pointing on Molly, while his magical eye was directed to the twins.

"He is still at work, Alastor. He will come at noon for the birthday," answered Mrs. Weasley warily. "Is something wrong, Alastor?"

"No, I only wondered. Did you check the cake for any pranks, Molly?"

"Eh ... the cake ... well ... there is no need to check my cake for pranks, Alastor. The twins would never dare to prank this cake for their sister, and they promised not to touch it. They know that, because when they do ..." Mrs. Weasley was glaring to the twins, who were looking very innocent.

"Mum, we promised not to do anything with the cake" Fred said.

"Especially not for our dear, most favorite sister", George helped.

"Our only sister dear", Fred finished.

"Otherwise they pay", helped Harry, smirking. The twins looked hurt! "How could you say something like that, our partner"

"Our savior"

"Almost a Weasley"

"STOP", roared Mad-eye. "CONSTANT VIGILANCE! Especially with the two of you" his eye whirled wildly in his sockets. "Where is the cake?"

"In the kitchen, Alastor ... there is no need to get suspicious on my cake!"

Mad-eye moved fast to the kitchen and eyed the cake warily. He pointed his wand to the cake and murmured several detection spells without any result. "I can't find anything wrong with the cake", he growled.

"I think this is enough, Alastor", professor McGonagall said. "There is nothing wrong here and everything is under control."

Mad-eye Moody clearly did not believe her and his magical eye continue to whirled wildly in its sockets. "Uhrm".

Remus Lupin and Tonks were trying to hide grins, while Bill and Charlie were grinning widely. "That was an amazing prank", Ginny. Did you do this all by your self?"

"Ginny's eyebrows went up. "I did not do such thing! Ask Harry, I was the whole time with him and with mum."

Mad-eye Moody looked warily to Hermione and Percy, who where silently following the conversation, sitting very close together. "What is going on with you two?" he growled. "Are you glued together?"

Percy's face became red, while Hermione looked very uncomfortable. "That is correct, professor. Someone glued us together yesterday evening and it seems that it is not possible to unstick us", glaring to the twins.

Remus and Tonks lost it at that moment and were howling of laughter.

"That means that you slept with a girl for the first time in your life, Percy?" Bill asked innocently.

"I was forced", huffed Percy umbrageous.

"Forced?" Hermione said indignant. "You want to say that I am disgusting, Percy?"

Percy became red in his face and hastened to correct his remark. "Of cause not, Herm. You are wonderful, but it is the way that I am forced to be ..." and he realized what he said.

"Let's sit all together on the table and give Ginny her gifts." Mrs. Weasley interrupted loudly before a major fight would break out.

"I thought that would never happen", Ginny answered happily. "Give me all your gifts".

"Don't call me Herm Percy, because I don't like that name", hissed Hermione to Percy, who wisely did not say anything then only looked to Hermione apologizing. "Sorry, Hermione", he whispered.

Lupin Accio-ed all the gifts and placed them in front of Ginny at the table. Ginny happily browsed through the packages. "Where is your gift, Harry?"

"In my pocket, Ginny."

"You mean you did not give me a big gift?"

"Small but fine", Harry smirked.

Ginny took the largest gift she could find and tore the paper from the package. She opened the white box ... BOOOOOOOOOOOM FLASH BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM CRASH!

"Weasley Fireworks present" appeared above the table in flaming letters, sparkling everywhere.

Mad-eye Moody lost it there; he pulled his wand and started to shoot spells to the packages. "GET DOWN, WE ARE UNDER ATTACK ... DIE ... DIE ... KILL ... GET YOUR WANDS! IT IS AN ATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!"

Everyone jumped under the table, while Mad-eye Moody was continuing firing spells on the packages, which exploded and pieces of packages flew through the air. The twins were grinning madly while running upstairs to their rooms. "He lost it!" Fred could manage to say, before he was hit by a stunner.


N/A: Next chapter, part two of the birthday

Willem & Carolyn
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