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Chapter 3

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The continuation of Lord Baron Potter, where Harry needs to fight against demons and two old enemies Voldemort and Dumbledore.

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A/N: Sorry for the delay but without any further delay we continue with Ginny's birthday party ...


"Is he gone?" Fred asked George. George was hanging out of the window looking for Alastor Moody. "I don't see him, Fred. Maybe if you hold on to my legs I can stretch a bit more and I can see what's happening below us."

"Alright", Fred replied, grabbing George's legs. "Here you go; tell me what you see now?" George was silence for a moment. "You'll never believe what I am seeing! Bugger, I can't believe it myself!"

"What do you see? Is it Moody? Do you see him?"

"No, Fred, I don't see Mad-eye, but I see Percy and Hermione ... ugh! That is disgusting... it is beyond words ...ugh, my eyes are burning ... I don't need to see that ... it is truly disgusting ... Fred ... in Merlin's name pull me up before I start screaming."

As the evil light bulb turned on over Fred's head he stopped pulling him up," Wait George, think of what we can do with some pictures of our two favorite bookworms. I think I'll go get the camera."


At that moment the bathroom window opened, straight in front of the hanging George, a hysterical female's voice screeched. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING OUT THERE, GEORGE WEASLEYYYYYYYYY? YOU ARE A BLOODY STALKER ... A REAL ..." Hermione hit George in his chest repeatedly. "BLOOOODY STALKER!" she screamed. "Hermione, please calm down ... Hermione ... do you hear me?" was Percy whining behind her in the bathroom. "FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED, GET ME UP, YOU MOTHER F..."

"I'm doing my best, George, but you are kind of heavy and that hysterical banshee down there is not helping." Fred called loudly, trying to control his laughter.

"OH I'M A HYSTERICAL BANSHEE NOW, AM I? I WILL SHOW YOU A BANSHEE, FRED WEASLEY!" An arm with a wand appeared from the window, pointing up towards Fred. A dirty green beam of light burst from the wand, passing George's head by a centimeter. It was traveling towards Fred, who ducked at the last moment, forced to let go of George.

George fell out the window with arms and legs flailing all over. On his way down, he grabbed on to Hermione, who was trying not to lose her balance while pressed tightly against the window still; now screaming like a real banshee. Percy, who was still glued to Hermione, was pushed forward and pressed up against Hermione.

"LET ME GO, GEORGE, GET OFF ME ... DON'T MAKE ME CURSE YOU INTO NEXT YEAR!" George lost his grip on Hermione and fell but was saved, at the last moment, by Fred who was levitating him up and back into their bedroom.

After catching his breath, "Fred, thank god you saved me. Is that crazy woman still there?"

"I don't know, George. I don't see anyone outside."

At that moment, Hermione Granger head popped out of the bathroom window. "Fred and George, we like to thank you because I am not glued to your brother anymore. The last shock was too much for the glue and your brother ... I am free again. "

A hand with a wand appeared next to her face and she sent a hex toward George and Fred with a big grin on her face.


"Finally, Mad-eye has left," a tired Mrs. Weasley said. "That poor man has some serious issues".

"That's true. Look at what he did to all my birthday presents. They are all destroyed and I didn't even get to see what they were first!" Ginny whined. "How could the twins do this to me? And they promised not to pull any pranks!"

Harry looked at Ginny sympathetically, "How do you know that the twins were behind all of this? They were hanging upside down along with the others." Ginny turned and gave Harry a 'are you that dense' look that made Harry look at a piece of lint on his shirtsleeve with great interest.

Suddenly her face cleared and looked expectant at Harry. "You still have my gift!" she stated excitedly. "Oh please can I have my gift now?"

Harry smirked. "No, I think I will give it to you tonight. I think we should make sure that there are no more surprises before we pull out any more birthday presents."

"Harry, all of my gifts were destroyed. You wouldn't want to keep the one gift that escaped Moody's free for all from me, would you?" she said as she batted her eyes at him.


"Harry, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssss"


"I'll give you a kiss"


She looked at him. "Please?"

"Alright", Harry said with wide eyes. "It's upstairs. I'll go get it."

"But you said that you have my gift with you?"

"Well ... only ... uhm ... I mean ... only a part of it," stammered Harry.

"Part? What part. Harry! Where is my gift?"

"Close your eyes"


"Close your eyes and you get your gift"

She closed her eyes and held out her hand expectantly. She felt the feather light touch of a kiss on her lips and the weight of a small package in her hand.

"This is the first part of the gift and the second part I will give you when we are alone tonight," whispered Harry in her ear.

She opened her eyes and looked in his eyes. Green penetrating eyes were swimming in front of her. How she always seemed to get lost in his beautiful eyes. She remembered the package in her hand and looked at it. Ginny unwrapped the present and stared at it with curiosity.

"What is this?" she asked puzzled.

"A cubicle" he said with a smile.

"I know what I see ... but a box", she frowned.

"Take your wand and touch the cubicle", Harry said quickly.

Ginny took her wand and touched the cubicle, which promptly became bigger and heavier. Ginny quickly used both her hands to place the now large box and it on the scorched table. She opened the box and screamed from excitement, "Music!" "Oh, I love it Harry"

Everyone came to see what was going on. Mrs. Weasley came over and looked to the large box. "What is that?"

Lupin immediately launched into an explanation. "It is what the muggles call an entertainment center. It contains a radio, double cassette deck, CD-player, equalizer and a television. Wow! You can listen to the radio, like the Wizarding Wireless Network, but then one for muggles. You can buy music on tape, and insert it in the cassette deck and listen to it. You can also record music or voices on tapes. The CD-player is for playing CD's ... CD's are like tapes, only easier and simpler and the TV is for receiving pictures and sounds from the TV networks."

Ginny stared full with excitement to the box. "Harry?"

Harry smiled and opened the box for her. "Remus is almost right. This entertainment center is specially adapted for wizards. The radio is connected to the Wizarding Wireless Network, only the TV, tapes and DVD players are indeed muggle. Moreover, the it does not need electricity to operate. It uses magic."

Harry lifted the music center out of the box. "That is not all; I inserted also a lot of music in the box, many DVD's, and cassettes you can find there."

After Arthur apparated in the burrow, Ron and Luna followed right after. The twins made their appearance before Ron could close the backdoor. The twins were covered with ugly looking welts all over their faces. "What in Merlin's name happened with the two of you", Mrs. Weasley exclaimed. The twin only mumbled something under their breath and quickly ran upstairs to the bathroom. Hermione and Percy came down from the bathroom, both with wide smiles on their faces. "Revenge is sweet" Hermione smirked.

"Did you do that with the twins?" Ron asked.

"Yes, Percy knows a lot of nasty jinxes" Hermione replied in wonder.


"They deserved it. They were watching us taking a shower", Hermione said slightly with a blush.

"Us? You mean you and ... Percy", Remus asked as his eyebrows went up.

"He could not see anything", snipped Hermione to Remus.

"Oh, you mean you took a shower with Percy in the bathroom?" Ron said trying to be helpful.

"No! I mean... we were glued to each other so what else could we do? I mean I needed to have the shower and there was no other way."

Everyone laughed at Hermione and Percy as they both produced deep red faces that rivaled the Weasley hair.

"But I don't see you glued to each other", Tonks said.

"Well, the twins were responsible for that ... in a way", Percy said. "Now they have something else to worry about", he smirked happily.

Ginny's gift was playing a beautiful song called The Story of My Life by the muggle singer Neil Diamond while Ginny and Harry were dancing and realizing how this story described their love perfectly. "So, what was that other gift you had for me, Lord Baron Potter?" Ginny whispered in his ear. "I can't tell you what it is", Harry replied softly. "If I would tell you, it would spoil the surprise, and your family would definitely not approve."

Arthur Weasley lit the candles of Ginny's new cake and everyone collected them selves around the cake, happily singing Happy Birthday to a blushing Ginny. The twins were also present, hiding their faces behind towels, tightly wrapped around their faces. "I hope that this cake is not rigged, otherwise ...," Ginny said frowning to the twins. She blew out all sixteen candles and waited a few minutes before she opened her eyes and realized that the cake had not exploded.

Later that day Professor McGonagall approached Ginny and Harry, who were sitting in one of the easy chairs in the living room, watching the dancing couples. "Harry, Ginny, can I have a word with you for a moment?"

Harry jumped out of the chair and held a hand out for Ginny. "Of course Professor, what can we do for you?"

"I want to discuss Hogwarts and the coming academic year with you," McGonagall said. "Maybe it would be better if we go outside and take a small walk; the weather is so lovely at the moment."

Professor McGonagall, Harry and Ginny went outside and walked towards the small and empty pond. "Ginny and Harry, I want to talk about your N.E.W.T.'s. As you know, this is the sixth year for Ginny and your final year at Hogwarts, Harry, and I assume that both of you want to finish your education?"

Harry looked at Ginny. "We had discussed our N.E.W.T.'s and we were thinking to simply register our selves at the ministry after Christmas and sit for the examinations. We were not planning on returning to Hogwarts, Professor."

Professor McGonagall looked at Harry sternly. "I understand that you have the knowledge, but Ginny does not. How do you intend to educate Ginny, Harry?"

"Private tutors, Professor. It would be easier, safer, more relevant, and faster. I personally believe that Hogwarts is not safe, and we will be taking a lot risks to being there. Even Mr. and Mrs. Weasley agree with us."

"Not only that, but Ginny already has most of the knowledge that I do. She received it the same way I did, except for the dream."

"Why do you think it is still unsafe at Hogwarts, Harry?" Professor McGonagall asked.

"Even though Voldemort and his death eaters are gone, there are many who want to have my head, especially the death eaters who did not carry the dark mark and let's not forget the families of the fallen death eaters. They will want their revenge. Hogwarts is a public institution and I do not have control over who comes and goes. I am not afraid of this but why should we take unnecessary risks by giving them any sort of opportunities to achieve their goals? If we stay at Potter castle, nobody and nothing can touch us."

"And if I ask you to improve our wards and security measures at Hogwarts, wouldn't that make it just as safe as Potter Castle?" Professor McGonagall asked with raised eyebrows.

"It would make the castle safer but not the same, Professor McGonagall, but as I said, it is still a public institution, and that means that the people in the castle can make the place unsafe." All three looked at each other with a bit of tension.

"Maybe it is a good idea that I upgrade the wards and install extra safety measures for you, Professor. It will make Hogwarts much safer and that I would love to do for you and Hogwarts. I wouldn't want to return to Hogwarts as student, for me personally there are too many memories associated to the school."

Ginny nodded to Harry. "I agree with Harry, Professor. I would be very nervous to return to Hogwarts as student. Not only that, I love to be with Harry and why should I be forced to be separated from him again, only because of the rules of the castle, the place where I don't want to be and the place which makes me feel unsafe?"

A thin smile appeared on Professor McGonagall's face. "I have several open positions at Hogwarts including a few new positions. We are looking for a Professor to teach wandless and wordless magic. We are also looking for a consultant to continue the D.A. The D.A. is now a school-sponsored organization for all students at Hogwarts, and sixth and seventh year students will be required to attend the D.A. We also have need of a Professor for Muggle Studies and a Professor for Business Studies."

"Percy, Fred and George Weasley have agreed to teach Business Studies. We will continue to review candidates for the Muggle Studies position and I strongly feel that the two remaining positions are perfect for the two of you, that's if you decide to sit for your N.E.W.T's earlier than planned."

"Oh yes, before I forget, Alastor Moody will also join us as security consultant for Hogwarts." They could hear a dull explosion.

Harry and Ginny looked warily at the Burrow and saw that the twins were running as fast as they could, followed closely by Ron, Luna, Hermione and Percy into the other side of the garden and towards the Quidditch field.

Ginny turned to Professor McGonagall. "If I understand you well, Professor McGonagall, you are offering us a position as D.A. consultant and Professor in Wandless and Wordless Magic at Hogwarts?"

"Yes, I am offering you those positions" Professor McGonagall replied amused.

Harry looked at the Professor convinced that she had finally lost her mind." You hired the twins for Business Studies? You mean Fred and George Weasley as Professors ... with Percy Weasley as ... as ... and then you want to hire a fifteen-year-old student as ... consultant for the D.A. ... and a sixteen-year-old student as Professor in Wandless and Wordless Magic ... and ... and ... then you hire a retired, crazy and old man like Alastor Moody for security? Do you expect that Hogwarts will still be in one piece at the end of this year, Professor? "

"Yes Harry, I have full confidence that Hogwarts will still be in one piece at the end of this year and many years to come "Professor McGonagall replied smiling.

A lot of screaming came from the Quidditch field, followed by laughter from the twins. The twins were both on brooms and zoomed low over their heads. "You need to see Ron and Loony, Harry. They are truly made for each other. Oh and Hermie and Percy are glued together again". The twins were hysterical laughing and quickly flew to the direction of the Burrow on their brooms.

"Professor, Ginny and I will think about it. When do you want to know our decision?"

Professor McGonagall smiled at the couple. "You have time enough to decide, Harry ... tomorrow morning."

Professor McGonagall turned and walked briskly to the Burrow, leaving a flabbergasted couple behind.

"Is she joking, Ginny?"

"I don't think so", Ginny said thoughtfully.

Harry's head was swimming with lots of questions. "Well we need think about it thoroughly. If we decided to take the positions, it could be a lot of fun at Hogwarts this year. Can you imagine Fred and George in the school as Professors, and Mad-Eye as a security consultant? I wonder who is going to run their shop when their teaching. Do you think they will close it for this year?"

"I personally wonder why no one said anything to us." Ginny replied.

"That's true. Your mum and dad certainly would mention this before if they knew. What do you think, Ginny? Would you like to go back to Hogwarts?"

"I am not sure, Harry. In a way, I would love to go back to Hogwarts and see my friends, but on the other hand it is a big risk that we will be taking."

Harry quietly agreed with her but he still felt uneasy. Deciding to put his feelings aside for now, he turned and wrapped his arms around Ginny's waist. "At least we'll have a lot of fun, especially with the twins there."


Ha'alem walked out of the gate with three of his brothers. "This is the new world which we are going to conquer and nothing will stop us. But we need all of us to accomplish that."

Bazaar, the demon walking on the right from Ha'alem was screeching. One of his five heads pointed to Ha'alem. "Why would we need 666 of us for this universe, Ha'alem? Only the four of us is enough to conquer it and it also means more food for us."

Ha'alem looked at the other three demons and pointed to each one. "Do not underestimate the creatures of this world. They are powerful; they have a certain power over us. They have a magic that will bring us pain, constant pain without stop. For that reason we need all of our brothers, only when our power is greater than theirs then we can fight them and defeat them."

"And what shall we do in the mean time, Ha'alem? It will take 400 moon cycles before the gate is large enough to let everyone through", Bazaar asked.

Ha'alem grinned, "We are going to hunt and get some food, what else?"

"I also know of a way to bring some of us through quicker. We would not have to wait 400 moon cycles, but for this we need a dark wizard to conjure demons, and I know the right wizard."

"Did you ever dream about devouring millions of souls, Bazaar?"

"Did you say millions of souls, Ha'alem?"

"There are billions of them in this universe, Bazaar. We will have 9 million souls for every demon!"


A/N: Next chapter is decision time and 'Welcome to (poor) Hogwarts'. Something wicked this way comes!

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