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Chapter 9

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The continuation of Lord Baron Potter, where Harry needs to fight against demons and two old enemies Voldemort and Dumbledore.

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Ha'alem was finished with the demon gate. The demon had moved the gate to a new area, the other side of this dangerous planet. The locals had called the area Australia. The gate itself was deep underground in a natural cave, which Ha'alem helped to enlarge. Now it was waiting for the next arrival.

Ha'alem was totally alone and for the first time he was hesitant to move throughout this world, in case those creatures would detect him. He witnessed those creatures destroying three of his brothers and did not want to repeat that.

The gate started to vibrate. The penetrating sound of the transmission was muted by the hundreds of meters of sand above it. The sound intensified and the gate started to pulsate. A blaze of white light flashed throughout the gate and a huge creature appeared in the doorway.

The Archdemon Ba'al Zebûb had arrived! The massive creature looked even more devious than Ha'alem. It was at least seven meters high and three meters wide ... it had four heads, while Ha'alem had only one. Every head of Ba'al Zebûb contained many limbs, which were covered with the heads of hideous creatures, still alive and looking wildly around ... some of those creatures had no mouth, others no eyes and some were so strange that it was obvious they did not belong to this world. Its tail was that of a scorpion, sweeping over the surface restlessly. The tip was a poisonous green, while the demon was black.

Two of the creatures, embedded in the limbs around the head, were familiar. The first creature had a serpentine face and had lived before under the name 'Voldemort' or 'Tom Riddle'. The other creature had lived before as well but under the name 'Albus Dumbledore'. Both were laughing manically ... their eyes were lost and replaced by black orbs; their tongues by many snakes, crawling inside their mouth as they sought to escape.


A very disgruntled Harry Potter was standing in front of the gates of Hogwarts. His skin was still pink and he hated the thought of laughs which surely would come when he entered the castle. At least the twins were in the same situation. Harry was the first one to could escape the dreadful Doctor Domblestuck as he could teleport through any shield, unlike the rest of the company.

Mrs. Weasley was in a very bad mood. She was in a right state, accusing her son and his girlfriend as if they had committed the biggest crime in the world. She wanted to have a private 'corrective' talk with them. Ron and Luna were very scared. They were locked up in a separate room in St. Mungo ... nobody except Doctor Domblestuck knew where they were.

The doctor had ordered all the personnel in their ward to guard all the people there and not to let anyone escape. Harry was laughing when he thought about the annoyed faces of the twins when he had disappeared. He walked into the Great Hall and saw Professor McGonagall and Mad-Eye Moody sitting at the table having breakfast.

Harry expected to hear how funny he looked, how right it was that he was pranked for a change and all that, but he was surprised to find the expression on their faces very somber.

Harry heard a popping sound behind him and he turned. There was Ginny in her full glory. Her skin also carried the pink color and she was looking very smug.

"Ginny, how did you get here?" Harry asked, surprised.

"You are not the only one who can talk to the castle and it gave me the ability to teleport, like you. Before you ask, I could teleport before the battle with the demon and Voldemort."

That damn castle, always being the secretive with me, like everyone it seems. Harry grabbed Ginny by her arm and kissed her on her lips. "Good morning, love."

He turned to the headmistress and Moody. "Good morning." He began. "What is going on?"

Moody held up a Daily Prophet. "Read it yourself."

Harry took the newspaper and looked at the front page.

'Muggles Destroy France' The headline in Daily Prophet screamed.

'Yesterday the Muggle government decided to destroy the city of Paris with an atomic bomb. An atomic bomb is a Muggle device that causes an explosion able to destroy an entire city.

According to Muggle news agencies, Paris carried a strange disease, which was expanding rapidly. The disease was killing everyone within its range.

The last messages from the French Minister of Magic stated that demons were on rampage in Paris and were 'eating' or killing their way out of the city. Those demons were threatening everyone and everything. Our source at the Ministry of Magic in London says that the French Minister of Magic made efforts to stop the demons but they were unsuccessful. All French Aurors were killed during that operation.

The French Minister of Magic agreed with the Muggle authorities and helped them with the explosion of the atomic bomb. The French Minister of Magic was killed during the explosion.

Reporter Diana Waspish.'

Harry and Ginny looked at each other. "That was fast." Ginny said.

"Yes, indeed it was fast. Does your father know anything more about this?"

"I think so. When he is home tonight, we can ask him."

"Why did they destroy their own city?" McGonagall asked.

"What is more interesting is why the Daily Prophet did not mention the number of Muggles that died. There must be millions of them in that city and they all perished. Also in that article they didn't say why the Muggles destroyed the city." Moody said somberly.

McGonagall looked confused.

"I know those Muggles because I fought in their first world war. I experienced the mindset of their leaders. They were willing to send thousands of people to their death only to occupy one small hill because it was 'strategically' important. I learned from their history that they burnt down their own city, London, only to stop a disease. Thousands of people died. They were right in their own way because the disease was stopped and no more people died from it after the fire. That was in 1666AD. They called it the 'Great Fire of London'. What they did not know at that time was that the disease was spread by the fleas on rats. Those animals were killed in the fire and that was why it stopped.

I think that the authorities in France thought along similar lines. They do not see the demons and they do not believe in magic. They thought logically, that people were dying of an unknown disease. They had no idea what it exactly was and there was no time to research a medicine, which is what they normally do. They thought the disease was out of control and to protect everyone else in France and the world, the only thing that they could do was destroy the area of the disease. In my opinion, the person who made this decision is a hero. That is what I think happened yesterday in France."

Everyone was quiet for some time.

"Headmistress McGonagall, I think it is a good idea to install a portal here in Hogwarts that is connected to Potter's castle in case those monsters attack. In that way we can evacuate as fast as possible, before everyone gets killed." Harry said.

"And do you think that Potter's castle is safer then Hogwarts?" The Headmistress asked.

"Yes and no. At this moment, the defenses of Potter's castle are much stronger than those of Hogwarts but I do not think they are strong enough against demons. But when Ginny and I get married, we will have the ability to transform Potter's castle into a fortress and a fortress is much safer than anything in existence." Harry replied calmly.

"And how do you think we can evacuate all children to Potter's castle, Potter?" Moody asked.

"That is your job, Alastor. You are in charge of security here and you define where the portals will be installed. But the portal will only work when I have activated it, nobody else. It is Potter's magic after all."

Moody nodded. "That is okay with me, Potter. Minerva?"

The headmistress nodded. "Wherever you want to have that portal installed, Alastor, please talk with Professor Potter here." She said with a smile towards Harry.

"How do you feel, Harry?" The headmistress asked.

"I feel alright, thank you headmistress. As you see I got some nice color but the rest is okay. I have Ginny at my side, so I can do anything." He smiled happily.

"We are colleagues here, Harry. Please call me Minerva, you too Ginny."

"Thank you, head- I mean Minerva. I need to get used to that." Harry said with a smile.

"Hello everybody, here I am, your new gamekeeper and Care of Magical Creatures teacher, the best Hogwarts has ever seen!" the voice of a very healthy Charlie Weasley echoed throughout the Great Hall, as he walked towards them.

Ginny turned immediately and looked to her brother, a large smile on her face and looking very happy. "Charlie!" She screamed as she ran to hug him tightly.

"My favorite brother," she said breathlessly, "I'm so happy that you are here."

"My most favorite sister, I'm so happy to see you too." He said.

"I'm your only sister, you git!" Ginny laughed and rubbed him on his head. "Let's sit and eat ... I'm hungry." She said.

"Weasley's are always hungry." Moody murmured under his breath.

"I heard that, Moody." Ginny grumbled, staring at him.

Mad-Eye Moody ignored her. "That girl is going to keep you on your toes, Potter."

Harry was smiling. "It's worth it."

Harry clutched his forehead with both hands. A familiar, intense, piercing pain went through his scar, and did not stop, only intensifying. The pain seemed to split his head into two and became unbearable.

Harry started to scream, falling to his knees. He held his forehead to the cool ground, which brought some relief, but not much. Ginny was at his side and tried to support him. She sat down on the ground next to him and grabbed his head. She placed it on her lap and started to stroke his forehead. That seemed to help because Harry had stopped screaming ... but was moaning because of the pain. Then she saw it ... his scar.

The scar was black, red and hot to the touch. Then Harry's scar started to bleed and he started to scream again in agony. Ginny felt powerless, unable to do anything about it.

Harry's eyes opened widely and he began screaming even harder. No one in the great hall seemed to know what to do and could only watch Harry suffering.

Minerva turned to Moody. "Quick, get Poppy." Moody immediately stood up and walked fast to the hospital wing to collect Poppy.

"Voldemort! Voldemort is back!" Harry screamed, before falling unconscious.


A/N: That is it for this chapter. Maybe short, but next chapter is the start of a new part of this story, the start of Hogwarts term.

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