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The New Mission

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Jay and Archie come to realize that they have their own little mission now....sry i know it sucks but just bear with me here!

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heyy! i FINALLY updated!!!! lol well enjoy

Jay and Archie looked around to figure out where that voice was coming from.
"That scream sounded like Theresa's scream!" Jay exclaimed. He turned to his shaking friends and tried to put on a brave face.
"We will have to split up. Archie, you're with me. The rest of you, go find Mr.Suez and Atlanta and make sure they're okay." The other boys nodded and walked away. Jay walked further and further into tartarus and the screams got louder and louder. The screams then came froma large dungeon and they opened it, hands shaking. They walked into the dungeon and found some sort of portal. They both walked through it and found that they were no longer in tartarus; they were in some sort of physco obstacle. They were about to turn and run, but they heard heard Cronus' loud raspy voice.
"hello to join in on the fun?" Archie got out his chain whip.
"Show yourself cronus!" They still didn't see Cronus; they still only heard his voice.
"I assume you found Atlanta? And i also assume that you are looking for Theresa....correct?" Jay gripped onto his xiphos and was furious.'
"Yes we are....where is she? Don't you dare hurt her....and don't hurt Atlanta the way you did before!" Cronus let put a mocking laugh. After that, it was silent for a couple of minutes, and then Cronus started to talk again.
" two better listen are both in my obstacle course. This isn't any of those fun obstacles that you had when you were in grade one where you just ran in a line....this is a life or death situation. If you win, i will return Theresa and leave Atlanta unharmed....if you lose, then they both die. that clear?" Archie shouted a very important question.
"What are the rules of this game?" Cronus was once again silent and then he finally answered.
"First, you must fight every demon you come upon, no running away. Rule number are not allowed to call for any of the gods, unless they call upon you, which will not happen. And the last and most important cannot fall in love with anyone else. If you do, Theresa and Atlanta will die on the understand the rules?" Jay shouted out, clearly and loudly.
"Yes we understand!!!" Cronus' voice disappeared for good by then and they began to wander off, desperate to keep the ones they love alive.

Atlanta and Mr.Suez were still looking for Campe, and had no luck. Atlanta was about to open up one of the many doors in front of her, when a sudden searing pain shot up through out her whole body. She screamed in pain and feel to the ground. Mr.Suez came to her side.
"Are you okay Atlanta?!" Atlanta kept on screaming and ccrying, and then screamed to him.
"MAKE THE PAIN STOP!!!! PLEASE MAKE IT GO AWAY!!!!" She continued to scream and cry....until her body went limp. Mr.Suez was about to pick up her body and carry her, but then she disappeared into thin air!!
"uh-oh....this can't be good...."

ohh damn i'm evil;) lol i will update as much as i possibly can:) love you guys a ton
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