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Chapter 16

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Lilee finds out some devisating news about Nikki, no she's not's a lot worse. She meets back up with Panic!

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I am soooo sorry for the delay...I've been reeeeeal busy with school, emotional break downs..., actually having a life...cough The whole Davey situation was kinda random...the fact that I'm watching Spaceballs is even more randomer. I've been in LA, LA land for quite a while. Getting new ideas for stories. I have to be alone when I write and this lovely saturday morning I am. My brother and dad are at basket ball and mother is...somewhere in the house. Me and my sweet computer. Sweeeeeet computer. looks blankly at screen Well, alrightly then...I will....begin the chapter...bye.

The next day...

Lilee woke up in a somewhat better mood. She went into the living room to find a very angry Jared.

"Hey dad." She said, all smiley and sweet.

"I have to talk to you."

She sat down. "Okay." She said. "go ahead."

"Where were you yesterday?"

Lilee stared at him. "I was...with...Nikki."

"You didn't tell me..."

"I guess I forgot." She looked at the ground.

"You forgot? Shannon told me that you were going to the club."

She looked at him blankly. "I wasn't-"

"I told you, you can't go there!"

"But I wasn't-"

"You were supposed to come home! Esspecially on a school night!"

Lilee's eyes filled with tears. "You don't understand!"

"Understand what? The fact that Shannon and I were looking for you for two hours?"

"No! If you must know I got into a fight yesterday! Nikki went missing and I was looking for her!"

"By yourself?"

"No! I ran into Davey Havok and he helped!"

"and that should make everything better?"

"My friend is missing! I was looking for her! Sorry for the fact that I care!" Lilee yelled, she ran into her room and slammed the door.

Jared sighed. "What did I do?" He kncoked on Lilee's door but got no answer. "Lilee?" He opened the door and she was gone. "Lilee?"

Lilee couldn't take it anymore. She was going crazy. Yeah, they all said that being the daughter of a rock star was high shit but...bull crap. Not even in her dreams. and she was the daughter of a rock star.

Lilee got into her car and drove off. Being 16 sucked. Being 'famous' sucked even more.

She turned on the radio. "And now for our number one rock hit 'Attack' by 30 Seconds to Mars!" She just grew angryer.

She came to a stop light. A person came up to her window and gave her a paper.

It stated "Family of Murderers looking for revenge. Daughter of Jared Leto is wanted by these people. Kile Radnom-age: 46
Kevan Radnom-age: 26
Natasha Radnom-age: 36
Nikki Radnom-age: 16"

Lilee gasped at the letter. "Nikki's trying to kill me?" Lilee floored the gas pedal and drove away. Fast. She didn't know where to go. Her father was furious at her, Nikki wanted her dead. She had absolutley NO clue of where Davey lived. Her only choice was Panic! They lived an hour away.

' Who cares? I sure don't. I just wanna get away' She thought.

It was official. She was going to drive to Panic!'s...hour or not.

About 45 minutes later she arrived. No traffic. If only everyday was like that.

She could always count on them. Nikki was no longer in her friend range so the only people that she had(besides her 'family') was Panic! They owned a nice house. Each had their own room, 2 story house. Lilee still wondered why people didn't come knocking on their door looking for autographs.

She knocked on the door. Kara opened the door. "Lilee! What are you doing here?" She asked.

"I really have to Brendon there?"

"No, the guys went to get something. Is everything okay?"

"I just had a fight with my dad."

Kara welcomed her in. "Let's talk."
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