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The Interview

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My friend is here...on the phone interviewing me.

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I-Hello, peeps of Ficwad. I'm here with my friend Elena, the author of this story. Hey Elena!


I-So, you up-date a lot! Why?

E-I'm stuck in here for 24/7, besides school. The only time I'm NOT on the computer is if I'm eating, sleeping, not allowed, watching my MCR or P!ATD dvd, or talking on the phone. Like I am right now.

I-Oh! That's umm...interesting.

E-nods and smiles

I-Where do you get your inspiration from?

E-My friends, my music, experiences.

I-Wow. So, is there some special guy in your life that's giving you inspiration?

E-Yeah and his name is Brendon Urie.


E-I have his e-mail address...I love fricken google. They have everything.

I-You uhh, talk to him often?


I-Okay, have you ever showed any of your favorite artists your stories?

E-I showed Gerard Way, Spencer Smith, Frank Iero, Mikey Way, Alicia...glares Way, Bob Bryar, Adam Lazzara and Brendon Urie.

I-Holy crap. How the heck do you get all of these people?

E-I'm part this weird club who gets e-mails from these people. It started out with Brian, MCR's maneger though.

I-So, your 12?


I-Your very creative for that age.

E-in the words of Gerard "I live in my imagination."

I-Ah..I see. So many people die in your stories...

E-Because I am very creative person. I do what people don't expect.

I-You seem to know a lot at your age...why?

E-My school's perverted that's why.

I-I should know, I used to go there.



E-looks sadly at floor

I-Do you have a life?

E-Yes I do, just not outside.

I-Okay. Have you ever met MCR, 30STM, P!ATD?

E-I grabbed Brendon Urie's hand for 10.6 seconds, you should know. YOU WERE THERE!

I-Sex after marrage?








I-Who got you into your music?

E-My dad. He listens to a lot of 80's stuff, he got me into Linkin Park, Blink 182. He loves Rock music! I grew up listening to stuff like Korn, Linkin PArk, Blink 182, Stabbing Westward. You don't know how much I thank him for NOT LISTENING TO RAP!

I-You were born in the 90's and you consider yourself an 80's girl?

E-Yeah, gotta problem?

I-Besides writing, what other hobbies do you do?

E-I play piano, gutair, I sing, I draw, I sometimes dance, crazily, I make movies.


E-Yeah! If you go to youtube and type in Punkness93 you'll find me! They're sims videos.


E-I am a huge sims fan! It's the only video game that I play, besides Silent Hill, which cracks me up.

I-You do a lot for your age.

E-It runs in the family.


E-Yeah...that so hard to believe?

I-No...whats your nickname?

E-Punkness, Italian Princess(don't ask why), Lane, Nena, Lana, Lena. I'm mostly Elena.

I-You have a very unique style.

E-Thank you. I dress mostly punk. I'm a vegitarian when it comes to clothes. I don't wear anything Animal. I wear a lot of makeup...

I-Do you think your pretty?


I-You talk a lot about suicide.

E-I tried to kill myself once...I didn't come close. I was just really depressed 'cause nobody likes me. Whado ya know. Nobody likes me and I'M STRONG!


E-sigh Believe it or not...I'm very smart.

I-Well, thats all the time we have for today. Thanks for talking with me!

E-Anytime. Stay tuned for chapter 17.

Both-waves bye

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