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The talisman

by kool_kat 5 reviews

Poor Archie! He has to clean up Zeus' very messy closet but there he discovers a mysterious thing with a special ability....

Category: Class of the Titans - Rating: G - Genres: Action/Adventure - Published: 2006-11-19 - Updated: 2006-11-19 - 338 words

It was a sunny morning when Archie woke up.He was very tired cuz the night before the Titans and him beat up another one of Cronus' beasts.
So he got up from his bed and went to the bathroom to take a cold shower.After he went down and started eating his breakfest.When he finished eating Hera came near him and said "Follow me"
Archie followed without really knowing why.
When both of them got down to the Gods room Hera told Archie "Archie , I got an important job for you . None of the gods have succeeded but Im VERY sure you can do it !"
Archie was surprised.If none of the gods can do it than how could HE,a mortal do it .Hera continued " This is a job that demands perseverence and patience.Thats why I know that you ,of all the Titans can do it .Now let me tell you what it is that I want you to do. You must clean Zeus' closet..."
When Archie heard that he replied quickly"ME?!?!?!?ALL ALONE!?!?!BUT BY THE TIME IM DONE ILL BE ZEUS' AGE!!!!!!"
Hera said"Im sure you wont and besides youll discover something.."
Before Archie could say anything Hera dispeared.
So Archie went and opened the closet.When he did, everything fell on him and he couldnt move!!!It took him an hour just to get himself out of there!!And then he went inside the GIGANTIC "closet".He sighed and started looking at stuff.After a while ,he was having fun by wearing the crowns and jewels and magical items.And then he saw IT.It was beautiful with a ruby in top and diamonds on the bottom!It was a talisman.There was a handle on it too .Without knowing what it does ,Archie turned the handle on the left...And then he vanished in thin air without leaving a trace...
If you wanna know what happened after read the second chapter thats coming up !!!Hope you liked it!!!
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