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Tears of sorrow

by Rhapsody 3 reviews

Elrond is faced with mortal grief, can he ease the pain? Written for the Aragorn Angst Prompt: #39 Cradle. Wordlimit is at 500. Beta: Trekqueen.

Category: Lord of the Rings - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst, Drama - Characters: Elrond, Other - Published: 2006-11-20 - Updated: 2006-11-20 - 430 words - Complete

No words could describe the pain and emptiness she now showed as she faced her true love being brought home. His lips had turned ice blue and his eyes were covered with a bandage, which did not help to stop the bleeding, as Elrond could imagine. A day ago, his sons rushed in from the Misty Mountains, delivering the chieftain in his care, but he died shortly before he was brought to him and was pronounced dead by his words. Words cut through the air as his wife tried to word her grief.

"Why can I not see them? What have they done to you, my love, my everything?"

Elrond watched how she fell down on her knees next to the bier while he raised his hands to stop his sons. A glimpse of agonised looks reached Elrond, making it clear to him that they wanted to rush in and comfort her, knowing that no words could ease her pain of being robbed from her husband so cruelly. Had he not felt the same pain too? Maybe losing a brother to death might not be compared to what she had to face now, but still he could remember how he clawed at his clothes in an attempt to rip them off as if the fabric reminded him that his body was still whole and healthy. Elros' death still had come so swiftly for him, but alas, his brother died of old age whereas this ranger's demise had been different. Celebrian at least had been returned to him alive and they could have exchanged their final words upon her parting. What was left to this widow instead? Blessed with the gift of foresight, fate had abandoned the creature before him, would her apparent grief be different if she had known? Would they have whispered words of imminent parting, where her world would be sundered from his?

"See to the young one," Elrond quietly ordered to his sons and knelt down next to Gilraen who now silently wept while she clutched her husband's hand in hers. What consolation could he bring to her? This young woman now bereaved of her happiness by one arrow. It only took one arrow to change their lives in bliss so brutally.

"Gilraen..." Elrond gently spoke, but he could not reach her.

"Gilraen..." he tried again, but now pulled her close to cradle her in his arms, offering her solace and protection in unspoken words. With a sob, she finally relinquished Arathorn's hand and accepted his shelter while she trembled from her pain to cry no more.
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